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DS Chapter 51.2


Brawl (1.2)

Rita: “It’s still…….not yet confirmed, our drone should have been shot down by alien creatures if it’s unable to reach there.”

Xie Yuduo’s eyes were gloomy, and the corners of his lips were tight.

He straightened up, and stretched his fingers, those poor pieces of papers were left on the corner of the table.

“Major General!” The officers became even more anxious.

“The situation is urgent, please give your orders!”

Xie Yuduo suddenly said coldly, “Answer me, are you cowards?”

The officers immediately puffed their chests, their eyes became fierce, then answered loudly, “No!!”

Unexpectedly, Major General Xie suddenly raised his phoenix eyes, then viciously grinned, “Then, are you idiots?”

The officers were stunned, they saw Xie Yuduo raised his boot and kicked the corner of the table, and snorted from his nose.

“On the battlefield, those who fear death are cowards, and those who die are idiots—I know you are not idiots, but don’t regard bravery without a strategic mind as an honor, fools.”

After he finished speaking, Xie Yuduo turned around, and quietly clenched his fingers from an angle that the officers behind him couldn’t see.

His Highness Garcia’s fighting power was needless to say, Little Excellency Jiang……Although he did not agree of the disabled human rashly taking risks, but he had also seen Little Excellency Jiang’s talent before.

If the situation was so dangerous that even these two people couldn’t do anything, and Silver Big Dipper’s ordinary military force moved rashly, there’s a very good chance that it’d be like hitting a stone with an egg.

But what if those two were really in trouble, and are waiting for support?

Xie Yuduo said to himself in his heart…..if he doesn’t move,  it is no different from murdering his own people.

It’s time to make a decision again. The numbers on the electronic clock ticked every moment, and the soldiers of the Silver Big Dipper were waiting for his orders.

“……” Xie Yuduo closed his eyes and exhaled. As Silver Big Dipper’s general, standing in this position, his words could either save or kill people.

“Be prepared to send troops, or according to my original plan, give Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin 500 men.”

“But don’t set off until tomorrow morning.”

Everyone was stunned, Rita couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “Major General, what are we waiting for?”

“I have no idea.” 

Xie Yuduo remained expressionless. The general didn’t look back, he looked out the window at the long snowy night with his hands behind his back, and murmured, “But we have to wait.”

“In addition to this, point out another five hundred people and notify them to get into the state of combat readiness.”

“Also…prepare an energy source for my mecha.”


The long night was coming to an end, and there was still about an hour before sunrise.

At the corner of the steep mountain, S-Snow Dove took off.

It was the darkest time of day, and the mecha group of the Lava Space Pirates hovered at a higher altitude, numerous and arranged into an array.

And L-Hephaestus was in the center, like a drop of blood on the tip of a knife.

“Garcia left the disabled human behind?”

In the cockpit of Hephaestus, Chilong frowned, and said to himself, “Sacrificing someone lesser to preserve the most crucial……No, he wants to clear the surveillance in the air first.”

The screen of the mecha was divided into several smaller screens, reflecting the rapidly approaching mecha Snow Dove from all angles.

Apparently, they installed surveillance cameras on the bird-like alien creatures.

Beside Chilong, there stood a lifelike projection of a human figure—a mysterious man wrapped in a long black robe.

At this time, the man in black turned his face to the screen of the mecha, he seemed to look at it for a moment, and then let out a nonchalant voice from under the hood, “A bit bold, but it’s nothing more than that.”

S-Snow Dove was almost hidden in the clouds, and there were occasional red-gold crystal bones or real crystals flashing past.

The new human being and alien creatures were tangled at an altitude of seven or eight thousand meters above the ground, sometimes blood would spatter, but it would be immediately swept further away by the roaring wind.

On the screen in front of Chilong, a small screen sizzled and then went dark.

And another small screen showed a scene of flashes-the Snow Dove brushed past a giant black bird, the prince was holding the edge of the cockpit with one hand as he ascended to the sky, and the protruded crystal bone suddenly struck the black bird’s back.

The strength of that blow was terrifying, the black bird with the height of two adult men screamed miserably, and spiraled backwards, leaving a long blood mist in the air!

In the dark of the night, there was a loud noise, and the black bird that was hit by the crystal bone crashed into the snow mountain. Immediately, the sky was filled with ice and fog, and the thick layer of snow broke.

Surprisingly, the white and hard corner of the mountain collapsed and turned into a huge avalanche in an instant.

As the air waves rolled, the mecha Snow Dove struggled to get rid of the shackles of the strong wind, and rushed to the next alien creature.

The horizon extended under the alloy fuselage, and the current of the snow whizzed across the mountains at a very high speed, and all gravel and dead branches along the way were swept into this huge white wave.

In the three-dimensional projection, the man in black who watched all this quietly shook his head slowly.

“Desperately fighting, how pathetic. The Imperial Prince who came back from the dead, Silver Big Dipper’s only remnant crystal human officer……”

The man in black put his hand on his chest and said lightly, “Unfortunately, it seems that I overestimated them.”

Chilong raised his eyebrows, showing an innocent smile, “It’s this gentleman’s plan that is too powerful.”

The man in black was noncommittal, and glanced at the screen again, “But the Major General of Silver Big Dipper is very patient, which really surprised me.”

“However, the fate of a defeated war has already shrouded over him, and the overall situation will not change because of this.”

The L-model mecha belonged to a large-scale mecha, and the space inside the cockpit was very open. In addition to Chilong, there were also several space pirates standing behind him.

These space pirates were all dressed up in a rough and wild way, either with teeth inlaid with gold, big rings, or patterns on their bulging arm muscles. At this time, some were quarreling with each other, some were drinking, laughing, everyone was unreasonably making a scene.

They were celebrating their victory ahead of time.

Since the founding of the New Empire, the space pirates who roamed and plundered the galaxies have not been able to win. One after another, those small space bandits were either recruited or wiped out, leaving only the most powerful “Lava”.

But they had also suffered a lot under the hands of the Imperial Legion over the years.

The current emperor of the empire had a strong hatred for space bandits. Forty years ago, Lava’s old leader died under the emperor’s hands, and the remaining space bandits lived a tight life day by day.

As long as this battle was won, not only would they be able to avenge the old leader, but they would also be elated like getting rid of a long-term pressure. Why wouldn’t that be exciting?

A moment later, a tall, bronze-skinned, middle-aged space bandit strode closer and bowed respectfully behind Chilong.

“Boss! The Silver Big Dipper, those group of timid bastards have finally dispatched their troops. Hey, there is a long row of mechas. I can tell at a glance that there are at least five hundred people!”

“Haha, they’re finished.” Chilong smiled darkly in his eyes, and waved, “Boys, let’s go!”

The projection of the man in black had been silent since just now, and at this moment he spoke with a strangely dignified tone, “Don’t be impatient, Your Excellency, Young Chief, please confirm the situation of those two people again.”

Chilong: “Who? Oh, our turtle in the urn, let me see.” (TL: already in control, something that cannot be escaped)

“His Royal Highness is still killing birds….Hmm, it seems that he’s finished? It’s really boring. The remnant crystal human beauty is still in the cave. I don’t know if he has received any new surprises… ……”

The black-robed man confirmed in a deep voice, “Nothing unusual?”

Chilong: “No, Sir, don’t worry.”

Hephaestus started to turn around and flew towards the preset coordinates.

The black-robed man stopped talking, and his face could not be seen clearly under the cover of the hood, but his continuous silence at this time showed that the planner still had a lot of concerns in his heart.

Things seemed to be a little too easy.

The man in black rubbed his chest and pondered.

Disorder was the essence of the world, and chaos was the destination of all things. Everything had been carried out step by step, however, it still made him feel uneasy instead. If something went other than the usual, it most likely would have been caused by a bad factor.

Could it be that there are omissions that he has not noticed?

But…where would these omissions be?

Both the imperial prince and the disabled human officer were under the surveillance of alien creatures, and it would be impossible for them to disappear out of thin air;

The communication blocking device was placed in the dense forest behind the cliff, and they wouldn’t be able to contact the fortress in any way.

However, the real situation was still unclear at the Silver Big Dipper’s side. Once the team of 500 people entered the valley, they would activate the mecha interference wave to limit their movement.

Finally, Chilong would release the buried real crystal ore, and a huge number of crystal disorders would break out in the Silver Big Dipper army.

Lava would win an overwhelming victory without a single casualty.

There’s no omissions, where, there’s none.


Suddenly, the man in black raised his head like lightning, and slowly uttered words from between his teeth.

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