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DS Chapter 48


Ambush (2)

The mecha’s speed was fast while it’s in flight again. The distance between the shades of the trees was quickly drawing closer.

A few minutes later, the five alien creatures in the form of toads were already below. They jumped and escaped in the trunk and random grass, and their eight looking feeble soft limbs were unexpectedly dexterous.

Garcia pushed the cockpit’s hatch on his side, and immediately strong winds blew his long hair behind his head.

Jiang Jianming: “Your Highness, don’t be careless.”

“Will not. Go above and keep the mecha at a distance, don’t get close.”

Garcia left this sentence then turned over and jumped down from the M-Slash Comet.

The timing and angle of the jump were extremely accurate. Crystal bone jutted out from the prince’s upper right arm, he fell on the one behind and cleaved the toad right on its head!

In an instant, flesh and crystallines flew on all sides, the alien creature gave out a screech, then fell down.

Garcia was slightly stunned.

It’s this easy?

The next moment, the prince’s eyes changed suddenly.

He saw a precision instrument with a black metal casing, it rolled out from the ruptured belly of the alien creature, and dripped blood all the way.


In the air.

As Jiang Jianming pulled Slash Comet to the sky, he suddenly felt that the manipulation of the mecha under his hand was not quite right.

A kind of bleak and ominous feeling sprang up to the spine, there was a sudden sense of weightlessness inside the cockpit, and his vision was tilting!

[Emergency, emergency! The mecha manipulation system was hacked and could not operate normally…..]

In the crazy screams of Seth Henry, the power of the mecha stopped. M-Slash Comet which was in high-speed flight just now, with the unstoppable dormancy, slid down the mountains and forests below!

“!?” The balance system of the cockpit failed, and Jiang Jianming was slammed to the top. His dark pupils contracted, and instantly, the screen was filled with alarm red lights .


The black metal instrument in the belly of the alien organism was similar to the incident of the Beta Alien—a mecha jamming wave transmitter.


Back on land, the instrument that launched the interference wave was shattered by Garcia’s crystal bone. Its metal fragments flew around, but it was too late.

The prince suddenly turned back quickly, and a fierce look flashed between his eyebrows and eyes, “——Jiang!!”

Looking through the layer of shades, he saw the silver black mecha cutting a diagonal line in the air and falling……at an accelerated pace.

In the cockpit, Jiang Jianming quickly tried several control keys, however the direction of the mecha did not change even the slightest and only rushed down in the roaring wind!

On the screen in front were the sharply enlarged trees and jagged rocks. In accordance with this movement, the mecha would hit the surface after a few seconds….

[Woof woof, attempting to activate emergency protection………….]

[Error! Error !!]

[Protection system failed!]

“Seth!” Jiang Jianming made a prompt decision and gritted his teeth, “Give up the Slash Comet and try to eject the cockpit.”

[Attempting emergency ejection of the cockpit………………]

[Woof, ejection failed!]

“Then fold the mech directly!”

Jiang Jianming pressed the white bracelet on the wrist. The Slash Comet was also a folding mecha. If it could be retrieved, he could directly summon Snow Dove that was not affected by the interference wave….

However, Seth’s cry dispelled this meager hope. 

[The system is jammed, it cannot be folded, cannot be folded, Woof woof!]

It didn’t work!?

Jiang Jianming smiled bitterly, supported himself with both hands on the console, and leaned over to take an anti-collision posture. At this point, the impact could not be avoided. He could only believe in the defensive power of the Slash Comet.

But before he could lower his head, the screen in front of him showed a red golden color. 

The bottom of Jiang Jianming’s eyes shrank fiercely, and the scene in front seemed to have been frozen at that moment.

“Your Highness!? You can’t……”

Under the huge mecha, a crystal bone of a new human suddenly rose.

The cold north wind of the alien star blew, and dyed the prince’s face with violent cold light. Twelve crystal bones were covered with compelling brilliance, which were released from Garcia’s shoulder blades, chest and back.

The crystal bone was like the crown of a burning sun, which gathered blazing radiance, and would resist the head-on collision under the incoming steel giant!

——Does this person want to forcefully block the mecha!??

Jiang Jianming couldn’t believe his eyes, he almost hissed, “You can’t do it, Your Highness, get out of the way!!”

With a bang, the Slash Comet hit the crystal bone, the fuselage burst into a dazzling spark, and the momentum of falling slowed down for a moment.

However, in the next second, the wheel-like “Crown” broke inch by inch under the huge force of the impact. And Garcia, with the crystal bones, was directly swept up by the impact of the mecha.

Boom !!!

The red gold first hit a giant tree, and immediately right after, the out of control mecha followed.

With a loud crackling noise, the impact of the Slash Comet directly split the giant tree, then wood chips and branches and leaves fluttered disorderly! The surface’s mud, ice and snow were also blown up, raising a large area of smoke and dust.


Jiang Jianming was pressed on the driver’s seat by this power. The white light in front of him flickered, and the blood on his chest rolled.

The mech was still gliding, and it seemed that there was a broken red gold crystal flying across the field of vision. He’s unable to determine what the situation of Garcia was at the moment.

Sunlight, shades of trees, gravel, smoke and dust.

In front of his eyes, the light and dark intertwined, and finally turned into a bright scene.

Coincidentally, the mountain forest had an end, the Slash Comet that split a big tree was unstoppable, and continued to slip towards the snowy cliff in front of it.

If it continues to rush like this, the mecha will fall off the cliff!

Amidst the smoke and dust, there was a sudden resistance.

A crystal bone climbed to the front end of the mecha like a beast claw, piercing the rocks and the surface along the way.

Every time it shattered, new crystals immediately replaced its place.

Garcia was still trying to stop the mecha!

But…..for new humans, crystal bones were exoskeleton condensed from the crystal particles in their bodies, which were no different from their flesh and limbs.

A damage to the crystal bone was also a damage to the new human’s body; a fracture of a crystal bone, was also like a fractured part of the torso of a new human.

The process of constant shattering of crystal bones would be comparable to a Ling Chi torture!

Jiang Jianming finally cried out involuntarily, and his voice was almost out of tune, “Kaios, you are crazy!! Enough, get out of the way!!”

No one responded to him. One second, two seconds……………..

These few seconds were hopelessly long. In Jiang Jianming’s violently shaking vision, there was only darkness, dust, and the constantly condensing and shattering of red golden crystal bones.

The Slash Comet’s body grazed a string of sparks between the rocks, and slowed a little bit.

Until it eventually stopped.

The flying dust gradually drifted down.

A few beams of sunlight fell, and flickered coldly at the cracked crystal bones.

Jiang Jianming gasped as he leaned against the cockpit, and watched the scene outside the mecha.

Garcia was almost pushed to the edge of the cliff, and only a few more steps remained for him to fall down the abyss. He was half kneeling, and his originally platinum long hair which was tied up, hung down disorderly, and his shoulders rolled with his every faint gasping.

He released too many crystal particles, and condensed tiny crystal stones climbed up all the way to his cheeks. Even the depths of those emerald eyes seemed to reflect a twilight of ruddy afterglow.

After a few breaths, the prince looked up slowly.

The crystal on the cheeks dispersed along with the golden red light in the eyes.

The bottom of his eyes gradually reflected Jiang Jianming’s pale and worried face.

The two of them looked at each other through the alloy glass of the mecha’s cockpit and through the dust blowing around.

For several seconds, Garcia remained motionless.

“——Your Highness!!!”

Jiang Jianming shook off his seat belt, pushed the hatch open with an emergency wrench, and jumped out of the cockpit. When he landed, he almost fell and quickly supported himself with the fuselage, only to find that his body seemed to have gone soft.

He rushed forward in two steps, and Garcia suddenly stood up, quickly stretching his arms in front of him.

Jiang Jianming’s eyes blurred.

He was then hugged by Garcia.

Jiang Jianming: “Your Highness……….”

There was still a faint smell of burnt smoke in the wind. The prince held him tightly and pressed him into his arms in a gesture similar to shackles.

Garcia looked up slowly. That was too close. Jiang Jianming looked up at the long and slightly curled eyelashes of the prince, and his voice was a little hoarse when he opened his lips.

“Don’t go….”

He felt a little weight from the top head, with a body temperature. It was Garcia’s palm. His fingertips gently caressed his hair twice.

The prince whispered, “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, you are not hurt.”

On that cliff, everything went silent for a moment.

“Your, Your Highness.”

Jiang Jianming’s voice trembled, his heart was still pounding rapidly in his chest, and his eyes fell on the huge crystal bone that stretched like a coiled crouching dragon, but was full of cracks.

He seemed unable to say anything, and could only spit out a few words on the tip of his tongue, “You, crystal bone…..”

Garcia’s eyes suddenly darkened, and he could not help but press Jiang Jianming closer into his arms.

………….The remnant crystal human in his arms was shaking. He could feel it. It was the kind of fine tremor that cannot be controlled, and it was a kind of fear that came from the bones.

Just now, he saw a panic on Jiang Jianming’s face for the first time. His disabled human was frightened.

It should be so. The sudden loss of control of the mecha, the high-speed fall, and huge crystal bones released in front of him.

For a disabled human, how big was this fear…….the prince couldn’t imagine.

But it should be similar to placing herbivores under the tusks of carnivores, covering the ones that were unable to escape from death with their shadows.

“It won’t hurt you.”

Garcia quickly touched the back of the disabled human again, his voice sounded even more lower, “I’ll put the crystal bone away. Calm down first, don’t be afraid, and don’t run around.”

With these, those crystal bones that were already crumbling, gathered, and the cracks became more serious due to the movement.

Jiang Jianming became stunned for a second, and vaguely figured out what was wrong.

At this time, he almost didn’t scare this person out of his wits. He subconsciously grabbed the prince’s wrist and said sharply, “Don’t move!”

Garcia did not move, and his handsome eyebrows showed a look of embarrassment.

He allowed Jiang Jianming to hold his wrist and repeated with some difficulty, “……….the crystal bones won’t touch you, I’ll put it away.”


Jiang Jianming took a deep breath. His back was wet with cold sweat, and his heart was still pounding in the chest.

However, at this time, he found out that there was a problem with the communication between the two of them.

“……” Jiang Jianming pursed his lips, his eyes fell on the cracks of the red gold crystal bones, and hesitated to ask the most crucial question, “Does it not hurt you?”

“Hurt me?” Garcia frowned.

The prince also looked at his crystal bone, and then looked back at Jiang Jianming with no expression, then said, “Doesn’t hurt very much.”

He hugged Jiang Jianming and stood straight again, the crystal bones were flung in the wind, immediately, what should have been broken were broken and fell on the ground.

There were no fluctuations on the prince’s face and allowed the fragments to be scattered everywhere, he only retracted the complete crystal bone back to his body, and kindly explained, “I didn’t use all my strength. If I release the crystal bone with all my strength, the mecha would have been directly broken instead of just stopping it. If I make a mistake, you will get hurt.”


Jiang Jianming stared at him.

I feel like all the panic was just simply fed by Seth Henry.

Good, that’s great.

He underestimated the power of the Super S-level crystal bone.

That’s right. After all, this His Highness can even survive under the bombardment unscathed. It was just a mecha, and broken crystal bones. Indeed it’s really unreasonable.

Thus Garcia watched him in confusion……………..and that fragile, frightened and uneasy look disappeared from the eyes of the young officer.

What remained was the calmness of sobriety which was Jiang Jianming’s general expression, which seemed to be mixed with a little anger than usual.

“Good, that’s okay, Your Highness.”

Jiang Jian indifferently slapped Garcia’s hand away, “Please let me go, I won’t run away in fear.”

Garcia: “?”

Jiang Jianming breathed a few times, and stroked the scattered hair near his ear again.

He walked back to the dense forest where the mecha glided, and looked around, “Let’s go back and settle the account for your reckless behavior, what about those remaining four alien creatures? In… “

Suddenly, his heart chilled.

Jiang Jianming stopped abruptly under the shade of the tree, and looked up quickly!

At the top of several tall trees, there were four masses of tumor-like things lying on its faces.

The alien creatures in the form of toads quietly hide themselves in the shadows of leaves, with strange light shining in the depths of their eyes.

They held the trunk with their eight limbs and stared at Jiang Jianming, and it was unknown how long they had been staring.

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