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COR Chapter 74


Pen Fairy (Part 2)

Wei Shen’s heart beat wildly in an instant, and even his ears began to buzz a little.

He stared in disbelief at the circle that was almost drawn like that of using a compass, and felt that it was definitely not something that ordinary people could draw casually. After a pause, he swallowed hard. “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy……..May I ask if you are a man or a woman?”

The tip of the pen standing on the white paper trembled, then slowly moved to a corner of the paper, and finally drew a circle on the word “male”.

This feeling was very strange, but Wei Shen’s whole body was numb and stiff at the moment, especially the hand holding the pen. Even though it was very close to Cheng Sheng’s, he didn’t feel any temperature belonging to the human body at all, only that damp sticky with sweat feeling between the cold fingers of the two of them, but in this situation, their strength in holding the pen did not decrease, fearing that a mistake might happen if they accidentally let the pen go–

According to the rules of the game, before sending away the invited Pen Fairy, remember to not let go.

In addition to this, there was one more important taboo: Absolutely, one shouldn’t ask how the Pen Fairy died.

“Hey big brother, how did you die?” Cheng Sheng asked.


Wei Shen wanted to beat Cheng Sheng to death on the spot for a moment, and glared at him fiercely with eyes that were almost on fire, but the fear that followed soon overcame the anger at the moment.

This fucking idiot!

……….It’s over, what should I do?

Didn’t he fucking played this before? Don’t he know that this is a fucking taboo!

What should I do? Will there be retaliation? Will I be possessed? Will I die?

………..I won’t survive tonight, right?

Wei Shen was so frightened that he felt the pores all over his body open. He even felt that the air flow around him was slowing down and that the chill behind him spread even stronger, as if it was about to engulf him with the darkness inside–

But when Wei Shen subconsciously closed his eyes and spent the longest few seconds in his life, nothing happened inside the room, even the flames on the table that had been swaying from side to side at first stabilized, and two lines of wax tears quietly slid down.

“Ah, no response?” Cheng Sheng raised his eyebrows.

“Shut up……” Wei Shen gritted his teeth hard, trying to mobilize his stiff body to kick the bastard under the table. At this moment, the pen that the two were holding each other suddenly moved, but under Wei Shen’s peripheral gaze, there were no ghosts like in the legend around, there was only the cold touch on the back of the hand—as if someone was invisibly holding their hands.

The nib moved slowly across the paper, and finally wrote a slightly elegant word: Water.

“What does this mean?” Cheng Sheng stared at the word for a long time, and suddenly realized, “I got it, you were drowned!”

“Can you shut up! Do you think your life is long enough?” Wei Shen finally couldn’t restrain himself from roaring.

“Okay.” Cheng Sheng shrugged, there was no expression of fear on his face at all, and the candlelight refracted on the mirror even made his eyes look a little soft. “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy, can you tell me when I can find a boyfriend?”

Wei Shen choked on his saliva because of him, and stared at the paper nervously again.

And this time, the answer given by the Pen Fairy was also only a simple word: No.

“… What does this mean?” Cheng Sheng was stunned for a moment, with a sad expression on his face. “Does it mean that I will never find it in my life?”

Wei Shen took a deep breath and interrupted him. Since the beginning of the game, Cheng Sheng had been crazily grabbing the show, therefore he couldn’t find a chance to ask questions. Now, while Cheng Sheng was still thinking about it, he quickly gritted his teeth and then opened his mouth, “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy……..Can you tell me whether Xiao Yihan from Class 4, sophomore, will return to her normal mental state?”

“Xiao Yihan?” Cheng Sheng gave him a rather surprised look, “Who is she to you?”

Wei Shen didn’t answer, but just frowned and stared at the paper firmly, seeing that the tip of the pen didn’t even appear to tremble, he couldn’t help asking again, “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy……Can you tell me, a girl named Xiao Yihan in Class 4, sophomore of Fengmen Fourth Middle School, she……”

To Wei Shen’s surprise, this time he felt the pen move before he even finished speaking, and wrote a line on the paper very smoothly: I’m sorry.

I’m sorry?

Wei Shen froze for a moment, and before he could open his mouth to ask any more questions, the pen moved again, and wrote a few more words after the I’m sorry: I’m sorry for her.

I’m sorry for her?

Who is “her”? 

Who are you apologizing to?

Wei Shen felt a little dazed, and Cheng Sheng over there opened his mouth again, but this time he didn’t ask the Pen Fairy a question. “Hey, do you like that girl?”

“None of your business.” Wei Shen ignored him.

“If you don’t tell me, I will let go.” Cheng Sheng said.

“Fuck, are you sick?” Wei Shen was taken aback by his lie, and quickly added, “Shit, I’ve already asked all that, what do you think, do I like her or not?”

“Oh.” Cheng Sheng sighed, “That’s really a little unfortunate.”

“What unfortunate?” Wei Shen was terrified, “I’m warning you, stay away from me!”

“Hey, why are you nervous?” Cheng Sheng glanced at him with half a smile, “I told you you’re not my type.”

“Shut up,” Wei Shen violently ended this inexplicable topic, and continued to mutter, “Pen Fairy Pen Fairy….May I ask what you meant by what you just said? I am a bit stupid and can’t understand……” 

But this time they waited for a long time, however there were no other traces left by the tip on the paper.

“Could it be that he left?” Cheng Sheng whispered.

“…Shouldn’t be?” Wei Shen frowned, after these rounds of questions and answers, he actually felt that the invited Pen Fairy was quite polite. His original fear and nervousness were alleviated, but it was this relaxation that soon resulted in something—he was sitting there without moving, but suddenly he heard someone sighed heavily next to his ear. A burst of cold breath blew past his ear and it made him feel like falling into an ice cellar for an instant.

At the same time, a hand patted his left shoulder lightly, causing Wei Shen to scream on the spot in fright. “Ah!! There is a ghost!!”

“What’s wrong! Where is the ghost?” Cheng Sheng was frightened out of his soul by his yelling, and subconsciously withdrew his hand, causing the pencil he was holding tightly to fall to the table with a thud. Soon it rolled along the corner of the table and to the ground, making Wei Shen yell again in fright. “Why did you let go!”

“I was scared because of you!” Cheng Sheng also shouted.

“That………” A shivering voice suddenly sounded in the room that was only shrouded in a layer of faint candlelight, which was particularly prominent in the roar of the two people. “I……I am here.”

As soon as Wei Shen turned his head, he met a face that was swollen to the point of festering, and above were a pair of black eye sockets. Because of the lack of eyeballs, he could even see the rotting muscle tissue inside at a glance and could also smell a strong rancid smell clearly.

This is probably the great immortal that was drowned in water. (TL: Just referring to the ghost)

Wei Shen felt as if he was strangled by the neck, his face was as red as if he could bleed with a just needle poke, but he couldn’t cry out, he felt suffocated and only rolled the whites of his eyes.

Cheng Sheng turned his head and saw the great immortal, and after a few seconds of brain freeze, he yelled in place of Wei Shen very cooperatively, “Ghost!!!”


At a distance, Bian Shengjian heard the screams, Lu Shen frowned and subconsciously glanced at the time: it was ten minutes before eight o’clock.

“No way, did those two idiots really invited something!” Bian Shengjian’s voice rose all at once, he moved forward hurriedly and then quickly rushed up the stairs. “It’s 603, damn it!”

“En.” Lu Shen also followed closely behind him, and when the two kicked open the door of 603 almost roughly, they saw such a terrifying scene.

Wei Shen and Cheng Sheng were huddled together in a ball with pale complexions. Standing in front of them was a corpse that seemed to be moving. Around the corpse, sticky black liquid was constantly dripping down the surface and a small puddle had formed on the ground exuding an unpleasant stench.

“Help! Help us!” When Wei Shen saw the door open suddenly, he almost scrambled to rush to the door, but Lu Shen ducked into the room and slapped the door shut, with his eyes fixed on what’s behind them–

The moment Bian Shengjian saw the corpse, his heart surged with ecstasy: It’s a resentful spirit! Finally found it!

Without any hesitation, Lu Shen rushed forward and grabbed Wei Shen by the collar, and then neatly raised his hand and slashed the back of his neck. Wei Shen, who was already terrified, was very cooperative at the moment. Like in the TV series, he was knocked out and passed out, then Lu Shen deftly threw him on the bed, and walked a few steps to Cheng Sheng, ignoring his frightened expression at the moment, he stacked the person in the bed with the previous one in a similar way.

Bian Shengjian stood at the door in shock, and didn’t realize it for a long time. “I…you also know how to do this trick?”

“Extreme means in extraordinary times.” Lu Shen glanced at him, “Don’t learn.”

“Who would want to learn this…” Bian Shengjian paused for a moment, then turned his head to find that the resentful spirit who was mistakenly invited by those two idiots had huddled at the foot of the bed, had at some point covered its head and shrunk at the foot of the bed, looking very scared.

“You…do you already have spiritual consciousness?” Lu Shen paused, and slowly squatted down to look at it.

“Yes…… I’m sorry!” The thing huddled in the corner was trembling all over, looking terribly pitiful, “I didn’t…..shouldn’t have…………….I’m very sorry.”

“Bull****!” Bian Shengjian couldn’t help roaring, “Do you know how many people you killed!” 

The resentful spirit shivered a few times from his yelling, and then trembled even more. “No…it wasn’t me…..I didn’t do it……”

“Not you?” Lu Shen immediately extracted important information from its words, “Then do you know where the other one is? Does it also have spiritual consciousness?”

“I……” The resentful spirit that was crouched in the corner raised his swollen and rotten face, and looked around in a very confused way, “Don’t……..don’t know…….today she’s not………”

“Did she kill those two people?” Lu Shen held a talisman between his fingers and narrowed his eyes at the same time, “Why?”

“I…don’t know.” The resentful spirit in the corner was very afraid of the talisman in his hand, and almost tremblingly said, “I prevent…..prevented it, she…she doesn’t listen to me, she’s too…she’s too hateful…I have no way either………sorry. “

“What is your resentment?” Lu Shen put away the talisman, staring at its empty eye sockets and asked.

After hearing his words, the resentful spirit suddenly stopped moving, and then two lines of blood and tears slipped out of his eyes, while muttering to himself, “I….just know…….there will always be this…..this day.”

“I am a spirit envoy, and my responsibility is to take you back.” Lu Shen said, “Don’t you want to be reincarnated? Do you like living in this world with such a ghost-like appearance?”

“I… should be…already a ghost.” The resentful spirit stammered after a pause.

“Okay.” Lu Shen took a deep breath, then turned his head and raised his chin to signal Bian Shengjian to come over before continuing, “Tell me, what is your resentment?”

The resentful spirit quieted down, and it took a long time before he suddenly turned his swollen head to Bian Shengjian, and crawled forward with hands and feet, “Who……………who are you?” 

“Damn, don’t come here!” Bian Shengjian was startled by it, leaned back and said in surprise, “How can this one still talk to us? Was that a stutter? I thought all resentful spirits are like a mad dog and bites indiscriminately when it sees someone.”

“It’s because he already has spiritual consciousness, in simple terms, he has self-awareness.” Lu Shen explained, “But according to common sense, resentful spirits with spiritual consciousness will become very troublesome……..You actually ran out by yourself, it really saves trouble.”

“I……” There was a shy expression on the face of the resentful spirit, and then he extended a decayed finger and pointed to the two unconscious people on the bed, “I saw him…the two played a game… the game is very interesting, just.………can’t help but want to…tease them.”

Bian Shengjian twitched the corner of his mouth and didn’t speak, then saw the resentful spirit uncontrollably leaned towards him again. “The aura on your body……..the breath is so weak, but it is good…….It smells so good……………can you let me………come closer?”

“No.” Bian Shengjian immediately refused, “Stay away from me.” 

“………All right. “An expression similar to disappointment appeared on the resentful spirit’s face again, which made Bian Shengjian feel very magical, and at the same time, he still had some doubts about what this timid looking thing in front of him had gone through to become what he was now. He couldn’t help but say, “What is your resentment?”

“I…I actually…don’t want to leave.” The restful spirit muttered to himself, with traces of blood and tears sliding down his eyes, looking a bit scary. “Because……..”

“No.” Lu Shen interrupted, “You must leave, this is the rule.”

“Come on,” He said and stretched out his hand again, “We will go back to the past for you, resolve your resentment, and soothe the pain in the memory of the deceased.”

The resentful spirit fell silent, and after a long time did it curl up and stretch out a hand that was blanched by water, “I…..I’m sorry…..just numb…………I’ll be troubling you then.”

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