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DS Chapter 11


Flying geese (3)

Moments later, the broken M-IP 18 was parked on a barren alien land, and the cockpit door opened from inside. Jiang Jianming stood beside the mecha, his hair ruffled by the wind.

On his slender wrist, the folded mecha bracelet, Snow, flashed twice under the rays of the sun.

“Snow, switch to driving mode.”

Jiang Jianming flicked his index finger on the white bracelet. The small bracelet glowed slightly, and first, translucent nerve-conducting fibers quickly extended out, outlining a flickering cockpit scene before and after him. Immediately after that, the metal sheet in the bracelet began to unfold layer by layer–it was only so small, but it seemed to be able to split indefinitely, and the white metal adhered to the nerve conduction fibers in turn.

Jiang Jianming felt a hard touch behind him, and he was lifted into the air by the assembled cockpit—in the blink of an eye, a mecha with a smooth and beautiful body was assembled out of thin air in such a dreamlike light. 

Garcia was still sitting on the IP, and His Royal Highness was not in a hurry to return at the moment, and watched the whole process of deploying the mecha. 

“S-Snow Dove,” the prince seemed to find it interesting, and his tone became lazy, with a bit of sarcasm, “this model is not bad, high speed, high defense, low attack, suitable for… fleeing in the face of danger.”

Jiang Jianming pursed his lips and said sincerely, “Snow Dove was once rated as the number one beautiful machine, you should say that it is a useless but good-looking mecha that is too fancy for fleeing in the face of danger.”

As it was known to all, the empire’s control in mechas had always been very strict. The performance gap between civilian mechas and military mechas was huge. The most obvious one was that civilian mechas were not allowed to be loaded with guns.

The military mechas were divided into grades: D,C,B,AS,Super S, and were also divided into three types: ordinary mechas, specialized mechas and folding mechas.

The folding mecha was also called “crystal mecha”, which belongs to cutting-edge technology. It uses crystal particle alloys that can be expanded instantly. The function of the mecha was vastly different from that of ordinary mechas, and even a high-dimensional transition system can be installed. Mechas that can be rated as A-level and above were all folding mechas.

Don’t look at the ridicules of His Royal Highness and the old Crown Prince’s widow in this ungoverned wilderness, A-class mecha was still not something that ordinary people could have.

Snow Dove, which was known for its high defense and low attack, could even have a one cannon shot equivalent to that of five IP’s firing together.

Garcia glanced at Jiang Jianming and thought to himself: Not a loss to have matched it with himself. 

The series of mecha manipulation techniques just now seemed dangerous, but they were actually very stable. That’s definitely not something an ordinary person could do.

Garcia stood up, took a few steps forward, put his palm on Snow’s body, and asked in a low voice, “Who are you?” 

At this point, even ghosts wouldn’t believe what the man had answered before, “I’m just an ordinary recruit. “.

Jiang Jianming felt a chill in his heart and thought to himself: shouldn’t I ask who you are? A corpse roaming around, reincarnated soul, or am I seeing ghosts in broad daylight?

But using the same means to not appear fazed on the surface, he took out the chip box of the Silver Big Dipper military emblem from his chest pocket, and showed it in front of the prince.

“At least I’m not your enemy.”

Garcia’s wrist device flickered at this moment. Jiang Jianming glanced at it.

“Are the people in the fortress coming to you? Then I will go first. There is a big man named Gao Long among the recruits this year. Help me bring him a message—Good friend, see you on the battlefield in the future.”

Garcia ignored the call of the fortress, and pressed his palm on Snow’s body without moving, and said solemnly. “Don’t you want to give me a ride?”

Jiang Jianming was stunned for a moment, and then he burst out laughing.

He was born with a clean and thin look, even a little dull, which was the opposite of the handsome and powerful prince. Not only does he not have the slightest aggressiveness, but it also makes people feel that he was too thin and weak, as if he could be broken with just a single lift.

Only then did he lowered his eyes and smiled, and the pinkish color on his lips appeared dazzling in the eyes.

“Of course it’s a joke, Your Highness.” He smiled and shook his head, “Since you are the Prince of the Empire, please act a little more cautiously—for example, has no one taught you not to casually ride on a stranger’s mecha?” 

Before the words fell, a huge force shook Garcia’s palm. The mecha Snow Dove hummed softly and steadily rose in the air. It was like a swan flapping its wings that was about to fly, and shoot straight into the sky.

Garcia’s expression changed.

“Stop! You…” 

He stabbed a red golden crystal bone from his right wrist, wanting to suppress this Snow Dove with the power of his crystal bone!


In a split-second, a bullet struck the crystal bone, making a crisp “ding” sound.

In the cockpit of Snow, which was quickly rising into the air, Jiang Jianming held a gun in his right hand and said warmly, “I’m sorry, Your Highness….It’s really inconvenient for me to deal with the censorship of the fortress, so I can only escape.”

He was simply laughing nonchalantly, but just now he was decisive and precise when he shot at the prince, without the slightest hesitation.

The gust of wind as the mecha lifted off into the sky ruffled the white-blond curly hair of the prince. Garcia raised his head in anger, but his movements suddenly stopped.

His crystal bone that even the artillery bombardment of the pirate group could not penetrate, naturally could not be injured by a single bullet. However…the prince clearly saw the gun in Jiang Jianming’s hand, the gun’s body was glowing with a silver-gray luster, like a noble silk woven by the Milky Way.

Garcia’s pupils shrank slightly, and he whispered with uncertainty, “Wings of Venus…?”

It was this moment of hesitation that bought Jiang Jianming time, and the snow-white mecha flew straight up, leaving only this pilot’s sentence. “Goodbye Beta Alien Star, Your Highness Garcia.”

Seth Henry’s chime sounded in the S-Snow’s cockpit:

Snow has switched to flight mode and is about to rush out of the Beta Alien atmosphere. 

Preparation for high-dimensional jump has been completed, and the jump can be made at any time.

Attention, attention! The pressure-relief fluid is not injected. The jump will cause a huge load on the driver’s body. Woof..

Jiang Jianming’s heart thumped hard. “Jump.”

In an instant, S-Snow Dove broke through the atmosphere of Beta Alien Star and shrank to a corner of the sky where night gradually fell.

When the dark galaxy of the universe flowed on the glass in front of the cockpit, the spherical wormhole suddenly opened, and the snow-white mecha thrust into it, completely eradicating its traces.

On the dusty ground, only Garcia was left looking at the sky with a thoughtful gaze for a long time.


Alpha Alien, E1 region.

The blue two moons hung high, and the non-stop long wind brought chills. The sky was covered with a thick layer of clouds, and light snow was falling.

Alpha Alien Star, this was the farthest planet from the three habitable star systems of the human empire in the far-reaching interstellar range that had been explored. Throughout the entire year, cold winds blew for eight months. The First Fortress of the Silver Big Dipper Expeditionary Force was located here, standing as the front line of human civilization year after year.

Mecha Snow Dove stopped on the snow-covered ground.

In the cockpit, Jiang Jianming’s eyes were tightly closed, a few strands of black hair wet with cold sweat stuck to the side of his pale face. He seemed to have passed out.

Just within a day, he suddenly entered the far-interstellar environment with rich crystal particles, and experienced such a high-intensity mecha battle of life and death… In addition, he also suffered the pressure of two high-dimensional transitions.

Such successive loads superimposed on an ordinary disabled human, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one died suddenly.

After an unknown amount of time, Jiang Jianming’s body twitched slightly, and he regained a little back of his senses.

He only felt a splitting headache, his limbs were sore, and his internal organs seemed to be wrapped together, and even the weakest breath would be painful and convulsive.

His throat was on fire, and every cell in his body was screaming that it was thirsty.


Jiang Jianming struggled to take a little breath and he couldn’t even open his eyes.

 “… water…”

The blue light of the intelligence Seth Henry, jumped on the screen, Snow’s mechanical claw pulled out a bottle of emergency energy water from the supply box, and placed the metal straw to the owner’s chapped lips.

Jiang Jianming took a sip and swallowed a few mouthfuls with difficulty. The cool liquid moistened his throat, and the burning pain finally subsided.

It’s just that he was so weak that he soon lost the strength to sip. The straw slipped from his unconsciously opened lips. Jiang Jianming was dizzy, and his consciousness drifted away again.

In the haze, he seemed to see the vast and icy dark sea of ​​stars, the scorched earth of an alien star with condensed translucent real crystals, and the platinum curls flying in the flames of war.

Someone came to him…. But he didn’t know if it was Ryan or Garcia, or someone else.

In this starry night, Jiang Ming struggled several times to wake up and then fell into a coma, and he was paralyzed for a long time, before his physical strength recovered little by little.

When he really woke up, it was already dawn in the Alpha Alien Star.

The snow stopped about half an hour ago, and the light of dawn fell into the cockpit of S-Snow Dove.


Jiang Jianming slowly exhaled, his eyelashes moved, and he struggled to open his eyelids.

His field of vision became clear, the familiar cockpit and words jumping on the screen in front of him. 

The driver’s vital signs are detected to be unstable, Woof! Please accept the therapeutic apparatus for treatment….

Jiang Jianming leaned on the driver’s seat dazedly, sliding his fingers into his messy hair.

“….Did I dream again?” After Ryann left, he always had some dreams from time to time, but never as clear as just now.

Master, please accept the treatment of the therapeutic apparatus, please…

The morning light was hazy in front of him, Jiang Jianming narrowed his eyes and tried to move.

Most of the discomfort on the body disappeared, and only a sense of exhaustion in the hands and feet remained.

Then he reached out and poked Seth, and said hoarsely, “Where’s the real crystal? Has the analysis result come out yet?”

Please take…! Take…

Seth Henry’s voice jammed for a while then answered the question two seconds later.

The real crystal has dissipated and dematerialized, comparison results, the crystal bone of the old master was a successful match!”

Jiang Jianming was stunned for a long time, and subconsciously touched the ring that he regarded as a necklace.

What happened was so strange that his mind was a little confused.

First of all, surely it was not a disguise…..He was too familiar with Ryann. His Highness can’t fool him.

Whether he saw Ryann himself or not, anyhow that person really didn’t recognize him.

Could it be amnesia?

But why use a different name and identity?

It doesn’t make sense. Since Garcia can appear in front of people openly, I think “having to feign death to avoid some conspiracy” can be ruled out. But why did the Empire announce that the Crown Prince was dead?

Thinking back, are Garcia and Ryann really two different people?

As Lieutenant Colonel Louis said, the Second Prince had been stationed in the Far Star since he was young, therefore he was not known by the Imperial people, and that even Ryann had not told him?

Ryann…When he tentatively mentioned Prince Ryann, Garcia’s mood obviously changed.

What the hell’s going on? The military and political leaders led by Marshal Chen must know. For three whole years, no one had ever told him… it because of the secrets involved?

There was also the rumor that His Majesty will announce another Crown Prince this winter. Is the so-called new Crown Prince, Garcia?

Jiang Jianming rubbed his temples and shook his head and sighed.

“…Forget it.”

That man, who left in a heartless and strange way that year, now appeared in front of him also in such a ruthless and mysterious way. 

God, did he owe this person in his last life?

Jiang Jianming smiled bitterly. He took a look at the vast snow landscape in front of him and suppressed his agitation. 

Forget it. I can’t think of anything. Now that the matter is already like this, I can only move forward.

As his calm gradually returned, he gave an order to the intelligence. “Help me locate the First Fortress, Seth, and let’s find your body.”

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