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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH060


“It’s scary- Oh,”

She jumped up to Leone and covered his mouth trying to say he wasn’t afraid.

“Ooh, why is our Leone like this?! Haha. It’s true that you came to me because you were scared, right?”

“Her. Haha. Tri- No, Bella.”

Adler burst into laughter.

“You look very friendly. Am I right?”

A chill went down his spine at Adler’s question. In the meantime, Leone removed her hand with a disgruntled look. What was this puppy really like?


“Haha. Bella… this can’t work. Whether it’s Sir Leone’s feelings, your feelings, or whether you trample on Sir Leone’s innocence!”

“Innocence! Isn’t Leone worthy of knowing innocence and love?!”

In a fit of rage, she accepted Adler’s words. No, what kind of innocence was there for a kid who just started talking like a human! Of course, animals also experience love, but Leone was a big kid who was deceived. What kind of love developed a child who hadn’t grown up yet?

“What?! Are you ignoring Sir Leone because he doesn’t know!? Leone is a genius. He know everything! It’s just that he can’t express himself. Even on a human basis!”

“No. I’m Leone’s guardian, so will Leone feel love enough to devote his virginity to me? And in my eyes, he’s still a child?!”

“Even children know love!”

She was speechless for a moment. Indeed it was. Even young children used to exchange cheap toy rings as boyfriends and girlfriends. Just because they were young didn’t mean they didn’t know innocence or love.

Then… Leone, did he know love?

Unknowingly, she looked at Leone. A well-groomed side face, a firm jawline, and clear, dazed eyes. Would Leone one day be able to put love in those eyes? Was it possible even right now, not in the distant future? Was it just that he didn’t know? Even though he hadn’t grown up yet, he’s warm, friendly, beautiful, and wonderful. The person he fell in love with would have no choice but to love him in the end. Because it makes no sense not to love Leone.

So in the end… with someone.

‘Somehow… I don’t like it.’

“Bella. Are you listening?!”

She came to her senses. She just lost herself in a great realization and forgot about reality. Wasn’t there something more important to her right now?

“Yes. Mr Adler. Sorry. I was dazed for a while…”

“Although I don’t know exactly between the two of you.”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“This doesn’t work, Bella. Leave from Sir Leone’s side.”


Was she fired?! Suddenly?! She needed to pay 30,000 gold, what should she do?! And now she had to stick with Adler and Leone?! If she failed, was she dead?!

“I’ve helped you so far, so I’ll take care of your severance pay so you won’t be disappointed.”

No. She couldn’t get cut here! So far, she had been thinking about running away. So she was not sure how to hang it. But she was desperate.

‘I don’t want to die…!’

“At night. I was afraid- I went.”

And the voice of salvation penetrated between them.

“Here, the first time.”

Leone spoke clearly.

“Look, Mr. Adler! It’s true that he came here because he was scared!”

“Sir Leone…?”

Adler’s voice, which had a determined face just before, fluttered like a deflated balloon.

“Huh. I was scared. Uh.”

“Leone. Are you covering up mistakes or lying?”

“No. Here. It was unfamiliar.”

“But obviously not earlier-”

“No. Adler.”

Adler? He called him ‘Adler’, not a damn knight. She was too shocked to say a word and looked at Leone, so what about Adler? The ripple effect of that name was considerable.


She heard Adler swallowing tears or emotions. It was clear that he was holding on somehow and enduring that person who was about to collapse. She watched Adler’s leg closely. Even through his armor, a slight tremor seemed to be visible. It may be an illusion.

“You have to… In the…”

“Yes, Mr. Adler.”

“Please put another bed in Bella’s room.”


After his name was called, Adler’s change of attitude was seriously quick.

“Bring herbs and herbs that are good for calming down. You also need a blanket that is not too thick. It would be nice to have a lot of cushions. He often sleeps curled up on his stomach.”

Adler’s orderly conduct continued, and the servants were busy scattering.

“The bathroom is also broken. fine under. Please clean up and dispose of all the ornaments you used today.”

“Yes. That, but Mr Adler. I found that hard-”

“There is nothing to talk about in this mansion.”

It was a sharp voice like a blade.


“… ha.”

Having finished his command, Adler approached Leone with the face of his benevolent father. Leone let out a small breath. Since when had Leone learned to sigh?

“You were scared last night. I’m really worried. Don’t you need a sedative? Are you okay with Bella by your side?”


Leone answered in a dull voice. Judging by his expression or voice, he still seemed not to like Adler. Then why did he call Adler by his name? Was it a sign that he didn’t hate him that much now? Could it be that he was not thinking of the effect of calling Adler’s name? Leone couldn’t have been that clever.

“I… Leone. Hey, maybe… How are you by the side of this damn knight, Adler?”

As if he mustered up courage, his voice trembled. Even though he referred to himself as a damn knight with his own mouth, he didn’t look sad at all. It was insane.


However, his son’s push and pull was considerable.

He just called his name yet, and it seemed to draw a line that he wasn’t close to him.

“Oh, sorry. I almost made a big mistake by failing to read your mind.”

“Huh. You are okay.”

“Thank you!”

What kind of sight was this? She decided to give up the idea. First of all, she was grateful that Adler’s misunderstanding was roughly resolved. Fatigue set in. She just wanted to rest.

“Bella, I’m sorry. I pushed too hard.”

“No. Because Sir Adler loves Sir Leone very much. It’s fine.”

“More than that… hmm. There are circumstances in this hypersensitivity reaction. I will tell you later, so please understand.”


She didn’t know what he was trying to say, but a Count bowing his head and apologizing to a commoner, albeit slightly. He was such a great person.

“Okay then. Tod, look at the two of you sleeping. I must wash.”

“Yes, Mr. Adler.”

“Leone. Good night, sir. Sleep well, Bella.”


“Yes, yes. Adler, have a good rest!”

A great storm has passed. It felt like her legs were losing strength. As soon as she got to her room, she lay down and went to sleep.

“Workers are moving the bed, they should be here soon. I’ll come when it’s sorted out, so please wait here for a moment. It won’t take long.”

Todd showed her to a small parlor right next to her room. Todd lit candles and lanterns all over the room and went outside.


She stretched out on the sofa. There was no quiet day. It was so hard.

“Crack… Bell-.”

Leone, who was going to call her Trixie, hurriedly changed her name.

Laughter broke out.

“Huh. Leone. What?”

It was more peaceful. Warm lights that were not too bright, and the silence that came with the darkness. Leone, who protected her as she lay down on the sofa.

“It’s not scary, it’s not-“

“Huh? Ah. You said so earlier… It seems you really don’t like that excuse. Sorry.”

Did he still have that in mind? This cute puppy now knew how to build his ego.

“It’s not scary.”

“Yep. That’s right. You didn’t come to me because you were afraid.”

Actually, she was not sure what the difference between being scared and separation anxiety was, but it probably wasn’t the same because Leone wasn’t scared.

“I know, I know… haam.”


“Ah no. I’m not sleeping.”

Perhaps it was because of the sudden peacefulness, drowsiness came and the voice became weak and the pronunciation gradually muffled.

“Leone is- Gnyaang… Were you anxious without me? Your heart was racing, and you were afraid I’ll leave again… You came all the way here… I’m sorry… I would be like the one and only family to Leone… I was bad…”

The eyes were also closed. My eyelids were so heavy. It felt like a ton.


“Yes, family… So, you’re here to find me…”


“No? You must be right… Our puppy…”

Her body was losing strength, and she was becoming one with the sofa. She felt Leone got up from the sofa. Where was he going?

“Don’t go far- Leone. Outside… I… can’t keep…”

Even in her clouded mind, she was worried about Leone. She was afraid that if he went out alone, he would be punished. Leone didn’t have an answer. She strained her eyes hard. She was sleepy, but she didn’t want something big to happen to her child. She had to watch.


The moment her vision became clearer, she fell asleep. Surprised, her heart skipped a beat. Leone’s big hand was approaching her. His hand ran through her hair and gently ran it through her curls. It was a kind touch, like soothing, but it didn’t feel affectionate or grateful to her like he usually did. It’s just a beating heart. The prince sat down on the floor, facing her. The large figure covered the lantern lying on the table. Even the red glow behind him made her feel strange. Leone put his arm on the sofa she was lying on and lay down on it, resting his chin on it. Could it be 3 cm between each other? Purple eyes, cool lips with red lines, neatly extended eyebrows. It was a street where you could see each detail.



Leone laughed. A natural smile that was unreal.

“I missed you.”

It was a precise sentence, as if it had been practiced.


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