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DS Chapter 21


Fury (1)

Jiang Jianming gradually woke up at this time, and slowly put on his clothes, “I don’t need to take medicine. It’s a physical problem.”

Tang Zhen: “Then go lie in the treatment cabin. I’ll help you take a leave of absence and tell the commanding officer.”

“No thanks,”Jiang Jianming put on his military jacket and coughed lightly, “The fever is not that severe, and it won’t be a hindrance.”

Tang Zhen looked at him with furious eyes.

“Tang Zhen.” Jiang Jianming accentuated his tone, picked up the towel that fell on the bed, and wiped his face carefully. “I told you, I am serious about coming to the Far Stars. It wouldn’t be a good thing to ask for a day or two off, therefore I won’t ask for it.”

He really did what he said.

From the mecha off-road training in the morning, to physical training, firearms shooting, field combat…except for the crystal bone-related sessions, Jiang Jianming really did follow through with the whole training program until the day declined.

However….until the second day and the third day, he had been repeatedly having low-grade fever, and the symptoms of weakness had not decreased but instead increased.

Jiang Jianming had to start taking medicine.

But as he said, it doesn’t have much of an effect.

As the fourth day came, Tang Zhen couldn’t take it anymore and forced Jiang Jianming to go to the medical area of ​​the fortress. The latter slept in the treatment cabin for a day and really got better, but after returning to training on the fifth day, he soon began to have a low fever again.

“Look, I’ve said it all.”

Returning to the dormitory in the evening, Jiang Jianming said helplessly to Tang Zhen, “It wouldn’t be a good thing to ask for a day or two off. I just arrived at Silver Big Dipper, my body hasn’t adapted to the environment yet, but I’ll be fine after a while.”

Li Youfang stood far away with his arms folded over his chest, staring at him with an extremely complicated expression. Joe whispered, “This guy is really, what’s the point of being so stubborn.”

Li Youfang glanced at Joe silently. He remembered that this young man’s performance in various sessions was not very good since he entered the Silver Big Dipper, particularly on the time trial that day. It was awful and it made him depressed for several days.

When he noticed Li Youfang looking at him, he brightened up immediately. “Brother Li, you will definitely beat him next time.” 

Obviously, now Joe had chosen the strategy of hugging his thighs after being hit hard.

No matter how advanced Jiang Jianming’s mecha skills were, he was still a sickly and disabled human being, and his temperament was also aloof and indifferent. Tang Zhen on the other hand, was a noble young master, and seemed to have no shortage of younger brothers, however he always hung out with the former, while the two girls in their team lived in the opposite dormitory……therefore he decided to please Li Youfang.

To be honest, Li Youfang didn’t really think much of this chubby young man who was covered in dirt and seemed stupid even when pleasing people. But he was really conflicted in his heart, thus he simply lowered his head and hummed twice to fool him. Unexpectedly, the figures around him flickered, and Jiang Jianming walked past him and walked towards the dormitory door.

Behind him, Tang Zhen frowned and called after him, “Little Jiang? Where are you going this late?”

“Trading area,” Jiang Jianming pushed open the door, turning his head sideways as he left a sentence. “I’m going to see some tranquilizers and weapons, you don’t need to accompany me.”

“You…alas! Come back sooner!” Tang Zhen shouted at the top of his voice as he saw Jiang Jianming had already closed the door.


Li Youfang frowned, with folded arms, he turned sideways.  “I say, Young Master Tang, has this always been the case even at school?” He rubbed his brows irritably. “Doesn’t he treat himself as a disabled human being even when he is sick?”

“Forget it, it’s been like this since I knew him, and it’s gotten worse in the past three years,”

Tang Zhen was rarely in the mood to contradict Li Youfang. He merely snorted with a dark face. “I’ve already tried to convince him.”


The fortress’ trading area at night was open. When Jiang Jianming strolled slowly, many officers and soldiers of the Silver Big Dipper crowded here, coming and going under the lights.

Near him were noises of cluttered footsteps, and loud chattering voices, he could also smell the faint scent of tobacco and alcohol, blood and sweat.

This was the smell of a battlefield.

Jiang Jianming watched for a long time in front of the self-service counter where various items were displayed. He first bought three tranquilizers and began to choose new crystal weapons that could effectively kill alien creatures.

It’s still fine since it was within the perimeter area, but it would be impossible to cope with only a handgun when entering a more dangerous area in the future. At least, at least……how about getting a machine gun? 

Jiang Jianming smiled bitterly and thought to himself: Even if he did his best, he wouldn’t be able to afford it.

As he thought so, he was suddenly aware of the sound of footsteps approaching from behind him.

This was a very unique kind of stride. Obviously all kinds of footsteps in the area were noisy and mixed, but only this pace was very steady and neat, that even if the sky collapses, it would not affect this kind of bearing.

This one Jiang Jianming recognized.

When he looked back, the footsteps stopped.

Garcia was standing behind him wearing the Silver Big Dipper military uniform. The black and silver uniform made the man even more upright and stern. The conspicuous platinum curly hair was tied and coiled at the back of the head, barely hidden under the cap.

Jiang Jianming said in surprise, “Your Ro…”

The next second, Garcia raised his hand, pointed a finger and placed it near his lips in the air, which was a gesture of “silence”.

What was strange was that a small part of his face was unusually blurred, making his facial features unable to be clearly seen from a distance, while only a small instrument attached to his left ear was clearly visible.

Jiang Jianming recognized that this was the gadget developed by the latest technology, which could block the user’s face to a certain extent. In the past, Ryann would wear it whenever he went out to play, so as not to cause a large-scale commotion.

Jiang Jianming closed his mouth plainly and gently nodded.

When Garcia walked to his side, he stroked his left ear…..The prince should have adjusted the influence range of the mask instrument, now Jiang Jianming could see his face normally.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here,” Jiang Jianming took the initiative to get closer, and said with a light smile, “The dignified Imperial Prince also visits the trading area in person?”

Garcia glanced at him, and a sudden frown graced his face quickly. 

“You’re ill.”

“…just a minor illness,” Jiang Jianming was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect the prince to be so sharp-eyed. “Don’t worry about it.” 

Obviously, he only had a low-grade fever, and his mental condition was kept in a good state. Even when he was out training, few people could only notice that he was sick.

The prince was silent for a second, then asked while frowning, “Why are you always sick?”

Jiang Jianming: “…..” 

It was a very wonderful question…which was even comparable to his previous question of “Why don’t you use crystal bone manipulation” back then.

Without getting an answer, Garcia walked off on his own, and Jiang Jianming followed naturally.

He did not ask why His Highness approached him, nor did ask why His Highness did not question him about what he was doing here. The two walked through the rows of self-service counters, forming a quiet and comfortable tacit understanding between them.

After a while, Jiang Jianming spoke.

“Your Highness, if a person is in the far interstellar space but there is no crystal bone available for the time being, is there any new crystal weapon that can remedy this situation?”

When the black-haired youth asked, his eyes were calm and his tone was serious. Garcia couldn’t help but glance at the man. Jiang Jianming hurriedly added more seriously, “But it should be budget friendly.” 

“Is this related to your illness?” Garcia asked lightly, “Do you prefer hot weapons or cold weapons? How long do you plan on using it?”

Jiang Jianming instantly covered his heart, “Cough cough cough…”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” he waved his hand again and again, “My budget possibly…..can only afford a one-time consumption-type new crystal weapon.”

Garcia was silent for about half a minute.

“Then try the crystal particle explosives. It’s light and powerful enough. You can throw it when you open the cockpit of the mecha.”

Jiang Jianming breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot.”

On the way to the food section, Garcia stopped.

He started pressing keys.

The electronic screen of the counter showed the items he had selected…..which was a ruddy and lucious apple.

Jiang Jianming, standing behind him, had lowered his head and held back his smile with difficulty..

It turned out that His Royal Highness, the dignified Imperial Prince, came to the trading area alone at night wearing a concealed device, unexpectedly just to buy apples to eat.

…If he dared to tell others this, nine out of ten would not believe it, and the remaining one would drag him to the doctor to see if he had finally burned his brain.

But Jiang Jianming could even guess what kind of apple Garcia bought.

“Irene Agate” red apple, the most precious variety in Eden Star City, genetically improved and naturally cultivated. A veritable noble fruit……with a price of 50,000 coin points.

His Little Highness had a very expensive mouth, and he looked down on anything other than this breed.

Jiang Jianming couldn’t help but sigh with sadness: One would really be rich if he’s a  prince…

He really misses the time when the Little Highness cared for him and when the Little Highness would still peel apples for him.


The sound of the shipping sounded.

Garcia picked up two “Irene Agates” from the opened pick-up port, and handed one to Jiang Jianming.


Jiang Jianming couldn’t believe it, “Did you just give this to me?”

“The patient is not suitable for the Silver Big Dipper,” Garcia said lightly. “If you can’t bear it, go back to the Empire as soon as possible…..With your capacity, there is no need to further suffer here. “

The “Irene Agate” that was worth 50,000 coins landed firmly in Jiang Jianming’s palm.

Garcia looked at the white skin, and his emerald eyes darkened by three points.

All along…..because of his noble status, his inhuman crystal bones, his temperament, and perhaps some other reasons, few people have dared to stand by his side like this.

But the black-haired young man in front of him had an air of tranquility, as if no secular force could shake the tranquility of his soul.

Is it worth saying that he is the candidate chosen by His Majesty? However, it is a pity that his health is very poor.

The prince said in a low voice, “Don’t listen to empty talks that bloodshed represents honor. Death is not given meaning here.”

Jiang Jianming’s heart trembled.

His fingers’ grip tightened, and the overhead light gave the apple a soft and bright luster.

Jiang Jianming looked up at the prince in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “Then you tell me, being here….what’s the meaning?” 

His voice was full of special fluctuations, which sounded like asking for advice with an open mind, or like asking a straightforward question.

Garcia closed his eyes slowly, and his long eyelashes swept out a dark shadow as hard as iron in the bottom of his eyes.


The prince lowered his voice and said, “… Only victory is the meaning pursued by the crusaders.”

“Is it?” Jiang Jianming’s eyes were clear, and he seemed not surprised by his answer. “Then, what is the meaning of victory?”

Garcia was slightly stunned then turned to look at him

The meaning of victory………

This was a very complicated question. Throughout the ages, what was really behind the victory or defeat of countless human wars? This was a topic that anthropologists had been debating so far.

On the other hand, this was also a very simple question. If it was limited to the Silver Big Dipper–Silver Big Dipper Star Expeditionary Force, it would be the silver spear for the Empire to expand its territory. Even children in kindergartens in the Empire could sing three hundred words without stumbling, praising such victorious deeds.

But he didn’t know why, when Garcia was stared at by these dark and deep eyes, those slogans that were shouted out to death felt very shallow, which made it difficult for him to say them.

This was by no means the answer that the person in front of him would gladly accept.

Garcia thought for no reason.

The prince pondered for a long time, but eventually did not answer.


After that, they separated at a fork in the road.

Jiang Jianming did not go to the self-service counter of New Crystal Machinery, but went to a private trading area that also checked for any leakages in a weapon.

Finally, he bought two medium crystal particle explosives from a sergeant uncle.

It looked like a hand grenade that had been magnified twice, but its power was said to be able to explode three IP’s, and that it could even handle Level B alien creatures.

Fortunately, after drinking, the uncle was blushing and cursing at an officer for entering  a remnant human into the fortress.

Jiang Jianming came up to him at the right time to agree and cheer him up. Uncle was so proud that he gave a 30% discount to the beautiful young officer of the “Dao”.

Therefore, this beautiful little officer was able to buy a new crystal weapon at a low price with satisfaction.

But even so, this also caused his holdings to drop to only a few hundred points again.


–That night, Jiang Jianming struggled for a long time before he made up his mind and gave up the idea of ​​selling the “Irene Agate”.

And just like that, night after night, time moved forward.

More than half a month had passed, and young people have gradually adapted to the environment of the Silver Big Dipper.

The most intuitive thing was that the complaints about the harsh training and strict officers in the dormitory area have subsided a little bit, and it had become rare for people to wipe the corners of their eyes and say that they were homesick in the evening.

Common topics became “alien creatures,” “combat skills,” and “merits.” Several good students from famous schools had also learned to exchange some cigarettes, alcohol and snacks in the trading area.

Occasionally, Jiang Jianming also heard some gossip inside Silver Big Dipper.

For example, there was a big man who looked simple and stupid in the Second Fortress, but was fierce as a bear when fighting.

Jiang Jianming knew that it was Gao Long, and before he could feel relieved for a second for this “good friend” whom he had met by chance, he heard the person talking mysteriously say,

“However, I heard that the big man is not the most powerful…”

“Because the big man himself said that there was a mysterious character in the new recruits, who was a genetically modified man secretly developed by the Empire–”

“I heard it too.. I also heard that the person is a great beauty!”

“And is very strong! Can blow up a mountain by merely raising a hand, can crack the ground by merely stomping his feet!”

“The eyes are clairvoyant, the mouth is an infrasound weapon, and its spirit can directly invade an S-class mecha!”

“I heard that he was on a top-secret military mission and disappeared when he reached the distant stars, and nobody could find him…”

Jiang Jianming: “?”

Is there something wrong? Don’t you know the truth of not believing rumors and not spreading rumors??

The temperature had gradually dropped in the past few days, and the snow continued to cover the entire fortress. Alpha Alien Star’s winter season, the coldest and most dangerous season on the planet, was coming.

It was also at this time that Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin pulled the group of young people out of the fortress and announced that they would conduct a seven-day field experience.

Jiang Jianming’s condition was sometimes good and sometimes bad, and his so-called “after a period of time” still hasn’t passed.

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