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DS Chapter 36


Assessing Meritorious Service (4)

Five minutes later.

The black elevator stopped steadily on the second floor, and the green indicator light came on with the sound of “ding”. 

The young corporal led Jiang Jianming out.

 “Sir, this way.”

Jiang Jianming came down the elevator, stepped on the passageway paved with alloy steel sheets in the fortress with his military boots, and looked back.

The corporal smiled as he walked. “Is this the first time for you to come up from the first floor? I heard that you made a contribution to the unexpected incident a few days ago, you will definitely have the opportunity to come to the second floor often in the future.”

He thought about it, and then added, “Maybe even, have the chance to live here in a few years.”

“Really? Then I’ll accept your auspicious words.” 

Jiang Jianming gently bent the corner of his lips at the corporal, and followed him to the direction of the conference room.

Silver Big Dipper Fortress had a total of four floors. The military area on the 1F was divided into four major areas: dormitory area, treatment area, trading area, and supply area. In addition, there were four mecha hangars and two starship ports for the convenience of soldiers to go out anytime.

2F, which was the floor where Jiang Jianming was now, which was mainly equipped with senior dormitory areas, military aircraft conference rooms, archives and databases.

In addition, many large-scale computers and precision instruments were located on this floor. Officers and soldiers below the grade level, except for messengers, were not allowed to enter without permission.

The top 3F belonged to the non-military area, which had the farming and animal husbandry area that mainly supplied food sources; the logistics area that handled water filtration, power supply, heating, and all other miscellaneous tasks; the scientific research room that handled drug development, mecha repairs, and new crystal weapon development……..

And the most important thing, the real crystal mine warehouse. The real crystal ore of the B-grade subspecies recovered by Jiang Jianming should be lying there now.

In addition to the three floors on the ground up, the Silver Big Dipper Fortress also had a “-1F” or called the “Stele of Heroes”, a peaceful land used to commemorate the Silver Big Dipper heroes who died in the distant stars.

According to the positioning given by the intelligence Seth Henry, the main body of the Ryann’s mecha should be placed somewhere in the underground, on the Stele of Heroes.

Jiang Jianming went through the plan he made yesterday in his mind again, then heard the corporal say, “Sir, we are here.”

When Jiang Jianming looked up, he saw the 205 Conference Room in front of him.

He then thanked the young corporal, took a light breath, bent his index finger and middle finger and knocked on the door three times.

“Adaptation period officer Jiang Jianming, received orders to come and report.”

Three seconds later, the white automatic door buzzed open.

Inside, it was wide and bright, and the long table in the conference room came into his view, along with four officers sitting on the opposite side of the long table——

Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin sat on the far left, still with a sullen face. On the right hand side of Huo Lin was a black and thin officer; next to him was a white and robust officer; and on the far right seat was an officer with a beard.

The pair of eyes of these four people with a sense of oppression all turned to Jiang Jianming who came in from the door.

The black and thin officer touched his chin and spoke first, “You are……”

As he spoke, he quickly scrutinized Jiang Jianming and narrowed his eyes.

This black-haired young man was thinner than he had imagined, and his facial features were very clean. Perhaps one could even say that he was beautiful, but his skin lacked blood color, which would make any one believe that he was sick all the year round.

Standing straight, it was a kind of tense and deliberate uprightness. The military uniform on his body was too neat, obviously it had been washed and ironed overnight, and it could even be noticed……that he was a little nervous.

After all, he was being summoned suddenly to the second floor by so many officers. As an officer still in the adaptation period, this kind of behavior was quite normal.

However, he didn’t look like a capable person who could turn the tide in a dangerous situation and make great achievements.

Jiang Jianming saluted, “Hello, officers, I am…Jiang Jianming.”

Several officers looked at each other indiscriminately, one frowned, one scowled, and the last one shook his head slightly, their impression on this young man had been reduced by ten points.

Before Jiang Jianming was formally summoned, they had been arguing for two days.

No one would want to suppress a new military officer who had rendered meritorious service for no reason, but Jiang Jianming was a disabled human being, and this was a place in the entire Empire that wouldn’t tolerate disabled human beings–the Silver Big Dipper Fortress in the Far Star.

What are the consequences of promoting a disabled human being exceptionally?

After being promoted, what position will he be placed in? Who is willing to accept a disabled human being as a subordinate, and who is willing to accept a disabled human being as their direct commander?

Who will dare send him to fight, and if he is killed in a battle, whose responsibility is it?

If he’s unable to fight, will he simply stay in Silver Big Dipper and serve as a decoration?

Too ridiculous, too many hidden dangers and uncertainties.

Argue, discuss, argue.

Finally, they decided to meet this extraordinary disabled human being in person before making the final decision.

In fact, if they hadn’t watched the video of the mecha, be astonished upon witnessing the young man’s mecha level and adaptability on the battlefield, and if Jiang Jianming’s teammates hadn’t insisted that this man was indeed extraordinary……

Maybe there won’t even be any summons this time.

Only Huo Lin, who narrowed his eyes, thought to himself that this was not good.

This black-hearted brat seems to be planning on cheating again.

“Well…Jiang Jianming, right.”

The white and robust middle-aged officer cleared his throat first, and narrowed his blue eyes. He leaned forward, connected the fingertips of both hands, pushed them towards each other making a tower.

“We don’t want to beat around the bush. You should know your own situation best.”

“The few of us, including your immediate commander, Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin, don’t really want to give you military merit according to the previous rules. Now is your last chance. “

The officer’s tone was not very harsh, even very peaceful, but the words he said were not so friendly.

“I’ll give you thirty minutes to convince the few of us to change our minds.”

Hearing this, Jiang Jianming seemed startled for a moment, then lowered his eyebrows.

He hesitated for five or six seconds before whispering, “I……”

The several officers looked at each other again.

The bearded officer scratched his nose and said, “Don’t be nervous, maybe, you can start by explaining your own origin. Who gave you that special transfer order chip?”

Jiang Jianming lowered his eyes, staring at the clean conference table in front of him, and said in a low voice, “Yes, this was given by a very honorable Sir, I dare not mention his name.”

“He gave me this chip more because of a personal relationship. I… my fiancé was killed in the Far Star, and this Sir was his teacher before his death.”

“……My father was one of the conscripted veterans five years ago, and soon received the title of martyr. I have no other relatives.”

“The original intention of that great Sir was to let Silver Big Dipper take care of me and let me go to the rear department to work as a clerical officer. It’s my heart that is hard to calm down. No matter what, I also want to come to the place where my father and husband died.”

“Oh……” The brows of several officers loosened, and some sighs came out of their mouths.

The eyes that looked at Jiang Jianming with cold scrutiny seemed to melt a lot.

“Poor child.”

“It’s not easy.” 

They all nodded to each other. After listening to Jiang Jianming’s life experience and explanations, at least the reason why this disabled human was in the distant star had become understandable.

Jiang Jianming’s eyes were dark and deep, and he quietly looked at the officers and thought to himself: He is not cheating.

He hasn’t even told a single lie so far, he is really a rare honest person.

As for the officers’ inability to associate the “fiancé” and “Sir” with the crown prince and the old marshal……that must be the issue of the officers themselves.

Therefore, the black-haired young man raised his head, and with a serious expression, said, “This time I was lucky enough to make a little contribution, but I dare not expect a promotion.”

The black and thin officer was surprised. “Oh?”

“I know I’m a disabled human. During the period of time after I came to Silver Big Dipper, I really felt……cough.”

Jiang Jianming covered his lips and coughed lightly. “I’m sorry, this is very impolite…..I felt that it was very strenuous, maybe the rules of this world are much crueler than I imagined.”


Huo Lin suddenly picked up the glass of water and took two big gulps with a sullen face.

..This fucker!

The white and robust officer’s expression became more sympathetic, and then he said softly, “You have worked very hard, I can feel it………Child, please accept my respect.”

Jiang Jianming: “I heard that in Silver Big Dipper, there is a great degree of freedom for meritorious deeds. Some people can also even choose to exchange real crystal ores for currency points……”

Hearing what he said, the three officers looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Obviously, they all thought that the young man in front of him was trying to ease the atmosphere with a joke.

As this disabled human was willing to voluntarily give up promotion, it made the big stone in their hearts fall down.

Now that the matter was easy to handle, the three officers laughed along with the joke, and the inside of the conference room was filled with a happy atmosphere.

Among them, the bearded officer laughed the loudest. “Indeed, you are not mistaken hahaha……But such a foolish money-grubber, I haven’t seen one like you for more than ten years.”

 Huo Lin couldn’t laugh at all, his forehead could only twitched, and he started drinking water again.

..Damn it, damn it! Why the hell am I here to watch this little bastard perform!

“Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin, what’s the matter with you?”

Next to him, the white and robust officer looked at him with dissatisfaction. “Even if you don’t like disabled human beings, you brought this child after all, and it’s not easy for him. Don’t be like that.”

Disregarding the Lieutenant Colonel’s face that turned livid in an instant, he turned to face Jiang Jianming again with a friendly expression, “So, what do you want to exchange for this meritorious service?”

Jiang Jianming: “My fiancé’s relics are in the underground Stele of Heroes, I want…to inherit his relics.”

Huo Lin coughed, and said the first sentence since Jiang Jianming came in. “Removing the relics in the Stele of Heroes requires the approval of Major General Xie, and we cannot promise you this.”

As soon as his words fell, the lieutenant colonel became startled.

 Wait a minute, could it be that Jiang Jianming’s original purpose was the Major General?

The bearded officer answered immediately, “Of course, we can apply for you—but we can only say that you choose to use this meritorious service in exchange for such an ‘opportunity to apply’. If the Major General disagrees, there is nothing we can do.”

Jiang Jianming nodded immediately. “Yes, I’ll accept all the results.”

Immediately, the expressions of the three officers became clearer.

They didn’t expect that this disabled human being could be dismissed so easily, and their eyes that looked at Jiang Jianming were as loving as if looking at their own son. 

Good boy, what a good boy!

The white and robust officer squinted his eyes then said, “This is the condition you put forward, child, don’t say that we bully you and that we suppress your achievement in the future.” 

Jiang Jianming quickly raised his eyes and said sincerely, “How can it be!”

“Good, come with us.”


“What the hell are you trying to do?”

On the way to Major General Xie’s office, Huo Lin lowered his voice and asked Jiang Jianming.

“Lieutenant Colonel.” Jiang Jianming smiled, hiding his voice in the staggered footsteps of several people, “After all, you are still my Commanding officer, I will not pit you, so please leave quickly.”

With that, he deliberately amplified his voice, “Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin, don’t you need to organize training today?”

The three officers in front turned their heads when they heard the sound, and one of them said, “Oh, that’s right. Huo Lin, you should go back first.”

Another person looked at Jiang Jianming compassionately then said, “He is really a good boy who is meticulous and caring.”

Huo Lin:”…..”

He stared at Jiang Jianming with a complicated expression for a long while, saluted his farewell to his colleagues who were doomed to be miserable, and turned to go to the elevator leading to the first floor.

In front of the Major General’s office, the black and thin officer looked at Jiang Jianming’s hands and nodded approvingly.

 “Hmm… know how to wear gloves to cover them up.”

The bearded officer then said, “Remember, the Major General has a very strict temper, don’t talk nonsense after entering, and don’t mention your achievements.”

The black-haired young man seemed to have become nervous again. He bit his lower lip for a while, and asked softly, “Then…after seeing the Honorable Major General, can I address him as Sir?”

When several officers heard him say such naive words, they were immediately annoyed and felt ridiculous.

 “Of course.”

Jiang Jianming nodded. “Please rest assured, I will only say ‘Hello, Sir’.”

It was still the same series of processes of knocking on the door, reporting, and then waiting for the automatic door to open.

The office of the Supreme Commander of the fortress was spacious, and the Major General’s female adjutant was seated at the side table.

She stopped typing on the virtual keyboard, then adjusted her glasses.

“Please enter, what can I do for you?”

While Xie Yuduo was seated at the desk by the window, still arrogantly crossing his legs, holding a teacup in one hand and a few paper documents in the other, tilting his head lazily and squinting his eyes.

Jiang Jianming stepped in calmly, stood still at the door, then raised his hand to salute.

“Hello, Sir.”

Xie Yuduo had just taken a sip of tea when he suddenly felt that the voice seemed familiar, thus he lazily lifted his eyes from the edge of the document—


Immediately, the sip of tea was sprayed out by him!

“Little little little, Little Excellency—!!?” 

In the next second, Xie Yuduo put down his crossed legs with a “swish”, and his crooked back straightened with a “snap”, the cup that he almost knocked over was placed on the corner of the table with a “bang”, and the documents in his hand were squeezed tightly!

Under the terrified gaze of the female adjutant, Major General Xie jumped up with lightning speed!

He walked quickly and rushed to Jiang Jianming’s side, “My God, why is our Little Excelllency Jiang came here?”

“Major…Major General!?”

The female adjutant’s face became extremely frightened, as if she saw red rain crashing down from the horizon.

She had been working beside the major general for almost three years. This one had an extremely rebellious temper. He could even quarrel with Marshal Chen. When was ever the time she saw him this courteous?

Moreover, he actually called this young man “Little Excellency”?

Many people didn’t know, but she knew that this Major General Xie was a nobleman himself. What kind of status did this person have to be honored by Major General Xie as Little Excellency?

“Really mischievous, Far Star is not a place for people to stay….Tsk, does the commander-in-chief know?”

Xie Yuduo held Jiang Jianming’s arm, his phoenix eyes were bent into crescent moons, he was half startled and half surprised and said repeatedly, “Come in quickly, please sit down, sit down.”

The major general raised his hand and led Jiang Jianming in, planning to let him sit on his chair, and with a sincere smile on his face, continued to speak.

“His Little Excellency must have suffered a lot on the way here, alas, why didn’t say so, I could have directly driven a starship to pick you up! By the way, is the purity and dosage of the tranquilizer enough? Is there any discomfort on your body?”

Jiang Jianming followed him for two steps.

As a result, the staring eyeballs of the three officers behind him, the chins that were about to hit the ground, and the three dead and green faces were exposed.

Xie Yuduo suddenly realized that something was a bit wrong.

He recalled it, recalled it again, and then took a look at Jiang Jianming’s Silver Big Dipper military uniform, and found that it was not only “a bit” wrong.

Xie Yuduo: “Little Excellency Jiang, say, what did you just address me?”

Jiang Jianming lowered his head and said calmly, “Sir.”

Major General Xie’s smile froze, and his face was instantly greener than the three poor officers behind, and a lot greener than the green vegetables he had eaten at noon.

With a stiff smile, he said cautiously, “Is that what I understand? No, Little Excellency, are you joking?” 

He wanted to cry again and say without tears: No no no no no no no, so the disabled human being His Highness mentioned a few days ago was—

Jiang Jianming smiled and said nothing, yet his eyes clearly said: What do you think?

Xie Yuduo took a deep breath, the blue veins on his forehead throbbed.

“Or else,” he grinned bitterly, then pointed at the three dumbstruck people at the door, “I… I’ll let them get out first, and then we’ll sit down and talk slowly, do you think it’s okay?”

Jiang Jianming raised the corner of his lips, and a hint of success flashed in the depths of his eyes.

He finally walked over, calmly pulled the major general’s chair and sat down, and said, “Okay.”

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