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DS Chapter 14


Fortress (3)

To trace back the past of the Silver Big Dipper Fortress,  its history must be revisited.

One year after the establishment of the New Human Interstellar Empire in the new empire calendar, the founding monarch, Kaios the Great, reorganized the Imperial Corps, and the Silver Big Dipper Interstellar Expeditionary Force was established, with its battle flag pointing directly to the far interstellar space.

Thus began the first Holy War.

Kaios the Great came from a generation of iron-blooded monarchs. The emperor personally ended the dark rule of the old empire, and then marched to the distant stars. During his lifetime, he launched five full-scale interstellar battles, which were collectively referred to as “Holy Wars” by later generations.

Where the starship’s artillery fire passed, alien creatures would be almost completely wiped out and expelled, and the territory of human civilization was expanded by a third, which was what the current empire territory looked like now.

The emperor also set up three military fortresses one after another on three alien planets suitable for human habitation, as the stronghold of Silver Big Dipper, and ordered the army to be stationed for a long time to establish a military defense line that could attack and be defended. Since then, human beings no longer have to live under the shadow of fear that they will be invaded by alien creatures at any time.

However, Kaios the Great himself died in the fifth Holy War. When the news was sent back to the empire, the whole country immediately mourned, and all the people wept.

For the founding emperor who loved war and was famous for his Holy Wars. Some people say that it was beneficial for the future, and some even say that it was extortion of troops to redeem force. “

But in any case, historians of all factions had to admit that without the Great Emperor, there would be no human empire and distant interstellar configurations, let alone the three steel fortresses on the three alien stars.

Jiang Jianming and Tang Zhen walked side by side on the narrow passage of the First Fortress, talking while walking.

“That Officer Huo Lin has an interesting temper.” Jiang Jianming smiled thoughtfully, “Has anything happened to him before?” 

Tang Zhen: “Ah?” 

Jiang Jianming: “a good-for-nothing young master came to the distant star, caused mischief, and somehow got some soldiers killed or something?” 

“God, how did you guess…”

Tang Zhen exclaimed, “This officer Huo Lin was in charge of the advance team before he was responsible for bringing new recruits. Later, the team he was responsible for died except him, that’s why his temper…”

He shook his head. “Xiao Jiang, let’s put up with him for a year, and just wait until he’s transferred.”

The two passed through an automatic door, and Tang Zhen pointed to the place where the crowd gathered in front.

“That is the supply area, where the IP’s are charged. If a firing artillery is broken, you can also go here for repair or for replacement. “

The interior of the fortress was divided into various areas. Although seemingly inconspicuous, it was actually very comprehensive. It was almost a star city by itself. Whether it was generating electricity, filtering water, or growing grain and livestock, it had already achieved self-sufficiency. 

Of course, these were all things that the logistics department was responsible for, moreover they were far away from the Military Area Division, where they were now walking, and it would take five minutes to get there.

“Next to the supply area, here, is the trading area.”

Tang Zhen said as he walked over with Jiang Jianming. “There are fortress sales and private transactions. You can buy things other than the standard ration. All kinds of food, medicines, weapons, tranquilizers and everything.”

Jiang Jianming frowned and pondered.

Now for him, the most serious problem was tranquilizers. He brought twelve tubes of high-purity crystal particle tranquilizer, and had already used one tube in Beta Alien. If only the minimum survival needs were guaranteed, a single injection could last up to three days.

In this way, he only had more than a month.

And the military’s high-purity tranquilizer, the price was about 20,000 points per tube.

In other words, if there was no way to get extra tranquilizers, he would have to spend at least 20,000 every three days after one month…the cost was comparable to living in an intensive care unit.

Jiang Jianming hesitated for a second, then stretched out his finger.

Clicked on the virtual screen of his wrist device and checked his coin point balance.

Balance: 836.7 (points)

Jiang Jianming quickly closed the screen. “…..”

Tang Zhen snorted on the spot and hooked his shoulders with a smile. “Dear, how can running away increase your number of points? Alas, you don’t need to be polite to me, do you want me to lend you some?”


Jiang Jianming sullenly pressed his lips together, wrinkled his brows and turned his head away.

“…don’t be noisy.” 

This person was usually sloppy and unsocial, with a bit of a cold temperament that others couldn’t see through. It was rare for him to be so plainly worried about something.

Tang Zhen looked even happier. After laughing for a long time, he straightened up. After walking a few steps, he stopped again.

“Eh? What…?”

There was no light indicator on the automatic door in front, which meant that the door could not be opened.

There were people coming and going, and a non-commissioned officer noticed that they were standing still, and kindly reminded them: “Oh, you’re among the new officers from the military academy this year right. The trading area has just been closed. You can just come back tomorrow.”

“Closed?” Tang Zhen frowned, scratched his head and muttered, “How come, it was fine yesterday…”

Jiang Jianming thought for a while, and suddenly asked, “What else is there in the trading area?”

Tang Zhen said: “Going further is the accommodation area for the officers, Oh, and the starship harbor. Could it be that a starship is coming? But it shouldn’t be blocked on this side…”

Jiang Jianming understood at once.

…It seems that His Royal Highness Garcia, the only remaining prince in the empire, is coming to the First Fortress, therefore this rigorous investigation is reasonable. However, unless there is another chance encounter with a person of that status, at his current level now, it is likely impossible to even meet him.

Ryann……This one will definitely find a way to meet you again, but unfortunately not now.

Jiang Jianming pressed down the emotions that floated in his heart, and didn’t show it at all.

“Forget it, let’s go back first.”

They turned back the same way, but they didn’t expect that this time they bumped into others coming back from training. Many eyes went straight to Jiang Jianming, and there were many discussions. 

“Yeah, that…”

“The disabled human?” 

“Yes, it seems that he’s already registered in the file. It was said that he will be with us in the future. “

“Shouldn’t he be kept in the fortress? That’s a disabled human being…”

Tang Zhen frowned, felt uncomfortable, and pulled Jiang Jianming away quickly.

After returning to the dormitory, as soon as the door was opened, several figures inside turned their heads. A total of two men and two women were inside, all with young faces.

Bei Maner stood up first and greeted them, with a bright smile on her face.

“Young Master Tang, classmate Jiang, you are back. Classmate Jiang hasn’t met our other teammates yet, so I called everyone over to get acquainted.”

Tang Zhen slapped his forehead and immediately stopped, “Yes, yes, I forgot!”

He supported Jiang Jianming’s back and pushed the person into the room.

“Xiao Jiang, we students of Kaios Military Academy, as long as they choose to join the army after graduation, they are all officers and lieutenant. But because of the special environment of the Silver Big Dipper, the new cadets need to have a year of adaptation period, and they are trained under a commander like ordinary soldiers—you know this, right?”

Tang Zhen turned his head and said lightly. “We belong to the third team. They, and Bei Maner, are our teammates for the next year. This is…..”

But before he could finish speaking, his voice froze.

He noticed that three of the teammates looked gloomy and uncertain, staring at Jiang Jianming with extremely complicated eyes, not even a slightest friendly intention.

The atmosphere was filled with embarrassment, and the smile on the corner of Tang Zhen’s mouth disappeared little by little.

The brightness on Bei Maner’s face gradually dimmed, she leaned over to Tang Zhen and Jiang Jianming, and whispered apologetically, “I’m sorry, I actually persuaded them for a while, but they seem to be…still not quite able to accept.” 

Jiang Jianming sighed softly. This situation was not unexpected.

On the other side, the three teammates looked at each other and stood up.

A tall and stout young man said in a muffled voice, “Galaxy Military Defense, Joe Brown.”

A girl with light freckles bit her lower lip and said, “Burton School, Ellie Smith.”

The last one to speak was a black-haired youth who frowned and said, “Kaios Military Academy, Li Youfang.”

Jiang Jianming glanced at him and thought to himself: No wonder he looked a little familiar, it turned out to be a student from the same school, maybe he had met before.

Just as he was thinking, Li Youfang walked in front of him.

“…I am the Chief Graduate Student of the Second College of Mecha Manipulation this year. Jiang Jianiming, I know you.”

Li Youfang’s expression was gloomy, and he raised his chin slightly, “I know you are talented, and I have heard the dean of our college praise you, saying that it is a pity, if you were just a new human with crystal bones, you might be a once-in-a-century wonder.”

“To be honest, I feel sorry for you too.”

“But.” Li Youfang’s tone changed, and firmly said, “It’s a pity that you should know that you are not!” 

“You are not a new human, just a disabled one, a human race without crystal bones, unable to withstand the disturbance of crystal particles, and a person with fragile physique—Jiang Jianming, is this reality so difficult for you to accept?”

Tang Zhen said angrily, “Li Youfang!”

Jiang Jianming gave Tang Zhen a calm look before looking back at Li Youfang. “No, I know very well.” 

He knew very well that he was a person that would consume 20,000 points in every three days.

Terrible, so very terrible.

In the small dormitory, the other four looked at Jiang Jianming and Li Youfang with different expressions.

Li Youfang pointed to the bottom of his feet. “You know? You know yet you’re still here? What can you even do here!?”

He bombarded with words again without waiting for Jiang Jianming to speak. His spittle stars flew everywhere.

“Let’s not say, tomorrow is the first field trial, and actual combat with alien creatures! Sir Huo Lin would count the time and give us scores on the spot. Do you want to humiliate yourself? Do you know that it is not your own face that will be lost then, but the face of our entire team?”

Jiang Jianjian’s expression remained unchanged. “Are you so sure that I will be humiliated? In any case, my grades are still higher than yours, you…”

Li Youfang sneered. “It’s unreasonable, stop dreaming.”

“Li Youfang!” Tang Zhen became violent, rushed up and grabbed him by the collar, roaring with red eyes, “I was fucking wrong about you, weren’t you the one who rushed in to join us when we were forming teams!?”

Li Youfang blushed and said with a stubborn expression. “Young Master’s crystal bones are outstanding in the First College, of course I would respect you! But who knew the friend you wanted to bring with you was a disabled human being?”

When he spoke, the muscles on his face stirred, and crystal bones began to condense rapidly at the same position behind his back. A pair of crystal-like exoskeletons opened like the sickle of a praying mantis.

“Strength speaks here in Silver Big Dipper. No matter how talented a disabled person is, they would be useless when they reach the far interstellar…” 

The freckled girl and the chubby young man silently looked away while Bei Maner exclaimed. “Don’t fight…don’t do this!”

But it was already too late, Tang Zhen’s eyes flashed fiercely, and his crystal bone was released in an instant, even faster than Li Youfang who had taken the lead!


After a crisp sound similar to two metals colliding, the two pairs of crystals slammed into each other fiercely in mid-air.


Their collision only lasted for two seconds. Li Youfang was then swept out of the room and hit his back to the wall after a loud bang.

Tang Zhen gasped heavily, raised his head and said angrily, “This Lao Zi is better than you, can he also call you a waste, ah!?

Bei Maner: “Young Master Tang!”

“It’s not over yet,”  Li Youfang straightened up and rolled over. He clenched his fists, thumped them to his chest, re-condensed crystal bones from his wrists, and said in a low voice, “Come again!”

Seeing that the crystal bones of the two people were about to collide again, a hand suddenly came in between them abruptly without warning!

That hand did not have any protection, the knuckles were white, it was slender, and there were no crystal bones on its slender wrist. That hand belonged to a disabled human being. In an instant, the two pairs of crystal bones froze in the air as if a pause button had been pressed.

Jiang Jianming said calmly, “Whatever comes next, stop.”


Tang Zhen and Li Youfang stared dumbfounded. The crystal extended into the air did not move and cold sweat ran down their forehead.

….Just now, if any one of them had not stopped in time, a crystal bone’s power was enough to smash the palm of a person in an instant, and even the bones would be twisted into pieces.

The other three people in the dormitory were so frightened that their faces turned pale, and they dared not breathe. It took several seconds for Tang Zhen to find his own voice and said in a trembling tone, “You….you, do you want to die Jiang Jianming! Put your hand down!!”

Jiang Jianming turned a deaf ear, turned his face, and put his palm on Li Youfang’s crystal bone.

“You…! What are you trying to do!?” Li Youfang was frightened and nervous, and the tip of his nose sweated.

When Jiang Jianming lifted his face, his handsome looks hit his eyes, even the faint shadow of his drooping eyelashes could be clearly seen. For a moment, Li Youfang’s heart beated like a drum. He even fell into a trance, wondering if he had gone too far just now.

How could he forget that he was just a sensitive and fragile remnant human. Such a weak race, whether in physical or mental state, was too prone to accidents.

Simply while in a trance, he felt his crystal bone being patted, Jiang Jianming’s beautiful voice sounded in his ears and his tone was very gentle.

“Good teammate, do you want to bet?”

Li Youfang opened his mouth, “Ah…” 

Then two seconds later he responded again, “Huh??”

It was not only Li Youfang who was stunned, but the others were as well, looking at Jiang Jianming who had a calm demeanor in confusion.

Jiang Jianming continued, “Tomorrow’s field battle, each will act alone in hunting alien creatures, right? You were convinced just now that I would be embarrassed.”

Li Youfang was stunned. “Yes.”

“Let’s make a bet, if I’m one point higher than you–.”

Jiang Jianming raised his index finger, shook it then blinked his eyes, ” –you’ll have to give ten thousand points.”

The air became strangely stagnant.

Tang Zhen gawked, but immediately came back to his senses, broke down and said, “Dear mother, your tricks are really too good alright!?”

Bei Maner trembled and said, “Jiang, Jiang, classmate Jiang, people caught gambling will get demerits…..”

The freckled girl Ellie was stunned. “Hey, are you crazy? Don’t you know that mechas are not good for fighting alien creatures, and how can a disabled human without crystal bones even fight against alien creatures?”

Jiang Jianming smiled and said nothing. It was the fat young man, Joe, who stuttered and said, “Well, what if your points are lower than him?”

“Good question.”

Jiang Jianming clapped his palm seriously, raised his eyebrows and said lightly to Li Youfang, who was already stunned, “Betting, of course, requires exchanges, as long as my score is lower than yours, even if it is only by one point–”

He bent his index finger, tapped the screen of his wrist device, living out the lavishness of eight million from eight hundred or so coin points. “I will give you my total balance.”

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