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COR Chapter 63


Found It!

Thud thud thud-

Sensing that the voice was getting closer, Bian Shengjian swallowed with some difficulty. “What the hell is that…?”

“The shape of the resentful spirit will change according to the state in which each person dies.” Lu Shen said softly.

Bian Shengjian glanced at him, somewhat unable to understand what he meant.

“It means that when you die, you become that kind of resentful spirit, do you understand?” Wu Lan knocked on the bed impatiently, “Okay, shut up and be quiet.”

As soon as the words fell, there was a sudden knocking sound at the door, as if someone was kicking the door hard, and after realizing that the first kick didn’t open it, it became a little irritable, and slammed the door even harder.

Hearing this kind of sound in the oppressive and dark environment should have been very scary, but Bian Shengjian took a deep breath and asked an inappropriate question, “Then what, won’t it disturb the neighbors by smashing the door like this?”

Wu Lan seemed to be choked by his words, and after a while, he hugged Lu Shen’s shoulder and laughed, “Where the hell did you find such a lovely kid?”

“Go away.” Lu Shen shook his arm down with a grim looking face.

“Can’t find……………….can’t find…why can’t I find ………” 

The voice outside the door sounded again, and the knocking on the door became louder and louder. Bian Shengjian could even feel it from a distance away. The vibration coming from the door, and the overwhelmed muffled sound of the old-fashioned lock.


The door was finally knocked open by a strange force, and the night’s cold wind rushed in instantly, blowing Bian Shengjian’s back with a rush of chills as he stared at the direction of the door.

A dark figure was standing there.

“I can’t find it…I can’t find it…” The dark figure muttered again, the voice was high-pitched and thin, which made people feel uncomfortable.

Although the room was dark, Bian Shengjian froze in place the moment he could barely see the black shadow’s form, because he was greatly frightened that he could not even make any sound.

It was a woman.

No, rather, it was a woman standing on her head.

Bian Shengjian finally understood why Wu Lan ordered them to go to the bed, because only at a higher place could they not be found by this “woman”.

“Can’t find……………….can’t find…why can’t I find………” 

The black figure’s voice became thinner and more impatient, it felt like being scratched in the eardrums with long pointed nails.

 “Why can’t I find it!!!”

Bian Shengjian breathed a sigh of relief and looked at this woman with her neck crooked and her head bouncing upside down on the ground, wearing a tattered red dress, her long black hair covered her face so that it was a little blurry, But he could still hear those muffled noises very clearly, and finally realized that it was the sound of her head hitting the floor.

“She…why does she walk backwards like this?” Bian Shengjian asked in an extremely soft voice.

“Because she was on her head when she died.” Wu Lan said coldly.

“Wu Lan……….Where are you……It’s hard for me to find you…..” The woman suddenly changed her tone, calling softly in a tone so tender as if dripping in honey, “Come…….Come to me, my dear……”

While the woman was talking, she bumped her head against the ground desperately, and her eyes searched her surroundings non-stop. Unfortunately, because of the limited range of vision, she searched around but did not find the three people who were hiding on the bed at the moment, thus she could only continue to call out in a tender voice, “Dear……….Where are you?”

Seeing that no one answered, the woman could only continue to search with her head on the ground. Bian Shengjian could smell the stench of blood and decay in the air very keenly, probably exuding from her body.

“Dear…are you playing hide and seek with me?” 

The woman giggled as she slowly moved towards them, Bian Shengjian could even see a long dark trail trailing behind her through the moonlight outside the window, probably blood.

“Are you here?” 

The woman coldly asked, and as she approached the bed, she suddenly stretched out an arm. The palm connected to it was completely twisted into an inhuman angle, her five fingers closed together, and quickly and ruthlessly searched the bottom of the bed. If there was anyone under the bed at this moment, their eyeballs would have been pulled out by her sharp nails.

Bian Shengjian shuddered violently all over, and looked at the female ghost who was only a few centimeters away from him almost suffocatingly, the cold sweat on his forehead disappeared like water.

Fortunately, this resentful spirit wouldn’t be able to identify people by their breath like the ones in zombie movies, otherwise he would have been suffocated to death on the bed in the next few minutes.

“No……” The woman stuffed her whole head under the bed, and after looking around, she pulled her head out again in great disappointment, “Can’t find……………….can’t find…why can’t I find………” 

Although he had some ghost experience, the impact of the scene in front of Bian Shengjian at the moment when the woman pulled her head out was still too great.

It was really a frightening face, with crooked eyes and a slanted mouth, a long bright red tongue protruding from the corner of the split mouth, half of the eyeballs were half hanging outside the eye sockets, and the whole head was in a state of being crushed and broken and then was forced back together. Moreover, a lot of red and white mixed liquid obviously poured out and dripped from the crack– 

–the red must be the blood, and the white must be the brain plasma.

Bian Shengjian’s fingertips trembled, watching the fragmented head tenaciously hitting the ground, dragging its body and bouncing all the way to the bedroom, he couldn’t help but swear in a low voice, “Fuck…”

“Are you scared?” Wu Lan witnessed the whole process, but he looked very leisurely, merely crossing his arms above his chest, “Is she very scary?”

“…It’s all your fucking fault, right?” Bian Shengjian glared, “If you had pulled her when she was about to jump off the building, wouldn’t she have to turn into such a ghost?”

“She wanted to kill herself, what does it matter to me?” Wu Lan said lightly.

“You!” Bian Shengjian wanted to punch this guy in the face, but Lu Shen quickly pressed his hand, “Shhh.”

“So, are we just going to hide here?” Bian Shengjian took a deep breath and said, suppressing the trembling in his voice.

“Hmm……” Wu Lan thought for a while, then turned to look at Lu Shen, “Hey, can your talisman hold her down?”

“As what I’ve observed, her resentment is too deep, it’s probably useless.” Lu Shen shook his head.

“Trash.” Wu Lan sneered.

At this moment, an extremely angry roar suddenly came from inside the room, probably because the female ghost searched a whole circle but found no one, and was finally forced to go crazy, smashing around inside of the room. Wu Lan felt distressed in his heart. “Alas……Damn it.”

“She simply comes to you every once in a while, and if she can’t find you, she’d smash everything?” Lu Shen’s tone was aggressive, with a hint of sarcasm, “It’s not good to play with women.”

“What do you mean playing with women? Could it be that I’ll simply let her find me then kill me?” Wu Lan glared at him in displeasure, then put his hand on the back of his neck and squeezed it threateningly, “Believe it or not, I can kill you right now.” 

Before Lu Shen could speak, the sound of smashing things in the room suddenly stopped, and the bloody head appeared at the door, and it began to look around vigilantly as if it had noticed something. The long nails kept scratching on the wall, leaving red marks. Bian Shengjian became startled when he saw this. “Did she… find us?”

“Well, almost.” Wu Lan said.

“What……” Before Bian Shengjian realized the meaning of his words, he was suddenly pushed hard by a big palm behind him, and the whole person fell off the bed directly, “Fuck!” 

“Did you give him all the obsidians?” At the same time, Wu Lan sneered disdainfully, “Such an important thing…… really care about him that much?”

“If something happens to him, I will never let you off in this life.” Lu Shen lowered his voice and roared in his ear. Wu Lan was slightly stunned by the look in his eyes for a moment. “If you have the ability, then let’s die together.”

Lu Shen jumped out of the bed immediately after, and pulled Bian Shengjian up who was still sitting on the ground in a daze, “Are you all right?”

“No…” Bian Shengjian was halfway through speaking when he saw the woman frantically jumping towards them, so close that he could almost smell the rancid smell on her body, then they heard her crazy voice,“Is that you? Wu Lan is that you? Ah ah!!”

Lu Shen swiftly threw out a spell, but the moment it came into contact with the woman, it burned up automatically, hardly slowing down her speed, and came to the two of them almost instantly. Its saliva burst from the mouth, dripped from the corner, then she shouted in an extremely excited tone, “I found it… I found it!!”

“I’m not him.” Lu Shen said very calmly.

The woman’s outstretched claws paused in the air for a moment, and the white bone stubble could still be vaguely seen on the crooked neck on the ground, however her madness and insanity were visible from that terrifying face. A hatred that penetrated deeply into the blood.

 “No……you are not him……Where is he! Where!!” 

Bian Shengjian barely escaped the claw when he was led away by Lu Shen, and before he recovered from his frantic heartbeat, he was forcefully thrust behind him again. Lu Shen stepped on that head directly, he grabbed the woman’s wrist and twisted it down hard, using his strength to temporarily put her down on the floor, suddenly he felt a blood mist with a rotten smell all around him–

Lu Shen gritted his teeth, with cold sweat dripping from his forehead, he quickly patted a few spells on her body to suppress her, and shouted, “Third brother, hurry up!”

“What do you want me to do!” Bian Shengjian also yelled, and couldn’t help feeling sick when he looked at the head that was stepped on the sole of his foot.

The woman’s struggle suddenly paused, and the completely deformed palm reached up at a more distorted angle, moaning as if longing for someone’s comfort, “Give me……..give me………please……”

Bian Shengjian could only grit his teeth and squat down, tentatively touched her messy but surprisingly smooth long hair, and after a few random touches, the woman really calmed down. The twisted and outstretched palm slowly reached the ground, and a small whimper came out.

If it weren’t for the horrible appearance of this resentful spirit, Bian Shengjian would have had a weird sense of comforting a newborn puppy.

“Continue.” Wu Lan sat on the bed with his legs crossed, and said excitedly, “Damn, you’ve been pestering me for more than half a year, now I’ve found someone to cure you!”

“Shut up.” Lu Shen raised his head and glanced at him coldly.

“Is it alright?” Bian Shengjian bit the bullet and touched it a few more times, seeing that the thing lying on the ground had no response before raising his head, “She…”

“You, come in with us.” Wu Lan jumped off the bed, grabbed Bian Shengjian’s wrist roughly and pressed it down, fixed it firmly on the woman’s head, and it instantly got wet because of the sticky liquids. Bian Shengjian was so disgusted with the sticky liquid in his hand that he couldn’t help but spit it out, “You fucker, let me go!”

“91! We agreed before!” Lu Shen also roared, “Leave him, I’ll go in with you!”

“I’ve changed my mind.” Wu Lan immediately had a bright smile on his face, and he held onto Bian Shengjian’s wrist firmly, “What if something happens to me inside? Maybe I could use another one as a backup.” 

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