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DS Chapter 53


Brawl (3)

When the body of the black ape fell to the ground like a rock, Garcia’s body was also thrown into the air by the reaction force. And Snow Dove appeared in that low altitude just in time, scooped up the prince smoothly, and returned to the sky through a long elliptical arc.

“Your Highness.” While the strong wind whistled, Jiang Jianming calmly called out from the cockpit, “Do you want to give priority to dealing with alien creatures?”

However his eyes fell on the corpse of Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin between the mechanical arms of the mecha Evil Shark below.

The inexhaustible blood of heroes that had been shed over the years in the distant star was now vividly concentrated on the patch on the lieutenant colonel’s chest, condensed into a dazzling red.

The black-haired young man looked at his former commanding officer from a high altitude, and a trace of sadness flashed in the depths of those clear pupils. 

“These alien creatures are too abnormal, keep them alive and bring them back to the fortress.” Garcia’s voice was cold, he used the crystal bone to hold onto Snow Dove’s fuselage, and looked down at the black ape on the ground.

A bunch of real crystals protruded from the ground penetrated the chest of a black ape, and dusts covered the hideous and stiff face of the alien creature.

Jiang Jianming withdrew his gaze. “Understood.”

However, as soon as Snow Dove turned around, it was shrouded in a shadow ahead.

The bright red mecha was coming, and in the cockpit of Hephaestus, Chilong showed a crazy look.

The corner of the red-haired boy’s mouth grinned widely, “Your Royal Highness, shall we go and play?”

The difference in physique between the L-type mecha and the S-type mecha was frightening, the two muzzles of Hephaestus quickly focused, and the Snow Dove wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

Garcia’s eyes suddenly turned chilly, and he said coldly, “Don’t dodge.”

This sentence was said to Jiang Jianming who was manipulating the mecha.

In the next moment, the muzzle of the S-class mecha Hephaestus spit out a fireball with a destructive aura.

And the prince’s crystal bones greeted it brazenly, shining like the scorching sun.

Whether it was the Lava pirates or the soldiers of the Silver Big Dipper, their eyes were attracted by this fiery light. Hundreds of people opened their mouths and looked up.

Time froze at this moment.

Everything after that seemed to be in slow motion.

The crystal bone tore the fireball inch by inch.

Like cutting an apple with a golden knife.

The corners of Chilong’s eyes twitched, not daring to say anything, “What……”

It wasn’t until the two fireballs were completely split in half that the long overdue explosion sounded, it was deafening, and the thick  smoke danced like dragons and snakes!

And Garcia’s crystal bone pierced out of the thick smoke, spun a semicircle, accumulating force, and bombarded Hephaestus’ body like lightning.

“Ugh ah!”

Immediately, the huge S-class mecha lost its balance and went upside down like a red kite with broken strings. It slammed into the rock on one side, creating a big hole!


Below, Lieutenant Raymond’s eyes were dull, “Is he still a human……”

First, he eliminated an A-level alien creature with one blow, and then he just used the power of the crystal bone to knock out a large S-level mecha….

Not to mention how shocking this series of scenes was, many Silver Big Dipper soldiers in front of them were dumbfounded seeing this.

Jiang Jianming, as well, made a quick decision, his expression was calm, but his manipulation was crazy, and he drove the small Snow Dove directly into Hephaestus. 


The bright red mecha that had just regained its posture and was about to take off again was suddenly hit by such a bump, and had surprisingly smashed into the pit again.

“Cough…Damn you!”

Chilong’s eyes showed a fierce light, and seeing Garcia’s crystal bone striking again, he kicked open the cockpit door, and greeted him with the same crystal bone.

With a crisp sound of metal colliding, the imperial prince’s red gold icy crystal bone and the young head of the space bandit’s intense red crystal bone clashed in mid-air like swords, and began to fight!

The crystal particles turned into a mania of energy, and the space bandits and Silver Big Dipper soldiers on all sides were all in an uproar.

This level of fighting had already exceeded the scope of ordinary people. Let alone going up to help, it was difficult for them to get close, therefore they could only watch in amazement.

At the same time, the mecha shook again——Jiang Jianming bumped it again blankly, thus Hephaestus was stuck in the mountain wall by Snow Dove for the third time.

“Old Hei Yang!” Chilong almost fell, and immediately jumped into a rage, “Do you old bastards know how to drive a mecha? To be played by a disabled human, is it great!?”

An angry curse came from below, “Boss, this brat is very evil, crush him to death first!”

Inside Snow Dove, Jiang Jianming glanced down, and suddenly saw that there was a bronze-skinned tall robed bandit inside the cockpit of Hephaestus.

In the blink of an eye, his heart skipped a beat, and he felt that this person’s facial features looked familiar.

However, in a fierce battle, one would be unable to think about such matters. The Snow Dove took off, and its white shadow circled over Hephaestus in a flash, and then——

Bang bang!

In the strong wind, the black-haired young man actually climbed on the mechanical claw inside the mecha with one hand, and most of his body was suspended out of the cockpit.

He pulled the silver-gray trigger with his other hand, and calmly fired two shots at Chilong.

“!?” Chilong’s pupils shrank suddenly.

He never dreamed that there would be a disabled human being in the world who would dare……… shoot at him, who was close to Super S-level crystal bone at such a close distance! Could it be that this guy desperately wants to die? Who the hell is he?

At that critical moment, Chilong leaned back suddenly, and the bullet from Wings of Venus grazed the red-haired boy’s cheek, leaving a bloodstain.

A few drops of blood fell on Hephaestus, in the next second……


The ear-piercing crisp sound was accompanied by splashing of crimson chips. Garcia exerted a sudden force, directly twisting off the crystal bone of Chilong that showed a flaw for a moment!

“Ugghh ah——ahh!!!”

Amidst the frenzied screams of Chilong, Snow Dove and Hephaestus leaned forward at the same time, almost changing positions as their wings rubbed against each other.

Snow Dove’s mechanical claw quickly and accurately reached out, and Garcia also reached out to grab it with a tacit understanding. His Royal Highness was taken away by this small mecha, and it quickly went away.

“Boss! How are you doing, Boss!!” In the cockpit of Hephaestus, the space pirate “Old Hei Yang” shouted, “The situation is critical, we can’t fight anymore!”

In the corner of the vast sky, a large number of mecha battle formations came flying. It was the Silver Big Dipper reinforcements led by Xie Yuduo who arrived.

Chilong was panting heavily, then spat viciously, “Damn…boys, let’s retreat!”

The situation was reversed, and the retreating Silver Big Dipper army merged with the reinforcements, and immediately turned around, shot back and caught them off guard. The sky and the ground were bombarded, the space bandits were crying and hit the ground, as Lava mechas were shot down countless times.

On the fuselage of an S-class mecha, Xie Yuduo released his crystal bone. The major general’s crystal bone was an extremely deep, nearly black ink purple color. He tore off the limbs and bones of a black ape like chopping melons and vegetables, and said, “Bring this big guy back for me and press it into the fortress!”

Cannon fires and crystal bones criss-crossed, and roars of beasts burst out. Soon, Garcia and Xie Yuduo cleaned up the six black apes. The Lava Pirates also retreated under the fierce firepower of the Silver Big Dipper, leaving only streaks of black smoke lying between the mountains and the sky like scars.

So far, the battle had settled and they had won.

However…perhaps because of the strange battle situation, or perhaps because of the sacrifice of the commanding officer, no one in the Silver Big Dipper cheered for this victory. On the faces of the officers and soldiers covered with dust and sweat, there was more or less a solemnity of witnessing the coming storm.

Xie Yuduo didn’t let the troops give chase. They counted the casualties on the spot, then rectified the mechas, and retreated to the fortress after a short rest.

The Snow Dove slowly landed on a corner of the ground, slightly away from the large army.

The lights in the cockpit went out one by one, and Jiang Jianming leaned back on the backrest, panting.

He slowly moved his black-gloved hands off the console, and those hands hung down on both sides of the driver’s seat, trembling slightly.

“Jiang,” Garcia clambered on the outside of the cockpit, with a worried look on his face that he hadn’t seen in the thrilling battle just now, “It’s over, you open the cockpit, and I’ll drive the mecha.”

Jiang Jianming’s cheeks were pale, and he looked up at the prince outside the cockpit with difficulty.

There seemed to be stars flickering in the depths of his eyes, and he whispered with a smile, “Your Highness…fighting is very tiring.”

Garcia’s voice tightened suddenly, “Open the door!”

“Tired, come in by yourself……I’ll let you pay for the repair of the glass……Let the fortress be reimbursed……”

The more Jiang Jianming spoke, the lower his voice became, the smile on his lips dissipated like a puff of smoke, and his eyelids gradually drooped.

Garcia’s expression changed, he realized something was wrong, and immediately smashed the alloy glass outside the cockpit with his crystal bone.

As he jumped in, the prince stepped on a puddle of liquid that squeaked under his feet.

Garcia looked down. The floor next to the cockpit was bright red, it was blood.

Climbing up along the pool of blood, he saw the corner of the driver’s seat dripping blood quietly.

Then he saw the soaked Silver Big Dipper military uniform, and a little further up, a red real crystal that pierced the side of the disabled human being.

At this moment, Garcia felt as if he had been struck with lightning, and he seemed to hear the sound of the bones in his body freezing into ice.




“……….Minor injury, Seth helped me look…….whether no vital organs were punctured.”

Jiang Jianming lowered his eyes slightly, he was half curled up on the driver’s seat, and his voice was intermittent, “I came to Far Star……for almost two months, this is the first time I’ve been hurt.”

No one spoke in the cockpit. On the screen of the mecha, that strange intelligence was so anxious that it swiped the screen full of barks, but the master turned off its voice.

Garcia quickly turned around and pulled out the treatment cabin. In the dark, only the sound of his increasingly rapid breathing and the sound of quickly searching for emergency supplies could be heard.

Impossible, exactly when……

The corners of Garcia’s mouth were tense, and his lips were blue.

The mecha just landed, since when did he start bleeding?

Red real crystal, could it be…when he opened the cockpit and shot at Chilong!?

But how could this person keep silent!?

Light beam therapy equipment, hemostats, first-aid medicine…..Garcia suddenly turned around, “What about anesthetic?”

Real crystal piercing into the body was just a trauma for new humans; but for disabled humans, the fast-dissipating crystal particles would directly enter the wound. If it was not treated as soon as possible, the consequences would be disastrous. It must be taken out as soon as possible.

Jiang Jianming’s eyes were a little empty, he smiled bitterly, and murmured, “When I was still an officer in the adaptation period…when I encountered a subspecies, a teammate was seriously injured….”

An ominous premonition rose in Garcia’s heart, and he interrupted harshly, “–where is the anesthetic, answer me!”

“No anesthetic. No money…cough no, no time to refill.”

Jiang Jianming sighed, closed his eyes, “Why don’t you just pull it out……The wound is not deep, it’ll be fine.”

Garcia took a deep breath, and said hoarsely, “I’ll call the medical soldiers, Silver Big Dipper will bring medical treatment when they leave the team. Just wait……Don’t sleep, wait till I come back.” 

Jiang Jianming quietly watched Garcia turn and jump off the mecha.

……….Know that I’ll be injured?

He thought to himself: Actually, I know.

The disabled human was exposed close to a new human who was used to fighting all the year round, and the result of being stabbed by a real crystal was not difficult to predict in a hostile standpoint. Then why did he still shoot? Jiang Jianming closed his eyes, but the dazzling blood on Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin seemed to appear in front of him.

………..One can deceive others but can’t deceive oneself. At that time, the reason why, despite knowing the danger, he still fired those two shots at Chilong at close range was because he was angry. For this commanding officer who always hated him, and for his death.

He thought he had a good temper, was calm and cautious, and was not an impulsive and irritable person.

But whenever he was angry, he would always let himself do some impulsive but pleasant things.

“Little Excellency!!”

At some point, Xie Yuduo had rushed over with the medical soldiers. When he stepped forward, he knelt down on the ground in cold sweat.

Jiang Jianming opened his eyes, he was already a little muddleheaded at this moment, and instead he smiled, “Major General…..Little Highness, it’s okay to be afraid, what are you doing?”

Xie Yuduo wanted to cry without tears, “Ancestor, even if we have nine lives, you will still scare us to death!”

Then anesthetic was injected into his body, Jiang Jianming closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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