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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH055


“Ha, you know… So, the plague…”

She smiled, and Jamie whispered to the Count. Count replied sharply, staring at Jamie.

“I know. The pledge was signed when you got married. ”

“Yes, yes…”

“Beatrice Guiseppe, Jamie has a marriage pledge with two names. We have evidence. What about it? ”

It couldn’t be. Clearly, Jamie had burned it. As soon as he realized that the marriage, which he thought was his opportunity to make money did not work out and that he could not divorce, Jamie, who was drunk, threw the marriage pledge into the brazier. At that moment she looked at it and sat down in the corner and fell asleep.

It was frustrating. She should have looked at the end and turned over the brazier and checked it. At that time, she couldn’t even think that she could divorce.

“You can’t use that pledge anymore.”

Anyway, the marriage has already been invalidated, so if you submit a pledge as evidence, it will not be effective. But if that man was a really terrible human being, if he asked for a trial with that pledge… It’s going to be a big deal. Her existence would be known and she didn’t know what secrets would be revealed in the process. Perhaps they wanted to use her to create the 10 millions gold story of the prince who acted like a dog.

“Trixie. When you come to me, let me have a comfortable life. Why… You look pretty. Fuhu. ”

Crazy guy. If they were to walk side by side they would look like father and daughter. It was disgusting.

“No, if you repay three thousand gold.”

“Yes, I’ll give it to you.”

Oh, she had to get rid of them quickly.

“You? Where will a commonther like you get three thousand gold? ”

She sighed. In the end, everything was already ruined from the moment she interacted with the supporting character Adler and the crown prince of the empire. Not that fool, but one of his countless lapdogs may have found her. But even though it’s a glimpse, her personal information was exposed to the Grand Duke’s hands. Her existence could somehow be used by the foes.

What would happen if she was alone then…? Contrary to expectations that her existence would be one of Leone’s weaknesses when they went to the capital, it became a weakness of Leone before she went to the capital. So no matter how much she rolled her head, it was concluded that the side of Adler and Leone was much safer than running away.

After all, the other option was to be left alone.

‘The anxiety factor is splashed after all…!’

The dangerous sulfur was safer. It was hard to predict how long her life would last in the future. As time goes by, everything would be solved in any direction, and she could hide quietly and then splash the protagonist after killing the villain.

‘If I think positively… I can make more money. ‘

It was not difficult to accept the blatand demand of those bastards with the help of Adler. In addition, three thousand gold will be nothing for Count Adler, who was rich. He just would ask her to work for as much as three thousand gold.

“It is possible to repay. Very possible. ”

She sighed and answered. The Count had a dissatisfied face but Jamie had a bright face. How could he be so simple and stupid? Even if she paid the three thousand gold, he had more gold in her name… Jamie would be a slave to the Count until he died.

“And Count, don’t post this story back after the Gold is repaid.”


“Then that marriage vows, please give the document to me.”

This time, she’ld burn it.

“Why should I do it?”

The Count smiled as if he had caught the trap.

“I can’t believe that I will never put these stories to rest. I’m angry that Jamie exploits that vow. ”

“That’s your situation. What is the benefit I get if I give you the pledge? ”

“Hey. I don’t think you can grasp the situation. Okay you dried that child, but you don’t have anyone to dry.”

She looked straight at the Earl’s eyes. She did not forget to show Leone’s shoulders with one hand and show a confident attitude.

“Would you like to walk from two feet here rather than guts now? …Was it more important? ”

Leone stared at the Count as if there would be a laser beam from the eyes. After all, Leone was doing very well. No one could overcome the eyes of that ferocious beast.


The Count’s face became pale again, whether he thought of Leone’s power that crushed himself.

“Lo-Lord. Is in my pocket. In my jacket snacks. I’ll give it to you. ”

She approached him unpleasantly and flipped his jacket. Indeed, it was burned on fire, but the important content was obviously all the pledges that remained there.

“Do you have any more talks about it now?”

It was fortunate that she was a villainess. The 3 thousand gold was a waste, but it was not a big threat because it was a person who could be dispatched with money. Now she could wait for Adler to come.

“Then I will go to sleep.”

The Count said nothing. However, he tried to get up from his seat and was rounded to the floor.

“Haha. Count. There’s too much stomach, so you keep falling. You should lose some weight.”

She didn’t miss the moment and teased the Count. Honestly, she wanted to beat him a few more times, but she didn’t think that was correct. It was a very childish blow but not ashamed. She just matched it to the level. It was so rationalized.

“This… This bitch is like a barrage-! ”

She didn’t like the Count staring at her, and Leone was sitting on the Count on the floor and twisting his wrists tied back.

“Ah! Ah! ”

“Leone. You can’t break it. Still, it’s a Count. ”


Leone seemed to be worried for a while and then stood up.

“Ah, ah…! ”

“Is it really not broken?”

For his reaction it seemed to have broken the entire arm.

“Huh. It’s okay.”

Leonne answered neatly. It seemed to mean that he didn’t break it.

“Yes, let’s go.”

She came out and called Todd, and told him to take the Count to a guest room and monitor him. Todd proposed to hand him over to the guard, but he did not ask deeper. After that, she wrote a letter to Adler and delivered it to the knight who guided her in Stud.

“Leone, come here.”

Late at night after everything was cleaned up, the candle was shifting warm light in the room that was turned on. She called Leone by knocking on the fluffy carpet on the floor. And Leone came and lay on the carpet so she sat in front of him.

“…hmm. That…”

How the hell did he come there? What did he do when he broke the window? Questions were filled in her head. But her mouth did not open. As she sat face to face, her guilt of what she was trying to do, leaving Leone behind, was pushed as a huge wave.

“Huh. Trixie. Say.”

It was not just guilt. From the moment she met Leone again, her heart was overwhelmed. It was a world where no one would find or miss her. The reality of returning with her husband was a world where she wanted to die. In such a lonely life, Leone came to her rescue. It’s as if he was her only ally in this world. Thanks to him, she felt thankful, guilty, sorry… Emotions were entangled.

“… What did you eat? Are you injured? ”

As she felt so complicated, the question she originally wanted to ask disappeared.


She looked at him. He had an incredibly neat face.

“… that… Leone. ”

How should she treat him? It was just a while, but she couldn’t treat him as she used to because sheI did something wrong.


Leone called her in a loud voice. Then he got up and sat with his butt on the floor. He was acting as a person. And his red lips opened slowly.



She didn’t know what he was sorry about. So she froze as it was. He looked at her and said once more.

“Sorry, Trixie. ”

Beautiful purple eyes were floating. Leone was nervous about her reaction.

‘I’m sorry.’ She urgently shook her head.

“No, Leone. Why do you apologize to me? You helped me there. Thank you so much. ”

Really. She had never been so happy to see others since she fell into that world. She couldn’t even imagine that Leone would appear and save her, and she felt warm.

But Leone apologized.

“No. Me, wrong. Sun.”

“What did you do wrong?”

“Trixie, word. I don’t listen.”


“Because, Trixie doesn’t like. I come.”


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