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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH063


The imperial family and aristocrats of this era were like celebrities from her previous life. It was the royal family that had revealed itself. Moreover, now, among the people, the Emperor was perceived as an aging scarecrow, and the prince as an idiot who had no interest in succeeding to the throne. The prestige of the imperial family would be saved if the prince who showed up was not an idiot but a young man resembling the sunlight.

It’s easy to hide his existence, he existed, and the authority of the royal family was raised. Imprinting Leone’s existence as well. Wouldn’t the villainous Grand Duke, who had previously sent assassins to the imperial castle to kill Leone, also give up on him?

No, was this really okay?

“Uh… Mr Adler. I just thought deeply. Sounds like a good idea?”


“It’s marching.”

“Just now, Trixie agreed that Lord Leone would be having a hard time, right?”

Adler asked with a puzzled expression.

“If you just solve that, it’s a really good way, Mr Adler. As a citizen of the Empire myself, I know very well what everyone thinks about the prince who never showed up. Hiding in the imperial castle, they think he’s a pathetic young man who has no interest in people’s livelihood.”

“That’s too much! Do you think that much?!”

“But they suddenly marched. The prince who showed up is even handsome! And he overflows with elegance. So what do they all think?”


As soon as the words ‘handsome’ and ‘elegant’ were mentioned, Adler calmed down. It was an expression of understanding.

“And in the meantime, about the vacant position of the prince, we roughly evade it, saying, ‘Actually, he went to study abroad’, and march with splendor saying that he is on his way back from studying abroad.”

“All good. It makes sense. But the biggest problem is, isn’t it whether Lord Leone can endure it? How are you going to solve it?”

“That’s the problem…”

Adler said they had no time. He couldn’t afford to do slow adaptation training.

“Really, even if there are a lot of people, is it okay if Leone is alone?”

After their reunion, Leone never set his teeth or growled at anyone. Was it the result of face-to-face training, or did he become generous because he was happy to meet her? Whatever. At this point, it didn’t seem too bad to place a bet.


“Hmm. Since Lord Leone said he can, I think we might go out and see the city. As a rehearsal.”

“Downtown?! Isn’t that too dangerous?”

“I’m going to go on a leash.”

“Isn’t it too conspicuous?!”

“I’m thinking of staying in the carriage for now.”

Even when marching anyway, Leone would have to use a carriage to hide her by his side. Also served as a bodyguard. When Leone stays in the wagon, it’s perfect to make sure it’s okay for the noisy world outside.

“I won’t be able to practice much because the time is short, but I want to go to a place where there are as many people as possible before we leave.”

“…I want to be quite against it, but at the same time I feel like I want to try it too.”

Adler, thinking deeply, finally nodded his head.

“If Trixie succeeds, I will send a messenger to the imperial castle. We should pick the fastest knight.”

“Yes, please.”

“I will accompany you.”

“Just follow me, please. This is an experiment to see if Leone can really stand up when he’s with me.”

“It is dangerous.”

“When have you only done safe things?”

“That’s right… hmm. When are you going out?”

“The horns are also sweet, so I’ll go right away.”

She grabbed his armrest to get up from the couch.

“Leone, let’s go.”

At her words, Leone also stood up. This time, she looked around to make sure he didn’t hit his knee on the table. Hey, where’s the table?

“Adler, didn’t you see the table here-”

Her question was strange, but the huge shadow she met as she turned her head was even more strange. Leone was holding up a marble table that was as tall as her.

“Leone, why are you holding that!”

She stomped her foot in surprise. Leone moved his chin as if telling her to get up. He didn’t know how to do that anymore…?

“Go, Trixie.”

“No, why?”

“Because it hurts.”

Just because she bumped into it when she was getting up, was he removing the obstacle at all?

“Thanks… woah?”

Even though she was giving thanks, she was confused about whether this was something she should be thankful for.

“First of all, Trixie. Get out of the spot. I think that’s how Lord Leone will put the table down.”

“Ah yes. yes.”

Adler, who quickly came to his senses, gave her advice. Sure enough, Leone set the table down on the floor when she left. Rather than putting it down… He had to hit it hard enough to put it down.

“Leone, you are going outside with me. Are you okay?”


“When you are ready to go out, come out. I will keep the carriage waiting.”

Adler left the room. Leone and she also headed to the room to get ready to go out. There was nothing to prepare for since she was already in her street clothes, but it seemed polite to look in the mirror at least once before going out.

“You’re going out!”

As soon as she entered the room, workers with excited voices followed her.

“Yes? Where do you get that…”

“That’s what Adler just said! Give me your street clothes. Ahhh, but this mansion doesn’t have a dress that Bella can wear. Production takes time, so I think I’ll have to buy a ready-made one. The tailors in this town aren’t very good, but… They will come right when you call. I think the clothes will be ready in two hours.”

“Yes… yes? No. I don’t need clothes. We can go out like this!”

“Yes? That’s a dressing gown!”

Adler… Why did he have to talk…?

“No. It’s because it’s really burdensome.”

“But all I have is a dress that a customer who came a long time ago left behind. You’re young, so you’re small… hmm. If Miss Bella grows up, it might be right. Still, it’s out of fashion, so it’ll feel a bit outdated.”

“Oh! I really want to wear that dress! Really. By all means! I am very curious!”

If she said that she would go out like this, she would have to sit down whiñe they call a tailor, so she chose a dress.

“All right…”

The servants had visibly sullen faces. These people were really quite bored. Well, since they worked together in a villa without an owner, it was quite boring. Besides, like quasi-aristocrats, they must have a lot of interest in dressing up.

“Eh. Since it’s a festival, I wanted to make it prettier.”

“…A festival?”

What festival?

“Did you not know? I thought it was because of the festival because you were going out today…”

“I had no idea.”

“Stud lives on wine and hot spring tourism, right? So, for the purpose of attracting visitors, we hold a festival with a theme every month. Thanks to that, more tourists come to visit us.”

“That is… Is it today?”

“Yes! The theme for this month is the ripening summer and the cool sea. It’s not a real sea, but they tend to decorate it with that kind of atmosphere throughout.”

It’s a festival she didn’t even think of, but she thought Leone was going to have a really hard time.

“Leone. There are many people outside. Let’s just not go out.”


“It will be difficult. There are too many people.”

“I’m fine.”

He said it was okay with a really calm face, so she hesitated whether they should go out or not. Maybe he didn’t know what ‘there are many people’ means? Or maybe it’s because he’s never seen too many people, so he thought it’s probably a dozen or so?


As if recognizing her dizzy thoughts, Leone held her hand.

“I’m not tired, I’m not.”

There was power in the low voice.

“Trust me, give me.”

A gentle smile was brighter than the summer sun.

“We also brought a shirt and cravat for Lord Leone to wear. Since it’s summer, make it as light as silk!”

She was worried about going out, but the servants seemed to misunderstand that their outing had been decided. The way Leone approached here with his shirt and cravat out was greed itself.

‘I want to decorate…!’

‘It’s been a while since I’ve had fun…!’

The eyes of the servants, who had been laughing kindly until just now, glistened with madness.

“Ah. You can’t get close to Leone!”

She instinctively moved her body and stood in front of Leone.

“Omg. Sorry.”

Standing with arms outstretched as if protecting Leone, who was taller than her, she suddenly felt like a knight on a white horse trying to save the delicate prince from bad villains.

“Um, no matter what…”

“Were we in too much of a hurry? Sorry. This doesn’t happen very well, so I’m excited…”

The problem was that in front of her were not bad villains, but good people who were kind and obedient.

“That, that… This kid is very scared. He is surprised just to have a stranger by his side. I think it will be very embarrassing if you get close.”

Even as she spoke, her explanation seemed quite reprehensible.

“Kid… you say?”


“Isn’t he older than Miss Bella? There must have been a misunderstanding because of the considerable height difference.”

Even a man who looked older than her… It was embarrassing. But if she backed down here in shame, she would not be a good protector.

“He is like a younger brother whom I raised like a child. Ho Ho.”

“Oh, that’s right. I’m more sorry for our misunderstanding…”

“No. It’s normal.”

If she had witnessed such a scene, she thought she would have misunderstood.

“Then let’s start with Bella’s hair and makeup! Since the dress is old, it would be nice to wear accessories well.”


“Hey, tell me to bring out a dress.”

“Yes. I’ll be back soon!”

She couldn’t give up Leone, so she had to give up her own as well.

“Leone, I’m waiting for you.”

She was helplessly dragged by the servants’ hands. A light petticoat was worn behind the partition.

“It’s a one-piece dress, so I won’t overdo it.”

“Yes, yes.”

She was once a noblewoman, but since she had no memory of Beatrice, she had never worn clothes like this. So, for her, it already felt like overkill.

“Here is One Piece!”


“But now that I see it, it must suit Miss Bella very well!?”

“Really! That’s perfect.”

The lively voices seemed happy. Yes, who would be happy… She moved obediently as instructed.


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