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DS Chapter 39


Dark Blood (3)

Jiang Jianming couldn’t remember how he walked back to the dormitory.

In fact, after seeing the words left by Ryann, his sanity became a little abnormal.

He even simply just stared at the screen for a long time with no expression on his face, then asked Xie Yuduo, “Major General, do you think Ryann has other lovers in the distant stars? This message is not for me.”

“Your Little Excellency, don’t be like this……”

Xie Yuduo pressed his shoulder, “You are just too tired, listen to my advice, go back to sleep first, and think about it tomorrow, okay?”

“But I don’t understand it.”

Xie Yuduo eventually broke down and said, “I don’t understand either, ancestor! Who can even understand this!?”

“But if……”

Jiang Jianming whispered in a daze, his eyes gradually slackened, “If I am really the lover he misses before he had died… can I not understand it.”

“How can I……”

“Not even understand the last message he left?”

After coming out of the Stele of Heroes, Jiang Jianming resolutely rejected Xie Yuduo’s offer to send him to the treatment area, and walked back to his quarters step by step in the quiet night.

He was in a trance along the way, and he didn’t come back to his senses until he was in front of their own room in the dormitory area.

Actually, he couldn’t not be sobered up.

Because he saw Tang Zhen and Li Youfang standing in the aisle in their pajamas.

Jiang Jianming was startled, and his first reaction was: “No, why are these two awake”, and “they won’t force and ask me where I went for a while, right”.

He who is barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes, thus if he was exposed, then he would be exposed, but the major general helped him so much, therefore he wouldn’t want to cause trouble for Xie Yuduo.

(t/n He who is barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes- means that people who are so poor that they have nothing, compared with people with wealth and status, have no worries about doing things and can do anything regardless of the consequences.)

As a result, after a closer look, he noticed that the two people stood upright outside the door, one left and one right, with collapsed and dull-witted expressions, hesitating but eventually didn’t speak out, and simply pointed frantically inside the door.

Jiang Jianming’s second reaction was: ??

“Good teammate, you two–” He walked to the door and asked lightly, “Are you playing the role of a door god? Although we are all oriental nationalities according to the history of the old blue mother star, it is still early for the Chinese New Year.”

Tang Zhen’s face was so colorful, he wanted to cry without tears, “I beg you, little immortal, stop talking so badly now, where did you go in the middle of the night? Something big happened…..In a word, you have to go in, you will know when you go in first!”

Jiang Jianming frowned, wondering if their room was haunted or something.

He raised his hand and pushed the door open.

There was no light inside the room, and in the darkness, Jiang Jianming saw a familiar silhouette sitting on his bed.

Instantly, he saw a pair of cold and sharp eyes that directly met his gaze.


Jiang Jianming’s face sank like water, and he immediately slammed the door shut again with his backhand.

—Perhaps, have you ever seen a resentful beast sitting on your bed at three o’clock in the morning, staring at the door of your room, with its green eyes reflecting light in the dark, and waiting for you to come home without moving?

No. This is really not funny at all.

Jiang Jianming admitted that the moment he opened the door, he was really scared to death.

Looking back, Tang Zhen and Li Youfang had quickly retreated to the corner five meters away, staring at him in horror.


Jiang Jianming, with a headache, suddenly took a deep breath and opened the door again.

“—where did you go?” 

In the darkness, as soon as the door was reopened, Garcia’s face was in front of him, and his indifferent and elegant voice sounded next to his ears.

His Royal Highness had already stood quietly at the door at some point, and when the door was opened again, he grasped it with his palm. This time, even if Jiang Jianming wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to close it again.

“Your Highness, why are you in my……”

Jiang Jianming felt annoyed and funny, however, he was dragged inside the door in a blink of an eye, “Your Highness!”

The prince pressed his shoulders and closed the door with his hand. Immediately, the returning darkness surrounded them silently.

Garcia’s voice was a little tense, obviously emotional, “Answer the question, where did you go?”

His Highness couldn’t understand. This was obviously the Silver Big Dipper, and this was obviously the safest place in the Far Star.

But when the disabled human came back, he noticed that his complexion was paler than last time, and his breath was more disordered than last time.

What hurt him again? It must have been a heavy blow…….Why would a single human being be hurt just by staying in the fortress? This is incomprehensible.

In the darkness, this young disabled human being, who made His Highness angry and incomprehensible, remained silent with his handsome eyebrows lowered.


A few seconds later, Jiang Jianming raised his head and said, “Your Highness, this has nothing to do with you. You can’t break into other people’s dormitories in the middle of the night like this, it’s very impolite.”

Surprisingly, Garcia was not offended by Jiang Jianming’s outspoken words, nor did he retort with the same sharp words as he did when they first met.

The prince’s gaze was fixed on him, and then his expression unexpectedly changed.

He raised Jiang Jianming’s cheek with one hand, stretched out his thumb, and gently brushed the corner of the disabled human’s eyes.

Garcia gritted his molars, and angry words leaked from between his teeth, “You, cried?”

“……!” Jiang Jianming’s eyes immediately widened slightly, and he was forced to raise his “still wet red in the corners” eyes.

He obviously just lost control of his emotions at the Stele of Heroes, and coupled with the influence of crystal particles, he shed a few tears due to half-physiological and half-psychological factors…….But it was such a dark night, how did His Highness notice it?

A strength suddenly came from his waist, and Jiang Jianming was forced to stagger a step.

Garcia took him to a corner.

Borrowing the faint blue moonlight outside the window, the prince held up the disabled human’s face with both hands, which made half of the profiles of the two to be illuminated, with the clear, bright and cold light.

“Your Highness.”

Jiang Jianming stared blankly at Garcia in front of him. The latter was taller than him, and when he bent down and lowered his eyes, he had a condescending aura, thus he had to raise his face.

“Why did you cry……” The platinum curly-haired prince had a stern face, eyebrows like blades, and he spoke with an extremely serious expression, “Who bullied you?”

Jiang Jianming was speechless.

Then a thought crashed into his mind like a comet.

The Little Highness doesn’t know anything.

The present Garcia Kaios is no longer “that” Crown Prince Ryann. He knows nothing and doesn’t remember anything.

Whether it’s the heartless parting, or the lonely death; the bitter battle in the sea of stars, or even the bloodshed and pain.

And that the more burdensome, unknown dark memories……have been stripped into blanks.

Jiang Jianming suddenly felt like his heart was being twisted with a knife.

Three years ago, the person who had splashed blood on the mecha in the silent universe, now stood in front of him, frowning for such a simple reason—because he found that he had cried.

The only thing that the Little Highness cared about now was why this disabled human being in front of him had cried in the middle of the night. Did someone bully him?

In an instant, the emotions that had been suppressed since walking out of the Stele of Heroes had completely burst out.

His eyes turned fuzzy. Jiang Jianming blinked slightly in a daze, and tears rolled down his cheeks in an instant.

Garcia let go as if being burned, “You!”

He even took two steps back, stood there in shock for two seconds, and then said with difficulty, “You…don’t cry.”


Jiang Jianming gritted his teeth and turned around, and simply did not wipe the tears on his face. He put his palms on the corner of the table and took a deep breath.

His spine was submerged in the night, appearing thin and frail. A few tears fell on the table one after another, and it shone like pearls under the moonlight.

Garcia’s expression changed several times.

Although he didn’t come over last night, he investigated Jiang Jianming’s file.

Since he was a disabled human being, then his thoughts of “what if he was the next crown prince’ became nonsense…..His Highness checked it out personally, and it was clearly written on the files of officers in adaptation period——

He was born as a civilian and adopted by a military officer. He was admitted to the Kaios Military Academy, which ranked the first in the Empire, by virtue of his strength. He graduated from the Sixth Academy this year, and his graduation results were amazing, could even said to be a rarity that only comes in a thousand years.

But he just happened to be a remnant human being.

What would happen to such a person in Silver Big Dipper Fortress, His Highness could guess immediately after thinking about it.

“Jiang,” Garcia lowered his voice, Jiang Jianming turned his back to him, yet he still persistently followed, “Is it because of the merit?”

“Who wants to suppress you,” the prince said in a deep voice, “simply say the name or its characteristics.”

“..No, you misunderstood. “

Jiang Jianming pursed his lips and hid again. The dormitory room was not very big, and he was forced by Garcia to retreat again and again until his legs hit the edge of the bed, and he eventually sat on his own bed all of a sudden.

This series of movements was smooth and ambiguous, even with the taste of wanting to welcome but rejecting at the same time.

In a blink of an eye, Garcia had already pushed Jiang Jianming to the head of the bed. Like a golden lion stalking its prey, and stubbornly leaned forward.

“Speak, I will solve it, now, tonight, it can be solved, don’t cry.”

Jiang Jianming suddenly gave him a lively smile, and pushed the beautiful and dangerous big cat with both hands, “Your Highness, good Highness, no one really bullied me. And I haven’t cried, and I didn’t really cry just now……………” 

“Alright, alright. I won’t drive you out, please calm down, can we just have a few words?”

Garcia frowned, wiped away the water marks on the disabled human’s face with his cuff, and said seriously, “Then what do you want?”

What does he want? Jiang Jianming thought with a bitter smile–He has already cheated all the rewards he can get, and now he has caught the Little Highness on his bed. What else would he want? 

Garcia was unable to perceive that Jiang Jianming wanted to be elaborate with him. The prince merely closed his lips for a moment, then suddenly turned on his wrist device and quickly dialed a number.

After the communication was connected, Major General Xie’s astonished face appeared on the opposite side of the wrist device projection.

“Xie Yuduo.”

Garcia lifted Jiang Jianming’s chin with his right hand, thus the face of the person in his arms was seen on the other side of the projection, and then he ordered in an uncompromising tone, “Give me this person.”


Xie Yuduo was dumbfounded.

Wait, wait, Little Excellency, your progress is too fast!!

Didn’t we just come up from the Stele of Heroes a while ago!?

Jiang Jianming showed a helpless look at Xie Yuduo. This was really not what he thought…..

Xie Yuduo’s scalp went numb. “No, no, Your Highness Garcia, he is not an ordinary little officer, he……”

“—Major General, I am not negotiating with you.”

The prince said calmly, “I’ll take him away, also, move a treatment cabin over to my room.”

“What?” Xie Yuduo collapsed, “A treatment cabin? Move…move to your room!?”

Garcia: “Don’t ask stupid questions.”


Xie Yuduo fell into a haggard silence.

After a while, he raised his head and asked deeply, “Then, do you need an extra bed?” Major General Xie smiled reluctantly, showing his white teeth, “Or, change it to a double bed?”


The communication was cut off mercilessly by His Royal Highness. Garcia then turned to Jiang Jianming and said, “Follow me.”

Jiang Jianming simply obediently listened to Garcia’s communication with the major general all the time, and then straightened his upper body and looked at him with a half-smile after, “Are you ordering me?” 

He then sighed helplessly, and his tone was a little spoiled. “You are really such a capricious person. When you see me crying, you didn’t even ponder that perhaps it’s because you repeatedly trespassed on my quarters and made me feel offended and oppressed by your power, that’s why I cried?”

Garcia frowned and said nothing, he could clearly feel that Jiang Jianming had no real resistance.

Then, this sentence is a joke, similar to the flirting between lovers in the legend.


There was a gleam in his emerald green eyes, and the prince thought to himself: That’s right, this disabled human being has a noble and unsullied, intelligent soul, and is worthy of respect.

Therefore, Garcia restrained his momentum, held Jiang Jianming’s finger, and whispered, “It’s not an order.”

“…Come with me, okay?”

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