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DS Chapter 13


Fortress (2)

The first fortress of the Silver Big Dipper located in Alpha Alien Star was no different from the one located in Beta Alien Star.

It was still a building made of black alloy, and the outermost layer was the city wall, which tightly protects the scattered buildings inside. Because of the perennial frost in Alpha Alien, its surface was covered with a layer of ice.

The watchtower stood straight piercing into the clouds, and the fortress’ highest point of the iron city wall was low. It was like a giant with copper skin and iron bones, sitting tall and silent under the sky. When one looked closely, one could feel a rough sense of oppression.

The interior of the fortress was strictly divided into different areas. Two days ago, the recruits from Kaios Military Academy moved into the dormitory area of ​​the fortress.

“Damn, I think that stupid instructor really wants to kill people.”

The valve of the heating pipe in the dormitory room was opened to its maximum. Tang Zhen walked anxiously back and forth in circles, unable to stop cursing.

“Our group of people with crystal bones are not enough for him to practice, right? Which disabled human can withstand his punishment in such an icy and snowy place!?”

On the inner side of the bed, Jiang Jianming was wrapped in a thick quilt. He lay on his side with his eyes closed, his hair scattered on the pillow, and his whole body was as brittle as a piece of white paper. However, he was not asleep. At this time, he only sighed, and said in a very casual tone. 

“That’s enough Young Master Tang, stop cursing, it’s nothing serious.”

Beimaner sat at the edge of the bed, straightened the corner of the quilt to cover him, and said softly, “Student Jiang, do you feel better? Are you still cold?”

The conflict outside the fortress ended after Jiang Jianming took out the special transfer order. No matter how angry Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin was, after checking the authenticity of the chip, he could only let Jiang Jianming enter the fortress, looking like someone suffering from humiliation.

This Jiang Jianming was really very good–followed the group of recruits into the fortress’s large gate, got out of his mecha, and fell silently without having taken two steps, almost scaring Tang Zhen and Beimaner to death.

“It’s really okay, I jumped over directly with the mecha, and the side effects will not subside until I faint. I’ll be fine after a day’s rest,” Jiang Jianming shook his head and said warmly, “Miss Bei, thank you.”

Bei Maner raised her head and smiled at him. “We’re already in this damn place, what’s with the Miss… just call me Maner, classmate Jiang.”

She looked very sweet. She was a noble lady who’d be suitable for sitting in the garden tasting tea in a long and colorful dress. She had short brown hair and a graceful figure outlined by the black military uniform.

When she was still studying in the military academy, she was well known for her love for Tang Zhen. Unexpectedly, she was also unyielding after graduation and really followed Tang Zhen to join the army in the Far Star.

In the past, Tang Zhen always ignored her, but now, after spending a few days in the distant star, it seemed that their relationship had really improved a lot.

However, what Miss Bei was tending now to was not Young Master Tang.

“Classmate Jiang, did you eat before you came here?” She carefully helped Jiang Jianming sit up with the quilt. 

“We had hot soup for breakfast today, I kept some. You sit up and drink some….Come on ,slower.” 

Before Jiang Jianming could react, he was supported on the head of the bed, and a soft pillow was stuffed behind his waist.

Bei Maner swiftly pulled out the insulated lunch box from her bag, and her series of movements were flowing. She took out the spoon from the cutlery bag and smiled.



Jiang Jianming had never seen such a caring girl who would serve others. He took the spoon to scoop the soup.

Tang Zhen couldn’t even enter their conversation at all, and was only stunned beside him. He even felt weirdly sour in his heart, but he didn’t know whose vinegar he’s eating.

Jiang Jianming opened the lid of the insulated lunch box, which was filled with thick potato broth. Carrots, diced beef and potatoes were all cut into small pieces and cooked until they’re very soft and mushy. The steaming white air with the aroma came out.

He took a bite and blinked his eyes. “How is the food so good?”

When he looked up, he found that Tang Zhen and Bei Maner both had subtle expressions. Jiang Jianming realized something and couldn’t help chuckling.

“Oh, you should have been not used to eating this.” 

To him, this was already a delicious free food, but for the two of them, this may just be something barely edible.

Bei Maner’s pretty face blushed. “No….Nonsense!”

Jiang Jianming finished the soup unhurriedly, thought for a while and said, “By the way, I need to be registered into the archives, where’s our Sir?” 

He lifted the quilt and stood up to go out. But as soon as he reached the door, he suddenly swayed and was about to fall down.

“Little Jiang!” 


The two people in the back were shocked, but Jiang Jianming didn’t fall down–someone happened to come in, grabbed his arm, and mercilessly put him aside.

When his back hit the cold wall, Jiang Jianming took advantage of his strength to stand firm, raised his eyes and called out, “Sir Huo Lin.”

It turned out that it was Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin who walked in. After seeing Jiang Jianming, the man’s eyes became even colder, and said sarcastically, “Just woken up? Was the bed in the fortress comfortable, Young Master?”

Tang Zhen took the first two strides and carried Jiang Jianming back to the bed.

“Sit down.”

Huo Lin went straight to Jiang Jianming. “Register, your wrist device is turned on.”

The hearts of Tang Zhen and Bei Maner were raised, but Jiang Jianming was calm.

He turned on the small LCD screen on his wrist, pulled out his profile code, and asked Huo Lin to scan it with his wrist device.

Lieutenant Colonel Hu frowned after reading it. Obviously, the information on “civilian orphans” and “adopted sons of deceased officers” on the file was too inconsistent with Jiang Jianming’s performance.

He closed his wrist device and said indifferently. “Very thoughtful, have you created a fake identity?”

Jiang Jianming said lightly. “This is my identity in the Silver Big Dipper in the future, Sir.”

“……” Tang Zhen and Bei Maner were stunned.

What “this is my identity in the future”, isn’t it just misleading others with “I did have another identity in the past”? 

And the person who was brought into the pit couldn’t even scold him, after all, what he said really can’t be considered a lie, every word was absolutely true.

Tang Zhen was stunned and thought: No, the question is, why is this guy’s reaction so fast, he couldn’t even see the slightest clue on his face! ——A normal person would hesitate for a while before answering. Is his rank of bluffing too high!?

Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin indeed slipped into the pit of this little immortal. He simply patted Jiang Jianming’s shoulder and snorted coldly.

“Listen, I don’t care what your family background is, or how many marks you scored in your exams when you were still studying, or who you made friends with and made grudges with, and of course I don’t care how bad your physique is–”

” –This is the army, and it only recognizes strength.” The lieutenant colonel’s eyes were gloomy, “I don’t know why the superiors really sent a disabled human to join Silver Big Dipper. You’d better prove it to me as soon as possible.”

Jiang Jianming nodded. “I will.”

When Huo Lin heard the words, he looked disdainful and said, “Ten minutes later, Crystal Bone Actual Combat Training. Can you participate?”

This was nonsense, not to mention that a disabled human being had no crystal bones, he was still in an unstable state, which made it even more impossible to fight. 

Jiang Jianming answered frankly. “I can’t.” 

“Young Master.”

Huo Lin sneered, turned and walked out.

“Don’t drag your teammates when you die, they are serious Silver Big Dipper soldiers, unlike you, each of them would become the future silver spear of the empire–”

” –If you get someone killed, I will drag your body out and whip it.”

This was too much. Tang Zhen and Bei Maner’s expressions changed simultaneously. Jiang Jianming stood up properly, stride forward in two steps, and shouted.


Huo Lin raised his eyebrows and stood still.

Finally couldn’t take it anymore? The officer thought coldly in his heart. Actually, this child has a really good temperament, this is also the first time I have heard his tone rise, even if it is only a little bit higher.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Jianming walked around in front of him while saying solemnly, “I remember that recruits who joined Silver Big Dipper have assigned mechas.”

Huo Lin: “…..” 

Jiang Jianming turned his head to the side, wrinkled his brows into a suspicious expression, and said in a soft tone, “You won’t detain my supplies, right?”

The lieutenant colonel twisted his neck stiffly, unable to maintain the expression on his face.

He even suspected for a moment that Jiang Jianming was deliberately trying to cause trouble.

“You have such a high-level mecha, yet you still want Silver Big Dipper’s IP’s!?”

“I won’t use it in vain.” The black-haired young man was expressionless, but his eyes were serious, “At worst, it can be sold for money.”

Huo Lin: “……”

Tang Zhen held back his laughter for a long time, but couldn’t resist. “Pfft.”

Bei Maner pointed at his mouth as if facing an enemy, and whispered, “Young Master Tang, you can’t laugh!

Jiang Jianming continued to ask. “Sir, will the fortress rationed crystal particle tranquilizers?”

Poor lieutenant colonel, he had never seen a recruit who was so arrogant. His forehead’s blue veins jumped wildly in anger, and roared, “You’re thinking so beautifully!” 

Jiang Jianming showed a regretful expression.

Then he quickly changed his words. “Can I buy it? There’s also emergency energy water, various medicines, firearms and ammunition. Is there any way to buy….”

“Actually, I also want a new crystal weapon. Although I can’t afford it now, it can be considered achieving a small goal first.”

“By the way, where is the fort’s Medical Treatment Ship, I may have to use it often–the medical facilities here are free, right?”

“And my Silver Big Dipper uniform, when can I….eh? Sir?”

Huo Lin couldn’t take it anymore, and went out, however Jiang Jianming raised his foot unrelentingly and chased after him. The lieutenant colonel turned back angrily and pointed at Tang Zhen.

“You! In the next session of Crystal Bone Actual Combat, you will be excused. Take him around the fortress!”

Bei Maner had to pinched Tang Zhen before he returned to his senses and shouted, “Yes Sir!” 

Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin didn’t even want to listen to his reply, as if there was a plague behind him, and hurried away with a black face.

Jiang Jianming walked back unhurriedly, patted Tang Zhen’s shoulder with his hand, and said lightly, “I’m exhausted from being punished and trained just now, I’ll compensate you for your short leave, you’re welcome.”

Tang Zhen was dizzy.

He wondered in dismay: Where is this going? 

Lieutenant Colonel Huo Lin had a clear personality and was cold and narrow-minded. He harassed Jiang Jianming so much outside the fortress that he felt that he was about to hate this superior.

But Jiang Jianming was a good guy, yet how come… come it was like teasing a cat as soon as he came here??


Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Beta Alien Star was still shrouded in the darkness of the night.

In the Second Fortress of Silver Big Dipper, inside the military conference room.

Prince Garcia propped his forehead with one hand, he had already pulled off the hair tie and put it aside, therefore the luxurious platinum long hair spread out from between his fingers like a waterfall.

The prince sat in the innermost seat of the conference room, with a big blue screen behind him. None of the three rows of sensor lights on the ceiling of the conference room were turned on, which made the atmosphere terribly gloomy.

There were two people standing below—the tall, straightforward man Gao Long and Lieutenant Colonel Louis.

The former was born with a weak brain. Seeing the legendary prince, His Highness, his eyes glowed, and when Garcia personally asked him about the “little brother”, he was so happy that he wished he could directly fly up to the sky, clearly oblivious to what was wrong with the atmosphere. 

Lieutenant Colonel Louis felt so bitter, his heart was trembling. He didn’t dare show it on his face but his palms were already sweating.


Garcia lowered his head, and slowly ground over this oriental name between his teeth and tongue. 

He waved at Gao Long. “You can leave.”

“Ah, good! Ah no, yes!” Gao Long left happily.

In a blink of an eye, there were only two people left in this miserable conference room.

Garcia tapped the conference table with his index finger, and said indifferently. “Lieutenant Colonel, you have received an incredible person this year.”

Lieutenant Colonel Louis sweated even more, and his voice was hoarse. “Your Highness, you praised falsely…. That child is really self-willed. In fact, it’s unavoidable for many recruits to be like this in their first few months, please…”

“Of course, you too.” Garcia raised his eyes, which was as cold as a knife. “The recruits recruited by Silver Big Dipper this year, one was even without clear origin. You dare to go to the Far Star when one’s file is blank, are you that confident?”

The face of Lieutenant Colonel Louis turned pale all of a sudden, and he quickly lowered his head. “Your Highness…. Your Highness, forgive me, we will go investigate immediately!”

However, he couldn’t stop complaining in his heart: That young man has the highest-level special order of Silver Big Dipper in his hands, and he is only a lieutenant colonel. How dare he tell such a big man to keep someone’s files?

Garcia sneered. “Now that he has run away, what else will you be looking for?”

He was silent for a moment, waved his hand, and seemed a little irritable. “That person is not small. Since he came prepared, I don’t think you can find anything. Don’t mess with him.”

Louis was taken aback.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion. How could he listen to His Highness’s “Don’t mess with him” with a subtle tone. The lieutenant colonel ran it twice in his head, and he actually felt a hint of indulgence from it.

The always serious lieutenant colonel suddenly felt a chill behind his back, and he felt that his brain might have been sent whistling down to be eaten by alien creatures.

Louis hurriedly said. “Your Highness, that little…that gentleman doesn’t seem to be malicious. We thought he was a special person sent by the Imperial Headquarters.”


Garcia was still silent. His eyes were bright and dark.

In the corner of the conference table was a fruit plate, with several kinds of fruit desserts arranged neatly. His Highness stretched out his hand and took an apple at random.

“Lieutenant Colonel, it may be hard for you to believe, but I still want to tell you….I feel threatened.”

Garcia closed his eyes for a while, and a sentence slipped out between his lips.

“His eyes… made me feel threatened.” As he spoke, he weighed the ruddy apple with his long fingers and bit on it.

Ka-cha. The sound was clear and crisp.

Louis’ face went pale. His drooping face was like a tempestuous storm.

Threat? How could it be possible… make His Highness Garcia say it himself –feel threatened?

That little gentleman, who exactly is he!?

Garcia chewed and swallowed the flesh slowly, then continued in a low voice. “At that time…when I looked down from the watchtower and met his eyes…”

“…Only for a moment,” His Royal Highness stared at the bitten apple in his hand, and said coldly, “a feeling of uncertainty that I will be eaten by him came.” 

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