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CM Chapter 36


Qi Yue feels particularly awkward. After the relationship between the two people, he seems to be “sensitive” to these small movements. In addition, He Jian always made him feel like he was dealing with children.

He Jian said, “Let’s go home first. You were tired yesterday. You were standing for a long time just now. Are you unwell?”

Qi Yueran pursed her lips and twitched the corners of her mouth. She was not a pregnant woman. She didn’t even stand. She glared at him and said, “I’m not uncomfortable at all.”

He Jian smiled and had to break the topic and said, “I will go to Xia Hang in the afternoon, and you are ready to go back to Beijing at home.”

Qi Yue nodded, and didn’t speak again.

In fact, it ’s just a trip back to the capital, there is nothing to bring, even if it is prepared by the servants. When they returned home, Qi Yueran went upstairs to rest, and his body was so sore that he couldn’t stand it. He was considered to have let go of his thoughts, and fell asleep on the bed wearing a shirt.

He briefly asked Xia Hang to talk about the Chengbei film and television base, and then called.

Xia Hang was well-informed, not much less than Lu Zhuoyi knew, but it was relatively late. After receiving his call, he said, “I originally wanted to call you in the morning, and by the way sell my personal information to you. More extensively, the follow-up arrangements have been arranged, and it is really popular. Xia can’t get any benefit at all. “

He Jian knew that Xia Hang was talking about Qi Yueran’s identity, and frowned unconsciously. I am afraid that it is not only Xia Hang who knows this. The media likes this kind of news the most. Although he bought the news, whoever has a bad mouth spreads the news.

“Let Boss Xia see the joke. This morning, I took Xiao Ran to Qi Family.”

Xia Hang gave a small chuckle and said, “It seems that this matter has been handled almost as well? San Shao rest assured that I will not spread this matter, it is not good for me, we still have to continue the relationship of cooperation. “

“Boss Xia thought too much, I didn’t come to Xingshi to ask for guilt.” He Jian said, “I don’t hide from you. In the morning, I took Xiaoran to Qi’s house, just to let Xiaoran and Qi’s house break. Xia The boss may also have heard that Xiao Ran’s relationship with the family is not too shallow, but the Qi family has done too much. It hurts to see him being bullied everywhere, and he just broke the relationship with Qi family, and he is clean in the future. “

Xia Hang said: “What San Shao said was. Since San Shao said so, then I guess what you are going to talk to me about is the North Base?”

“Yes,” He Jian said, “It’s a matter of giving less face to this matter. I’m afraid Xiaoran’s reputation of ingratitude will simply give up the base in the north of the city to the Qi family, and use the base to repay their support. But then, our cooperation now … “

Xia Hang did n’t say anything after listening to him for a while, and everyone understood the following words, and said, “We talked in Beijing, because He Sansha ’s relationship only cooperated with the whole base, and now San Shao is leaving. Now, of course the next shooting will be suspended. “

“I’ll pay for the penalty.” He Jian said, “It’s a problem for Boss Xia.”

Xia Hang smiled, “Jinhua Film still can afford to break the contract, and no need to sponsor San Shao. It is just that San Shao remembers this and still owes me a favour.”

Han Gaoping made a round at the film and television base in Chengbei. He received a phone call from He Jian at noon, saying that he had to withdraw everyone, and he had completely given up the base to the Qi Family. From now on, Chengbei here The film and television base has nothing to do with them anymore.

Han Gaoping was really stunned. He did not expect He Jian to make such a decision. After all, this was the base he managed in the first hand. It was the first time that the three young family members of the He family had run it. Feel uncomfortable.

He Jian heard that he stopped talking, and guessed that he thought so. Thinking back to my last life, what is a movie base? That year, the hard-to-run companies, large and small, declared bankruptcy. It was the heartache and resentment that caused the burned man to lose his mind. Now he can cut off all the concerns with a small base, only to make him feel happy.

He Jian said, “It’s just a small base. Today it’s gone. Maybe I will return to my hand tomorrow.”

Listening to He Jian’s bland voice, Han Gaoping seemed to have planned, otherwise he wouldn’t let himself come to the base early in the morning, so he should let him handle the last thing.

He didn’t say more, so he agreed to do it. However, Han Gaoping and Zhuo Yi, who were on the ground, were about to give away the base when he heard it. The whole man exploded and said, “What do you mean? Why did you give it away suddenly?” He just came to the base today to help , As soon as you get here.

Han Gaoping glanced at him and didn’t want to explain more to him, so he went on to inform. Although the following people are surprised, He Jian uses some capable people, knows when to say what and what to do, and does not ask a question.

The crew was notified by Xia Hang personally. The artists were amazed, but no one dared to comment, and had to stop shooting to leave the base.

An An was not notified in advance, thinking that something great had happened, so she called and asked Qi Yueran.

Qi Yueran didn’t eat any lunch, and fell asleep when he came back. He Jian called in and found that he was sleeping well, so he didn’t rush to wake him up. Let the kitchen make lunch late, and wait for Qi to wake up.

When An An called, it was more than one noon. Qi Yueran’s cell phone was still in her pocket, and she was awakened by a shock. He sat up for a long time before reacting that the mobile phone was shaking, and quickly took it out to answer the call.

“What happened to the base? Or did you do something?” An Ying asked as soon as he came up.

An An’s voice was very loud. Even He Jian, who was sitting on the sofa, listened to Qi Ba, and then aligned and said, “I have a good talk with Boss Xia, so that Han Gaoping has withdrawn the people of the He family. Boss Xia also let his crew retreat from the base. “

Qi Yueran actually didn’t wake up, and the sleepy-eyed didn’t know what An An asked. He heard what He Jian said before he knew what was going on, and said, “It’s okay, that He Jian gave up the base … Qi is old. Therefore, boss Xia’s crew has to withdraw from the base. “

An An frowned. Although he hated others walking around with him, he was not the one who couldn’t hear it. Qi Yueran’s word An An naturally paid attention to it, and felt that it might be a bad question to himself, and said with a grin: “Oh, you’re fine, I thought something happened, and I was shocked. Then I hung up, nothing else. “

Qi Yue hung up the phone and drowsiness awoke, and said to He Jian, “It would be terrible to do this …”

He Jian got up from the sofa, walked to the bed and gave Qi Yueran a piece of clothes, and said, “Just wake up and wear more clothes, be careful to catch a cold. The base has already given them. They have nothing wrong with it. Besides, even if Xia Hang’s cooperation is left behind, the Qi family will not run it, and it is not fun to offend Xia’s boss. “

Qi Yue nodded, and said nothing. As soon as Xia Hang’s crew was gone, other small crews were likely to run away, and the base in the north of the city almost became empty. Qi Jia has not dealt with the characters in the entertainment industry, and there is no way to do anything in a short time.

Qi Lao and Qi Yuexin felt that they had picked up a bargain, but did not know that an empty shell could not make any money. Qi Yueran occasionally thinks about the Qi family habitually. After half thought, he realises that he has nothing to do with the Qi family.

He Jian said, “It’s a little bit. Let’s go downstairs for lunch.”

Originally, He Jian and Xia Hang said that they would come out for a light meal in the evening and then talk about the cooperation in detail. However, in the afternoon, Xia Hang called again and said that he wanted to go home with An An immediately.

The light meal was cancelled, just to relax. He Jian asked Han Gaoping to prepare. Tomorrow they will return to the capital. Anyway, there is nothing to do for the whole adventure. It is better to take Qi Yueran back to the capital to relax.

Qi Yueran has no opinion on returning to Beijing. Although Father He looks very serious, he is still very good to them.

When He Jian and Qi got on the plane, the Qi family felt something was wrong.

Qi Yuexin didn’t have much effort, and even without the news, Qi Yueran was driven away. I didn’t know how happy he was. He has a good leg now, and the Qi family has only one heir. All the property will belong to him in the future. Those who want revenge will also get revenge. He couldn’t sleep at night when he was happy.

Just when Qi Yuexin was happy, the base was also mostly empty. But he didn’t understand without experience and didn’t pay much attention. Instead, Qi Yuexin went to the bureau.

Wu Kai was pressured and supervised by Father He, of course, and of course he could not get any benefit. Because other things were involved, Wu Kai was expected to serve life imprisonment, and he is expected to keep squatting in jail.

Qi Yuexin came to visit Wu Kai, which was nothing at all. I didn’t know why Wu Kai suddenly became furious, but just shouted, “Why did you do this? I haven’t offended you and hurt you!”

Qi Yuexin ignored him and went out. I didn’t look back until I went out, but I couldn’t see anything, and whispered, “This is what you owe, and it’s returned to you ten times, hundred times.”


Early on the third day, Qi Yuexin and Qi Lao went to the base and wanted to inspect the area. But who thought that the base that should have been busy was full of people.

Qi Yuexin heard that many crew members had already left, and Huaying’s crew members gave liquidated damages to leave the base. His first reaction was to feel Qi Yueran’s Tao. He felt that he had trusted him at that time. How could anyone kindly give up a base? It turns out that this uneasiness is here.

Qi Lao had no idea. He had never run a film and television base and could not find any connections.


He Jian took Qi Yueran back to the He family’s house. Mrs. He knew that the day after they came back, she started to help the servants to clean up the room of the three young children.

He Jian didn’t dare to hide from Mr. He and Mrs. He about Qi Yueran’s life experience. He Lao has more connections than they do, and it will happen sooner or later. So before getting on the plane, He Jian told things in advance to Mrs. He.

Kang Shuqin has always favoured his younger son, and his younger son, Qi Qi, it ’s impossible for the baby, so when Qi heard that, such a thing happened, and he was distressed. He kept telling He Jian that it was necessary to comfort Qi Qiranran and not make him sad again. He also said that he would bring people home quickly, no one in the family could bully them, and go home to supplement his body.

This incident was conveyed by Mrs. He to Mr. He, and it was miserable. Father He didn’t say anything. The marriage was originally intended by He Jian, and it was not coveted by his Qi family. Now Qi Yueran is not the same as the Qi’s own son.

After hearing this, Father He only said, “It seems that the Qi family can’t make a big deal, and they have refused to fully believe after raising it for 20 years. How can outsiders use it?”

Mrs. He didn’t care about it, “What do you care about them, and worry about others. Don’t you worry about it blindly? I can tell you that my son and Xiaoran are back, so don’t take it seriously.”

When Qi Yueran returned, his mood was a bit low, and he always felt that it was awkward to be known about this kind of thing. Mrs. He brought him a pile of supplements to the table, comforted and persuaded for a long time, but Qi Yue, who was even more embarrassed.

Kang Shuqin said with a smile: “In fact, this is also good, lest you go home all the time you go. Isn’t it possible to develop in Beijing? How good is your home, someone is waiting.”

He Jian looked at the table full of soup, soup and water, but he didn’t know how to use chopsticks, what kind of trotters, turtles, pigeons, ginseng, sea cucumbers and catfish … Immediately there was an urge to help.

Mrs. He specially made a large table tonic for Qi Yueran. Qi Yueran was not good at all. She took every sip, and she felt that she was going to die. My heart was cold and sweaty, and my lips would grow together tomorrow.

After eating Fan He Jiancai and Qi Yueran upstairs. He Jian said as he walked, “I think you’re full after drinking soup today.”

Qi Yueran gave him a white look, and felt that the soup in his walking stomach was so loud that he said, “… Isn’t your mother making these supplements for confinement?”

He Jian smiled and said, “I haven’t studied it. I’m afraid my dad would have to teach you something about it, so I told my mom a little bit worse. I guess it scared my mom too much, so I started looking around. It gives you health. “

Qi Yue became even more speechless, pushed the door open to advance the bedroom, and pressed the light by the door. Waiting for Liang to startle Qi, he was startled. In fact, there was nothing special in the room. He had left Beijing for a long time and forgot the unique design of He Jian’s room.

The large mirror across the glass leopard bed sheet from the bathroom, Qi slowly slowed down for a few seconds before getting calm again. He and He Jian had lived in this room for many days before, but at that time they had never held hands, so in the face of so many “fun” facilities, they didn’t feel embarrassed at all. But now it’s different, Qi Yue is still too young and thin-skinned, although her face is calm, she still blushes.

He Jian smiled, and waited for Qi Yueran to enter the bedroom before he suddenly hugged people from the back, saying, “Fortunately, I didn’t let the servant change all these things. Now it looks pretty good. It’s practical, it’s very emotional. “

“… perverted.” Qi Yue was startled, the people behind him hugged him, and then two people fell into the big leopard bed as soon as they turned. His face was flushed and his teeth were squeezed for a long time before he squeezed out two words.

He Jian pressed the person on the bed, pressed his hands close to the top of his head, and the dragonfly kissed his lips with a little water, and then pressed his body along, gently biting Qi Yueran’s lips, which made the person’s breath unstable. Only then extended his tongue to pry open his teeth.

“Hmm …” Qi shuddered a little, only to feel that his head was a little bit woody, and he closed his eyes and put out his tongue to entangle.

The two kissed for a long time before they heard He Jian smile and said, “I remember there was something more abnormal in the cabinet. Would you like to see or try it?”

Where has Qi Yueran ever seen such a rogue He Jian, staring at him with his eyes widened, he immediately looked away and said, “You get up, I’m going to take a shower.”

He Jian glanced at the glass bathroom with a smile and said, “Yeah, you should start from the bathroom at this time. I’ll take you there.”

Qi Yueran almost jumped up when he heard that, but he thought He Jian really wanted to take himself to the bathroom. They hit each other and they almost fell.

He Jian said, “Shy?”

Qi Yueran did feel embarrassed, but he was unable to express it, but said, “Let me go, I will go by myself.”

He Jian was very obedient, put him in the bathroom door, and then watched Qi Yue enter the glass bathroom.

Qi Yueran bit his head and put in water, then undressed very quickly and sat in the bathtub. He turned his back to the outside and did not dare to turn back, for fear of meeting He Jian’s eyes. But there was no movement outside, and he did not know what He Jian was doing.

He Jian originally wanted to tease him. He also knew that Qi Yueran was in a bad mood recently, so he made him happy. However, it’s easy to wipe out the gun and play with fire … He looked at Qi Yueran Guang 1’s naked back outside, which was a bit indifferent.

He Jian really undressed, then opened the door and went into the bathroom.

Qi Yueran was relieved. He didn’t hear anything. As a result, he saw He Jian on one side. He stood up reflectively from the bathtub.

He Jian stepped in and sat down, looking at him admiringly, saying, “Sit down, be careful.”

Qi Yueran was flushed again, and as soon as he was about to sit down, he was pulled into his arms by He Jian. He Jian was half-soft and half-hard, and neither of them was wearing clothes. Qi became aware of it naturally, and he didn’t even dare to move.

He Jian hugged him, and stroked his hands on his back, waist and hips. It didn’t take long for the stiff body in the arms to begin to tremble slightly, and the breathing in the ears was quick.

Qi Yue was ignited everywhere by him, and he felt uncomfortable where he was. He finally pressed He Jian’s head and kissed him.

He Jian felt a little surprised, and he was polite and entangled with him. The breathing of both people was getting heavier and thicker, and the temperature of the skin rubbing together was getting higher and higher with the sound of gurgling water.

After all, the bathtub was too hard, and Qi became very uncomfortable last time. He Jian was afraid that he would hurt him again. Naturally, he didn’t dare to try any bathtub, so he directly put people on the bed.

The water droplets on the two people did not dry, but it seemed that they could not care about it, and the color of the leopard bed sheets was darkened. Fortunately, He Jian is still a bit sane, and he did not forget to lubricate and expand Qi Yueran first. However, Qi Qiran did not feel much better than last time. Facing the mirror opposite, everything was very clear, and his whole body seemed to be boiling, and he felt unreasonably aggravated.

I do n’t know if it ’s too exciting. After being tossed, Qi Yue was just paralyzed in the bed and did n’t want to move, but he did n’t faint like last time. I do n’t know if I should be glad.

He Jian took him to the bathroom to clean it, and touched him several times in the middle, but Qi Yue had no resistance and had to close his eyes and pretend to be dead. Fortunately, He Jian also knew that if he saw good, he would take it.

The more he washed Qi, the more water he let him soak in the bathtub for a while. Just now the two were all wet and rolled onto the bed. The sheets were all wet. It wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep like this for a night. I just felt too excited because I was too excited.

Qi Yueran was quite comfortable soaking in warm water, and squinted to enjoy it. In addition to being tossed a bit harder, back pain and leg pain, in fact, two people are still very comfortable together. Knowing that he went out and back, I was a little surprised what he was doing and asked, “Why did you go?”

“Change the sheets, the sheets are wet.” He Jian then dried him and put on a bathrobe again.

Qi Yueran thought that the leopard-printed sheet had finally been replaced, but as soon as he came out, he found that the bed was still a leopard-printed … he could only lie back to the leopard-printed bed helplessly.

The light in the room was still on. In order to let Qi see the opposite mirror clearly, He Jian never turned off the light for him. Qi Yueran rested for a long time before he calmed down. As soon as he opened his eyes, he could see himself and He Jian in the mirror, and felt more ashamed than in the process of doing it.

He Jian also washed himself and came back to see him want to get up, quickly grabbed him, and said, “What are you going to do? Are you unwell? Do you want to apply medicine? Or do you want to drink water? I’ll get it for you. Don’t get up . “

Qi Yue was pressed by his shoulders, but the strength that he had accumulated so hard didn’t work. He simply rolled over and couldn’t stand up. He said, “Don’t turn off the lights yet.”

He Jianle was happy, went down to the ground to turn off the lights, and then discredited. Qi Yueran covered the quilt again, and then lay next to him, saying, “Sleep early, and tomorrow night boss Xia said to invite you to dinner, thank you for taking so long to take care of An’an in the whole area.”

“Hmm …” Qi Yue sighed weakly and agreed, and then closed his eyes and slept. He had no extra energy now, let alone thinking about it, and fell asleep as soon as his voice fell.

Qi Yueran woke up very early the next day, mainly because his waist hurt again. As soon as he turned around in the morning, he woke up with soreness. He sat up leaning on his waist. He Jian, who was still asleep next to him, couldn’t help but grit his teeth. Every time he finished, only his waist hurt terribly. The person next to him was like nothing.

Qi Yueran held his waist slowly for a long time, just like walking over mountains and ridges. He glanced at He Jian who was asleep. If he had a figure, he could not compare to He Jian, but now He Jian has no response at all …

Qi Yueran moved over and pulled He Jian’s quilt down. I wanted to sneak in, but before I was caught, I flashed my waist first, and it was so painful like cramps, I groaned on the bed and groaned.

He Jian was awakened by him and thought what was happening. He looked at him and smiled, and said, “You are too weak to exercise.”

Qi Yue ignored him and couldn’t get up in bed.

At lunchtime, Mrs. He saw Qi Yue always frowned slightly, thinking that he hadn’t relieved his life experience and comforted him for a long time. Qi Yue was terribly embarrassed, and he couldn’t tell the truth. He was hurt by a sore waist and legs that He Jian had tossed … He could only glare Jane secretly.

After having lunch, Qi Yueran returned to the bedroom by himself. He Jian was called away by Mr. He, and it was estimated that it would take a long time before he was released.

Qi Yueran returned to the bedroom alone and had nothing to do. Now he is free and does not need to do any work. He sat on the little sofa in the middle and took a book on the shelf to see.

Just by taking it, Qi opened it without thinking too much. Who knows the content is really exciting. Eighteen forbidden comics, even tentacles and s1m …


Qi Yueran turned red, and dared not insert the second page. It was found that all the hardcover books on the book shelves were of the “not so serious” type. There are three or four books that are not covered …

He Jian always felt that Qi Yueran was very stable and capable in the old city, and he would be gentle when talking to himself. He Jian didn’t know, Qi Yueran’s understanding of him was completely refreshed today.

He didn’t dare read a book at this moment, just remembered the sentence that He Jian joked last night, saying that there was something more abnormal in the cabinet. Qi Yueran hadn’t seen it before, and he was dealing with economics. Suddenly, it was inevitable that he had curiosity.

He glanced at the cabinet and looked at the time again. Finally got up from the sofa, walked over to squat down, reached out and opened the cabinet. There is actually nothing in it, and it is estimated that He Jian also opened it afterwards. However, this “irregular” thing is really not without it, at least there are many styles of fun handcuffs and whip …

Qi Yueran was also an eye-opener, and the corners of his eyes were jumping in his hands, and he hurriedly hurriedly stuffed it back, only to find that when he took the whip, he pulled out a piece of paper and fell to the ground.

Qi Yueran picked it up and stuffed it back together, only to discover that it wasn’t paper but a photo. The photo above shows He Jian and another man, both of whom look quite young. He doesn’t know that person and doesn’t take it seriously.

Father He talked to He Jian for a long time and asked him what he was going to do next. He Jian didn’t dare to hide from his father, so he told Lao He to wait and see. If Qi’s family were not good, he decided to make Qi’s income.

He Lao frowned. He didn’t know that He Jian and Qi’s family were involved, and thought that He Jian was acting with anger and wanted to get angry for Qi. He was not in favor of closing the family. Although there was no risk in doing so, it was a sum of money. Qijia’s main industries are all around, and even if they are successfully taken, they do not have much to do with the original industry of Hejia, and it is better to put a useful one in there.

Afterwards, Lao He threw a few newspapers and magazines in front of him for him to see. In fact, He Jian had been prepared for a long time, even if he didn’t read it, he knew what it was. When Qi’s family received an empty shell base, they naturally became embarrassed and angry. The reports prepared by Qi Yuexin had not been written, but now they are useful. All around now knows Qi Qi is not a matter of Qi children.

He Jian was prepared for this matter, and each thing has a different explanation, depending on how to guide. He Jian left the whole team, and the public relations team started to think about strategies several days in advance. Qi Yuexin was anxious, regardless of the consequences, and was sent out by the person left by He Jian. The news is here, and it’s quite powerful, but the guidance is completely controlled by He Jian’s team. The life-changing event has evolved into a journey of growing up.

He Jian and Lao He talked for a long time. At four o’clock, because there was a dinner at night, they were put back into the bedroom.

The evening dinner was in the entertainment city. This time there were few other people, only Xia Hang An, He Jian and Qi Yueran. But this pomp is not too small, and booked a VIP room on the sixth floor of the entertainment city.

Qi Yueran didn’t come to the entertainment place much before, unless it was for business. He did not come by himself in the noisy place of entertainment city, he always felt too noisy, not his favorite place.

They didn’t expect that when they entered the entertainment city, they hadn’t seen Xia Hang and An An, but they met other “acquaintances”, and this acquaintance Qi became unknown.

He Jian and Qi Yue were led by the waiter to the elevator room. As soon as they entered, they heard someone called “He Jian”. Qi Yueran glanced back and saw a man in his twenties looking into the elevator.

Because of the identity of He Jian, almost everyone except his family calls him He San Shao. If you are unfamiliar, you can call his name almost. So someone called He Jian, he was a little surprised.

Accidents don’t stop there. This man is the person I saw in the photo today, but it just looks a lot more mature.

Speaking of which, He Jian was also unexpected. He replaced He Sanshao, but it was not He Sanshao himself, and he had no previous memories of him. He Jian heard someone calling herself, but he was not particularly impressed.

The man walked into the elevator and looked very congratulatory. He was really familiar. He greeted with a smile and said, “I haven’t seen it for a few years. I won’t forget it, right? I’m Yu Song.”

He Jian didn’t have much impression on this person, but he was more familiar with the name. He didn’t know He Sanshao knew You Song, who is a relatively popular actor in the past two years and has a high media exposure.

You Song glanced at Qi Yueran beside He Jian, and said, “This is Qi Er Shao, right? I heard someone say He Jian has become a child, and he has become very specific when he got engaged. I didn’t believe it then, He Jian and I have known each other a long time ago. I did n’t see who he was passionate about for more than three days. Even when he confessed to me, he turned around and got involved with others. But today, it is really possible. Otherwise, my friends who have been together for so many years have not seen him for two years, how could He Jian suddenly not know me? “

Qi Yueran glanced at You Song, the other side’s tone was strange, and it is estimated that even the waiter who led the way heard something wrong. He did not wait for He Jian to speak, and said dryly: “It is estimated that Mr. You ’s face has changed so much since he became a star, so it is normal for He Jian not to recognize him. We have an appointment, so we will not talk to Mr. You. . “

Performing cosmetic surgery on entertainers is very common, but these people are most afraid that others will say that they are fake faces, otherwise the hype should be rampant again. Qi Yueran’s meaning was obvious. You Song thought he had never seen the world in a small place, but when he thought of the first sentence, he hit a nail. However, there was no embarrassment or unhappiness on the face, but he smiled and said, “After that, let’s go back to the old days, and I will go first.”

He Jian watched You Song go away, then raised her hand and put on Qi Yueran’s waist gently, and said nothing like, “Why suddenly walk so fast.”

Qi frowned, still in a dry tone, “Are you going fast? Or do you want to keep the old?”

He Jian laughed out loud and said, “I thought you weren’t mad just now, are you really jealous? Don’t worry, I ’ll tell you the old story with you. I wasn’t happy yesterday.”

There are only four people at the dinner. In fact, Qi Yueran and An An are only supporting. The two of them have no business to discuss. Xia Hang and He briefly talk about the cooperation of the new film and television base.

Halfway through, Qi Yueran went to the bathroom with An An, and happened to meet Yu Song, an acquaintance. Qi Yueran didn’t like this person very much, and the few words he said were almost nothing he liked to hear.

In fact, Qi Yueran also knew that He Jian had a very bad reputation before. He was a famous playboy, and he considered it when he agreed to the marriage proposal. But now, suddenly not so relieved. Qi Yueran is a little bit paranoid, with a more stubborn personality, and it is easy to kill many things. Now that he has established a relationship with He Jian, he naturally hopes that there will be no flaws.

You Song smoked in the bathroom, saw them come in and raised an eyebrow, and smiled and said, “I didn’t expect to meet again so soon?” He said as if he had found some fun, looked back and forth between Qi Yueran and his side. Alas, he said, “Isn’t it stealing fish in the bathroom carrying He Jian? Isn’t this boy looking good? Bring no things, should I borrow you?”

After finishing speaking, Yu Song took things out of his pocket and threw them on the sink in front of them. An An didn’t know him, and the famous star was useless in his eyes. Seeing the set of security thrown over, he turned blue, and the first one who dared to humiliate him so much.

Qi Yueran’s face also pulled down. He didn’t think about it. Because of his face, he should actually be more generous, which also makes people feel good-looking, but whoever thinks of this man has intensified.

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