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DS Chapter 55


Heroic Spirit (2)

His Royal Highness smiled so faintly and gently, however, Jiang Jianming only felt that he was going to be entranced.

—In all honesty, if Garcia confronted him with the usual cold-faced and business-like way, he would be able to choke back ten sentences with the same cold face. But he really had no resistance to this soft Little Highness.

Garcia seemed to just ask casually, without expecting the other party’s answer, and said, “Show me the wound.”

He moved so fast that Jiang Jianming, who was in a state of entrancement, couldn’t stop him at all. Garcia lifted his quilt directly.

“Eh…” Xie Yuduo on the side suddenly widened his eyes, stretched out his hand and hesitated to speak, “Ah…”

“Ah, Your Highness—”

Jiang Jianming said in a daze, “…I haven’t put on any clothes yet.”

After all, he just woke up from a long coma, and the medical fluid in the treatment cabin had just been pumped out.

The nurses asked him to cover himself with a quilt and lie down quietly for a while. When Xie Yuduo came in just now, he wanted to put on his clothes and sit up to talk, but was pushed back by the major general.


Inside the ward, the soft white curtains fluttered slightly.

For a while, silence permeated the air.

Xie Yuduo covered his face in agony, doubting his life again: Who am I? Why the hell am I here??

Garcia didn’t even change his face, and put down the quilt again. “Sorry, it was rude of me.”

Although his eyes seemed to darken when he saw the thin white waist, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly, at least he didn’t reveal anything in his tone.

Jiang Jianming’s own thoughts flashed through his mind, and then numbly made a red X mark.

…Superior-subordinate relationship–

In this world, is there still that superior-subordinate relationship where the boss comes to visit the sick, and first takes the quilt of the subordinate to see his wounds?

Garcia tucked in the quilt for Jiang Jianming, and moved carefully for fear of hurting him.

Then he raised his eyebrows coldly, and came to a conclusion, “There is some bleeding, you’re still definitely not safe and secure.”


Jiang Jianming glanced at the prince suspiciously. He suddenly remembered that he had been in a coma for three days, thus he asked softly, “So, you have already seen it before.”

Garcia: “…….”

Jiang Jianming: “I heard that you insisted on turning on the liquid filling mode.”

Garcia: “…….”

Jiang Jianming: “Then may I ask who said that my clothes should be taken off?”

Garcia: “…….”

Jiang Jianming patted Garcia’s arm and asked calmly, “Your Highness, where are my tranquilizers?”

Garcia stood up straight.

Jiang Jianming quickly pulled his sleeves, “Don’t try to run.” Garcia cleared his throat and said calmly, “I don’t want to run.”

Xie Yuduo next to him was even more blinded, wishing to bang his head against the wall.

God is pitiful, he really doesn’t want to hear how His Royal Highness took off the Little Excellency’s clothes, and he doesn’t want to witness the exciting scene where the dignified prince is being chased by the former crown princess!

He just wants to know when will he have the chance to slip away

“Your Highness……” Jiang Jianming sneered, “Tran-qui-lizers.”

Garcia stared at him with those beautiful eyes.

…..merely staring at him.

Jiang Jianming was helplessly defeated, and the illusion of a big cat being coquettish appeared again.

He sighed and stretched out his hand, “Okay, I know you must have given me more than one injection. In special circumstances, I don’t blame you, just return the rest to me quickly.”

“There’s none.” 

Garcia said coldly, “There is nothing left.”

Jiang Jianming’s eyes lost their luster in an instant.

One second…two seconds…he spent a full three seconds chewing on this sentence, and then lifted his face stiffly, “Are you kidding me?”


Jiang Jianming was trembling all over, and his face paled, “That box…has twelve injections.”

Jiang Jianming: “You gave me twelve injections!?”

After he finished speaking, he covered his heart and choked twice, gasping for breath as he had pulled the wound, while thinking it was ridiculous. “Twelve injections!?”

Garcia: “After you fell asleep that night, you took two per hour, until half of them was used. The other half was used on the way back to the fortress.”

“Maybe you don’t believe it…but when the medical soldiers took out the real crystal, you had already fallen into a deep coma, which was very dangerous and your life would be at risk at any time.”

Garcia’s expression sank, and he turned his face away, “I didn’t say it this time, but even the medical soldiers at the time thought so—Lieutenant Jiang should reflect on his own problem.”

How could Jiang Jianming still listen to the words said afterwards? His eyes darkened, and he almost fainted directly.

His tranquilizers……………….

Overnight, almost all gone……

He had prepared for three years to come to the Far Star. Just like Tang Zhen said, he usually saved money to the point of poverty, and spent most of the money he saved for tranquilizers.

Now, as soon as he closed his eyes and opened them again, the twelve injections were directly gone.

Which was equivalent to 240,000 coin points.

Why not hurry up and kill him with one knife.

Jiang Jianming pressed his chest and took a few breaths slowly, and said weakly, “Then…the box… ..?”

“Threw it.” 

Garcia deadpanned, “In combat you need to shed unnecessary weight.”

Jiang Jianming almost couldn’t even lean against the treatment cabin, and his whole body shook weakly.

“You…” He closed his eyes in agony, his whole body was so pale that he seemed to faint, and his breath was weak.

“I simply ask you to give me an injection! Even if I was stabbed by the real crystal, at most I will only have an extra injection——your behavior is completely abusing my belongings that I left behind……!”

Garcia’s eyes flashed with three points of astonishment and seven points of confusion.

This………why is he agonized about this?

Xie Yuduo was also surprised and suspicious, and looked at Garcia blankly.

He stayed in the distant star all year round, and he didn’t even return to his own home. Of course, he didn’t know what the life of the former crown princess was in the Imperial Capital, and how his financial situation was.

He also thought that the Little Excellency Jiang that had been blackmailing him all the time, was just trying to tease him with evil intentions……

After all, Major General Xie’s family background was indeed wealthy, and paying tens of thousands was actually nothing to him.

In the ward, Jiang Jianming held his hand on the edge of the treatment cabin and panted, gritted his teeth and said, “Losing money……”

He raised his eyes suddenly, his eyelashes were trembling, his voice was shaking, and he laughed miserably, “Your Highness, do you want to compensate with money or take my life, please choose yourself.”

Garcia was almost chilled by his posture, but what rose up in his heart first was a burst of anger.

“Your life? Lieutenant Jiang, is your life worth a box of tranquilizers?”

The prince sneered between his teeth, feeling unreasonable, raised his eyebrows and said, “You still want me to choose? This sounds very generous. If I say I won’t compensate, you…”

Jiang Jianming pushed the door of the treatment cabin with a bang, struggling to get out.

Garcia’s face turned pale, “—Okay, I’ll compensate.”

Jiang Jianming paused and said word by word, “Two hundred thousand coins, times ten for the mental damage fee, two million, Your Highness.”

“Pfft——” Xie Yuduo, who was at the side, and not daring to breathe, choked out of thin air, coughing until he was dizzy.

“Okay.” His Royal Highness replied quickly without blinking an eye, “Two million.”

Then he turned his head, “Xie Yuduo, two million.”

Major General Xie screamed, “Your Highness, you are killing people!!

“No, no, no, two million is really out of the question, this lowly official doesn’t even have the money!!”

The prince condensed crystal bones on his fingers, and vented the anger in his heart that could not be vented to the rightful subject, on the major general’s body, “Didn’t Lieutenant Jiang say, compensate with money or your life, choose yourself.”

Xie Yuduo: “Huh???”

Garcia: “Shut up. I know you have money. If you don’t have money, go to the military headquarters to ask for it. This is a necessary and reasonable military expenditure, which can be paid by the commander in chief.” Xie Yuduo glared with his phoenix eyes. “Do you want to see this lowly official be dismissed!?”

Garcia: “Isn’t it better than dying?”

In an instant, the originally quiet ward was filled with an air of half joy and half misery, and the wailing sound of Major General Xie.

In the treatment cabin, Jiang Jianming hesitated to speak, and said in a daze, “……Ah, you two, I’m just joking.”

The day turned into night.

As the day wore on, the day’s mischief was washed away by the glow of the twin blue moons outside the window. Xie Yuduo was gone, and Garcia was still guarding the ward. Jiang Jianming changed into a white hospital gown, and was still lying in the treatment cabin, with eyes half-closed lazily, “…So, after three days, the fortress hasn’t found out what forces are behind and supporting the Lava Space Pirates? This may not be easy to handle, and there may not be any discoveries in a short time.” 

Garcia sat beside him, casually held his fingers, and said in a deep voice, “That’s right, it’s hard to investigate.”

“The more difficult thing is that Xie Yuduo reported this series of events at the Military General Assembly, and the result is that most people are only concerned about the highly intelligent alien creatures……. A bunch of short-sighted good-for-nothings.”

Perhaps because of their personalities, when the two of them were together, they really talked more about business matters.

“It’s normal,” Jiang Jianming said calmly, “The Black Shark Base is going to be busy, what do the scientists over there say?”

Garcia rubbed and pressed the disabled human’s fingers slowly, not for any other reason, but simply to try to reassure himself with the patient’s body temperature.

“Excessive concentration of crystal particles and unknown cosmic radiation have promoted the new evolution of alien organisms-this was the most thoughtless argument.”

Jiang Jianming chuckled, “It would be great if it was that simple.”

“Too much talk.” Garcia glanced at the time, and stuffed his warm hands back into the quilt, “At this time, the patient should no longer bother anymore.”

As he said that, the prince refocused his gaze back to the face of the disabled human being, and suddenly asked without warning, “Before…..before you came to Silver Big Dipper, who supported you?”

“Does that person care about your financial expenses?”

What happened during the day still left Garcia with some, or perhaps more than some, psychological shadows.

His Highness didn’t understand. Jiang Jianming was an unprecedented person who could join the Far Star army as a disabled human being, and he was even given the nickname  “Little Excellency” by Xie Yuduo.

He naturally felt that even if this person was not the “crown prince”, he must have an extraordinary status. When he probed Xie Yuduo in the snowy morning that day, the major general did not deny it.

If he was not related to the wealthy nobles or even the royal family, perhaps there was some secret mission of the empire behind it.

But if he was such a special person, how could he be forced to this point because of economic problems?

Good heavens, for a box of tranquilizers…..he never saw him hurting like this even when he was injured!

Thus until now, Garcia was still astonished: Could it be that, this person who is always talking about “insufficient budget” and “reimbursement” every day……..

It’s not that he is simply greedy for money, but that he is really short of money?

There was no emotion on Jiang Jianming’s face. He looked at the blue moons outside the window and sighed calmly, “The person who raised me before doesn’t want me anymore.”

Garcia: “Then what the hell are you doing here?”

Jiang Jianming: “Why are you asking now?”

Garcia: “Because you don’t seem to want to say it.” 

Jiang Jianming chuckled, “Then why are you asking now?”

Garcia stopped talking.

“If you decide to replace my former owner and raise me,” Jiang Jianming suddenly hooked his fingers and bent his eyes lazily, “then, you will know these answers one day.”


After a few breaths of silence, Garcia leaned down, his shadow covering the blue moonlight above the remnant crystal human’s head.

…….very astonishing. The prince didn’t know why he did this action so naturally, but when he did it, everything seemed to be logical.

He understood that Jiang Jianming hooking his fingers meant for him to lower his head, right, this person wanted to play with his curly hair again; and he was willing to obey from the bottom of his heart, moreover he also felt a magical sense of comfort.

However, Garcia didn’t want to show his obedience completely, which would make the disabled human being insatiably greedy–not allowed.

Therefore, the prince pressed his hands on the edge of the treatment cabin on the side of Jiang Jianming’s neck, leaned most of his upper body forward, and then lowered down.

Not bowing his head at his side, but above him.

A more oppressive and aggressive posture.

Unbounded blond hair fell like a waterfall, most of it fell on the side of the pillow, a few strands hung over the black hair, and a few fell lingeringly on the white collarbone.

 The moonlight swayed through the gaps in the curly hair, like broken silver beads, sprinkling a little bit of leftovers.

“What are you doing?”

Jiang Jianming raised his face and smiled in surprise, apparently he was not “aggressed” or “oppressed”, but just found it interesting.

As he wished, he grabbed His Royal Highness’s hair and played with it while saying leisurely, “If anyone passes by and sees this, they will think that His Royal Highness wanted to engage in illegal activities with the patient.”

Engage in illegal activities.

How to engage in illegal activities?

Garcia narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips.

He clenched his fingers tightly, he suddenly felt a strange itch in his heart.

However, in the next moment, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open.

“Little Jiang! I heard you woke up—”

Tang Zhen rushed in with joy on his face, took two steps, then staggered on the spot, slipped and knelt on the ground with a “thud” sound!

Garcia looked back slowly.

Jiang Jianming: “Ah.”

Tang Zhen raised his face, his movements were as stiff as a scrapped mecha and his face was ashen, “Fuck, sorry for disturbing.”

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