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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH065


‘You’re not leaving for a while.’

That was a lie. The promise to come after ten nights of sleep was a lie. Trixie would disappear. If he missed her now, he would never see her again. It didn’t matter that Trixie tried to run away, even telling him lies. He was already her dog, so it was only natural for him to seek out and pursue his master.

Early morning when everyone was asleep. Leone decided to visit Trixie.

Escape from them was easy, because he had done it many times before. There was one iron bar that had come loose. If he lifted it with force, it would fall out, leaving room for him to leave.

Leone, who easily got out of the cage, ran frantically. There was nothing unknown about this mountain. If he just found the scent of Trixie, he could go to her as it was. But no matter how much he ran, he couldn’t find any sign of Trixie. Eventually, Leone returned to the mansion, where he first met her. Even though there was no way he could meet her there, he unconsciously moved his feet. Because the world of ‘humans’ that Leone knew was just that.

Leone really didn’t know anything about Trixie. Why did humans disappear, why did they stay together, where did they go, what thoughts did they move. He couldn’t tell.

“Crack… Rishi…”

He was nervous. As if she would show up when called, Leone muttered her name.

“As I get older, my hearing gets weird.”

It was at that moment that he met Luther. He was a human being who had ever smelled. It was as if he had seen her face a long time ago. Whatever he was, he was sure to be useful. So Leone decided to ask for help from humans for the first time in his life. His hatred of humans was of no value compared to his desire for love.


A request was a word that moved the heart. Benjamin enthusiastically taught him the effect of a polite request. That, Leone could easily understand. Leone, too, didn’t know what Trixie’s ‘please’ word meant, but because of her earnest and kind eyes, he had come to follow her words.

At the words of a favor he spat out, Luther’s eyes shook.

“…I am. I do not know.”


Unfortunately, Leone’s predictions were wrong. Leone felt helpless. He had strong claws, hard teeth, and a gigantic body that could crush anyone, but he knew nothing about the world. He didn’t know how to find Trixie. The only way was to rely on his nose, touch, and intuition.

“Inside- find it.”

Leone walked towards Trixie’s mansion, knowing she didn’t smell. There was nothing he could do except inspect the mansion. He was so stupid. The human way didn’t work. Leone didn’t know too little, but he didn’t know too much. That alone had to allow him to go to Trixie.

“Wait! Trixie is not there.”

“Huh. I know.”

“But why?”

“How, I don’t know-”

Even though he clearly looked afraid of Leone, Luther persisted in talking to him. Humans were really strange. He did not act contrary to his feelings. 

Trixie, who cared for and loved him but left him, and Adler, who feared himself but endlessly approached him. This man wants to hit Leone, but was afraid of it, and at the same time curious about it.

“Sir Adler… You wouldn’t leave me alone if you knew that I just watched Leone’s hardships.”

Was this the human way?

“…I will help you.”

If it’s the human way to swallow emotions like this.

“Thank you.”

Leone decided to learn. A way of saying thank you even if he didn’t have a heart, and handing over a request instead of a threat. It was a much easier and quicker way than fighting back.

“No. My name is Luther, Sir Leone.”


“I know where Trixie is supposed to be. I’ll take you to the carriage, so get on.”

The inside of the ‘carriage’ was surprisingly cozy. It also felt similar to the space he slept in. While he sat quietly in the carriage, the sun, which had risen high, passed behind the mountain and darkness fell. Luther ran without stopping. Leone observed Luther through a small window toward the driver’s seat. There was no other reason. It was a human observation. If he ever got to see her again, didn’t do it like he’s always been.

He had to get close to humans.

Leone arrived in Stud the moment the dark, distorted desire rooted deep in his heart blossomed. As soon as he got off the carriage, he smelled Trixie. Thanks to this, the longing and nervousness he had been suppressing burst out, and Leone ran. Luther called him from behind, but Leone couldn’t hear him. He ran.


There was only one name in his mind. He moved quickly and followed her trail. He was sure it’s nearby, but it’s frustrating not being able to see her easily. In addition to the smell of Trixie, all sorts of human, food, and strange smells were mixed.

“Head hurts…”

It was such a crazy place that it gave him a headache. Leone frowned and shook his head. He had to concentrate as much as possible. Wasn’t he determined the whole time he was here? He decided to learn the human way. There would be more smells, more confusion, and more sounds. To be by Trixie’s side, he had to do that.

So, this much was nothing.

“If you keep doing this, I will call the guards. Tod-“

It was then. A familiar voice came to Leone’s ears. Leone immediately twisted his body and increased his speed. He had no hesitation.

“If anything, it’s fine to pay back with your body.”

After following the smell and sound, the scene through the window was enough to make Leone let go of the string of reason he was barely holding onto to find Trixie. The figure of a man covering her mouth and threatening, with a ghastly grin.

Leone flew his body without hesitation.


“A monster, a monster!”

Monster. It was a sound he had heard many times. When humans were afraid, when they hated someone, they call it a ‘monster’. Leone had heard that a lot before. Most of the faces of those who spit out the word were similar. Leone thought the word referred to the emotion itself, such as hatred or fear, and he used it that way. He didn’t know the word ‘scared’, so he shouted ‘monster’. But now he knew that ‘monster’ didn’t mean that.

“Dirty hands, put them away.”

Leone could be a monster because he knew exactly what a monster was. To protect Trixie, being called a monster was nothing.

He pulled the man away from Trixie and slammed him to the floor. He jumped on top of him and strangled him.

‘You. Dare. Her.’

Leone’s strength grew stronger, and the man struggled violently. He would became a monster for her. As he thought so, his emotions gradually became empty. All his thoughts were gone, and all he had was the thought of killing this man. Leone was immersed in anger and instinct.

“Leone can’t kill, stop.”

But the moment Trixie hugged him and begged him, everything was gone. The anger and hunting instinct that had disturbed his body and mind all subsided and a sense of relief rose.

‘Ah. It’s Trixie.’


The time away from her was brief, but it was eternity to him. The thought that Trixie might never come back made it even longer. Leone’s heart was filled with bright sunlight. It was the end of a dark nightmare night.

Others were frolicking, but their smells and sounds were indifferent. There was love in front of him to focus on.

“Huh. I won’t kill.”

It was natural for him to listen to her. Leone freed his hand from choking the man. Her eyes reflected in his eyes, and his image was reflected in her blue eyes. Trixie’s startled eyes gradually softened. Leone witnessed relief, joy, and longing in it. It was like his feelings.

“…did you eat something? Any injuries?”

After that, a lot of things happened that Leone couldn’t understand, but wanted to understand. 30,000 gold, repayment, a marriage vow, and because of that vow, Trixie becomes the possession of a strange man… Leone, who had no concept of the institution of marriage, could not know exactly what these stories meant. What was clear was that Trixie was in trouble because of them. The two of them went back to their rooms after work and sat face-to-face and had a conversation.

Trixie couldn’t look him in the eyes even after talking to Leone. Although he couldn’t name exactly what that expression meant, Leone knew from Trixie’s face that his intuition was correct.

‘She really didn’t mean to come back.’

What happened. Oddly enough, he didn’t feel betrayed or angry. Trixie was worried. What was human circumstances, why did his love make such a complicated face? Leone wanted to brighten up her face. He didn’t want her to be questioned or upset.


So the choice was an apology. Trixie got a big reaction when he said things like thank you and sorry. Instead of heavy talk, he wanted to say something else.

“No, Leone. Why are you apologizing to me?”

The embarrassed face was a little different from the complicated face from before. That made Leone happy.


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