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DS Chapter 28


Forward (2)

The high mountains at night were like black devils. As the wind howled, the heavy snow engulfed by the wind was like a white shower, and dark and white colors covered the sight.

Four M-IP 18 mechas were running at full speed in the mountains. Everyone’s baffle armor had been set down tightly, and their metal mechanical feet climbed over the steep rocks and bypassed the withered and bald plants.

“That subspecies spider…” Ellie swallowed her saliva and whispered anxiously, “Will it suddenly appear?”

Jiang Jianming stared at the screen in front of him with focus. “No, Tang Zhen’s mecha is flying at low altitude, he will warn us if he sees it…..My intelligence also has a very good enemy tracking system, so don’t scare yourself.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Seth Henry began to cry out:

[Reconnaissance ahead: Alien spider creatures have already formed webs.]

[Woof, woof! The electromagnetic wave radar is automatically turned on.]

[The spider silk has been displayed with a red cursor on the map, please be careful, Master]

The spider silk spit out by the subspecies was translucent, and it was very difficult to distinguish it with the naked eye especially in the wind and snow and from the high-speed movement of the mecha. Fortunately, the intelligence was reliable, and quickly, four maps in front of the screen flashed, and countless red lights spread across them, like a deadly switch knife.

“Well done.”

Jiang Jianming’s eyes were deep. He turned his head to the side and said in the communication channel, “The subspecies have started to weave its nets, your mecha detection system is not accurate enough, don’t look at the data, just follow me.”

After he finished speaking, the entire fuselage of his IP tilted to the left, and a half-meter-wide spider web flashed across the field of vision on the right, but was quickly left behind.

The other three mechas imitated his example. They followed Jiang Jianming’s movement trajectory–tilting to the left–and steadily avoided the spider threads hanging in the mountains.

Jiang Jianming: “If you get caught by the spider silk, don’t panic, cut it off with the crystal bone immediately, and don’t stop the running of the mecha.”

Soon, they avoided the second and the third ones.

The mountain road in front of them became rugged. It was here that they flew down more than an hour ago.

Tang Zhen’s voice came through the communication channel at this time. “Little Jiang, how are you doing? I saw the big guy.”

At the same time, there was also a real-time camera sharing that was sent over looking from a high altitude.

Due to the wind and snow, it was not very clear, they could only see a black shadow crouching in the mountains.

Ellie yelled, “We see it, it’s that subspecies!”

“We avoid frontal combat. The subspecies spins silk on its head and abdomen, but it can be approached from the sides…..Hmm, it seems that it has to turn its body around to be able to reveal those parts…”

Jiang Jianming said with a slight chuckle, and the voice that came through the channel, was with a bit of sultry magnetism, “Let me let it walk.”

The next moment, the IP, which was already moving at a high speed, suddenly accelerated again!

Li Youfang was shocked, and his heart jumped in his throat instantly. “Jiang Jianming! Don’t mess around, you—”

The huge spider-like alien creature was startled by the approaching mecha, and turned its head as expected.

In the heavy snowfall, its two rows of turbid green single eyes were still so chilling.

They only saw Jiang Jianming’s IP jump into the air suddenly, its pair of mechanical arms stretched out, its muzzles condensing light, and then fired in succession!

No one knew how this person manipulated it, but while the IP was hovering in the air, it continuously fired at it…..In the end, there was only a circle of shadows interwoven with cyan and bright white colors.


Li Youfang’s eyes were staring straight. 

This fucking mecha in terrestrial mode, Jiang Jianming’ actually played it better than in flight mode!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the mechas of the other three jumped over the subspecies from the side accurately.

Only then did the giant spider subspecies react. It raised its abdomen high, and a spider silk was suddenly ejected.

The sharp, poisonous white silk immediately loomed over them.

Suddenly, the cockpits of the three mechas opened simultaneously.

At this moment, time seems to have slowed down several times. The cheeks of the young people that were illuminated by the light of their respective crystal bones, outlined their facial features that had a bit more courage and resoluteness of a real Silver Big Dipper soldier.

They growled…..they turned fear and anger into a mouthful of curses and roared out!

Li Youfang yelled first. “Give me—down—go!!”

His crystal bone was released, like a long knife out of its sheath, which created a sharp snap sound!

The hard spider silk was chopped into four by the crystal bones of the three people, and it floated down from the midair feebly.

Joe was surprised but still couldn’t believe it. “Success……it was a success? Did I cut off the spider’s thread!?”

Li Youfang: “Stop being silly and keep running!!

Bang bang bang!

The three IP’s landed on the ground, and the pilots immediately closed the cockpit to continue running!

“Jiang,” Ellie called anxiously in the communication, “what about yourself?”

The lights in the IP’s cockpit flashed chaotically, and Jiang Jianming’s black hair at the temples was wet with cold sweat. He opened his mouth slightly and breathed rapidly.

The body has indeed reached its limit.

He could feel his heart beating fast and his lungs seemed to explode. The thin blood vessels in his head throbbed with pain, and there was a taste of blood in throat which was very painful.

But his mental state was actually very good, his hands did not shake, his eyes were not dizzy, and his mind was extremely clear.

In the howling wind, he lifted the four metal legs of the IP mecha to an angle parallel to the ground, pressed down the fuselage, and the venom and spider silk only grazed the top of its head. With a bang, Jiang Jianming opened the cockpit hatch, and suddenly drew out his pistol with his right hand!

In the blink of an eye, the stench of the subspecies, the smell of gunpowder, and the smell of blood mixed in the soil rushed straight into the nostrils.

Jiang Jianming’s eyes turned pitch black for a moment, as the mecha kept the cockpit hatch open, while spinning rapidly and sliding under the subspecies’ abdominal cavity!

In the next second—

An extremely tragic scream of an unusual creature resounded throughout the snow-capped mountains, tearing the night!

The abdomen of the giant spider suddenly exploded with a flare of light, a large amount of blood sprayed out, and its huge body jumped up in pain.

Li Youfang, Joe and Ellie were all stunned.


“Oh my God.” 

“Is he still human?”

Then the IP slipped out from under the giant spider.

Jiang Jianming couldn’t stop panting. He was holding the lever with his left hand, but he was holding the Wings of Venus with his right hand, his eyes were as cold as the sharp edge of a knife, and his mecha was covered with a large amount of blood splatter.

Just now, he got under the giant spider’s belly and fired several times, and the new crystal weapon bullets pierced the subspecies’ belly without exception.

Li Youfang almost went crazy. “Jiang Jianming!! Didn’t you say to avoid confrontation!?”

The IP’s metal feet whipped up four streams of snow and mist, but still could not stop the momentum brought by the inertia. The mecha crashed into the cliff with a bang, sparks and electric currents immediately ran wildly on its fuselage.

Jiang Jianming retracted his gun and chuckled, he was gasping for breath, but his tone was happy. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back—”

The black-haired young man closed his eyes for a moment…Yes, at this moment, when he drove the mecha through the snowstorm and the alien beast, and passed the god of death, he felt some kind of excitement that he had never felt before. 

It seemed to have broken the shackles of the weak body endowed by fate.

His soul was burning hot, he felt free.

[Mecha damage 8%…..13%]

Jiang Jianming curled his lips with difficulty, he had already asked Seth to calculate, this strength was still far from being decommissioned.

It’s a pity that I have to repair the mecha again when I go back.

At this moment, he suddenly wanted to see Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin’s icy face, and wanted to see how the officer would be furious and angry with him again.

The regrouped IP’s continued to run through the long night, amidst the snowstorm and run up along the heavy mountains.

Behind him, the giant spider subspecies was completely irritated. Its limbs and feet swayed wildly, and chased the little mecha in front of it, while bleeding all the way in the mountains.

Soon, new problems arose.

The web formed by the spider silk ahead was getting denser and denser. In order to avoid the spider web, Joe and Ellie could no longer keep moving at full speed and had to slow down. Moreover their physical strength was also rapidly consumed. Gradually, some of them began to get caught in the spider silk, and the degree of damage of the IPs rose sharply.

In the communication channel, everyone’s heavy breathing intertwined. It was hoarse and harsh, as if sand was rubbing back and forth on the glass.

Finally, after being caught by a spider silk for the third time, Joe cried out in tears.

 “Wait…wait a minute!”

Jiang Jianming gritted his teeth, endured the dizziness, gasped and said, “Keep going.”

Joe broke down and yelled, “I can’t keep up!!”

Behind him, the shadow of the subspecies was already approaching.

In the darkness, the giant spider chased with a rustling sound, while constantly spraying new spider silk. The more he lagged behind, the more difficult it would be to avoid it, and the more dangerous his life would get.

“Don’t look back!” Jiang Jianming reprimanded in a low voice, raised his eyes and said, “Did you see the cliff in front? We’ll get rid of the subspecies there. You just run there then take off, leave the rest to me.”

Several people looked at it one after another, only to see a steep outline hidden in the dark night. It was the high cliff where Joe slipped down by mistake.

And further ahead was the mouth of the canyon.

At this time, Tang Zhen should have arrived at the agreed place, ready to receive Jiang Jianming’s signal and blow up the mountain wall on one side.

They actually successfully persisted and ran here without any casualties!

A gust of wind whizzed past, and the scenery on both sides turned into afterimages that seemed to be moving backwards.

Everyone’s physical strength and spirit have reached the critical value, only staring at the nearing cliff, and merely relying on the last perseverance to keep the speed of the mecha.

Forward, forward….forward!

Move fast, fast….faster.

Just a little bit……Just a little bit more.

The mouthparts of the subspecies spider loomed above the last IP, its green eyes were gloomy, and its huge shadow completely enveloped the mecha.

Joe’s face paled, he fought back and forth in his mind, but finally cried out. “No, help, help…I really can’t keep up!!”

The cliff was already in front!

Li Youfang immediately roared. “Jump together!!”

Two mechas passed through a wave of howling wind and snow and rushed to the cliff.

It was Li Youfang and Ellie’s IP’s.

At the same time, the giant spider finally caught up with Joe’s mecha, and slammed down his mouthparts heavily.


With the shadow of death in his head, Joe roared ferociously. He manipulated the mecha to leap up, and at the same time turned the muzzle, pointing at the alien creature!

But suddenly his pupils shrank.

What appeared from across the muzzle, was not the subspecies.

It was an IP rushing obliquely.

It was Jiang Jianming’s IP.

Joe opened his mouth in a daze. “Ah……?”

Everything after that happened in an instant— 

Jiang Jianming and Joe’s mecha passed by each other, the front and rear positions were suddenly reversed, and at the same time, a muzzle was raised, and a fire exploded.

The next moment, the giant spider behind Joe was blasted off the cliff by Jiang Jianming. At the same time, Jiang Jianming’s own mecha’s feet exploded into flames, and the airflow directly overturned the M-IP18, causing the man and the mecha to fall to the bottom of the cliff!


A few seconds later, a bigger flame exploded under the cliff, and thick smoke billowed upwards.

Joe let go of the control of the crystal bone in a daze, and his mecha slammed into the cliff with a bang. The muzzle was still open, and a thin wisp of gunpowder smoke was blown away by the strong wind.

This is………………

What happened? 

At this moment, through the faint reflection of the screen in the cockpit, he saw his tear-stained face.

Reflecting the night and snow all over the sky, reflecting the thick smoke and fire in front of him, it looked like the ugliest monster in fairy tales.

A dead silence lasted for a few seconds.


In the communication channel, the sound of a buzzing electric current ran past.

Li Youfang trembled, and his incredulous voice came through.

“What did you do?”

The next moment, Li Youfang’s eyes became red. He suddenly raised his mechanical arm, and punched Joe’s mecha to the ground. “What the fuck did you do!!?”

Joe sat slumped in the cockpit, his mind in a mess.

What did he do!?

He…..He shot Jiang Jianming’s mecha….

“I…I did not, I did not!” He exclaimed blankly, shaking his head again and again, “I only wanted to fire at that subspecies… could I know he…..!”

“How could you know that he would turn around to save you, right!?” Li Youfang laughed angrily, “He told you not to look back! He said to leave it to him! What have you done!?”

“Don’t…don’t make any noise!” Ellie’s voice was trembling, and she was obviously frightened as well, “First, save people first, it’s important to save people……..”

But before she could even finish her sentence, she heard a loud bang, and an explosion flashed from a corner of the mountain wall not far away, and then there was a landslide.

Countless rocks rolled down, smashing down one by one.

In a blink of an eye, the narrow passage was completely blocked by boulders falling from above, cutting off the sight of the three people.

Li Youfang, Joe and Ellie all stayed there with pale faces.

Yes, as planned—

Jiang Jianming sent instructions to Tang Zhen.

Therefore Tang Zhen blew up the stone wall above the canyon.

They are now safe.

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