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CM Chapter 40


He briefly acquired Qijia, which is imperative. The Qi family was also implicated due to the loss of the Chengbei base. But even so, Qi Lao could not surrender his family business to outsiders.

Qi Jia’s situation is getting worse and worse, Qi Yue Xin was forced into anxiety, so he asked the media to expose that He Jian was not a matter of the He Family. It’s just that this weird statement has no evidence that can be grasped, and no one can believe anyone who believes it. Not to mention that Qi Yuexin is going to expose He Jia San Shao and He Jian. When the news couldn’t be sent out at all, he was squeezed back. Finally, he ran for half a month in vain.

Qi Yueran did not participate in this matter. Since He Jian told him about his life, he has understood why He Jian had to acquire Qi Jia’s industry.

The base invested by Xia Hang and He Jian has been built in the suburbs of Beijing. This part of Qi Yueran has been busy the most recently.

This base is incomparable to the whole area. After the ribbon cut, Xia Hang arranged Huaying Investment and several of its film crews to shoot in the new base. They are all popular stars and big-name directors. The crowd of actors who enter and leave the base every day are not counted Among them, there are really a lot of media squatting outside the base.

Qi Yueran had some experience in the bases before. Although the base of Beijing is large, it will not be overwhelming.

At first, An-chan would often go to the crew for two laps, of course, not as an actor. He filmed a few scenes throughout the whole area, but was called back by his family, and then his acting career died, but An An didn’t care.

Just a few days later, the paparazzi squatting outside the base spotted An An and reported it. Some people say that he is a small artist recently cultivated by Xia Hang. He also captured some “intimate” interactions with Xia Hangxia’s boss, and two people went in and out of Xia’s house. Some people even guessed that this security Recognized by people in Xia’s family, maybe Xia’s boss will be rumored to be engaged or married soon.

An An has been entangled in gossip for a long time, and there are many more paparazzi following the sneak shots. Two weeks passed before someone really thought. It was said that An An was actually the young master of the Xia family. Because Xia Yichen’s partner An Junqian surnamed An, at that time two children, one followed Xia Yichen’s surname and the other followed An Junqian’s surname.

An An ’s identity was revealed, which is not less than the attention paid by the owner of the Huaying Xia scandal. Many of his paparazzi sneak shots, and they all came to the base to squat, but the base An An could not come Already.

Qi Yueran didn’t come to the base every day to turn around. Just arrived at the base today, someone came to him and said that a husband named Qi was waiting for him.

Qi Yue was a little surprised. He subconsciously thought it was Qi Yuexin, and the other party said that he was not a young man.

Qi Lao personally ran to the capital, but he was afraid to go to the He family, for fear of losing his face and seeing no one, it was really uneconomical. So I came to the base and waited to see him here.

Qi Yue was even more surprised to see Qi Lao. He did not expect Qi Lao to appear here. Just thinking about it, it is not difficult to guess Qi Laolai’s intention. All the way, Qi Yueran is not good enough to let people go home without saying a word.

“Xiao Ran …” Qi Lao watched him come in and said quickly: “You have to save Dad, you can’t just look at Qi’s house and it’s gone. Are you still resentful that Dad kicked you out of the house? what.”

Qi Yueran said: “Qi is serious. I was not originally from the Qi family, and it should be possible to leave the house from the Qi family. However, I can’t do anything about the acquisition. I have said it with Qi Yuexin before. He Jian’s affairs, I don’t want to hinder him. “

Qi Lao did n’t hear Qi Yueran ’s rejection, and continued, “You ’ve lived in Qi ’s house for more than 20 years. Do you have no feelings for Zi ’s house, and watch our family business flow to the hands of outsiders? in.”

Qi Yueran opened his mouth, but said nothing. Even if you tell Qi Laohe Jane that he is not an outsider, he will not be believed.

Qi Yueran just said, “It’s too late to talk about feelings now. Qi Yuexin’s legs have been cured, and Qi’s family support for my upbringing has also been returned to the base. So please don’t ask Qi Lao to say anything about this. He stopped talking and turned away.

Qi Lao didn’t expect to come in person, but just touched his nose, and returned to the whole area without power.

The acquisition is a slow job. Although there are several companies in the Qi family that are suffering from a downturn, those are good to start, but the rest is in an unshakable position.

He Jian was also not in a hurry. Soon after the base was taken down, several very small companies were closed. Others need to be slowly polished.

During the period, He Lao and He Jian talked twice. Although he was in favor of starting a business on his own, he had the same views as Mrs. He and there was no need to go too far. As if in the whole advent, if something happened, the family members were worried about the fear and could not help for a while.

He Jian thought for a long time, but finally agreed. Therefore, the next few companies of the Qi family have no plans to continue the acquisition.

Qi Yueran seemed very surprised when he heard the news. He glanced at He Jian, and there was not much change on the other side’s face, and he seemed to have not lost or reconciled. He asked, “Do you agree?”

“Agree.” He Jian nodded and said, “How do you feel like you don’t believe it?”

“… a little bit,” Qi Yueran said. He had heard He Jian tell the story of his last life in a calm tone. Even if he said bankruptcy and death, it was a kind of calm with few waves, which made people feel more stinging.

Qi Yueran always felt that Qi’s company was the obsession of He Jian, but he did not expect to give up because of a few words from Lao He and Mrs. He. After all, He Jian did a lot of preparation before.

“It’s no pity.” He Jian seemed to see his thoughts, and said, “Speaking of which, my Ziajia family is also a jerk, because the company that worked hard in my last life went bankrupt and wanted to buy it over. Operate well and don’t make the same mistakes. But … “

He paused, “But after all, I’m no longer the man of my last life. There is nothing wrong with the situation now. The He family takes care of us very much and should think about them. I got Qi’s The company, even if the local manager is entrusted, but there is something to be seen often. After that, it will be too busy to develop in the capital. So it is still not good to impulse the horns. “

Qi Yueran looked at him a few more times, but just said, “You can do it when you think about it. I have no opinion.”

He Jian stood up, then said with a smile: “Also, I can’t bear our home. Look at our rooms, which are full of sentiment, and the house over there is a long way off.”

Qi Yueran looked at him again, and ignored him.

The Qi family’s affairs came to an end, and He Jian and Qi began to develop in the capital. They had been a base before, and the He family had some connections and funds. He Jian formed a small company and also developed in the entertainment industry. It is not to grab business with Xia Hang’s Huaying, but to specialize in investment. There are no artists under it. This occasionally, I can cooperate with Boss Xia once.

It was not easy for the company to start, and then it became much easier to operate, and it became very famous for a few years.

When He Jian and Qi Yueran got engaged at first, Qi Yueran was only in his early twenties. At first glance, he was still very green. He said that they should get engaged first and wait a few years before getting married.

Now Qi Yueran is twenty-five. When he was still young, he was also famous in the circle. There can be no scandal in the entertainment industry. Many people want to use Qi Yueran to speculate for a few votes.

He Jian is always unhappy to see Qi Yueran’s scandal. Qi Yueran glanced at the gossip magazine he held in his hand, and laughed, “Did you read this?”

He Jian threw the magazine on the coffee table and said, “Two of three pages are your gossip.”

Qi Yueran was even more happy, saying: “It was all made up, and you don’t really believe it? You don’t ask, who in the circle dares to rob someone with you.”

He Jian heard some peace of mind, and suddenly said, “Let’s get married.”

Qi Yue was a little surprised. Although he is still engaged, both people seem to be used to it for so many years and have never mentioned it again.

“Well, okay.”

According to Qi Yueran, the wedding banquet does not have to be grand. They mingle in the entertainment industry, watching the heavier banquet parties all day long. However, He Jian felt that it was not good to be too low-key, or some people would always want to stab him.

Mrs. He is also a person who likes to be lively. Of course, she agrees with He Jian’s meaning, and should not be too low-key.

The wedding banquet was very large, and Qi was able to cope with it freely. There was no tension at the engagement banquet, but after being filled with a lot of wine, he still felt tired and shook his soles.

The guests were almost gone. He Jian wanted to go back to the new house with Qi Yueran. He usually gets busy and he doesn’t like to toss with him. Today, such a fair day, of course He Jian has been waiting for a long time.

It was just that the two were blocked by Lu Zhuoyi. He Jian felt a headache when he saw Lu Zhuoyi. Qi Yueran’s number one gossip figure was the young master of the Lu family. It hasn’t changed for so many years.

Lu Zhuoyi was wearing a white suit and tie. Over the years, things have changed a lot. I was suffocated in the past, but now I look a little bit gentle. But only when you do n’t talk, you do n’t open your mouth.

Usually Lu Zhuoyi ran to their homes all the time. He Jian was unhappy, but he had nothing to say, so he put up with it. As a result, Lu Zhuoyi was blocked again by the good time today.

He Jian said, “Why didn’t Master Lu Xiao go home?”

Lu Zhuoyi said: “I said goodbye to Qi. I will go abroad in a few days. My parents said they would send me abroad to study for a year.”

He Jian was happy as soon as he heard it. For a year, he could not be clean for a long time. He said, “All the way.”

Han Gaoping was packing things aside. Today, his assistant was too busy to start a wedding reception. Suddenly I heard Lu Zhuoyi’s words, and the action in his hand was a meal.

Qi Yueran seemed surprised, glanced at Han Gaoping next to him, and then looked at Lu Zhuoyi again.

In fact, He Jian’s misunderstanding about Lu Zhuoyi was not small. Who called Lu Zhuoyi just started to run after Qi Yueran. It was only later that Lu Zhuoyi also felt that he didn’t like Qi Yueran any more, but he often went to Qi Yueran, just to chat with him.

Qi Yueran discovered that Lu Zhuoyi was just a tough-looking suffocator. In fact, he was a half-old child with an awkward and affectionate face. He knew that when Lu Zhuoyi liked Han Gaoping, it was three years ago, but now the two haven’t showed up yet.

It ’s not long to study abroad for a year, but Qi Yue is still a little worried and says, “Xiao Yi, come here.”

He Jian watched them talk to one side, and thought he was carrying Han Gaoping beside him.

Qi Yueran said, “Why are you going abroad suddenly?”

“My parents let me go, there is no way.” Lu Zhuoyi didn’t seem to care.

“Then you and Han Gaoping, is it all that?” Qi Yue asked.

“How is that possible?” Lu Zhuoyi said, “He wanted me to go further, so I couldn’t let him go. So let He Jian give me Han Gaoping and let him go abroad with me.”

“…” Qi Yue was speechless. “I said that you have been here for three years, and it’s time to end it. You can talk to him. After a while, He Jian and I will go back. You happen to talk to him. “


The newly-married cave house or the like, Qi Yue followed He Jian back home and was taken to the bathroom. After a toss in the bathroom again, I returned to the big bed in the bedroom.

Because He Jian took the “new marriage” as a reason, Qi Yue couldn’t stop pushing and stopped. He was tortured by him, even wearing a **** tail.

Qi Yueran fell asleep late, and got up naturally the next night. Fortunately, these days have been arranged, so there is no need to deal with anything.

He Jian saw that he woke up and began to touch him back and forth, saying, “It’s not time for lunch.”

When Qi Yueran heard what he said, he knew what he was thinking. However, He Jian did not succeed, and his cell phone rang unexpectedly.

Qi Yueran took a bath in the bathroom while he was on the phone to answer the phone. He Jian said when he came out, “This Lu Zhuoyi, I thought he was going abroad, and he could be clean for a year, but he still asked me If I ca n’t make it, I dig the wall. ”

“Digging the wall?”

“Yeah,” said He Jian, “Han Gaoping offered his resignation and said that he would go abroad for one year. Lu Zhuoyi also showed off to me.”

Qi Yue laughed. It seemed that the two people had been tossing for so many years, and finally got some results.

He Jian grabbed Qi Yueran’s waist, overwhelmed the person, bit his lips gently, and said, “You still laughed.”

Qi Yue didn’t struggle anymore, but instead went forward and kissed him. The two men’s chests were tightly pressed together, and their tongues were entangled, and their breathing soon became quite heavy.

Qi Yueran then said: “It doesn’t matter. I can be your assistant. I’m more satisfied than Han Gaoping.”

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