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CM Chapter 37


Then Yousong didn’t know if he really didn’t look at his face or deliberately wanted to irritate the two people. Seeing that they changed their faces, he laughed and continued to smoke, and said, “Why? Or did both of them bring their own?” Is it because you dislike me that it is a bad thing for you? I’m not someone who likes to talk nonsense. I promise not to tell He Jian about it, and he will rarely concentrate on it once, but it wo n’t be good if he is sad. “

An An Ke didn’t have Qi Yueran’s so good fixation, even if the other party was intentional, at this moment he couldn’t bear his nonsense.

You Song was still talking, An Yan suddenly hit him with a punch. An An had practiced boxing and fisting. Last time he was abducted and a few were beaten by one person. Now, of course, facing a man who only has a good mouth and kung fu is a matter of course.

You Song didn’t seem to expect that he would actually do it, and he didn’t know who An An was. Suddenly, I felt that the intestines were all stirred together, and the whole body was sore that I trembled several times, and the smoke in my hand fell to the ground long ago. He was half-contracted, if not against the wall, he would have fallen to the ground by now.

You Song was so speechless, An An smiled, glanced at the safety set on the washstand, and said, “Make your mouth clean, let me hear it again, and put this in your mouth. “

Qi Yue didn’t want to get into trouble, so he didn’t plan to do anything to You Song. It’s just that he didn’t stop An An beside him. The background of Xia’s house is set here, and things are evened out.

You Song relaxed for a long time and barely stood up, his hands still covering his stomach, his provocative tone no longer existed, and he became gritted, saying, “You actually hit someone? You hurt me, do you know how much you want to lose? I Call the casino security. “

Qi Yueran laughed as soon as he heard it, and then he raised his hand to stop An An, saying, “Since it’s going to be a security guard, I’ll just call for you.” He said he really took out his mobile phone and glanced at the front of the sink. Casino emergency call, quickly dialed the button.

You Song froze, thinking of two people reacting in this way. He saw that Qi Yueran and An Zhi came in talking and laughing. The relationship must be unusual, and An Dai looked exquisite and beautiful. He thought it was a relationship that could not see the light. He was carrying He Jian to hook up other men. He did not expect Qi Yueran to put It’s a big deal.

Speaking of which, You Song is also a popular artist. There are no reporters in the entertainment city, but things are so big that it is very likely to be exposed by the media. Artists like them are afraid of negative news.

He Jian and Xia Hang were talking about things, and soon someone came in and told them what had just happened. He Jian frowned, but didn’t expect Qi Qiran to come to the bathroom, how could she run into that person again.

Xia Hang smiled and said, “It seems Xiaoyu is in trouble, I’d better go and see first.”

It was just that when two people arrived in the bathroom, Yu Song had fled.

Where did Yu Song dare to wait for the security guard to come, his reputation was not easy, and he ran away quickly. Out of the bathroom panic also hit the waiter, even without a stop, he entered a private room.

There were several people drinking, and as soon as the door was opened, you could hear the laughter. Among them, the man sitting opposite to the door was holding a man and a woman around, and was laughing wantonly. The man had previously spent some time in the film and television bases all over the north of the city, that is, the Sun Yongjin who was kicked out.

Sun Yongjin touched the woman’s waist and touched it. Seeing that You Song came in, he said, “Komatsu is back, so fast. Come over and sit down, what’s the matter?” He said, and took the two people who were still close by him. Pushed away, signaled to let You Song come.

You Song’s face was not very good at first, but when he entered the house, he changed his smile. He pretended to cover his lower abdomen and walked over to sit next to You Song, saying, “How dare I neglect what Sun Boss told me. “

He said that he took a brooch from the chest and put it on the table, and frowned again, saying, “All the things you want are here. Don’t you know, how hard the boy Qi Qioran brought was shot by him. I was hit in the stomach and almost lost my life. “

Sun Yongjin opened his eyes wide and seemed very angry. Hurrying to hold You Song in his arms, he rubbed one hand on his lower abdomen, rubbing back and forth in ambiguous manner, and laughed, “I will rub it for you, and just call it. People feel distressed. You can rest assured that since things are done, I can’t treat you badly. Just tell me what you want to play and choose whatever you want. “

You Song expressed a surprised and happy expression on his face, thanked him again and again, and said, “Then I can follow Boss Sun later.”

“Well,” Sun Yongjin took advantage of the gap in his arms, and raised his pitch, saying, “There is one more thing that you must do.”

“What?” Yu Song asked.

Sun Yongjin picked his chin and said, “You and He Jian are not old acquaintances. I heard He Jian chased you for a long time.”

You Song pushed him with a smile and said, “Is Boss Sun jealous?”

“I told you to invite him to dinner.” Sun Yongjin said.

As soon as you heard it, you knew what was going on in the other person’s heart, but pretended to be angry, and said, “Who is like Mr. Sun, push someone into the arms of others. I made up my mind to follow you. Now, do you want me to seduce He Sanshao? You don’t know, He Sanshao is now more sympathetic. “

Before Sun Yongjin was kicked out of the crew by He Jian, of course, his face was lost and nothing left. He is a man with a head and a face. Many people in the circle use him as a laughing stock. Sun Yong couldn’t swallow this puff, so he wanted to make He Jian look good.

Coincidentally, at this time he met You Song, who was at the bottom of his acting career. You Song and He Jiasan are still a little bit “past”. That year, You Song and He Jiasan Shao were young when they met. He San Shao chased You Song for a long time, but the other party did not respond at all. At that time, You Song had just entered the entertainment industry and felt that he had a good foundation and was not rare in congratulating the young. But after so many years, You Songqi was going through too, and she couldn’t find it in the backstage, although she still wore a “popular” fake coat, but she had a poor appearance fee and a small film.

As a result, the two men got together.

Sun Yongjin said: “So you need to be a baby. You guys, we all know that the best is what you can’t get. Qi Yueran has been engaged with He Jian for so long. Shouldn’t you be tired of playing? You are not the same. Who doesn’t feel itchy when you meet again? Just listen to me and call He Jian to come out to eat after a chance encounter. “

“Everyone listens to Boss Sun.” You Song looked reluctant, pretending to hesitate for a long time, it is better to take it.


Qi Yueran and He Jian left and returned to the capital. Although they encountered You Song who was looking for differences, they were relatively quiet in the next few days. But this is not the case at all.

It is not necessarily a good thing to drop a pie in the sky, and accidentally hitting the head with the pie will break the event. The Qi family got a bargain, and took the film and television base that He Jian gave them. They were so happy that they could be paralyzed after a few days of operation.

Qi Yuexin angrily looked for someone to take out the news that Qi Yue was not the birth of Qi’s family. Instead, Qi Yue was praised by a group of people, and even the He family was greeted by others, saying that He Jian is not in power Even if Qi Yue had no identity, he did not propose to terminate the marriage contract. As a result, the prince’s love with the civilians was praised with admiration.

He was annoyed, but for the time being, he had no other idea, so he had to run the base normally. In just a few days, Qi Yuexin realized the difficulty of operating a base. They had no experience at all, and they all ate behind closed doors when they talked about cooperation. Without business, there is no money. There is only one small crew in the base who is still filming. The revenue cannot maintain such a large base, and it consumes a lot of money every day.

It can also be considered that Qi Yuexin is too unlucky. At this time, the base also had an accident, which is really a disaster.

The only crew in the base had a blasting drama. That crew was no different from an amateur. There was not even a famous director. Two and a half acted all day. As a result of a blasting operation, the props had not been controlled, and the temporary crowd actors were injured.

Acting casualties is not very common, but there is no need to make a fuss. The whole advent is a small place. There is only one base here. If this kind of thing happens, it is a big thing. A bunch of ambulance police cars and media reporters came, and caught up with Qi Yueran’s life style, and the attention was quite high.

The crew was not formal, and Qi Yuexin had no experience. The actor said that it was a problem with the props, and the props shifted the responsibility to the person in charge of the base.

A bunch of things got worse and worse. Qi’s family was burned. The media was all Qi’s negative news. Even the public relations team had no time to guide.

Qi Lao didn’t dare to go out in the past few days. When he saw Qi Yuexin, he sang, “I said that the surname He didn’t have a good heart. His family has always been awkward. How could he be stupid? Such a valuable base. Now it’s okay, this hurtful thing, maybe they planned it! “

Qi Yuexin bit his lip and couldn’t say a word. His lungs exploded, and he didn’t know what to do.

Qi Lao also said, “Now it’s okay, and I’ve lost so much money in a few days. The reporter blocked the door every day and couldn’t get out! How did you guarantee it to me before? Saying I gave you the family business for sure The question, what is the result now? I think you are worse than Qi. “

Qi Yuexin widened his eyes and was very annoyed. He said, “How do I think He Jian and Qi Yue would be so sinister? It’s not even me if everyone leaves.”

“It’s not going to work out,” Qi said when he was back and forth. “You call Qi Yueran and ask him to help.”

“Dad ?!” Qi Yuexin was so nervous when he heard it. Would Qi Lao get Qi Yuexin back before he could get back his belongings? Is it about to give away? “Will you give our house to an outsider?”

“Nonsense!” Qi said, “Qi Yue doesn’t always listen to you. Please ask him and give him a soft hand. We can’t handle this matter. He Jian has a lot of connections and can settle for us. I didn’t say to let him come back, so let him do me a favor and support him for twenty years. “


Qi Yuexin was very hesitant, pouting and staring at the floor for a long time. He and Qi both broke their faces, how could they go to him for help. But after thinking about it, I felt that this can only be done in this way, and the possibility is not impossible.

In fact, when Qi Yuexin returned from the capital to the whole advent, he had already changed a core. Although Xiner is still in Qierxin, he is the same as He Jian who has the memories of his life. Therefore, Qi Yuexin would take the initiative to contact Wu Kai and give him an idea to kidnap Qi Yueran.

Qi Yuexin had no good ending in his life. At the age of thirty, Qi Yuexin and Qi Yueran accidentally met Wang Feng. Qi Yuexin discovered at that time that Qi Yuexin was not Qi’s own child, but he did not tell anyone.

Later Qi Yuexin fell in love with Wu Kai and helped Wu Kai run the company. At that time, he was very shameless and Qi liked him more and more. He felt that although they were not brothers, they had also been brothers for 30 years. How could they have such feelings.

Qi Yuexin was disoriented by Wu Kai. He felt that Qi Yue had been targeting Wu Kai because he liked himself, suppressing him to make him bankrupt. Qi Yuexin was so angry that he stole the documents from the company to Wu Kai, and finally made Qi Yue had to declare bankruptcy and was taken over by Wu Kai.

Qi’s bankruptcy, Father Qi will certainly not agree. But Qi Yuexin would persuade Master Qi that he had a set of rhetoric. He said Qi Yueran was not originally from his family, but he was considered an outsider. Although Wu Kai is also an outsider, he will soon marry himself. Will the company return after the marriage?

Mr. Qi believed in Qi Yuexin ’s remarks, and Qi Yuexin happily married Wu Kai. But even one year had not passed, Wu Kai took his lover home with a sense of justice. Wu Kai himself did not like him. He pursued Qi Yuexin in order to keep secrets. Now the Qi family has nothing and the company is stable. There is no need for him to hide.

Qi Yuexin had nothing to end, hating Wu Kai and gritting his teeth. He also hated Qi Ranran, if his legs were not broken, everything would be different. But Qi Yuexin was reborn, and then opened his eyes, his legs still couldn’t walk. He wants revenge on Wu Kai, and Qi Yueran …

Piaoduo Wu Kai kidnapped Qi Yueran, which can be said to be a plan to kill two birds with one stone. It was just that Qi Yuexin did not expect that He Jianhui would find Qi Yueran so quickly. He originally wanted to wait for Qi Yueran to suffer the pain and call the police. This revenge Qi Yueran, Wu Kai could not run away.

Qi Yuexin promised Qi Laohui to persuade Qi Yueran, and then went upstairs to the bedroom alone. He thought that Qi Yue now, like his last life, likes him desperately. At this time, this point can be used, and he can go to Qi Yueran and show him something, give him some benefits, and let him settle the trouble.


Qi Yuexin thought too well, and the more he thought about it, the more he made a call to Qi Yueran at night.

At more than eleven o’clock in the middle of the night, Qi Yueran had just been tossed by He Jian for a long time, and he couldn’t lift his fingers. He Jian looked full of energy, and said she would go to the study to check the contract, and then return to sleep in a while.

Qi Yueran just hummed and nodded. He rolled his eyes straight, and had to pull him to roll on the bed before he finished his work.

As soon as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the ringing of his mobile phone. He didn’t want to pick it up. He was too lazy to turn around and reach for the bedside table, but it rang once and almost came again the second time.

“Hello? Hello.” Qi Yue slowly turned over and took the mobile phone. He lay on the bed without sitting up, and even picked up the caller without seeing it.

“Xiao Ran? I’m brother.” Qi Yuexin said quickly after hearing the voice: “You finally answered the phone, I thought you didn’t want to listen to me anymore.”

Qi Yueran almost threw his mobile phone under the bed with a shake of his hands. He was not prepared at all, and could never guess it was Qi Yuexin’s phone call. He always thought that leaving Qi’s house at that time was an eternity, but no one knew it for a few days.

He writhed in his heart, and suddenly felt that his exhaustion was nothing compared to his heart. He was frustrated and disappointed, and still a little angry. He didn’t know how to say a word, and didn’t know how to respond to Qi Yuexin.

Qi Yuexin seemed to take his mind into consideration, and didn’t rush to mention things asking for help, but he lowered his voice and revealed exhaustion and husky in his voice, saying, “Xiao Ran, the previous thing was that my brother was wrong. You know, My legs have been lame for so many years, and my heart is awkward. I just said that because I was stunned. I heard you went to Beijing, and I was shocked. Do you want to never see me all over again? Do you hate me that much? “

Qi grew dumb, and his mind was a mess. He raised his mobile phone arm and shook slightly, opened his mouth, and heard the sound of a door opening before he even said anything.

He Jian came in, and the light was off in the room, thinking that Qi had fallen asleep, and he had just tossed him a lot. But as soon as I walked in, I saw the light from my phone.

“Why don’t you sleep? Are you waiting for me to come again?” He Jian came over with a smile and wanted to make a joke with him, but seeing Qi Yueran’s look frowned, he frowned immediately.

Qi Yuexin also seemed to hear He Jian’s voice, and his voice improved a lot. It sounded very anxious, so He Jian beside him also heard a lot.

He Jian really didn’t want to let Qi Yuexin say anything anymore. He just felt angry and couldn’t think that everyone would call after tearing his face in person. Thinking of the recent news about Quanlin, it is not difficult to guess Qi Yuexin’s intention to call.

He Jian pulled the phone out of Qi Yueran’s hand, put a glance into his ear, his voice was cold, and said, “Mr. Qi, I hope you don’t bother Xiaoran any more.” He didn’t wait for the other party to finish speaking Whatever, just hang up the phone, and then long press to turn off.

Qi Yuexin apparently didn’t respond, but the earpiece became a busy tone long ago.

The phone turned off, and the light in the room completely disappeared. He Jian threw the phone to the bedside table, and then lay beside Qi Yueran, carried him sideways into his arms, patted him on the back, and said, “It’s so late, go to bed early.”

Qi Yue sighed, his heart was not calm. He nodded slightly, and it was rare to let He Jian look at him, closed his eyes and wanted to sleep, but it seemed that the drowsiness just disappeared for nothing. Tired and unable to sleep, very tortured.

He Jian touched his hair and said, “You and Qi family owe nothing to anyone, don’t think about it.”

The next day Qi Yueran never mentioned it again, as if nothing had happened. Although He Jian was still a bit uneasy, he was afraid he was unhappy hiding in his heart, but he didn’t take the initiative to mention it again.

After Qi Yuexin made a lot of phone calls to Qi Yueran, they were all tips for shutting down. He felt that it must be He Jian’s ghost, and he discussed it with Qi Lao. He actually bought a plane ticket and went to Beijing.

Although He Jian did not build his own business in Beijing, he had a lot of entertainment, and he wanted to find something to do with his partner. He and Xia Hang had reached an agreement. It was natural that the film and television bases in the suburbs of Beijing were not comparable, and the scale and facilities were much higher.

Qi Yueran often attended the dinner with him, but he didn’t want to go too fast. This kind of entertainment is not three meals a day. When you are busy, you have to eat four meals a day. Qi Yue feels a little overwhelmed.

During the weekend, Mrs. He also likes to pull Qi to go shopping, seems to be afraid that he feels uneasy at the He family, so the meal is over the weekend, so He Jian went alone.

He Jian had an entertainment this evening. It is said that it was the director and investment of the cast, and Qi Yue didn’t go.

Originally, He Jian wanted to know more about the entertainment industry. Although Huaying is the boss, there are still many people from other companies. But he didn’t expect that there were a few people who didn’t want to meet at this dinner. One is Sun Yongjin, the other is You Song.

Sun Yongjin met He Jian with a smiley face and said, “He Sanshao is here. I need to accompany Sanshao first. It was a misunderstanding last time. We need to understand each other.”

“What was Boss Sun talking about? I really can’t remember it.” He Jianke didn’t plan to fight him.

Sun Yongjin didn’t mention this again, and turned to other topics. “I heard that San Shao and Bo Xia’s boss Xia are going to build a big base. We are all in this circle. We must definitely move around and take care of each other That’s it. “He said to the director and artist next to He Jian.

Pointing at Yousong, “This is the little red guy on TV recently. Yousong is young, much better, and acting.”

You Song smiled and said, “Boss Sun is ridiculous. Actually, He Jian and I have known each other.”

When Sun Yongjin and You Song sang a piece of music, he opened his eyes wide and said, “I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it, then I didn’t meet an acquaintance.”

“I am an acquaintance, but I haven’t seen you for a long time.” You Song stared at He Jian with bright eyes. “Last time I met in the entertainment city, I saw Qi Yueran kept following and didn’t dare to say a few words to you. I didn’t expect today I met again, it seems that our fate has not ended. “

Several other people also look at colors, and they all say that it is fate, etc. It is estimated that the atmosphere is very ambiguous.

He Jian smiled, sneered in his heart, and Sun Yongjin would use this method to calculate people. He didn’t talk to Yousong much, and changed the topic lightly.

There were also a few investments present, and they were also people with heads and faces that could not be ignored. Although He Jian was not happy to see Sun Yongjin and You Song, they both came to the dinner. Of course, they should make good use of the opportunity to expand their connections.

You Song couldn’t answer for a long time, and was anxious. Could it be that He Jian has really changed her mind and become dedicated? He thought it was too impossible, but as he did before, he could not wait to take himself away from the room.

It was almost early in the morning at the end of the dinner, and You Songzheng didn’t find a chance to get along with He Dan alone. He Jian followed everyone out of the booth, and then said goodbye to each other and left.

He looked at the time, it was twelve forty-five, and Qi Yue should fall asleep at this time. Living in the house of the He family, Qi Yueran’s routine was trained very regularly by Mrs. He.

Before He Jian left, Qi Yue said that he didn’t have to wait for him to rest, but he didn’t expect to be so late. I wanted to call him at the end, but now I can’t.

“He Jian!” You Song caught up with He Jian, ran a few steps, saw the elevator door was closing, and hurried in. The elevator is dedicated to the underground garage. There is no one at this late hour. He grabbed his arm with a hand and said, “There were too many people just now, and I didn’t have time to talk to you.”

“Mr. You have something?” He Jian pushed his hand away.

You Song looked very grieved, glaring at him, biting his lips, and said, “Are you still complaining that I didn’t promise to associate with you then?”

“Mr. You is really joking,” He Jian said, “I have forgotten so long ago.”

You Song did not know that He Jian did not know him at all now, and thought that He Sanshao was rejected by him at that time and felt shameless. Sun Yongjin, in addition to holding a large price for Yousong, ordered Yousong to seduce He Jian and say everything.

He Jian ignored him and was ready to go out as soon as the elevator door opened. Yu Song, who was next to him, suddenly turned around, blocked the elevator door, and threw himself into his arms.

He Jian drank a lot of wine, plus a little tired, exhaustion is indispensable. Taking a step back when he bumped, Yu Song hugged him tightly, lying in his arms and not letting go.

“Mr. You, what are you doing?”

“I don’t want you to go.” You Song hugged him desperately.

The elevator door only opened for a few seconds, and it will soon be closed, but fortunately, no one presses the elevator anymore, and it stays still without moving.

You Song hugged He Jian, and the whole person was sticking to him, his body twitched slightly like a snake, and said, “Don’t you say you like what I want from me? Anyway, Qi Qi is not here anymore. “

He Jian was angry. He had no time to entangle with Yousong, and he was even more angry when he heard Tizi. Qi Yue was misunderstood last time. Although he didn’t say anything, Ke Jian was very concerned.

He Jian grabbed his arm and pulled the person out of his arms. He had very strong hands and said, “Mr. You, you are also a public figure. Please pay attention to words.”

You Song was holding his arm very painfully, and his face was about to cry, but he made an ambiguous humming sound in his mouth. He seemed to be thinking of teasing He Jian, but suddenly stepped his head to kiss He Jian. .

With a “ding”, the elevator door suddenly opened. No one has been pressing the elevator, but stayed on the second floor of the garage. It was obvious that someone was coming outside and the elevator door opened.

You Song froze, but did not expect that Qi Yueran was actually seen.

Sun Yongjin asked You Song to seduce He Jian to go to bed and take some photos for evidence. Before, he was beaten by Qi Yueran’s companion in the bathroom. The brooch on the chest was a miniature video device, and a video of a beating was obtained. Sun Yongjin wanted to create fake news, saying that He Jian and the old lover had rekindled their old feelings, and neglected Qi Yueran who was engaged, but Qi Yue found an accomplice or something.

Not only did You Song pause, Qi Yueran outside and He Jian inside also paused for a few seconds.

Qi Yue came to He Jian. Thinking that He Jian had been socializing for a day, he would be tired. He would do nothing and pick him up. I just parked the car and went to the elevator to find someone. Whoever thought that the elevator door opened saw such an ambiguous scene.

“Xiao Ran …” He Jian shook off You Song who was sticking to himself, but he said half Qi Qiran had turned away. He Jian murmured in his heart, quickly caught up with him, took his arm, and said, “Why are you here, Xiaoran?”

Qi Yueran feels that he should choose to believe in He Jian at this time, but the matter of reason is greater than affection does not apply to him. Even if nothing happened, it was very unhappy to just watch He Jian and the man hugging.

“Get in the car first.” Qi Yueran glanced at him in a dry tone.

As soon as He Jian heard it, he was relieved and hurried to get in the car with him. Qi Yue didn’t hesitate and drove out of the underground garage.

He Jian wiped his face, and then said, “I met Sun Yongjin when I was eating just now, and that You Song should be with Sun Yongjin, because I think I was unwilling to revenge.

“What then?” Qi Yueran glanced at him, “Then Sun Yongjin asked You Song to seduce you?”

He Jian opened his mouth, and for the first time, Qi Yueran had nothing to say. It is mainly because He San rarely has a previous record, so no one else can come up with this approach. If Qi Yue doesn’t believe him, there are really good reasons. But He Jian felt that he was really wronged …

Qi Yueran listened to him and said nothing. He drove very intently.

He Jian was a bit helpless, but looking at Qi Yue’s jealous look, she felt very useful, but she was bubbling in her heart and wanted to continue to tease him. He reached for Qi Yueran’s legs, and the other side was driving. I didn’t expect that he would make such a move, he was not prepared, and he could feel the leg under his hand tremble obviously.

Qi Yueran took the time to pat his hand away. He Jian turned his hands like a plaster and touched his thigh again, saying, “You look so jealous.”

Qi Yueran’s face turned darker, and the hands on the steering wheel harassed by him were a little trembling. Fortunately, the journey was not far, and in fifteen minutes, I quickly entered the gate of He’s house. When I heard it in the garage, I said coolly, “I think you are drinking too much.”

The lights in the garage were dim, and the lights in the car were much brighter than outside. He Jane stopped him from getting out of the car, instead dropping the locks and saying, “I don’t really remember that You Song, you can’t believe me.”

Qi Yueran was not a confused person, and when he heard that Sun Yongjin, he understood 70% to 80%. So in fact, my heart is not very angry, but I still feel unhappy when I see that scene.

He Jian knew that he had softened, and reached out to hug the person and said, “Follow me next time and watch me tightly.”

Qi earns a little bit, and there is not much space in the car, so I feel a bit depressed. He was about to push He Jian away, and felt that the back of the chair suddenly fell, and he could not help but whispered. He was held by He Jian from the side, his center of gravity was unstable, and without the support of the chair back, he fell down.

He Jian pressed the button of the seat, flattened the back of the chair, and as soon as she turned over, she pressed Qi more and more under her. Then he reached out and took out the remote control key from the small drawer. With a “ding”, the light in the garage went out, and there was a lot of darkness around it, leaving only the light in the car.

“What?” Qi Yueran murmured in his heart, seeing He Jian feel bad things like this. Not to mention he is thin-skinned, the car 1 shock has never been considered. Even in bed, I can’t stand the toss, not to mention that the car is so small, it must be uncomfortable.

“I locked the garage door, don’t worry.” He Jian shook the remote control key in his hand, tossed it into the back seat of the car, then lowered his body and lowered his head to kiss the ever-increasing lips.

Qi Yueran turned his head and dodged, which made him do as he wished, and said, “No, this is the garage, even if the door is locked.”

When He Jian kissed his side neck, he lingered slowly and bite, and said vaguely, “Don’t you like the glass bathroom and leopard bed in the bedroom? And the big mirror across it. Let me see you every time. You keep your eyes closed for a pair of glasses. “

Qi Yueran’s chest quickly fluctuated, and he didn’t know if he was angry or was teased by He Jian’s words. He had a fever on the face of the “perverted” designs in the bedroom. Every time he was in bed, He Jian liked to let him look in the mirror. As long as he opened his eyes, he was obscene and incomprehensible. There was no reserved display. At this time, he was mentioned as reflective in his mind. Those scenes.

He Jian felt that he was breathing a lot faster, and laughed lowly, and said, “Good, I will come slowly and won’t hurt you.”

Qi Yueran gritted his teeth, but there was an impulse in his body, but he didn’t want to really push him away and said, “I haven’t finished telling you what you just pulled with that actor … oh, ah …”

He Jian did not give him a chance to talk anymore, and unbuttoned his shirt while kissing his lips. Qi Yueran was quickly heated by his head, and what he said turned into a moan.

After all, the place in the car was too small. Qi Yue felt very uncomfortable, but felt more irritating than any other time, and did not know whether it was affected by his heart. Although the garage door was locked, he didn’t dare to utter a groan. The pleasure seemed to be squeezed into his body, and there was no way to vent, and he soon begged for mercy.

After finishing, Qi became regrettable, back pain and back pain, mainly wrinkled and wrinkled clothes, this is out of the garage, as soon as you enter the villa to meet others, you will definitely find something wrong…

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