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DS Chapter 23


Fury (3)

Three years ago.

When Jiang Jianming received the communication from Old Marshal Chen, he was reading a book in the Aslan Library.

It was early in the morning, during the season of midsummer. At that time, the Kaios Military Academy was still on summer vacation, and the Little Highness had gone to the Far Star, thus Jiang Jianming lived a leisurely life.

Until a communication from the military came.

A correspondence from Chen Hanke.

The Commander-in-Chief’s expression was tired and dignified, which he had never seen on him before, and he no longer had his usual old and unscrupulous appearance, let alone greeted him as he answered his call. When the old man opened his mouth, he got straight to the point, saying that His Royal Highness Ryann intended to go deep into the “Crystal Nest” alone.

Jiang Jianming was stunned for three seconds before realizing the meaning of this sentence.

He immediately stood up from where he was seated. “—Crystal Nest!?”

Many people in the library were disturbed and casted him with dissatisfied eyes.

As Jiang Jianming came back to his senses, he hurriedly bowed his head around apologetically, and walked out quickly.

–The so-called “Crystal Nest” refers to the “ultimate source” universe where crystal particles gathered, which was farther away from the Far Star and beyond the three fortresses in the alien stars.

The over-concentrated crystal particle environment and strange alien creatures made it a forbidden area forever shrouded in mystery and darkness.

In fact, since the founding of Silver Big Dipper Army, it had pointed its spear at the Crystal Nest countless times, but none of them had been able to reap results. The heroic souls never returned, and the resources were exhausted in defeat.

Until recent years, every time the Silver Big Dipper sent people to march towards the Crystal Nest, it would cause huge public opinion disputes among the senior executives of the Empire and the people.

It seemed that more and more people think that such a death attempt was not only meaningless, but also very foolish and ridiculous. If it weren’t for His Majesty the Emperor’s strong attitude of support, this matter would have been impossible to proceed.

However this time, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ryann suddenly proposed that he wanted to drive his mecha and try to go deep into the Crystal Nest.

After saying these words, everyone in Silver Big Dipper Fortress was scared out of their wits.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, the communication reached Old Marshal Chen in the Imperial Capital in urgency.

The old marshal was so angry that he blew his beard and glared, scolded His Highness for being young, frivolous and ignorant, and immediately slapped the table.

“Quickly, pass the communication to His Highness, this old man will talk some sense into that child.”

Two hours later, the old marshal cut off the communication with an ashen face.

Really can’t be persuaded.

His Royal Highness is determined to go to Crystal Nest.

Crown Prince Ryann Kaios, the heir to the Empire, was also a powerful new crystal human with a super S-class crystal bone. As early as when he was very young, he had touched a mecha, boarded a starship, and stepped on the battlefields of the distant stars.

To this day, His Highness had traveled back and forth between the three fortresses more than a dozen times, none of which was a miracle but of great military exploits. The news of success sent back to Aslan could make the entire Empire boil with ecstasy for months.

But Crystal Nest was different.

That was beyond the reach of human beings.

Jiang Jianming found it unreasonable after hearing this, and he almost used a questioning tone. “How could His Highness suddenly go to the Crystal Nest? He never mentioned it before, it doesn’t make sense……did something happen to him?”

Old Marshal Chen’s gray brows tightened and then loosened, and he sighed hoarsely. “Child, I don’t know.”

Jiang Jianming felt even more absurd. “His Majesty the Emperor also didn’t say anything!?”

Old Marshal Chen replied, “I went to see His Majesty, and he said that he cannot interfere with His Highness’s choice.”

Jiang Jianming was speechless.

He, at that moment, stood next to the unoccupied bathroom in the library, listening to the communication through a headset. On one side was the clean white brick wall, and on the other side was the passageway to the library. At this time, a woman walked by with a cup of hot coffee.

Even though it was the most common and ordinary scene, he felt that the space under his feet and above his head seemed to be distorting, and the world instantly became extremely absurd.

“Your Excellency Jiang,” the old marshal in the projection seemed to have aged for decades, and with a hoarse voice he said, “You are the future Crown Princess of the Empire, and you are also the one whom His Royal Highness cares about very seriously. This old man has no other choice, he can only………………” 

Jiang Jianming took a deep breath, and he interrupted the old man in a deep voice. “Is there still time? How can I get there?”

In just a few seconds, he had realized what he should do.

Ryann and his mecha were both far away in the far interstellar space. If His Royal Highness really decided to leave, no one would be able to catch up with his mecha once it flew. The most important thing at the moment was to stabilize the person first. As for what would happen next, as long as the person was still there, it was easy to say.

Old Marshal Chen: “A special car will arrive soon, and it will stop at the east gate of the library.”

Jiang Jianming: “I understand.”

Afterwards, the future Crown Princess was invited into a special car, and the car took him to the military headquarters, to the office of Marshal Chen.

A lot of big shots had already gathered there. As Jiang Jianming glanced at them, they were basically the Excellencies who only “often appear on public TV, but were never seen in person”, as in the concept of ordinary people.

Some were in suits and leather shoes, some were wearing gorgeous aristocratic dresses, and more wore military uniforms of different ranks……The only thing that was common on these people was the expression of restlessness and anxiety on their faces.

Obviously, these people came to dissuade His Royal Highness the Crown Prince but failed.

Because the AC in the Aslan library was turned on to its fullest during summer, when Jiang Jianming walked in, he was still wearing a thin coat on him, and he appeared as a student with a frail body, which was out of tune with the atmosphere of the place.

Many big shots frowned and turned their eyes, as they looked at him with different eyes.

With a creak, Marshal Chen pushed open the door and walked out of the office, and made a polite gesture for Jiang Jianming to come in.

Jiang Jianming didn’t look at the others, put his coat aside and said in a low voice, “Please let the two of us talk alone.”

Marshal Chen said, “Of course.”

Then Jiang Jianming opened the door and went in.

The office of the old marshal was decorated in a spacious and imposing manner. The star map of the Empire territory of the three-star system and the Far Star map drawn with the three fortresses as fixed points were suspended on the walls on both sides in the form of a three-dimensional projection.

It’s just that the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows had not been drawn since last night, making the room look a little dark. On the desk in the deepest part of the room was a special communication device for the military.

There was a small green light flashing on the communication device which indicated that it was turned on, and the projection of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ryann flashed in midair.

The Crown Prince was sitting in the military aircraft conference room of Silver Big Dipper Fortress in neat clothes.

From the collar, cufflinks to the belt, all were straight and solemn, with his platinum curly hair scattered on his shoulders, his complexion was also very good too–in short, there was nothing abnormal on the surface.

Maybe because there were already too many people coming and going during last night till morning, when the office door was pushed open, Ryann’s brows turned visibly irritable, and he turned his face away and took a sip from the goblet in his hand.

But the moment he saw the person coming from the corner of his eye, all the negative emotions disappeared. His Highness immediately loosened his tight face, and softly called Jiang Jianming to come and sit down.

Jiang Jianming’s Adam’s apple moved lightly and then he walked forward.

………Thinking back to that time, he really lost his composure, and said a lot of useless words to Ryann’s projection.

From how reckless such a rash action was, as it was completely tantamount to suicide; to how much chaos and hidden dangers the Empire would face if it suddenly loses its only prince and one among the few owners of super S-level crystal bones; from the how many resources, lives of soldiers, would be sacrificed for the sake of the prince’s courting death; if the prince was lost in the distant star, what kind of questioning voice would the Silver Big Dipper face, which would definitely be a huge blow to the entire military–

Ryann had been listening patiently, giving some responses such as nodding and pondering from time to time.

—This was simply a very cunning deception, Jiang Jianming hated it every time he recalled it.

Back then he was deceived into talking like this, until his mouth became dry and his throat became hoarse, and he couldn’t help covering his lips and cough.

“Jiang.” Ryann finally frowned and said distressedly, “Go and drink some water.”

A second of silence permeated in the empty office.

Jiang Jianming raised his head suddenly, and slowly put down the palm from the front of his lips.

He couldn’t help laughing angrily. “Little Highness? Are you kidding me?”

After persuading him non-stop for almost an hour, the only response Ryann gave him was to ask him to drink some water—because his voice was hoarse after speaking. At this time, Jiang Jianming finally sensed something, and he suddenly had a strange intuition. He felt that after an hour passed, the person in front of him didn’t seem to listen to him at all, and he didn’t care what he said.

He suspected that Ryann simply wanted to look at his face through the projection and listen to him talk. As for the content, it really didn’t matter.

After all, it was impossible for the Old Marshal Chen and others to not have told Ryann the same thing as what he had just said.

As a result, the anxious look receded from Jiang Jianming’s face little by little.

With a cold face, he turned aside and drank a couple of sips of water, then turned back.

Ryann was still looking at him.

Jiang Jianming finally stopped talking this time, and also looked back at Ryann.

After a full minute of stalemate, he said softly, “You can’t do this, Little Highness. You must at least tell me why.”


Ryann slowly narrowed his eyes.

The Crown Prince raised his head slightly, his snow-white chin tightened into a sharp line. At that moment, His Highness’s eyes were too complicated, as if there were emerald flames burning frantically in its depths.

He stretched his lips into a thin line, and when he spoke, his voice was a little hoarse, but it was very steady. 


“I love you,” 

“But there’s something bigger here than loving you.”

This was the first meaningful sentence that Ryann said to Jiang Jianming since he entered this office.

If such a meaning can even be counted as meaningful.

Jiang Jianming took a deep breath, closed his eyes, shook his head and said gently. “I know, I know……”

“But Little Highness, you are the Crown Prince, you shoulder the responsibility and you have the Empire and the people in your heart, I know it, and you should also know that what I want to say is not this……”

He suddenly opened his eyes, took a step forward, and tried his best to restrain the emotions rushing to his throat. “If the Empire and the people are in trouble now, and soldiers are needed to shed blood, just say a word, and I will go with you.”

“Yet! What are you doing now? going deep into the Crystal Nest that has never had any survivors, alone? Your Highness, do you want to tell me that the current situation of the Empire is not at the point that it even needs its heir to die in vain!?”

“If you really come to that kind of situation, what’s the use of rushing up to die alone!? What things can’t be told to the military, you’re only making the people bewildered and confused………”

He unconsciously changed the way he addresses him to an honorific title, and his tone became more urgent.

“Take a ten thousand steps back, even if you really want to go, you can’t go like this, you even left the mecha intelligence with me, if you go, you’ll aso leave your…….”

Having said that, Jiang Jianming suddenly stopped talking.

He realized that the meaning of “that thing” was too special, even if there seemed to be no one in this office, it should not be announced.

Ryann still stared at him deeply, with an affectionate yet ruthless expression, he said, “Say no more, this is my decision and it will not change.”

Jiang Jianming gritted his teeth and was silent for two seconds, then suddenly said, ………and your fiancé.”

He raised his eyes and looked directly at the opposite side. “Little Highness, what should I do? Have you ever considered me?”

“……!” For the first time, Prince Ryann’s always calm and handsome face had obvious emotional ripples.

His lips trembled slightly, and then they tightened immediately. A look similar to pain flashed by, like a crack in an ancient golden vessel. Jiang Jianming gritted his teeth and said word by word. “If you sacrifice your life, I will be in trouble, Little Highness.”

“Because of my engagement to you. Because of the ring I’m wearing on my ring finger that you gave me.”

–It was said that he was merely a Crown Princess by default, and their so-called engagement was only a verbal agreement.

Due to the huge difference in identities, the relationship between the two had been unable to be made public throughout the Empire.

Jiang Jianming actually didn’t mind, but he knew that Ryann was extremely sorry for this, and it even became a knot in his heart.

His Highness had promised him countless times that after he graduated in three years, he would be admitted to Golden Sun Wheel directly, and that after two or three years of hard work, after he’s promoted to a field officer rank, he would disclose their relationship.

Every time, when that happened, Jiang Jianming had to restrain his casual temperament, put on a serious face and nod.

Because if he didn’t take it seriously, the Little highness would think that he didn’t believe him, then he would be very flustered and sad, and would keep on apologizing and explaining to him……which only made him feel so distressed.

But at that moment, in the open private office, Jiang Jianming’s breath was trembling….He closed his eyes. This was the first time in his life that he showed weakness in front of others.

“…I have no influence, no family, no money and power, no backing. I have never learned the knowledge of political struggle, and I hardly know the hidden secrets of the Empire’s senior management. “

“Little Highness, I am only eighteen years old this year.”

“I’m even just a remnant human being.”

“It was you who brought me into this situation. You know better than anyone else how many people will be watching me if you are gone.”

Jiang Jianming opened his eyes, and in the bottom of it, there seemed to be a little light of confusion and sadness.

He quietly asked, “Ryann, Little Highness…don’t you care about me?

Silence permeated in the air again. The two were in a deadlock across the projection, which were also separated across the distant Milky Way.

As if to calm down some feelings, Ryann took another sip from the wine goblet in his hand, his brows lowered, looking gloomy.

However, when he rolled his Adam’s apple and swallowed the transparent and pungent liquid, the young prince’s expression returned to that almost cold calm.

He spoke slowly.

“You’re right, I ruined your life.”

“For my purpose, I will not hesitate to sacrifice the prosperity of the Empire, the future of Silver Big Dipper, my life, and……”

When the Crown Prince of the Empire speaks, there would always be a bit of classical aristocratic elegance in his tone, which showed the sharpness of his character.

“Like a cold silver dagger”, someone once praised it like this.

Ryann said word by word. “And you.”

“My lover.” 

When these two words were spoken between His Highness’s lips, they were as soft as petals and as affectionate as moonlight. But Jiang Jianming only felt that a silver dagger firmly pierced his beating heart, sinking into his flesh and blood bit by bit.

Ryann: “Please hate me.”

Jiang Jianming’s pupils shrink, and he said angrily, “Kaios……!

He rarely called His Highness by his last name directly, unless he really lost control of his emotions.

Outside the office, the wind blew through the aisle of artificially planted green plants, and the branches and leaves made a cool rustling sound.

Across the door, the dignitaries were wiping their sweat with their handkerchiefs, while the old marshal stood upright with a heavy expression.

On the retro wall clock hanging in the corridor, the long hand continued to tick.

Another full hour.

Finally, Jiang Jianming readjusted his breathing.

“I see.” 

Having already talked to each other up to this point, it meant that there was no room for maneuver.

He raised his right hand and calmly glanced at the slender ring on his ring finger. The ring was red gold in color, wrapped around his white and thin digit, a bit like a ring of flames.

“I won’t hate you, but the relationship and friendship between us ends here.” Jiang Jianming took off the ring.

His expression had become very calm, his eyes were cold and clear, just like Ryann on the opposite side.

These were the eyes of those who have already seen through the end, but still choose to go to the end.

Ryann didn’t speak anymore, he tightly squeezed the goblet in his hand, his pale fingers visibly shaking.

But his eyes never wandered for a moment, as if he wanted to engrave such Jiang Jianming in his mind forever.

“Those angry words just now, don’t mind them. You don’t have to worry about my future life, I can handle it well, and there will be many people protecting me.”

“As for the promise to hold your hand back then, that was my own choice. Besides……”

As he said that, Jiang Jianming raised his eyes and smiled slightly, “Your Highness, you can’t be too arrogant…..There is no one or anything in the world that can destroy me, unless I choose to destroy myself.”

He lowered his eyelashes and put the ring in his left breast pocket.

When he raised his eyes again, the last bit of sadness in the bottom of his eyes was gone.

“That’s it. When your coffin returns, I will come to see you for the last time.”

Finally, Jiang Jianming paid a military salute to the virtual projection.

His eyes were cold and hard, “Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince, I wish you a prosperous life and a good journey.”

Then he reached out and cut off the communication.

Half a minute later, the door of the office was pushed open, and Jiang Jianming walked out.

The big shots casted their eyes on him one after another, and Marshal Chen came forward, hesitating to speak…..but the expression of the military cadet already showed the result.

Jiang Jianming looked indifferent, and he passed the marshal directly and said, “Don’t persuade him any more, let our beloved Crown Prince go away in peace.”

Someone glared and scolded him for being rude, but Jiang Jianming didn’t even pay attention to it. He merely tore off the coat he had put on the side, shook the cord and draped it over his shoulders, and the hem of the coat raised an arc in mid-air.

“On the day when His Highness’s body is returned to the White Jade Palace, please remember to leave me a place to hold the coffin.” He said coldly, walked out quickly with his back straight, leaving the room full of big shots behind.

The memory back then had somewhat become a little vague.

Now three years later, Jiang Jianming only remembered that when he walked out of the gate of the military headquarters that day, there was a bright silver beam of sunlight falling on his face. Birds were pecking their feathers on the branches, roses were newly blooming in the garden in the distance, and the fragrance was blowing in the wind, everything looked warm and peaceful.

—It’s like the heaven that was sung from ancient times in the ancient human religious ballads of the ancient Blue Star.

Sitting in the cockpit of the IP, Jiang Jianming talked about those old things unhurriedly. He didn’t know when the snow outside stopped falling. Instead, outside was a clean night sky filled with stars, which wrapped the mecha gently.

Tang Zhen was already stunned.

To be honest, this truth was too different from what he had always imagined, and he was unable to accept it in a short time.

After all, he had always thought that His Royal Highness Ryann simply died in an ordinary expedition……Now that he thought about it, almost all the citizens of the Empire acquiesced in this way, even if the upper echelon of the Empire had been silent about this.

But if this was the case……some things made sense.

It’s no wonder that Jiang Jianming regained his composure so quickly after learning the bad news back then, and even arranged how to deal with His Highness’s relics in an orderly manner.

Tang Zhen said in a low voice. “It turns out that His Highness went to the Crystal Nest.”

Even he, an officer in the adaptation period who had just arrived in Silver Big Dipper not long ago, knew that it would be a certain death.

“Not love.”

Jiang Jianming said softly, “It’s because of anger.”

He raised his hand and unconsciously touched the ring that he hung as a necklace through the silver and black military uniform.

Tang Zhen: “What?”

Jiang Jianming lowered his eyelashes and said in a low voice, “It was anger that brought me here.’

Tang Zhen suddenly turned pale with fright: “It can’t be to that extent, little immortal. Are you really……really so angry that you want to dig out His Royal Highness Ryann and flog his corpse!?


Jiang Jianming’s face turned blue, and then he pressed his temple, “No…’s not.”

“Tang Zhen, have you ever heard a poem?”

Jiang Jianming made up his mind and spoke again, “I saw the soul of the hero turned into a white bird——”

Tang Zhen answered involuntarily, “…flying to the nest of the sea of stars. “

He remembered that this was the most popular mourning poem in Star City of the Imperial Capital after the death of His Royal Highness Ryann.

“I didn’t……originally thought of coming to the far interstellar space in person. As you said, this is too much for me.”

“After the death of His Royal Highness, I was waiting for the Empire to give me an explanation. I don’t believe that Ryann would go to the Crystal Nest for no reason, and I also don’t believe that he would talk to me like that without any difficulties——”

Jiang Jianming pinched the center of his brows, and said in a low voice, “My God, you don’t know, but his complexion was so bad that time that I was afraid that he would faint.”

“In short, I have waited, but didn’t get any.”

Even the Old Marshal Chen Hanke who had treated him very well had never disclosed any information to him.

Even if Jiang Jianming firmly believed that this old man who sat in the most honorable position in the military could never really know nothing.

“Until one day, I saw a newly published collection of poems in the Aslan Library…the place where the Little Highness and I met for the first time.”

“The poems are poorly written, except for the last line which has some meaning, the first ones are just pretentious flattery and praise, it’s very boring, which is not how poetry should be written.”

“I……” Jiang Jianming smiled wryly, “I was so angry that I accidentally tore up the poetry collection and even paid five hundred coins to the library.”

Tang Zhen turned pale with fright again, and said with his head in his arms. “Is it really!? Is this poem so bad that you have to tear it up!?” 

Jiang Jianming: “…it’s not because the poem was poorly written. Young Master Tang, could you please shut your mouth even just for a while?”

“——The problem is that Far Star is not a poetic place, and death shouldn’t also be aesthetically pleasing.”

Jiang Jianming closed his eyes and said in a low voice, “The Crown Prince of the Empire died on the battlefield. No one knows why he went out rashly, and no one knows how he sacrificed himself…he just died like that, even his dead body cannot be returned home. But from the higher echelon down to the citizens, I can’t see even a trace of anger.”

“They shed tears, they were sad, they mourned; they composed music, they wrote poems, they offered flowers, they tolled bells…but no one sought, no one questioned, no one cried out with doubts………… No one was outraged.”

When Jiang Jianming opened his eyes suddenly, they were like cold stars.

He whispered, “—that’s why I’m angry.”

Tang Zhen put his hands down in a daze, and looked at his friend beside him.

Perhaps because of the persistent low-grade fever, Jiang Jianming’s always pale cheeks had a sickly blush, but it made the whole person look even more fragile. A thought vaguely crossed Tang Zhen’s mind.

Three years ago………This person is definitely not as weak as he is in front of him.

It was that kind of anger, that kind of anger that burned his life like a wick, making it shorter and shorter, and at the same time, it also bloomed with more and more dazzling and sharp light.

“I seem to see an invisible giant hand……It took away my Little Highness, distorted the world, and held me firmly on the ground, making me unable to move at all.”

Jiang Jianming spoke calmly. He looked up at the night sky deeply through the glass of the cockpit—

—It was the unfamiliar distant interstellar night sky, which was flowing overhead like a dark deep sea, and full of unknown chaotic silver stars.

In front of the vast universe, the joys in union and sorrows in separation in this fleeting life of human beings were really too small, too small.

“I don’t know what this invisible giant hand is……maybe the senior management who are hiding something from me, or a person who declares that ordinary people are doomed to be ignorant and disabled people are doomed to be always be weak and small, or the truth hidden in the depths of the distant interstellar universe…..or something else.”

“—but I know, I’m angry.”

Jiang Jianming’s eyes darkened, as if he was no longer talking to Tang Zhen, but to himself.

“I can’t let this person just disappear, I want to find him.”

“Even if he is rotten and smelly and beyond recognition; even if there are flies flying and maggots crawling all over his body; even if there is only the last bone and the last handful of ashes…I don’t care, I want the truth.”

Maybe it’s not aesthetically pleasing or poetic… Maybe it’s even cruel and bloody, but it’s also the truest truth he could get.

“But,” Tang Zhen’s Adam’s apple moved, and he asked with difficulty, “Do you have any clues?”

Jiang Jianming glanced at him and said lightly, “No. I don’t have anything.”

Born as a commoner, without father and mother, without wealth and power… He had nothing but this weak body of his and a stubborn obsession.

Up to where my limit would take me, anyhow there are a few relics left by Ryann, still trying to protect him.

Tang Zhen groaned in pain. “This……you this……! Then isn’t this looking for a needle in a haystack? What’s more……”

“Jiang Jianming, what’s more, have you ever thought about it, if the truth of this is finally uncovered, it will involve the senior management of the Empire or the—”

“Of course, I had thought about it.”

Jiang Jianming merely chuckled, with light in his eyes. “Otherwise, why would I be here? The Silver Big Dipper is located in the Far Star, the farthest from the power of the Aslan Empire, and the closest to the truth. Even if I vomit blood every day, I must find a way to stay. This is the only possible breakthrough.”

Tang Zhen murmured: “But you don’t want to die.”

Jiang Jianming nodded seriously. “Yes, I don’t want to die.’

“If the Empire blocks me, I can rebel against the Empire; if the world stops me, I can turn my back on the world.”

Jiang Jianming blinked his eyelashes, and said faintly, “If the final truth lies in the depths of the universe, then I will go to the Crystal Nest along the path where His Royal Highness has walked.”

Tang Zhen’s mind crashed.

He was so distraught that he could no longer utter a word.

“I just want to find him, and I also want to know why he chose to leave me and sacrificed himself. I want to bring him back, return to Aslan, and hold a grand funeral that he deserves.”

“Because….I promised him.”

As he spoke, the black-haired young remnant human chuckled, and he continued softly as if swearing an oath. ” –that I will see him for the last time in front of his coffin.”

After he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and pressed on the console, and dropped the mecha’s baffle plate.

Without the light of stars in the sky and the light of snow on the ground, the cockpit became dark.

If it was in battle, screens would be displayed in the front, rear, left, and right sides, captured by the cameras. But obviously, the current drivers just wanted to sleep.


Same as three years ago, that bright beam of the heavenly sun seemed to appear in front of his eyes again.

That should be the destination of His Royal Highness towards home, and not the cold universe… Jiang Jianming thought to himself.

But where are you now, my love?

Suddenly, Garcia’s handsome face flashed in his mind. His Royal Highness admitted that death was meaningless, but a trace of confusion flashed across his brows under his questioning.

Is that really you, my dear love?

What kind of force did what to you, what prompted you to destroy yourself?

I will find you.

Not the body, but the soul.

Jiang Jianming closed his eyes. After chatting with Tang Zhen for so long, now that the medicine was taking effect, he felt much more comfortable, and sleepiness slowly took over.

The dark mecha was very warm inside, which cut off the cold wind outside.

Jiang Jianming’s breathing gradually became shallow, and he fell asleep peacefully.

In the dream, he saw the heroic soul transforming into a pure white bird, flapping its wings for thousands of miles, flying to the depths of the night sky.

And it stepped on the boundless land under its feet, with a straight spine, step by step, slowly and with difficulty, it walked into the dark…….dark, nest of the sea of ​​stars.

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