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Crowning my Feral Prince – CH013


“Yes? That’s the way it is, Teacher.”

Her face burned with the unexplained respect Gourden had for her. Every time he did it, she looked back at her surroundings. It was a relief that the people here were good-natured and didn’t laugh at me.

There were a lot of people of a much higher status than her there.

Even though they came from a commoner background, they were above the middle class, and there were also a lot of sons of barons. It was only natural that it was the place where Count Adler and Prince Leone were enshrined.

Hearing Gourden’s voice calling her Teacher when there were so many people with a higher level of knowledge felt like cooking ramen in front of a famous chef.

“But, if I don’t call my Teacher ‘Teacher’, what do I call you?”

The answer that came back made her head throb. That answer was what Gourden would say whenever she tried to dissuade him. It was okay in the main building, but it was even more embarrassing because it kept happening in the annex where there were many servants.

“No… I have a name.”

“Ah. Then Lady Trixie! How are you?”

“If you add ‘Lady’ to my name, you are putting me at the same level as Adler!” *

“Ha. Okay. How about this…?”

Why was he taking it so seriously? Why should she be called a teacher…

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand. The past few days, Leone had been remarkably calm when it came to being next to her. He rushed at Gourden every time, but she tried to block him while holding on to his back. When he showed a rough expression, she, who was standing next to him, pushed him with her leg and stepped out, blocking his view and blocking his action.

She did it several times because of Deoksoon’s bite in the past, so she succeeded easily in the present.

Whether it’s a small or large puppy, it was important to stand at high eye level so that he recognized the person as a wall, and move quickly and resolutely, so it’s okay even if the person didn’t have the strength like her.

After repeating that a few times, Leone didn’t run at Gourden even if he got angry. No, in fact, he seemed to be looking at the timing so that he could comfortably run into Gourden. The killing spree in Leone’s eyes was still bad.

Even so, that respect from Gourden who saw the blocking scene a few times when she blocked Leone… The disease deepened. He asked how such power came from such a small body, and said that she seemed to be stronger than Adler-sama, and his eyes lit up. No matter how much she explained it, he shook his head and applauded her saying that she was the best teacher, who was equipped with intelligence as well as business mind in the world.

“Just call me by my name.”

“But, Teacher.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. When I’m called ‘Teacher’, I got sick to… my stomach. My stomach really hurts.”

Whatever it was, whatever she said to Gourden didn’t work. She clutched her stomach and let out a ‘ouch’ groan. She looked at him with a serious expression.

“Oh my gosh… Do you have such a disease?”

“Yeah. I have it!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Teacher! Even if I have a short learning curve, I know that there is no such thing. You are so humble! You are a model for all people who are perfect even with that character.”

“… ha.”

“Trixie. Why are you still in the lobby?”

Then Adler opened the door and called her name. It was on the verge of further praise from Gourden. Nice timing, Adler!

“Yeah? Oh, talking to Gourden…”

“I found the book.”

He approached and held out an old book. She quickly picked up the book and held it in her arms.

“Then I will really rest.”

She had to run away because of Gourden. She took the key that Adler gave her earlier and went through the hallway on the first floor and into the third room. It’s much more colorful than her room, but all the furniture was covered in fabric and it was dusty like it hadn’t been used in a long time.

“I can rest here… right?”

Jamie’s house was a dust pit too, but it was worse here. Judging from the accumulated dust from not using the room, it was fortunate that nobody got consumptive disease.

She opened the window and sat down on the high windowsill. Unlike typical mansions, it wasn’t huge and the small windows were cute.

“Let’s see.”

As she opened the book and flipped through it, various pictures popped out, from all kinds of small animals to birds flying in the sky. Surprisingly, there was quite a lot of content, so she was looking forward to it. Thinking about Leone’s behavior, maybe he was a canine animal like a wolf or a fox?

After looking for the beast part and passing it for a while, she found the wolf’s chapter. Unfortunately, there was not as much information about wild beasts as other animals.

“Here we are. Wolfs… When they howl, a companion usually appears. It seems to howl is their way of calling, so if you howl, they will run away.”

On a full moon night, the image of Leone crying on the roof passed by.

She read through the book. A lengthy explanation of how fast and massive the wolf was followed.

“They hunt in groups. If you are found by a wolf, give up and run away first.”

No, all the book could say was to run away when wolves were near.

“According to the eyewitness account of Mr. A, an old hunter in K village, he said he had seen a wolf hunting. But the wolf that finished the hunt did not eat and waited for another wolf to come and eat it. That wolf seems to be female. As far as is known, wolves are monogamous animals. The pack seems to be a family unit.”

Huh. Wolves were practicing monogamy that even humans in that world couldn’t do.

“So, when a wolf shows up, there’s a good chance the pair and family are waiting near. The best option is to run away.”

Anyway, running away until the end was a very consistent argument in the whole book. The wolf entry ended there so she closed the book

If what Leone was trying to do to the rabbit at that time was hunting… Why the hell did he do that? She seemed to be able to take a hint from the things he had just read.

“… No way!”

Then, all of a sudden, a thought popped into her head.

* * *

“Sir Adler! Thanks for the book.”

“Yes, have you finished reading?”

“Yeah. By the way, can I borrow it a little more?”

“As you like.”

“Is Lord Leone awake by any chance?”

She felt good.

She stepped back into the lobby with light steps. Looking at his appearance, Adler, who said he would manage the main building today, was really sitting in the lobby reading something. It was strange to see a person who was always stuck in the study sitting in the lobby.

“I told you to rest. Sir Leone slept in late today. It will take a while for him to settle down, but as you asked not to use any violence, Gourden is taking care of him.”

‘Leone is not playing with him, but hunting…’

She just swallowed the words inwardly.

“When we are in a hurry, we will ask for help first, so I told you to stay still until your injuries heal. We know how to-”

“Ah, I didn’t come out because I was worried about you two.”

“Then what is it?”

Adler shouted, looking at me with a face that said, ‘I’m going to be crazy.’

“I want to see Lord Leone!”

“… Yes. You look like so.”

Adler sighed with a complicated face. She wanted to see Leone, but what was she going to do if Adler said no?

“Where is him?”

“They just went out into the front garden. Gourden said don’t worry because he learned a lot from you and went out with Sir Leone.”

“Is he carrying a whip?”

“Nope. What he is carrying are… bones.”

“Ah, I see.”

She nodded.

Well, Gourden was the one who watched her diligently as she disciplined Leone more than anyone else. So he would have known right away that whips weren’t good, and Leone was very fond of bones. Much more than Deoksoon.

When given a meaty part, he gnawed and chewed it like crazy. The reason Leone has been pretty stable lately was mostly thanks to the bones. If it were a real dog, she would have controlled it not to eat too much, but Leone was human… … like… He was one.

“I will go out too. Could you take care of the book for a moment? I have no hands.”

“Leave it over there. Just be careful not to get hurt.”


Adler’s words were similar to her father’s nagging. He was a knight, so he was strict in everything, but he was kind-hearted by nature, so it was nice to hear him nagging.

When she opened the door, her eyes were dazzled by the blue sky and clear sunlight.

“Si… Sir Leone. Eat this!”

“Krrrrong, Kwang!”

She saw Leone running while barking violently, and Gourden running with a face on the verge of crying.

‘Oh my gosh.’

She almost cried a little dizzy. Gourden vigorously took out the bone and tossed it backwards. The bone landed right in front of Leone. Gourden’s workmanship was precise. Leone, whose eyes widened as if he were going to eat Gourden, stopped at the smell of the bones and then lay down on the lawn and chewed on the bones.

“Leone. Do you like it? Should I get you more?”


He must have been very scared as he was being chased, but Gourden quickly smiled and spoke to Leone. When Leone heard his voice, he let out a threatening cry. Still, Guruden could throw a bone and watch it.

Adler could not stand very far. He just had to be out of sight. He was the one who fought the most, so he had no choice but to do so. Adler’s face became very sad when she told him to stay out of Leone’s eyes if possible. But if he tried harder, he’dl be able to get closer, or so she said, comforting him with a sad smile. At that time, she felt like she saw a hurt father when a son who had reached puberty slammed the door and went out.


“Oh, Teacher!”

When she called for Gourden, Leone and Gourden’s gazes were focused at her the same time.

“Did anything happen?”

“Ok. Teacher! Yes. I’ll give you a bone, Sir Leone, be a good boy.”

“Okay. Leone. Hi!”

She said hello to Leone, who was staring at her. It was clearly a human face, but she had an illusion that his ears were pricked up and his nose was moving.


Leone let out a small sound and got up and walked towards her on all fours. She sat cross-legged and greeted him.

Leone held out his head and she naturally stroked him.

“Haha. What do you think? How have you been doing?”


After a brief reply, he suddenly approached her. His warmth rapidly approached, making her feel embarrassed.


Translator Note:

* She doesn’t say “Lady” but “Nim”. I changed it to addapt the text to the context.

Hello there! This is RJR, thank you very much for reading!

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