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DS Chapter 47


Ambush (1)

Far Star, unknown universe.

Reflected in the window was a vast cosmic nebula. Here was the interior of a starship.

Its hall was extremely open, and was built like a resplendent palace, with wall lamps and night pearls inlaid on the walls.

A long golden red carpet stretched on the ground, and the light of the wall lamp flowed in the lavish room, silently brewing an extravagant atmosphere.

“We are very sorry for your loss and imperfect results in Beta Alien.”

At the end of the golden-red carpet, a man in a black robe was standing alone with his hand to his chest, paying his respects.

The man’s attire was very strange, a long black robe covered him from the head to the feet, his face couldn’t be seen clearly with the hood on, and the gender could only be distinguished from the voice. His tone of voice was also equally strange, as if a mixture of two emotions of gentleness and indifference, and even though he said “sorry”, it was more like a kind of grace from someone who had been in a high position for a long time, rather than a real apology.

There were a flight of steps on the carpet.

At the top of these steps was a seat.

The gold-plated armrest was engraved with hideous patterns of skulls and crowns, embedded with diamonds, pearls and agates.

A young man with a beautiful face sat obliquely on it, his messy crimson hair was like a magnificent burning flame.

“It doesn’t matter, it was just a test of the technology you brought. I was very satisfied.”

The red-haired boy spoke lazily, holding a black cat in his arms, red wine and goblets were placed on the small round table in front of him, as well as a white floating screen.

The young man tilted his head interestingly, “Besides, life is always exciting if there are surprises.”

 He flicked the floating screen in front of him, and the screen turned to the man in black robe.

“Look, I found a new little treasure.”

A video was played on the screen, it was the Second Military Fortress of the Silver Big Dipper. There was a lot of fighting in the mid-air, and the specialized air combat aircraft of numerous Lava Space Pirates were firing intensively.

Then a blue-black mecha pierced through the thick smoke in a graceful manner, the artillery fire could only pass over its two wings, and the mecha climbed up at an almost impossible angle………

The screen suddenly freezes.

The red-haired boy tapped the screen twice.

The video was zoomed in and zoomed in again.

The pilot of this mecha was displayed on the screen… was a young and handsome black-haired youth.

“Don’t you think so? Such a person, such a mecha……..”

The red-haired boy slowly stroked the black cat’s fur with his fingers that had golden rings. The cat stretched its neck lazily under his hand and then it let out a loud “meow” cry. The teenager licked his lower lip, the expression on his eyes were hot and dry, “…so beautiful.”

“So beautiful…I want to kill him with my own hands.”

The man in the black robe below seemed to chuckle slightly.

“Then, as you wish.”

“The brilliance of crystal particles will benefit you and me. I hope we can cooperate happily this time…Your Excellency, Young Chief Chilong.”

(TL: Chilong-Crimson Dragon)


Alpha Alien Star, Silver Big Dipper Fortress.

M-Slash Comet set off the next day before dawn.

Xie Yuduo and Rita personally sent Garcia to the gate of the First Fortress, and looked up at the A-level mecha as it took off.

Rita said softly, “Major General, do you think……”

Xie Yuduo looked indifferent, before she finished speaking, he said, “Don’t ask, this time something is not right, I’m not sure what would happen either.”

At this time, the major general stopped being ostentatious and nonsensical, and another kind of cold and iron-blooded temperament overwhelmed the natural elegance in his eyebrows and eyes. This was the Major General of Silver Big Dipper.

“Accordingly, I should not let His Royal Highness Garcia go.”

Xie Yuduo closed his phoenix eyes, and said in a complicated tone, “Three years ago, Prince Ryann drove Crown of Golden Dawn  away from the First Fortress of Silver Big Dipper, and never came back.”

He sneered, and shook his slightly long hair, “A few days later, this year’s military general meeting will be held. If something happens to His Highness Garcia while dealing with the alien creatures………I would kneel and kowtow in front of those old people, and take the blame then resign on the spot.”

Rita couldn’t help crying out softly, “Major General!”

“……However, as long as I am still in this seat, I have the final say on the rules of Silver Big Dipper.” Xie Yuduo raised his head and looked at the sky with deep eyes, then said in a low voice, “There are no royal relatives here, only victory or defeat, life and death—this is my rule. “


“—This is the rule of Major General Xie, and it is also the rule of most of the truly admirable generals of the Empire.”

In the cockpit of Slash Comet, Jiang Jianming said flatly, “He’ll care for me as much as he wants, seriously but unambiguously, thus if I want to come out with you, I can only do it secretly.”

Garcia snorted beside him with a half-smile.

In fact, it was not difficult to secretly bring out the disabled human being. As long as the disabled human being was stuffed into the treatment cabin of the mecha in advance, and then pushed the treatment cabin into a corner, out of sight, when he opened the mecha and entered the cockpit, Xie Yuduo who was outside, didn’t notice anything wrong at all.

The mecha kept flying at a constant speed along the preset route. There was no enemy situation during this section of the journey, they were simply rushing to the destination. Jiang Jianming handed over the driving to Seth Henry.

While chatting with Garcia, he was flipping through the military wrist device of His Royal Highness with a dignified manner, looking into the information Xie Yuduo had transferred.

Jiang Jianming: “At that time, when our team found the B-level subspecies, it was already wounded.”

“According to statistics, the alien creatures that suddenly appeared were all injured.”

Jiang Jianming had almost read through all of it, and closed the information, “The speculation in the fortress is that perhaps higher-level alien creatures suddenly appeared somewhere, driving the alien creatures that originally inhabited there.”

Garcia: “And you, what do you think?”

“There are too many coincidences,” Jiang Jianming said frankly, “There might possibly be forces that orchestrated this.”

“Starting with the scourge of these ‘new blood’ officers in the adaptation period, and then quickly wipe out all the expedition teams that came, so fast that there was even no time for them to send back specific information to the fortress……”

“I always feel that this set of procedures is a bit like fishing for a big fish with a long line-for example, fishing you.”

(t/n fishing for a big fish with a long line-It is a metaphor for making long-term plans, making great efforts and spending a lot of money, and you can get greater benefits in the future.)

Garcia looked at him deeply, “…Who the hell were you before.”

Jiang Jianming: “Didn’t you read my file? I’m just an ordinary military student.”

Garcia glanced at him amusedly, and suddenly slowly took out an apple from his hand, “One thing, I must explain in advance.”

“Xie Yuduo may have told you that…..I don’t care about Silver Big Dipper’s safety, nor do I care about the Empire and staying in the fortress is more of a cooperative relationship of interests.”

Garcia put the apple to his lips, but he didn’t eat it, he just rubbed his chin with the smooth bright red skin of the apple, then murmured, “So when encountering an emergency, I will act with my own wishes as the top priority.”

Jiang Jianming: “I know. You are wild.”

“What I mean is that,” Garcia emphasized, “next, you have to obey my wishes, not consider the interests of the fortress.”

“I know that too.” Jiang Jianming nodded.

Therefore,  His Royal Highness Garcia took out another apple, grabbed the hand of the remnant crystal human, and placed it into his palm, “Very good, eat with me.”

Jiang Jianming: “……”

Fortunately, after being together for half a month, Jiang Jianming had completely recovered the feeling he had when coaxing the Little Highness Ryann back then, and he could now deal with this person’s occasional whims and capriciousness with ease.

They hurried on their way while chatting nonsense and while talking about business. In the afternoon, the snow-capped mountain where the officers in adaptation period had been trained was already close in sight.

Jiang Jianming took over the control from the intelligence Seth, and manipulated Slash Comet to lower the fuselage and switch to low-altitude flight.

They followed along the direction of the Silver Big Dipper exploration team, and finally saw a few traces of camping halfway.

“According to the time,” Jiang Jianming glanced at the screen and said in a deep voice, “This should be the place where the exploration team rested for the last time.” He clicked on the map, “The environment ahead is……a dense forest?”

Garcia frowned slightly. There were many obstacles in the environment with tall vegetation and dense growth, and the field of vision would also not be wide, which was conducive to ambushes, and was a strong test for mecha manipulation.

If there would be a battle between new humans and alien creatures here, it was obvious that the former would fall into a disadvantageous situation.

If this series of incidents was really orchestrated…then the soldiers of the Silver Big Dipper Expeditionary Team have walked to the bottom of a deathtrap without knowing anything.

M-Slash Comet sailed into the jungle.

Their sight was filled by giant trees and vines that blocked out the sun, as well as pale white moss-like coatings.

The vegetation here, most of the shapes were weird and distorted. The surrounding crystal particles were also very dense, and many tree trunks even condense a thin layer of real crystals by themselves.

The dense forest was very quiet. Jiang Jianming held his breath and concentrated, he could vaguely hear regular abnormal noises coming from the depths ahead.

The prince obviously heard it too, his eyes darkened, and then said in a low voice, “It’s like the sound of alien creatures eating.”

Jiang Jianming understood and nodded slightly. The mecha moved stealthily in silence. The speed of Slash Comet was extremely fast, and countless tree shadows were left behind in an instant.

Then, under a giant tree covered with vines in front of them, they saw human remains that were piled up in a disorderly manner!

The blood was frozen due to the severe cold temperature, corpses were disemboweled one after another, some limbs were torn, some skulls were crushed, and brains flowed on the ground.

The drones sent out by the fortress to explore were also destroyed here, and a Silver Big Dipper’s military emblem could be vaguely seen in this tragic scene, which was so polluted by blood that the original snowy silver color could no longer be discerned.

And in the midst of these severed limbs–

–Were these five alien creatures that had never been registered. They had huge mouths and bellies, and their bodies were somewhat similar to toads, but they had eight limbs and feet, lying on the ground like tumors.

They were eating the minced meat all over the ground with their long and curled tongues, and as if being startled by the mecha, one of the toads made a series of weird chirping sounds, making half of the human bloodied intestines to fall out of its mouth.

All five of them turned around and ran away.

This scene was horrible, Jiang Jianming’s face turned pale, and his lips tightened.

The mecha speeded up suddenly, and Garcia’s icy voice was beside him, “Don’t look, chase them.”

As the Slash Comet flew across a stump on the ground, Jiang Jianming suddenly said, “Wait!”

He endured the nausea, and through the glass barrier in front of him, he set his eyes on the corpses, “Your Highness, something is wrong.”

“According to speculation, the time when the exploration team died was two days ago. These corpses…although they were divided into pieces, they were too intact.”

Garcia frowned slightly, and he immediately realized the meaning of Jiang Jianming’s words.

Indeed. The corpses of these Silver Big Dipper advance team looked bloody, but at least the head was the head, the body was the body, and the hands and feet were the hands and feet…..If they were eaten for two days, there should have been nothing left.

Jiang Jianming: “Alien creatures should not be so considerate, and wait until we come over to start eating.”

As he spoke, he manipulated Slash Comet to open its muzzle, and flames immediately ignited the giant tree in front of him.

“Bait?” Garcia’s eyes darkened.

After only one second, the prince made a judgment, “Then it is even more necessary to give chase.”

Jiang Jianming understood.

——Just because they were in the light and the enemy was in the dark. If they wouldn’t give chase now, they would never know who was the evil person behind the scenes who wanted to target Silver Big Dipper.

Jiang Jianming sighed lightly, “Your Highness, you said that you don’t care about the safety of the fortress.”

His hands landed on the console of the mecha again, “Can I understand this sentence based on your ‘won’t take care of me’?”

Garcia: “……Shut up, start the mecha.”

The cold wind blew, and the flames climbed up the giant tree like a snake. Soon, the withered grass, vines and corpses under the giant tree also burned with crackling sounds.

This was a cremation, and those sacrificed Silver Big Dipper soldiers would be turned into ashes between the sky and the land in the fire, and would go away with the wind, or sleep forever in the snow.

Afterwards, the M-Slash Comet threw the firelight behind its steel body, and chased along the direction in which the alien creatures were escaping.

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