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DS Chapter 30


Remnant Human (1)

Garcia turned around and walked towards him step by step in the firelight.

At this moment, all the colors of the world had faded away.

Jiang Jianming became a little stupefied.

Ryann…….Wrong again, it’s His Highness Garcia. Why is he here?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Why does this person always appear in front of me? Isn’t he a respected “Royal Highness”? Is His Highness really so idle?

While lost in thought, Garcia had already stood in front of him, and said gloomily, “Why did you use such a dangerous way of fighting? Do you want to risk your life?”

Strong wind passed between the two of them.

“Why,” His Highness frowned, bent over and stretched out his hand, “all your teammates died in the battle?”

Jiang Jianming’s consciousness was already drifting a little, and he couldn’t hear Garcia’s words clearly, but he still naturally raised his hand and held the palm in front of him, wanting to borrow his strength to help himself stand up. But in the middle of the process, his vision suddenly darkened.

It seemed that this embarrassing body of his had finally used up all its strength and was now a scrap. His hands and feet went numb in an instant, his consciousness suddenly collapsed, and his whole body lost its strength and fell limply.

“You!” Garcia’s expression instantly changed, and only managed to pull off Jiang Jianming’s glove as he subconsciously grip his hand with a force.

Fortunately, he had quick eyesight and quick hands, and the other arm immediately wrapped around Jiang Jianming’s waist.

The latter was light in weight, and directly crashed into the prince’s arms, with his head and neck resting on His Highness’s shoulder, panting lightly.

Garcia stiffened at once.

The lingering fire at the back had not been extinguished yet, burning the night into a crimson corner. With this flickering light, the shadows of the two were intertwined for a long time.

Garcia’s gaze slowly slid down.

He first glanced at the glove he was holding in his hand, then diverted his gaze into the passed out young man in his arms, frowning.

This person fainted so suddenly that he…..was caught a little off guard.

Jiang Jianming lost consciousness completely. His eyes were tightly closed, his mouth and nose continued to breathe weakly, and there were bloodstains on his pale forehead, which was also covered in fine cold sweat.

He was held by Garcia in the waist, therefore his outer arm fell weakly, and the firelight lit up his porcelain-like fingertips.

Suddenly, Garcia looked at Jiang Jianming again in disbelief!

He immediately grasped Jiang Jianming’s wrist and lifted it up.

–A piece of pale skin was held under the bright light, and thin blue veins could be vaguely seen.

It was a slender…….remnant human wrist.


For the first time, Garcia’s handsome face showed a mixture of shock and bewilderment.

He even took a breath of air, and looked back uncertainly at the bombed subspecies behind him.

How could it be……!?

At this moment, the person in his arms moved as if struggling.

“Mmmn….cough…..!” Jiang Jianming suddenly had a look of pain in his brows, he choked twice with convulsions, and a bright red color spilled from the corner of his lips, which dripped down on the back of Garcia’s hand.

Garcia’s expression changed again, this time, his expression was close to anxiety.

Is he really a remnant human being!?

But how could a disabled human appear on the distant interstellar battlefield? After all, wasn’t he an officer in the adaptation period of the Silver Big Dipper’s new army? When did Silver Big Dipper even record a disabled human in the army?

Thinking about all the things he did…Were those even something a mere disabled human could do!?


Garcia clenched his molars, and his eyes darkened. He grabbed the index finger of Jiang Jianming’s other hand and opened the mecha Snow Dove with his fingerprint.

Now is not the time to pursue the matter. If he is really a disabled human being, I am afraid that if I don’t save him……

The next second, when the folding mech unfolded, the prince picked him up and got into the cockpit.

Perhaps because he had just coughed up blood again, Jiang Jianming, who had just been in a coma for a short time, moved his eyelids and woke up a little bit.

He struggled to open his eyes, and then he found in a daze that he was being held in Garcia’s arms.

Garcia quickly looked down at him, and his voice was inexplicably tense. “Don’t sleep.”

Although there were countless models of mechas, their structures were quite similar. Garcia held Jiang Jianming steady with one hand, while the other fumbled twice in the dark to find the location of the treatment cabin.

Jiang Jianming couldn’t figure out the situation for a while, and hurriedly said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry……Your Highness, and thank you very much…but I’m fine.”

At the same time, he tried to stand up on his own. “The third team has already evacuated… one should have died, I was cut off—Your, Your Highness?”

Who knew that the arm around his waist not only loosened but instead, tightened even more.


Jiang Jianming, who couldn’t stand up straight at all, fell back again, and bumped into the prince’s arms once more in astonishment.

Garcia opened the treatment cabin with a cold face, and pushed the person in his arms inside it.

The electromechanical claws and countless soft nerve threads in the treatment cabin caught this thin body, and quickly started the diagnosis and treatment procedures. 

Jiang Jianming looked at His Royal Highness with slackened eyes…..His brain, which had no strength to think now, was only filled with one sentence: What did I miss when I was in a coma just now??

However, he was really too tired, that even this bit of confusion didn’t last long before it floated away like a bubble.

The delivered oxygen gas fell between the mouth and nose, and the thin needle used for infusion pierced his skin.

The treatment cabin was warm and comfortable, and the moment he laid down, his bones turned all soft. He just wanted to close his eyes and sleep peacefully for a while.

However, Garcia patted Jiang Jianming’s cheek lightly, and said in a low voice. “Wake up, you can’t sleep.”

In the darkness, the prince’s magnetic voice was right next to his ears, falling softly into his heart like spring catkins, making it a little itchy.

Jiang Jianming was already exhausted, but when he heard Garcia’s voice, he felt even more sleepy.

But Garcia stubbornly held his drooping face and said, “Don’t sleep.”

……….What is this man doing?

Jiang Jianming had no energy to answer. Garcia yelled a few times, but seeing that the other didn’t want to open his eyes, he seemed to give up and didn’t continue to toss.

After a while, he only vaguely heard Garcia talking to someone.

“…Xie Yuduo.. you…”

Who is His Highness talking to?

Jiang Jianming, who was half asleep and half awake, forced himself to open his eyes in a daze. 

Xie Yuduo……isn’t he one of the top commanders of the First Silver Big Dipper Fortress, Xie Yuduo,  Major General Xie?

“……….Have you ever met a remnant human being?”

“He’s confirmed to be a disabled human……”

“I came across……”

Garcia spoke in a low voice, and quickly glanced back at him, his lips were inexplicably tight.

He didn’t know if it’s an illusion from his drowsy state, but Jiang Jianming vaguely noticed a bit of……bewilderment from his usually stern face.


Garcia pursed his lips again, his voice tightened, “He’s dying.”

Jiang Jianming:”……..”

Jiang Jianming: “……!?”


“Cough, cough, cough!!!” Jiang Jianming pushed open the treatment hatch, and coughed in horror with his hands on the edge……..Thanks to the sentence of His Royal Highness, he sobered right away in fright.

At the moment, there was only one thing in his head: What, he’s what!?


What kind of a shocking joke is this? My only serious injury was the scratch from the broken mecha’s arm and had bleeded a little, the blood loss was not even a fraction of Bei Maner’s.

Even if it was because of his physical condition, that he looked a little weaker after being exhausted, and his coughing up blood looked a little scary——

But “dying”?

How are you so sure and confident!?

My Little Highness, if you talk nonsense in such a serious manner, others will also take it seriously——

Jiang Jianming immediately wanted to speak, and even wanted to rush over and pull Garcia’s wrist device to “clarify” his situation to the other side.

But before he could make this action, he halted due to a thought that popped in his mind.

He thought: No, if it was really that Major General Xie, he’d be able to recognize his face and voice.

When Garcia looked back quickly, Jiang Jianming swiftly shook his head with earnest eyes.

—As you can see, I’m not dying, no one is.

Garcia stared at him with a complicated expression, took off the headset, raised his hand, then pressed the device and cut off the communication.

(t/n Raise one’s hand-pronounced tái shǒu, a Chinese word that means to forgive and tolerate, to bring convenience to others.)

Jiang Jianming:”…….”

One second, someone was dying, and a second later, His Highness directly hung up the communication…….

Jiang Jianming really wanted to know the psychological shadow of Major General Xie on the opposite side.

His Highness Garcia came over to his side, he stretched out his arms and took Jiang Jianming back into the treatment cabin. After hesitating for a while, he began to pat him on the back gently. He appeared a little nervous, yet he still whispered sternly, “Don’t move around, lie down.”

“Your Highness?” Jiang Jianming was really stunned. 

He suddenly discovered that the other party didn’t seem to be exaggerating on purpose, nor was he joking.

It seemed that Garcia was really serious, he seriously believed that………..he was dying.

–But why?? 

Jiang Jianming quickly grabbed Garcia’s hand and said, “Your Royal Highness, please calm down. I am not seriously injured, and I still have some…….strength–”

Only now did he notice that one of his gloves was missing, and his wrist was exposed.

Jiang Jianming’s expression changed imperceptibly.

Oh no, it’s the wrist!

The solid crystals that were condensed by crystal particles in the wrist joints had almost become the most intuitive way of distinguishing between new humans and disabled humans, which was why he also wore such a pair of gloves for cover up in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

But now……when he looked up, he belatedly saw Garcia clutching his black glove.

Garcia frowned. “Speak less and save your energy. Give me your communication wrist device, you need rescue.”

Jiang Jianming emphasized his tone, while reaching for his glove, “Your Highness, I am really fine.”

Garcia’s frown deepened, he took the initiative to stuff the glove into his palm, but at the same time, also emphasizing his tone. “I can’t stay for long, nor can I take you away…… …give me the wrist device.”

Jiang Jianming immediately turned serious and asked, “Are there any other teams that are in a bad situation?”

Obviously, the emphasis of His Royal Highness’s words was on the latter sentence “You need rescue”, while Jiang Jianming’s focus was on the first sentence “I can’t stay for long.”

“Are you going to continue the search and rescue? Then don’t delay here, I can meet with my teammates and……I mean, I can contact rescue myself.”

Jiang Jianming stood up while talking, inadvertently looked up at the jet-black mecha that Garcia drove over, and recognized the model.

A-Level Mecha, “M-Pojun”.

It was the kind of violent mecha that puts firepower output first, a commonly used model of the famous Death Squad, and it was also the only A-level mecha in the Empire that was not equipped with a treatment cabin.

Jiang Jianming frowned and thought to himself: How could this person use such a dangerous model?

What a mess, so is the Silver Big Dipper. Is there no one in such a big fortress that can take care of him?

While thinking about it, the prince stood up.

Garcia’s expression was cold, yet he still remained silent for a long time.

He couldn’t understand why this disabled human being lying in the treatment cabin who appeared “dying” was unwilling to let himself help him contact rescue.

But instead……Forget it, the person in front of him was indeed full of mystery, yet now was not the time to pursue this matter.

Garcia walked towards the Mecha Pojun.

Jiang Jianming breathed a sigh of relief, but then he merely saw that he soon turned back, squatted down in front of Snow Dove’s energy tank, and opened it with a click.

“Your Highness?”

Jiang Jianming leaned forward to take a look, and was surprised. Garcia actually exchanged Snow Dove’s backup energy chip with his!

“What are you doing, you can’t do this, the backup energy—”

Garcia raised his eyebrows suddenly and interrupted, “—to prepare for an emergency, that is you.” 

He pursed his lips, pushed Jiang Jianming back into the treatment cabin stubbornly, and gently closed the lid.

Jiang Jianming: “?”

His Royal Highness merely propped his hands on the hatch, and said coldly, “I will thoroughly investigate your matter in the future…..but at the moment, you are not allowed to come out of the treatment cabin until rescue arrives.”

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