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DS Chapter 42


Rising Sun (3)

After finishing this sentence, Garcia smoothly grasped Jiang Jianming’s forearm and pulled his hand up.

The prince’s expression was a little cold, and he carefully held the disabled human’s “weak wrist” in his palm, not daring to touch it randomly.

“Does it still hurt?” 

 Jiang Jianming shook his head, “Doesn’t hurt much, just a little numb.”

They had already walked a certain distance during the conversation, and Joe’s crying behind them could not be heard.

Jiang Jianming glanced back, and thoughtfully said, “However, Silver Big Dipper…..or the situation in the far interstellar space, is it that bad enough to recruit new officers of this quality?”

His tone was very calm, and even when he said the word “this quality”, it gave the impression that it was just a plain statement, without deliberately belittling or protecting anything.

“It wasn’t like this when I came here.”

Garcia: “Selecting a mecha requires a practical manipulation test with the hand. You’re unable today, let’s just go back again once it’s back to normal.”

 Jiang Jianming was slightly stunned, “No, I can…… “

Garcia: “You can’t.”

Jiang Jianming couldn’t find any way out of it, and he knew in his heart that what Garcia said was right.  Mecha test operation shouldn’t be done in a sloppy manner.

He could only sigh, “All right, I can’t.”

Garcia was still staring at his wrist, pinching the joint of the five fingers. “Move.”

Jiang Jianming reluctantly turned his wrist slowly to show him, and continued to say to himself, “……..Since the situation in the Far Star is really so difficult, it is better to simply recruit some excellent disabled people to come in.”

“Since it’s impossible for remnant humans to use crystal bones to fight alien creatures, why not just use mechas?”

Garcia paused suddenly.

He finally put down Jiang Jianming’s wrist, and at the same time slowly raised his eyes, which were as sharp as ice.

He said, “You said, to let remnant human beings use mechas?”

Jiang Jianming: “………Ah.”

It’s over. It accidentally slipped my mouth.


On the second floor, Major General Xie’s office.

The door opened.

“You two are here, did you have a good rest last night……..”

Xie Yuduo was about to raise his smile to greet them, but when he saw Garcia’s stern expression, his voice changed tone, “Okay——Your Highness, if you have any problem, just say something!!”

Jiang Jianming smiled bitterly when he entered the door. Although he did walk here with his own feet, psychologically, he felt as if he was carried all the way by Garcia.

At this time, the prince gently pushed his back, and said to Xie Yuduo, “Listen to him.”

Jiang Jianming had no choice but to say hello, “Major General, good afternoon.”

He shrugged his shoulders, to indicate that he was being oppressed, “At His Highness’s order, I will……..contribute an immature idea.”

A moment later.

“Separate the concepts of cockpit mecha driving from out-of-the-cockpit crystal bone combat……?”

Xie Yuduo put on a rare serious look, and straightened his upper body, “Please elaborate.”

Jiang Jianming had already pulled a chair from the side by himself, and sat down in front of Xie Yuduo’s desk, “The literal meaning, Major General.” He crossed his hands in black gloves on his knees, and said gently, “It’s been a while since I’ve come to Silver Big Dipper, although I haven’t officially been on the battlefield, but I already have a general understanding of the combat mode in the Far Star……”

“The combat method of the new humans manipulating crystal bones is similar to hand-to-hand combat, and most of the time it needs to be carried out outside the cockpit of the mecha. However, when facing huge alien creatures and enemies in the air, someone needs to stay inside the cockpit, manipulate it to cooperate with the ensuing battle outside of the mecha.”

“Just like when the Second Fortress of the Silver Big Dipper on Beta Star was attacked by space pirates, I drove a mecha and assisted His Highness Garcia in fighting the enemy in the air.”

Jiang Jianming paused for a moment, then calmly said, “I just thought that if mecha driving and crystal bone combat can be divided into two branches of armed forces, disabled humans can completely take on the part of mecha driving.”


Xie Yuduo frowned unknowingly, and couldn’t help but take in breath when Jiang Jianming finished the last sentence.

Indeed, the current Imperial Army did not have a clear concept of “mecha driving”.

When it came to mecha masters, it merely referred to people who repair, modify, and manufacture mechas, not people who drove mechas.

Garcia didn’t sit down, but leaned sideways on the corner of the desk.

When Jiang Jianming made a statement, the prince’s scorching eyes kept falling on him.

As if watching a dusty beautiful jade being washed in the smoke and wind of war, blooming its original stunning light.

Xie Yuduo tightened the corners of his mouth, and knocked his temple, “Let me think about it.”

Jiang Jianming nodded, “Major General should think slowly, what disabled humans can do on the distant interstellar battlefield is indeed limited, and the environment with high concentration of crystal particles is also a problem.”

“Thus everything I said is based on the fact that the Silver Big Dipper is really short of people.”

Jiang Jianming quietly glanced at Garcia.

In fact, he had these ideas as early as when he was still in the military academy.

But if His Highness hadn’t insisted on asking him to bring it up after hearing his slip of the tongue remark, he wouldn’t have put these ideas on the surface so early.

There were still many problems behind this, many hidden dangers. There were not only the physical reasons of disabled people, but also more deep-seated things.

But since His Highness asked him to say it, it proved that the situation of the Silver Big Dipper was indeed not optimistic.

Therefore, he spoke of his ideas.

Jiang Jianming continued, “For example, the two Commanding officers who led the officers in adaptation period…..Lieutenant Raymond has always been Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin’s adjutant and they ride the same mecha together when going out.”

“But in fact, Lieutenant Raymond himself is also the holder of a B-level crystal bone, and has a certain combat power. It is a pity that he only serves as deputy of Chief Huo Lin inside the mecha all year round.”

After that, he smiled and stood up, “In the final analysis, I’m simply a military student from a civilian background, and my physical fitness is considered poor among disabled people. But even I can cooperate with His Royal Highness……………”

“If the military can loosen some restrictions, even if it is only a small number of places, I think there is great hope to recruit disabled human elites whose ability is no less than that of new humans.”

Disabled human elite.

This was the first time Xie Yuduo had heard such a combination, putting “disabled human beings” and “elites” together.

No matter where in the past, people only used to say “new human elites”.

It seemed that as long as one reincarnated as a remnant human being, there would be an extra ceiling pressing on one’s head in this life, preventing one from becoming an “elite” no matter what.

However, Jiang Jianming said this word so naturally, as if he had simply said this word unconsciously, he even had a gentle smile at the end of his eyes.

“It’s worth a try.” 

Garcia said in a deep voice, “At least it is more hopeful than continuing to recruit waste into the fortress.”

“Hmm…” Xie Yuduo suddenly stood up, and walked around his office twice as if thinking hard.

Finally, when he was about to walk the third lap, the major general stopped abruptly.

Xie Yuduo turned on his wrist device and contacted his female adjutant. “Rita, is there anyone in the fortress who has a deep understanding of the current state of the Empire’s frontier mecha field? Bring me that…..…”

Jiang Jianming raised his eyebrows, and said, “One of my teammates is the chief graduate of the Second College of Mechas at Kaios Military Academy, do you also want to bring him over?”

Xie Yuduo’s eyes lit up, and he immediately slap the desk, “Bring him! Bring him over immediately!”

In this way, when Li Youfang was temporarily summoned due to “bring him over”, the whole person went dizzy.

Major General, Major General Xie Yuduo.

The Supreme Commander of the First Fortress of Silver Big Dipper.

A young and promising aristocratic general who has experienced legends.

Logically speaking, even if he struggles for another ten years, he may still not have the opportunity to speak generously in front of Major General Xie.

Not to mention that there was also the royal highness in front of him.

In the bright major general’s office, Jiang Jianming was making tea, and Garcia stared straight at Jiang Jianming’s hand making tea, as if he was afraid of him being scalded.

Xie Yuduo then said in a loud voice, “Quickly put it down, quickly put it down, how can His Little Excellency do this!”

Jiang Jianming smiled, “It’s not for you, I’m thirsty.”

As he spoke, he poured Garcia a cup first.

Holding the teacup, Garcia said coldly and indifferently, “In any case, Major General Xie is not a domestic waste who cannot stand without his adjutant.”

Jiang Jianming: “Speaking of which, where is Miss Rita?”

Xie Yuduo: “Next month will be the Imperial Military General Assembly, and she’s tasked with running the materials.”


Li Youfang felt that the world was separated.

The place where he was standing was one world, and the happy scene in the major general’s office before him was another.

However, Jiang Jianming suddenly turned around and greeted him at this time, “Good teammate…….Alas, we are not teammates anymore, Li Youfang, do you want tea? The Major General’s tea is good….”

Major General’s tea…..

Li Youfang’s eyes darkened, and he almost didn’t kneel down to him on the spot.

When he walked in tremblingly, after hearing Jiang Jianming’s idea, he became even more frightened.

Select disabled humans to specialize in driving mechas……!?

Li Youfang’s palms were cold on the spot, and a layer of sweat broke out on his forehead.

Even though he was just a young boy who had just graduated from military academy, he could still hear how significant the meaning of this idea was.

“This, this………this idea……” He stumbled on his words, “very, very amazing.”

Xie Yuduo smiled, crossed his legs leisurely and said, “Don’t be too nervous, kid, there are no outsiders here, let’s just chat casually.”

He took a sip of tea and waved his hand again, “Don’t think too much, I asked you to come here because we, the Silver Big Dipper people, have been in the Far Star lair for too long, and the situation of the Empire is unknown. The final decision will still be made by me and a group of old men who are above me, and will have nothing to do with you.”

“Yes……..” Li Youfang took deep breaths repeatedly to calm himself down a little.

After all, he was the chief graduate of the Second College of the First Military Academy of the Empire. After calming down, his professionalism was still there.

He swallowed and began to analyze.

“This…….Major General, you should also know that in real combat, the reaction speed of the brain and the combat awareness are more important than the speed of mecha manipulation. ……………..”

Xie Yuduo nodded.

The reason was easy to understand. If Li Youfang and Jiang Jianming were to conduct the practical assessment of basic mecha movements on the flat and open mecha training ground, Li Youfang would definitely score higher.

Because even if the two people were equally proficient in basic movements, the speed of crystal bone was still faster than manual manipulation.

But, if the two of them were allowed to drive the same mecha and conduct actual combat in a random wild terrain…Needless to say, it’d be a wonder if Li Youfang was not played to death in the game.

Li Youfang: “But now in the field of mecha research in the Empire, almost no one has studied the problem of improving the efficiency of manual operation.”

“The reason is also very simple, at present, disabled humans can hardly touch military mechas, thus improving the efficiency of manual operation is useless.”

Xie Yuduo rubbed his chin, and pondered, “This is indeed true.”

Li Youfang: “Therefore……Although it is generally said that the manual manipulation of the mecha is 6% lower than the conduction efficiency of the crystal bone manipulation, this ‘recognized’ figure is already the technology that’s been around for years.”

“If the military allows disabled humans to drive on mechas and invests resources in improving technology, this number should be reduced!”

Xie Yuduo’s eyes brightened, “That is to say, you think there is still a lot of room for recovering the disadvantages of manual operation based on the current situation?”

“In this lowly official’s humble opinion, there is great hope!” Li Youfang gradually found the feeling, and the speed of speech also picked up, “Not only that……”

As he spoke, he glanced at Jiang Jianming with a slightly strange look on his face, “Not only that, the subject of the third way of manipulation—mental manipulation is becoming more and more popular.”

Jiang Jianming couldn’t help smiling when he met Li Youfang’s gaze…..He knew what this strange look meant.

After all, several years ago, this subject had been taught at the Kaios Military Academy.

He went in and listened as a disabled human being, but when the old professor released a crystal bone, he vomited blood on the spot, almost causing the old man to go to prison for it.

At that time, Ryann was still there, he became so anxious and ran out of the White Jade Palace to see him without even changing his clothes.

In the blink of an eye…..

Time really passed by so quickly.

Jiang Jianming lowered his head and took a sip of tea to suppress his emotions. He glanced at Li Youfang and saw the bright and excited face of the young man as he talked.

He couldn’t help chuckling to himself, this guy who looked down on disabled humans at the beginning didn’t know how excited he was now.

Li Youfang: “If mental manipulation can be popularized in the next few years, then the disadvantage of disabled humans of having no crystal bones will no longer be a problem!”

“In the past two years, there have been more racial equality movements in the Empire. Especially Aslan, there seems to be a special association active……..Public opinion on the other hand, there shouldn’t be too many obstacles as well……”

“The only problem may be the adaptability of disabled humans to the distant interstellar environment, and whether they can truly cooperate with new humans.”

“However, based on the above-mentioned comprehensive analysis of this lowly official’s personal judgment,” Li Youfang swallowed tremblingly, puffed out his chest and gave a military salute, “Theoretically, Jiang Jianming’s proposal is feasible!!”

Jiang Jianming put down his teacup and stood up, calmly patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t get too excited, as I said, this is just a prototype of an idea.”

Xie Yuduo took a deep breath, put down his crossed legs, and sat up straight.

“It is indeed just an idea, and various details still need internal research and discussion…but,”

The major general leaned forward and said seriously, “It is also a very exciting idea. I will bring it up at the military general meeting.”

Li Youfang’s face lit up instantly.

“Thank you Major General!!”

Jiang Jianming stroked his forehead. You’re a new human, why are you being so excited……

“Don’t say who suggested it for now.”

Garcia, who had been listening silently, suddenly spoke out at this moment.

He glanced at Jiang Jianming, “His name, things will become public again.”

Xie Yuduo raised his eyebrows and said hastily, “Understood.”

The truth about a single tree being beautiful in the forest, every wise person already knew. Jiang Jianming, a commoner with no money and no power, wanted to shake the new human being’s exclusive military power at a young age…  

(t/n The wood is beautiful in the forest, which is a metaphor for a person with outstanding talent or conduct. It also means that new people and new things have just appeared.)

If he became a thorn on someone’s side, following that, it’s unknown how much trouble he would cause in the future.

Jiang Jianming looked down, and said softly, “Your Highness, it’s okay.”

“You are related.”

Garcia’s voice was cold, he straightened up and walked towards Jiang Jianming, “I forced you to speak out, if things don’t work out, I’ll take all the blame.”

As the prince said this, under Li Youfang’s astonished and dull eyes, he carried away the luggage that Jiang Jianming had put beside him with ease.

“Let’s go, keep up.”

This person……

Jiang Jianming chuckled helplessly.

He nodded to Xie Yuduo, and hurriedly followed.

After leaving the office, the silence between the two continued all the way.

When they finally reached the door of the dormitory, Garcia put Jiang Jianming’s luggage in his arms.

The prince suddenly pursed his lips and said, “Merit is of no use to me.”

“What?” Jiang Jianming was taken aback.

Garcia deliberately didn’t look at him, but his expression was very serious, “Your credit is yours. No one can take it away, including me. Don’t think too much.”

Jiang Jianming was once again shocked. He thinks that I am thinking too much?

He quickly explained, “What are you talking about, of course I know that you are protecting me.”

Garcia was silent for a second, then whispered, “Don’t be sad, it will be resolved soon.”

Jiang Jianming: “Thank you, but I’m not sad?”

 Garcia: “You can choose the mecha the day after tomorrow. It’ll be up to you.”


Ah, this familiar feeling of being unable to communicate.

Jiang Jianming was in a delicate mood. He felt angry and funny at the same time, then he said, “Your Highness, are you trying to coax me by giving me a mecha?”

Garcia’s expression turned slightly cold, and he turned his face away, “What are you talking about again, coax? Don’t be coquettish, I said I won’t take care of you.”

Jiang Jianming:”………”

But a second later, Garcia turned his face around.

The prince frowned and said, “So, you don’t like it.”

It was a familiar scene again.

Jiang Jianming finally couldn’t help but curl his lips.

A smile slowly appeared in the corner of his eyes, like a fleeting smile that would disappear just as quickly as it appeared.

“No, I like it.”

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