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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH061



She forgot to breathe for a moment and needed to take a deep breath later. Leone was still in front of her. Her mind went blank, and her body was powerless. Well, her body was obviously free, but being unable to move made her feel like she was imprisoned.



She had to be conscious to be able to breathe. She took a deep breath so that she would not die an absurd death. It felt like her heart was slowly sinking.

“I missed you too, Leone.”

It seemed that the panic was already caught, but she worked hard to deal with it. She was so ashamed of herself for constantly being thrilled by Leone’s words and actions. If Leone found out that she was sometimes surprised or thrilled, he would want to die a little bit.

The teacher who taught him liked him. How awful! But to excuse herself, she never had such a strange mind. It’s just because of the beauty Leone had. If it’s her, sh was really good at keeping her mind.



“A moment ago. Leave- is, that.”

“I’m not going anywhere anymore, Leone.”

“No that.”

“Huh? Then what is it?”

“Damn knight.”

“Are you asking why he came?”

“You, leave.”

Oh, he meant she almost got fired.

“Ah. Adler is the one who has to protect you. He seems to be worried that I might become your lover.”

“What’s lover…”

“Huh. When people love each other and stay together, you call them lovers.”


“You are a fast learner, Leone.”

As if he didn’t fully understand the situation earlier, Leone asked more. So she explained the situation a few more times for Leone.

“Do you understand everything now?”


Fortunately, she didn’t have to explain all day thanks to his ability to understand and learn much faster than before. A lot had changed.

“Ugh. Adler is very worried. There’s no way we could be lovers. I am Leone’s family and protector. Right, Leone?”

Leone was silent for a moment. The pupils fluttered.


Why didn’t he talk? After waiting for a while, the two eyes that met each other slightly crooked.

“Right, Trixie.”

“That… what?”

“Damn knight, is. Don’t worry- OK.”

He smiled with his eyes… Leone’s eyes and mouth also drew soft curves. He smiled brightly, but he had never even smiled until his eyes except once…!

“Leone, are you smiling too?! Oh my god. What the hell happened on your way here? What did Luther teach you? Luther didn’t say anything…”


Unlike her, who was very surprised, Leone only made a low, incomprehensible sound.

Then a knock was heard.

Knock, knock.

“Miss Bella, Sir Leone. Everything is ready.”

This time, they had no choice but to sleep in the same room, but if they went to the imperial castle, they would definitely complete the separation education.

She went to the room with Leone.

* * *

“You should sleep in your bed, Leone!”

The next morning. As soon as she opened her eyes, she had to scold Leone.

The two beds were placed side by side, spaced appropriately apart. It was neither too far nor too close, so it was just the right distance. It seemed that Leone wouldn’t be anxious that way and she was just satisfied. But when she woke up, Leone was lying next to her again.

“Oh, this is the fourth month already, are you going to be like this again?”

She jumped up and swatted Leone’s arms, slapping them in anger.

“Mmm, Trixie.”

The guy who wouldn’t even answer if he’s asleep…

“Did you know what happened?”


“Did you forget what I said yesterday? I told you to sleep in that bed.”


She raised her finger and bravely charged into Leone’s side.


Leone’s body jumped up as if in shock. It’s a pain.

“Wake up. After washing up and eating, I should talk to Mr. Adler about future plans.”

“Damn knight. no.”

“Yes, yes. I hate it, but what can I do? That damn knight is the one who cares about you the most. Someone who will help you.”

She answered roughly and put on her coat.

“Trixie- damned knight. Weak.”

Leone got out of bed and grumbled in a calm voice. How could he feel the grumbling even though the tone was so constant?

“Adler gives me money. In this world one cannot survive without money, Leone.”

She replied in a somewhat pessimistic voice. Damn money. Come to think of it, she had to bring up the story of 30,000 gold today. A sigh came out.


“Yeah, money. In this world, you need money to own anything. Get the money for goods as these clothes. This is money, and this. Leone’s shoes. This is money If you want it, you have to pay.”

Leone looked down at his shoes with a serious face.

“So, the damn knight- has Trixie, huh?”


Adler had her?

It was embarrassing because it seemed like the lines that a male lead would give to a poor female lead in an old drama.


They taught her that if she wanted something, she had to pay for it, but when she applied that to Adler and their relationship, she felt her face heat up.

“Uh. It’s strange to say he had he… It’s similar.”

Leone didn’t know the exact concept of money, so she overcame her shyness and decided to teach him with the attitude of a saint.

“Adler and I have a contract. I must listen to his orders. He gives money in return.”

“Money…” he murmurs softly

It felt like she was teaching a child the bitter taste of reality.

“So, Leone. I need to help you in the future as well as yesterday. I need to look good to Adler.”

“Go Adler, with Trixie?”

“Uh… yes.”

She nodded, though she felt he was misrepresenting the concept.

Leone continued with a serious face.

“Well, if not?”

If she didn’t do well, she would be cut. She tried to answer without thinking, but she shut her mouth. It was forbidden to give answers that seemed to increase separation anxiety.

“Um, I… won’t get paid. Then I will get poor, and it’s a little difficult.”


“The state of not having money is called poverty. If you don’t have money, you’ll be much worse off than you are now.”

As soon as she finished her words, Leone hurriedly approached her. He grabbed her arms with his two big hands.

“Trixie is not ugly.”

Oh, he looked like a good dog. She nodded.

“Leone, thank you.”



Leone made a complicated face. He seemed to be choosing his words.

“Leave- Might. there is?”


It was a sudden question. Did she tell him she was leaving? She tried to remember it, but she didn’t say she was leaving.

She looked at Leone’s face.

“Damn knight, because-. lover, even if not. leave?”

“…ah. Uh…”

If she looked like a lover, she wouldn’t leave, but if he did wrong with Adler, he was asking if she would leave. When did inferential thinking become so good? It was embarrassing.

She couldn’t answer and chose her words, but Leone looked at her straight in the eyes and said. His hands were stronger than ever, and he gripped her arms.

“I need Trixie.”

It was a desperate look. How did he react to the fact that she might be kicked out?

“Whew. It’s okay, Leone. I won’t be kicked out right now. You fixed it yesterday.”


Leone removed his hand. The warmth from his hand lingered on her arm. It seemed hot. It’s the middle of summer, so it’s something like that. It’s not too hot here in summer, and it’s a refreshing world like autumn… Still, it’s summer.

He unbuttoned his button as if to change into the new shirt she had given Leone earlier.

“Oh, can you change your clothes?”


“Okay. Get changed and call me. I need to do my hair too. Haha.”

She took a step back. Absolutely not because she didn’t want to see Leone change clothes, but because she wanted to check her hair. There was nothing to do but sit down and tie her hair. Anyway, she never avoided Leone out of a strange feeling. Absolutely, no.

* * *

She was prepared to get scolded and explained everything to Adler, but the reaction that came back was unexpectedly boring and warm.

“Okay. So, are they locked up in the drawing room over there?”

“Yes, yes. They also were provided meals. Yesterday I was distracted so I couldn’t tell you what they said-”

“Don’t worry about paying 30,000 gold. It’s not a big deal, so there’s no need to be sorry.”

30,000 gold was not a big deal… Anytime she thought about it, he was an enviable resource.


Leone, who had been quiet until now, spat out words.



“Oh, Leone. Gold is a unit of money.”

“Thirty thousand… A damn knight.”

“Yep. Adler agreed to give me the 30,000 gold I need.”


Hasd Leone woke up to money already? Was there anything he would like to have? It seemed like he had a lot of questions about money from before.

“Trixie, I… By any chance, did something happen to Sir Leon-sama this morning?”

Adler asked cautiously.

Leone, who was sitting next to her, was sitting on the sofa and glaring at Adler with a crooked expression.

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“I feel like he is staring very hard all of a sudden.”

No wonder, since Leone was glaring at Adler with the usual bad eyes. He would be glad that he didn’t growl even though he usually came closer. He’s glaring, it was natural for all men except her, so there was nothing unusual about it.

“It’s always like this.”

“No, today is different.”

Could it be that he was saddened by the glaring eyes because he was called ‘Adler’ yesterday? Hey, Father. It can’t be solved that easily.

“Really, Sir Leone didn’t sleep well, didn’t like eating, or you scolded me in the morning, didn’t anything like that happen?”

“No, everything was really good.”

At her answer, Adler tilted his head.

“Sir Adler. I know you’re more disappointed because Leone called you kindly yesterday, but…”

“It’s not like that.”



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