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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH053


There’s no way? But clearly, she thought she saw it. A man wearing a white shirt moving like a beast on the garden on the first floor. The man who was creeping with four feet… and golden hair.

“Have you seen it…?”

It was clear that she missed Leone more than she thought. It was not possible for him to be there.

“Haha. Trixie, you’re so stupid. ”

Perhaps she was tired because she met the guild master. She sighed and shook her head.

“I need to sleep early,”

“Bella! Bella. It’s a big deal! ”

The door opened. The worker had a tired face, a young face full of fear. No way, real… was it Leone?

“Count Burket came looking for a woman called Trixie. We tried to stop him but he refused to go. ”

“…Trixie? ”

“Even if there’s no one called like that, he keeps looking for a small woman with red hair and blue eyes. It’s similar to Bella’s appearance, so I want to know something…”

What was that? The mansion was caught in a turmoil. A person who came and said exactly her name and appearance… all that mess was her fault. So, she moved to solve it. Why was that person looking for her? Following the worker, she headed to the parlor. Anyway, he was a noble, so she had no choice but to go to see him.

“I’ll go in.”

The inside was silent. The door opened and trembled and moved his feet.

“Bella, we will be together. A guard will wait outside in case we need him. ”

Todd tried to be next to her, but she was anxious.

Trixie, did he come looking for Trixie? Exactly, her… She felt like a turmoil.

‘Had my identity been revealed?’

No. Adler hid her identity to the workers of that mansion with deep trust. However, it was not impossible to identify her because of the debris of the past.

She smiled as naturally as possible and asked Todd.

“I’ll be ok. He is a noble, and it’s against the example to welcome the Count with a servant. ”

“But if you’re alone when it was him who came this late at night-”

“I’ll ask you for help if I need you.”

“… I will be right in front of the door with the guard. ”

Todd retired with a steamed face. The door was closed only after she entered and faced the Count. The man sitting in front of her get up and looked like a toad.

Count Bucket… He had never appeared in the original.

“I’m sorry for coming so late at night. But it was a little urgent. ”

He was calmly speaking, and he was very cheap and ferocious. For some reason, she thought it wasn’t a human being.

“If you knew it was late at night, you could have come tomorrow.”

Now she was recognized as a noble woman in that mansion and in front of the Count. So she seemed to have some guts.

“Where is it going in the world? It is inevitable. ”

Even in one pointed words, Count Buckett did not even even be sorry or even face.

“You were looking for a woman named Trixie.”

It was useless to wrestle, so she took out the main point. The Count nodded with a pleasant smile.

“I have something to see. In several ways. ”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but there is no such person here.”

What the hell did he want of her? It was her first time seeing him.

Her heart jumped. Her body was full of anxiety.

‘Everything is okay.’

There was no one who knew that she was Trixie, and he couldn’t say it was her since she was in that mansion as Adler’s guest. So it’s okay.

“You have the same appearance and impression as that woman, do you know?”

“I know it’s not a common hair or eye color, but if you look around the Empire, I’m sure you will find several women that look like me. So if you excuse me. ”

“I have to get three thousand gold from the bitch.”

Three thousand gold!? Suddenly she stopped by the amazing number of debts that protruded.

That two-timer…! What had he been doing while she worked all day!

“It’s that so? Then you should go elsewhere and find her. I can’t help you. ”

She indicated her discomfort as hard as possible. Count Bucket, who smiled roundly, suddenly jumped out of his seat. Was he really going to go? Was it so easy to convince him…?

“I have to call my servants for a while.”

“Yes? Go back- ”

“Jamie. Come out now. ”

Ja… mie?

As if she was hit by her head, she felt stupid. The voice of Count Bucket rang out. It was as if to announce the beginning of a fun show. The door of the parlor did not open, however, the thick curtains leaned on the window and a man walked out of it.

“Huh. Trixie,  long time no see. You have improved. ”

That familiar and terrible voice. It was Jamie. Her husband, it was her husband. It only gave her a terrible and painful memory. Jamie, who was much less wealthy than before, and the shadow under the eyes, smiled at her. It was like a man who was caught in alcohol and drugs.

He touched her body and seemed dangerous as if he would do anything right now.

All kinds of emotions were whistling. Fear, disgust, anger, embarrassment.

She shouldn’t be trembling right now. No…

“… Huh. ”

She had been feared without knowing. The violence that his hand swollen, the rant that his mouth spit out. The time of a year and a half when she crouched and lived in the dusty small cabin was overwhelmed by her. Her hands trembled. But there was no one to help her there. She knew that, so she captured her expression and refined my voice.

Even when she lived with Jamie, she did not die. So she didn’t have to be scared.

“This… You’ve called my servant, so I think you’re ready to go back. ”

But it was inevitable that the voice trembled thinly. The time she almost forgot came back, and the hits were significant.

“Haha. Tricky, I’m like this, huh? Your husband is always the same, I struggled like this, huh? So if you pay…”

Count Bucket came to her.

“Beatrice Juzepe. 19 years old. The third daughter of Juzepe’s family. She went to work as a maid in Count’s mansion and did not return home. Recently, she has been on vacation and begins to stay at the villa of Count Adler in Studard… This is what I’ve noticed, is it wrong? ”

Where did he get that information? Even though he heard the story of Beatrice, he couldn’t have found out that she was in the mansion of Count Adler.

Adler was also very careful to keep the name of Count Adler and the Prince of Leone. In addition, there was no name of Adler even when the first request came. A rich aristocracy was on the attendance of an illegitimate child. The Count was trying to hide the identity, but a commoner found it? It’s ridiculous. The villains had yet to be fully identified because of the location of the mansion in the Mato Mountains. If so, that Count means that the information was found in a path other than Jamie.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you know you’re doing something that’s contrary to courtesy now?”

It was steamed that Count Bucket knew, but now it was important to cover the question and consistently.

“If you keep doing this, I will call the gua-“


Her voice to call the guard was easily stopped. The Count blocked her mouth. It was a great grip that didn’t even make a moan.

“I don’t hate loud bitches, but it’s bothersome if you rebel now.”

The Count’s face was disgusted.

“It’s something to educate. It’s not difficult to keep your mouth shut. ”

“Uh, .”

“You wanted to hang out with this aristocracy, huh? Now I have to regain my work. What is low is that you are flat as low as it is. ”

Eyes with a huge duck. She should have shouted at the beginning and entered accompanied with people. She didn’t know that the smile would disappear on the Count’s face that caught her.

“Your husband’s debt is in my gambling field. Among them, he borrowed three thousand gold in your name. Do you understand now? ”


“It’s the money you have to pay back. Three thousand gold.”

There was no such money. Even if she combined all the money she received from Adler, it was not enough. And it didn’t make sense to gamble enough for the common people to owe three thousand gold. Jamie was also used for something. The unpleasantness toward the Count continued.

“If you don’t, you can pay it back with your body.”

The Count smiled. Unpleasantness came up all over her body. He was creepy.

“But, Count Bucket. Make Trixie pay and my debt. exemption… … . ”

“Yes, yes. Jamie. ”

“Thank you. Thank you…! Trixie, ma… may be useful. Hehehe.”

What did these crazy guys say? If she didn’t do anything, she would be dragged.

‘Trixie, you can do it.’


She bit the palm of Count Bucket.

“This crazy bitch-”

Count Bucket was surprised and sweared. But the end of the grip was cut off.


With the sound of breaking the window.


Jamie screamed and the confusing thoughts stopped.

“It’s a monster!”

At the same time, the door of the parlor opened.

“Bella?! This sound is alternative… are you okay?”


A dazzling golden hair that resembles the sun, a purple eye with the light of the sky. Tightly shut up lips. Big hand, wide shoulder.

‘Ah. My dog.’


Translator Note:

Leone is back!! Although, in my opinion, Jamie is more dog (in a bad sense) that Leone, don’t you agree?

Hello there! This is RJR, thank you very much for reading!

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