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CM Chapter 35


Lu Zhuoyi left Qi Yue was relieved, had dinner with He Jian and then went back upstairs to the bedroom. Because Qi Yuexin was scheduled tomorrow, he always thought about it at this time, always thinking how Qi Yuexin would justify himself. However, the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I am. He didn’t understand why a good family became like this.

He Jian paused downstairs and went up to the second floor. As soon as he opened the door, Qi Yue came back to seeing He Jian blinked, and then felt a little embarrassed.

Last night, the two of them were in trouble for a long time. In fact, it should be said that they had been in trouble unilaterally for a long time. As a result, He Jian agreed to the current relationship between the two, and then stopped to sleep. I don’t think it’s unusual today during the day, but now it’s night and I’m still in the same bedroom … So it’s Qi’s turn now more embarrassing. In retrospect, I feel a little hot.

He Jian did not notice his unnaturalness and said, “When are you going to pass tomorrow?”

Qi Yueran was silent for a few seconds and said, “I don’t know, it’s the morning, I don’t want to keep dragging.”

He Jian nodded and said, “I’ll take you there, don’t worry.” He said as he came over and sat on the sofa, then stretched out his hand and touched the ever-increasing hair, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll do well. Those who take care of you will never leave. “

Qi Yueran looked at him and didn’t answer any more. He lowered his head halfway, and glimpsed the engagement ring on his left finger. It was shining in the light, and he didn’t know if He Jian was comforting himself. words. I have a showdown with Big Brother tomorrow. I don’t know what my father will look like, and I don’t know if I can stay in the family. There is no place to look at the whole advent. I don’t know if I can look up and see if I can see it.

He Jian said, “Go to take a bath and go to bed sooner, so as not to lose your energy tomorrow.”

“Huh …” Qi Yueran stared at the ring on his hand, thinking about things. The response was slow for a few beats, and he subconsciously agreed. He Jian asked for a few seconds before asking, “What did you say?”

He Jian was amused by him. He deliberately teased him and said, “Just take a bath, don’t you tangle like this? Are you thinking about asking me to come?”

He stood up as he talked, and it seemed like he really wanted to go together. Qi Yueran was scared by him. He had n’t taken a bath with others since he was young. Even if he was at school, it was a single-person dormitory. The bath was never visited, so it felt more or less unusual.

He Jian said, “I ’m not going to make you laugh, go quickly, take a good bath. I have to go to the study, and I do n’t know what time I will come back. If you are sleepy, go to bed first, leave me a door and do n’t lock it. to make.”

Qi Yueran was relieved, and felt strange in his heart. He nodded and said, “You go.” He also knew He Jian was very busy, so he didn’t ask what was happening.

He Jian watched him enter the bathroom, and soon there was a sound of water in it. Then he turned out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Han Gaoping was instructed by He Jian to look up Qi Yuexin ’s schedule today, as well as information about the old man in the car. He Jian always felt that he had never seen the old man where he had seen it. Moreover, he also knew that Qi Yuexin had booked a plane ticket, and the time exactly coincided. Did he go to the airport to pick up the old man?

He Jian knew what happened in his last life. The air ticket was from a small northern city to the whole city. He had only been there once. It was much smaller than the whole city, and his economic conditions were not good. He Jian remembered that time went with Qi Yuexin, but the time should be when they were thirty.

He felt a little strange. Before Qi Yuexin, he did n’t go out because of his leg problems, let alone a small remote place. Before he was thirty years old, no one had visited them. He Jian wondered how Qi Yuexin suddenly contacted the people in the place and received the full arrival.

Han Gaoping went to check. He Jian waited in the study for a long time before he came back. He took a briefcase with little information in it and handed it to He Jian. The ticket from Mr. Qi Yuexin is here. This afternoon Mr. Qi Yuexin personally went to the airport to pick up someone, and then took it home with him. “

“Wang Feng?” He Jian snorted the old man’s name, but it was too common, but he couldn’t remember anything, and said, “Is Wang Feng’s information checked?”

“Check it out, there are few things.” Han Gaoping handed the briefcase to He Jian, saying, “The resume is very ordinary, but this person worked as a servant at Qi’s house long ago.”

He Jian’s hand holding the briefcase was stiffened, and then quickly opened the briefcase, and all the paper in it was shaken out for quick review.

Wang Feng is a very ordinary person with no education. He is a full-time person. He has been working in Qi family since 30 years ago, but then he suddenly left and went to a small city in the north. He never moved again.

He Jian seemed to remember something when he looked at it. When he was very young, he seemed to be impressed with this person, but because he was only five years old at that time, he had only a vague shadow. Then he went out with Qi Yuexin at the age of thirty. That small city in the north has seen Wang Feng again. The two-sided impression is too vague.

Han Gaoping looked at He Jian and was not disturbed. He Jian thought for a long time, and then said to him, “Okay, you can also rest. Tomorrow, I will accompany Xiao Ran to Qi Family. You don’t have to follow, and go directly to the base. Lu Zhuoyi did not say that he would arrive Base to help? You can look at him and don’t let Master Lu dismantle the place. “

“… Okay.” Han Gaoping also had a headache for Lu Zhuoyi, but that was the young master of the Lu family. He had offended people last time, and he met again if he didn’t know how to clean up.

After Han Gaoping went out, He Jian flipped through the data several times, and there was no extra impression. He hardly remembered what he had said to Wang Feng, and even less know what Qi Yuexin had asked him to do. It stands to reason that they also You shouldn’t know it.

Qi Yueran went into the bathroom, hung up his bathrobe, put water in, and went to the bathtub to bathe. He sighed and relaxed a lot. But as long as I think about tomorrow, I frown unconsciously.

He soaked in the bathtub for a long time with his eyes closed, and slowly fell asleep without consciousness. When he woke up again, he felt cold and trembling, and his whole body was stiff. Then I found that I was asleep in the bath, the warm water had already become cold water, and I didn’t know how long I had stayed in the cold water, and the cold head hurt.

Qi Yueran wanted to get up quickly and go behind him to the towels and bathrobes hanging on the hangers, and to dry the cold water on his body. But who thought he was in a hurry, he pulled the bath towel and the bathrobe fell off. He had stiff hands and feet, but caught the towel, and the bathrobe fell into the bathtub.

Qi Yueran patted his forehead, regardless of his bathrobe. It was cold enough, and he quickly stepped out and wiped his body while turning on the warm air. He felt comfortable for a long time.

His bathrobe was soaked in water, and certainly could not be worn anymore. He simply dried his body and went out to get new clothes. Anyway, there was no one else in the bedroom. He Jian said that he would come back very late.

Qi Yueran Guang 1 walked out of the bathroom with his naked body, and it turned out that no one was on with the lights on. He walked to the wardrobe opposite the big bed, and pulled away to find a bathrobe. The formal clothes I usually wear are hung in the cupboard. Below are a few small cupboards with clean pajamas and underwear.

He Jian thought about it for a long time in the study, and after looking at it, it was not too early, so he put the materials in the desk cabinet, and then went back to the bedroom to rest.

He thought that Qi went to bed earlier, so when he opened the door, he moved very lightly, almost no sound was heard, and he was afraid to wake him up.

But the door opened, the lights inside were on, and there must be no sleep. He Jian also wanted to call Qi Qiran, but he couldn’t get up in his throat, so he saw him standing in front of the closet next to the bed, wearing a cotton suit on his upper body, but only covering half of his hips. Half of her buttocks and long straight legs are leaking out.

He Jian was a bit overwhelmed and felt that the visual impact was not too small. Qi Yueran apparently didn’t find him. He had just found out his pajamas and trousers, and his pants were still on the bedside, and he was bending over to find the underwear in the small cabinet. The pajamas are relatively long, and it should reasonably be able to cover the hips, but he bent over and naturally exposed, half-covered.

He Jian knew from the last life that he liked men, perhaps because he liked Qi Yuexin in the first place, and then even if there was no result, he did not associate with any woman. At this time looking at such Qi Qiranran, there was really some impulse in my head.

He Jian felt a bit dry in his throat, even if the person in front of him should be a young man, but this is theoretical. At this time, standing behind him, he only felt that the young man was aching and seductive. Seems to be completely unconnected with himself.

Qi Yueran didn’t even know he was standing behind him. When he found the underwear, he was ready to put it on. As soon as he was holding the cabinet to lift his legs, he suddenly felt a hot palm sticking to his hip. He was frightened, and his fingers seemed to rub in his hips, as if to get in.

Qi Yueran exclaimed “ah”, almost panicked, and his underwear fell to the ground.

He Jian certainly wouldn’t let him fall, and hugged people quickly. Qi Yueran turned his head, widened his eyes in surprise, and stared at him, seeming a little shocked.

“What are you doing?”

Both of them did not speak for three or four seconds. Qi Yue was unable to respond, and He Jian had a dumb voice in his throat. He Jian asked a difficult question afterwards, his voice revealed the unbelievable passion.

The more Qi asked him, the more he felt embarrassed. Then I thought that I hadn’t wore underwear and pants, and had 1 body, 1 red, 1 naked, 1 naked. He and He Jian hugged together. If the fabric of He Jian’s suit pants rubbed against his naked lower body, his hips were still covered with the hot palm.

“… I just finished taking a shower.” Qi Yueran started to find that his voice was not right, and quickly coughed, saying, “I fell asleep while taking a bath, and then dropped my clothes into the water. Then he came out to find clothes. “He said without thinking of the trace and moved himself out of He Jian’s contact area, especially the back hand made him uncomfortable.

He Jian could feel it, but suddenly didn’t want to let go. The skin under his hands was slippery and soft, and there seemed to be some stiffness, which made him feel a little bit reluctant to move. Yesterday, the two established a relationship. Although He Jian felt that it was awkward in some places, he thought about it the other way around. He Jian can ensure that he is the best person to align with. He can not leave him for a lifetime without hurting him. He is also the person who knows him best. Maybe these are things that others can’t do. They have no conflicts of interest, and will only take care of each other. If they just live like this for a lifetime, there is nothing bad. Feelings may not need anything violent. At his age, after experiencing a lifetime, he can have another chance, only to find that there is nothing wrong with a long stream of water.

The two remained silent for a long time, and He Jian kept staring at Qi Yueran’s face, as if to confirm.

Qi Yueran seemed a bit unbearable and felt tortured. I was naked, naked, and lowered, so I was in such ambiguous contact that I should feel it in a while, wouldn’t it be discovered at a glance? He suddenly felt the same on his face.

“No wonder I’m so cold, what should I do if I catch a cold?”

…………………… Crabs crawling ……………………


It was midnight when he opened his eyes again, and he couldn’t stand the thirst in his throat, and couldn’t say a word. When he moved, he felt someone nearby, He Jian was lying beside him, and the two were close together.

Qi Yue dare not wake him up, but He Jian hadn’t slept yet, so he opened his eyes naturally.

“What’s wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?” He Jian sat up and asked him.

Qi Yue became more supportive and wanted to sit up, but the soreness on his waist really made him unbearable. “Ah”.


He Jian quickly got out of bed to turn on the light, then held him up, and said, “Let’s lie down if you are uncomfortable, can I help you, are you thirsty? Or want to go to the toilet, I’ll take you.

“No …” Qi Yueran quickly waved his hand and said, “My throat is a little dry.”


He Jian poured a cup of warm water and said, “If you are uncomfortable, tell me.”

Qi Yuean looked awkward at him and became awkward. He drank the water and said, “I’m not so coquettish.”

He Jian smiled and said, “Who says you are squeamish, I feel bad for you.”

Qi Yueran’s face turned red after he said it, and he simply rolled into the quilt and pretended not to hear it. The action was too big and involved the sour waist, giving him a painful grin.

He Jian put the cup back on the table and turned off the light before returning to bed. Qi Yueran fell asleep after a while because his body was too tired and he could not care about distress. He fell asleep until more than 9:30 in the morning.

He Jian woke up early when Qi Yueran woke up. He was lying alone on the big bed, feeling that his body was not like his own, and he felt sore everywhere when he moved. In retrospect, it was not so uncomfortable after the most painful military training in middle school.

He had been lying on the bed for a long time and didn’t want to get up. As soon as I think about the things that happened last night, my heart beats faster. Only two people who feel confused are rolled to bed. Of course, he doesn’t know what He Jian thinks.

He Jian didn’t wake up Qi in the morning when he got up. After washing, he went downstairs and asked the kitchen to make some porridge for Qi Yueran. He thought that the porridge was ready, and then he went up and called for him, but Han Gaoping came over halfway, saying that there was an urgent report.

He Jian took him to the study and asked, “Did you not go to the base? Why are you back?”

Han Gaoping said: “It was originally driving to the base, but I received a call from Master Lu Xiaozhong halfway, saying that Qi Ersha was in trouble, so let me hurry up and talk to San Shao.”

“Is something going wrong with Xiao Ran?” He Jian didn’t know, so he repeated it.

Lu Zhuoyi left He Jian’s villa yesterday and did not want Han Gaoping to send him. Master Lu Xiao was angry that Han Gaoping said he was useless, so he had prejudices against him. Every time he thought of it, he felt awful. He lived for more than ten years, and no one dared to say that he was useless.

Lu Zhuoyi drove for a drive. Everywhere I used to play around. Casino bars or casinos like to go. As a result, I went to a whole entertainment city to drink.

The direction was mixed with fish and dragons. Some people recognized him at a glance. They also felt that Lu Zhuoyi was so young and flickering, so he asked him to drink a drink. It was said that his brother and his brother wanted to go to Lu’s house.

Lu Zhuoyi didn’t think what was happening at first. The other party was a small head of a newspaper. In his eyes, it was nothing, but he could drink together. In order to please Lu Zhuoyi, and to make Lu Zhuoyi feel that he has the ability, he told him a lot of “unknown” secrets.

But the man also talked about the Qi family, which made Lu Zhuoyi awake a lot, and asked, “Which Qi family?”

The man said: “How come there is a second Qi family in Quanlin, but it is not the Qi family that is now in demand. The second son of Qi family and the third family in Jinghe are engaged. Earn the boss. It ’s just that the Qi family can’t settle down for a few days, something will happen! “

Lu Zhuoyi raised an eyebrow, seemed unbelievable, and said, “What can happen?”

“Don’t believe it.” The man continued: “I’m in the media business and I’m well informed. You see, the Qi family is now beautiful. The second son of the Qi family is getting more and more attention, but who wants this section? The eldest son of the Qi family is also fine. Tell me if this is going to be bad. “

Lu Zhuoyi snorted, thinking that what he was going to say, Qi Yuexin’s legs were better, no one knew.

The man also said, “Let me tell you, don’t look at the good old man Qi Qiuxin like a good old man, but who is born in the world is **** the Savior. Don’t believe it, he went to us a few days ago Walked and said it was going to give us a big news. “

“What news?” Lu Zhuoyi asked.

“Don’t talk to others,” said the mysteriously, “the second son of the Qi Family, Qi Qi is not Qi Family at all, it was brought here!”

Lu Zhuoyi froze a bit, couldn’t digest it, and raised his voice, saying, “Impossible!”

“Well, do n’t shout. I have n’t published this report yet. If you know the whole city, I’ll quit. But what I said is true. I didn’t believe it at the time. Who knows? The Qi Yuexin even found the witnesses, and urged us to write a few days ago, saying that they would be issued at any time. “

Han Gaoping recounted the news that Lu Zhuoyi had inquired, and He Jian felt a thunder in his head that made him always helpless.

Han Gaoping hesitated, and continued, “Lu Gongzi said he got the manuscript, and I asked him to send it to your mailbox. The manuscript doesn’t know what will be issued, but it should be soon.”

He Jian turned on the computer immediately and said, “I know, I will tell you what to do when I finish watching it.”

“Okay.” Han Gaoping nodded and prepared to go out.

“By the way, don’t talk to Xiao Ran first. I’ll look at the specific situation before talking.” He Jian said.


He Jian never thought that he would hear this kind of speech one day, he never doubted his own life. Although Qi Lao treats himself slightly differently from Qi Yuexin, he always feels that it is because of Qi Yuexin’s legs.

He looked at the email and seemed to hesitate for a second before opening it. The manuscript issued by this gossip magazine should not be new, but this manuscript was provided by Qi Yuexin himself. The manuscript is accompanied by a picture, which is the old man named Wang Feng, who said that he was a witness to the matter. He who knew the matter at that time was later forced to leave and settled elsewhere, and has now returned.

He Jian browsed the email twice. After the shock started, she looked very calm and her face was erased. She squinted her eyes and remained silent for almost a minute. Then she called Han Gaoping to come in. Already.

He Jian said, “This report has to be bought, and it cannot be sent out. You should do it immediately.” He paused, and said, “Also inform the heads of the magazines under my hand, and follow this. The report writes a different one. The protagonist should write Qi Yuexin. If the guide is not blocked from being sent, we will also send it here. “Han Gaoping promised to go immediately and left the study. He Jian looked at the computer for a long time, then sighed. This is undoubtedly a very shocking thing for him, and it seems that the questions that he did not understand in his lifetime have been explained.

He Jian was very complicated, and knew exactly what it felt like. There was loss and sobriety. He was boiling, but relaxed as if he was relieved. He had always lived in the Qi family in his last life, and because of his blood relationship, even if he ended miserably, he could not cut off the last trace of blood. Now I have come back again, only to discover that he and Qi’s family have completely become strangers in this life. There are no thirty years of upbringing, no family relationship, no blood relationship. So I don’t know if this is a relief.

After all, it’s a matter of last life. Although He Jian was shocked by this incident, the impact was not great. It was just that he was facing a line of words on the screen or was silent. How much influence would Qi Qi have? He Jian did not consider whether he should tell him things first.

Qi Yueran went to Qi’s house today to find Qi Yuexin’s showdown. He hurried at this stall and broke his face with Qi Yuexin, forcing Qi Yuexin to send this report. At that time, letting Qi Yue discover it again was undoubtedly a major blow.

He Jian hesitated. He didn’t want to hurt Qi Yueran by himself, but he didn’t want Qi Yueran to be hurt by others without being prepared.

In addition to these, He Jian is also puzzled by the truth of how Qi Yuexin got it. It stands to reason that he didn’t know it in the last life. Qi Yuexin should have seen Wang Feng ten years later, but this life has changed. He Jian was thinking, and suddenly felt that his neck was a little cold. He had a flash of thought in his heart. Could it be said that Qi Yuexin was like himself? He was born again, knowing the future development, so he suddenly brought Wang Feng from such a distance …

He Jian shook her head, wiped her face, and printed out the report of the e-mail. She placed it on the table at random, and pressed it under the document bag of Wang Feng before the survey, revealing an edge.

Qi Yueran lay on the bed for a long time, then slowly got out of bed and moved to the bathroom to take a shower. When he got dressed, he was already sweaty.

He couldn’t see He Jian, so he was going out of the room to take a look downstairs. As soon as he came out, he met Han Gaoping who was rushing to go downstairs.

Because He Jian refused to tell Qi Yueran now, Han Gaoping did not intend to say anything, and nodded and left.

Qi Yueran glanced at Han Gaoping. He had a guilty conscience at first, so he was afraid of being seen as awkward by others. But just glanced and frowned. Although Han Gaoping was usually very cautious and had no expression on his face, this kind of person looked at it more and it was most obvious if nothing happened.

“Mr. Han?”

When Han Gaoping heard that Qi Yueran called himself, he immediately stopped and said, “What’s wrong with Qi Er?”

“Where is He Jian?” Qi Yueran seemed to just ask casually.

Han Gaoping paused for half a second and said, “Three young people are in the study.”

“Oh, thank you.” Qi Yueran nodded, and went straight to the study without saying anything.

He Jian did not have the heart to show Qi the material directly, but it was necessary. He put the information bag directly on the table and went into the rest room inside.

Qi Yueran came to the study soon, knocked on the door and pushed open. He Jian was not seen inside. He used to come to the study room before, and the furnishings were not new everywhere. At a glance, he saw the document bag on the desktop, which said Wang Feng and the words next to it.

Qi Yueran wouldn’t mess around with He Jian casually. After all, He Jian has a lot of companies under his hands and has a lot of trade secrets. He doesn’t want to see anything or accidentally break his business.

But Qi Yue glanced inadvertently. There seemed to be a piece of paper under the bag that had not been put in. It was pressed to reveal a part of it, and it seemed to have his name on it.

He frowned, and went over to pick up the document bag, starting with some weight. He didn’t open the briefcase, glanced at the printing paper on the table, his eyes widened in shock.

Although I didn’t take a closer look, it was just that the headline was enough to make Qi completely choked.

Qi Yueran stunned for a minute, just staring at a line on the headline, it seemed like he had found consciousness for a long time, and hurriedly picked up the printing paper to see. That was a report written by Qi Yuexin, and there were a few photos on it, mainly to reveal that Qi Yue, the second son of the Qi family, was not Qi’s own biological thing. Of course, the witness is undoubtedly Wang Feng.

The report is very detailed. More than 20 years ago, the Qi family had the first young master, Qi Yuexin, but this young master Qi family was very bad when he was born, even when he was one year old. With a serious illness, doctors have said for a long time that there is a high probability that they will not be cured.

The Qi family is also a commercial marriage. Mrs. Qi has a high status in her own family. After having Qi Yuexin, she can no longer give birth. The Qi family dare not dissolve the marriage, and they are afraid that Qi Yuexin will suddenly disappear. Come back, Qi Qiranran.

At the beginning Qi Yueran actually looks a lot like Qi Yuexin. After all, they are all children, but don’t get older as they get older. Unfortunately, Qi Yuexin’s disease seems to be much better, and it is gradually no different from normal people. Qi Yueran’s substitute has no value.

Mrs. Qi also raised Qi Yueran for several years, and she always had feelings after a long time, so she decided to let Qi Yueran live in Qi family all the time. Of course, not many people know about this matter. Wang Feng was a servant at the time of the Qi family. Because he was involved in the incident, he was sent to a small northern city by the Qi family.

After Qi Yuexin became ill, Qi old had never thought about letting Qi Yueran take over the family business. After all, Qi Yueran was an outsider. His child did n’t know yet. It did n’t make sense to let his own son let someone else ’s home. The child took over. But who would have thought that Qi Yuexin had a car accident suddenly, but picked up his life and returned his legs to become disabled. The boss of Qi became furious, but had to start training Qi Yueran slowly.

Qi Yueran’s breathing was a little quick, and the hand holding the paper was a little trembling. His eyes swept back and forth between the words, trying to find some flaws, and to persuade himself to compose the knowledge of the gossip magazine.

Suddenly, Qi Yue remembered that the word “Wang Feng” was written on the briefcase, and he couldn’t think of anything else, so he hurriedly opened the briefcase, and the information shown in the materials was consistent with the report manuscript. There is nothing wrong with the content.

Qi Yue seemed to take off his strength, and as soon as he let go of his hands, he dropped the materials on the table. If it weren’t for supporting the edge of the table, I’d be afraid that I would fall.

There was a mess in his mind, and he didn’t know if he couldn’t react or didn’t want to think. His gaze was just on the table, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

He Jian was in the lounge. He heard the movement outside and wanted to go out, but never thought how to comfort Qi Qiran. When I saw this kind of news, I was shocked and couldn’t speak, let alone Qi Yueran. He Jian is the person who knows Qi Yueran best. At this time, all comfort is useless, and whoever encounters this kind of thing will not be better off.

After Han Gaoping told the matter, he came back to report to He Jian, but knocked on the door and saw Qi Yueran standing in front of the desk. He hesitated and reacted quickly.

Qi Yueran seemed to be calm again, glanced at Han Gaoping, and said, “When is this happening?”

Han Gaoping also no longer concealed, saying: “The report has not been sent yet, but it was discovered by Master Lu Zhuoyi last night.”

“… He Jian, does he know?” Qi Yueran asked.

Han Gaoping hesitated, then nodded. Qi Yueran said nothing and went out of the study.

Han Gaoping thought He Jian was really not there, but he did not expect that He Jian was always in the small lounge next to him. Waiting for Qi to go out, He Jian opened the door and walked out.

Han Gaoping stumbled again, and seemed to quickly understand what he meant, but just said, “Three young people, the report can be bought, and they are willing to collect money there. But I think even if I buy the news of this magazine, but Mr. Qi Yuexin is still likely to sell the news to other homes. “

“I know this.” He Jian said, “Just drag it first. If he let the news out first, it must be bad for Xiao Ran, it’s all negative news. We need to be prepared in advance, and the team can’t help it. , Take a moment to prepare. “

“I see.” Han Gaoping nodded.

He Jian waved his hand and said, “Okay, you go to the base first to see, don’t do anything else over there.”

Han Gaoping agreed to prepare to leave. He Jian seemed to remember something and said, “Yes, I plan to return to Beijing in a few days.”

Han Gaoping was a little surprised. He Jian thought for a while and said, “I heard that it is Lu Zhuoyi’s birthday next month, isn’t it? Just tell him to congratulate him.”

Han Gaoping left the villa and went to the base without saying a word. Because Lu Zhuoyi discovered this first, and it was considered credit, so when Han Gaoping met Master Lu in the base, he couldn’t ignore others’ love, at least he had to say a word of thanks.

Seeing him, Lu Zhuoyi raised his chin halfway, and squinted at him, as if he was not angry.

“The message provided by Master Lu is true. The three young people have already been resolved.” Han Gaoping said: “The three young people let me thank Lu Shao for his help. In addition …”

“Huh” Lu Zhuoyi didn’t say anything about his gratitude. He said, “I help Qi Yueran, and it has nothing to do with you and He Jian. I love to help Qi Yueran, isn’t it just Qi family, what’s so great, If it ’s not his family, it ’s not, who is rare. As long as Qi is more happy, I will go home and tell my parents, do n’t say that my parents are off the hook, even my brother Han can break the Qi family . “

Han Gaoping just felt his breath blocked in his throat, and Lu Zhuoyi’s words that he did good can be so unseen. He pressed on the sneer and continued to say what was interrupted just now, “There is one other thing to ask Shao Lu for help. San Shao said that he will take Qi Ersha back to the capital recently, and stay in the capital for a while. Next Yue went to celebrate Lu Shao ’s birthday. So it ’s better to say hello to Shao Xian. ”

Lu Zhuoyi originally wanted to talk, but he opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. He was stupid. He stared at the opposite Han Gaoping for a long time, and said, “My birthday next month? What’s the matter with me? Is it my birthday OK? What will be messed up next month. “

Han Gaoping laughed, saying, “Lu Shao’s birthday is indeed next month.”

Lu Zhuoyi’s muscles twitched on his face. He never had a birthday on the lunar calendar. He looked at Han Gaoping puzzledly, feeling that the other party must be playing with himself. He’s all here now, and maybe he won’t go back to Beijing next month, and suddenly said to celebrate his birthday, the more we think about it, the more weird.

In fact, He Jian is just a reason to find casually, because Qi Yueran and Lu Zhuoyi were not familiar with each other, and they used this reason with confidence. He Jian just wanted to take Qi Yueran temporarily to leave the whole advent. After all, apart from this kind of thing, Qi Yueran must be in a bad mood. Taking him out of here temporarily might be a little bit more relaxed or maybe.

Qi Yueran returned to the bedroom and stood in the room without looking for a sofa to sit down. After standing for a long time, he found clothes from the cabinet and put them on.

When Qi Jian came in, Qi Yue already wore a suit that went out. He Jian he opened the door hesitated, and then came in and said, “Going to Qi House now?”

“Do you know about my identity?” Qi Yueran said in a faint tone, and he did not know if he was sad or sad, and it sounded extraordinarily peaceful.

“Yes …” He Jian said, “I just saw the materials brought by Han Gaoping.”

“I’m back to Qi family today, maybe it’s okay with Qi family.” Qi Yueran put on his coat and turned to look at He Jian, “Maybe it’s not Qi’s young master, I was originally Everything was given by Qi family, the money in hand and the company. I never thought that there would be such a day, I never thought about what to prepare for myself, so maybe I am penniless today It will be nothing. “

He Jian also had no special expression, watching him without interrupting him. He understood Qi Yueran, so was his life.

Qi Yueran continued, “I don’t understand why you suddenly proposed the idea of ​​marrying me. I guessed a lot, but there were no results. I do n’t know if it was because of the cooperation between the film and television base in the north of the city? If so, then Cooperation with Qi family, now I … “

He Jian understood what he meant, walked over and shot it again at his waist and hips. Qi Yueran wasn’t prepared, and he whispered “Ah”. If it is normal, this action is really ambiguous, but only Qi Yueran was tossed yesterday. The place is very fragile, and it hurts with a light tap. Now I almost feel sore and my legs are soft.

He Jian said, “You alone say enough? If I do n’t buy money directly because of the broken land, I ca n’t cooperate with Qi family, and I will have to pay dividends in the future. With the funds I have in hand, I buy a piece of land. Still no problem. “

Qi Yue wanted to hold her waist, but stopped when she raised her hand halfway, bit her lip and didn’t speak.

He Jian looked at him and knew that he was not feeling well. He reached out and hugged him half-tightly, pulled him to the sofa, and said, “I heard that next month is Lu Zhuoyi’s birthday. Then, you are ready to go back to Beijing with me. Although Lu Zhuoyi has made a little bit of it, anyway, the Lu family has a good relationship with our family, so it is better to send a congratulatory gift. “

Qi Yueran opened his eyes to look at him, and then heard He Jian said, “If you particularly like the base in the north of the city, you might as well buy out all of his shares, so even if you have nothing to do with Qi’s family, it is you Yes. “

Qi frowned, and after a long day he still didn’t speak.

He Jian reached out and gently stroked his waist, suddenly lowering his head to cover Qi Yueran’s earlobe. Qi Yueran froze, snorted in his throat, and almost moaned. He immediately felt a little tenderness in his spine, and quickly struggled a few times, trying to get rid of He Jian. But instead of letting him go, He Jian also intensified his earlobe slowly rubbing with his teeth, making his whole body numb.

“All day long thoughts are all my people and it’s not honest. What do you mean by that? Just want to run away or have nothing to do with me?”

“Well, don’t make it …” Qi Yue couldn’t stand his tease, and even heard his ambiguous words broke the string in his head.

“Isn’t that right?” He Jian smiled and said, “I originally found you, but I just wanted to see you live a better life so that you don’t suffer so much and protect you. But who knows that a child doesn’t Knowing that the heights and heights come to tease me and call me hooked. I alone do n’t have to do anything else, or all of them. Now that you have chosen the road, you ca n’t change halfway. ”

“Hmm …” Qi Yueran was still struggling in his head just now, but he was teased back and forth by He Jian trapped in his arms. The sour thirst rushed to his head, but his body was sore and tired everywhere. But it was absolutely uncomfortable, quickly gnawed his teeth and said, “I’m not right, let go quickly.”

He Jian stopped teasing him and let go of him. Qi Yue jumped out of his arms immediately when he was free of restraints, but his legs were almost soft and he fell down. After standing firmly, he gave him a stern glance.

He Jian also sorted out her clothes and said, “Go to Qijia now? I’m driving.”

Qi Yueran nodded and said, “I also figured it out, go early and end soon.”

“Let’s go.” He Jian nodded and took Qi Yueran downstairs to pick up the car in the garage.

He Jian drove Qi to pass by, and halfway through he suddenly said, “Do you know who made the report?”

Although Qi Yueran had read the report, it was not written who instructed it. He Jian was afraid that Qi Yuexin would be urged to speak out after a while. It would be bad for Qi Yueran to be unexpected.

Qi Yueran shook his head, he didn’t delve into the problem. After hearing He Jian’s question, his eyes immediately moved to his face, his hands were a little cold, and he didn’t want to dig deeper but guessed more than half.

“It’s Qi Yuexin.” He Jian said.

Qi Yueran was obviously more calm than he thought, and he didn’t know if it was a good thing. After about two minutes, Qi Yueran said, “It looks like my brother really hates me.”

He Jian didn’t answer, but just vacated one hand and patted the back of his hand, which was comforting.

Qi Yuexin didn’t know that the manuscript he wanted to send was already known, and He Jian paid a large price to buy the manuscript. There would have been big news early in the morning, but he waited and waited for nothing. As a result, he called the magazine and found that the other party repented.

Qi Yuexin was very angry, but the other party did not say why he suddenly regretted it. He had no way but to hang up the phone fiercely, and then continued to contact other magazines to publish this news.

When He Jian and Qi Yue came to Qi’s house, Qi Lao and Qi Yuexin were both there. Qi Yuexin just contacted a very small gossip magazine and said he was willing to expose the news for him. At this time he heard that Qi Yue came again, and seemed to be feeling better, so he went downstairs.

Qi Yueran and He Jian were sitting at the sofa on the first floor. When Qi Yuexin came down, they were all smiling, and said, “Xiao Ran, you are here. I didn’t expect that so early, I thought we would have lunch together.”

Qi Yue couldn’t answer his smiling words, and felt that it was ironic in his ears.

He Jian took a look at Qi Yueran, then stood up and said with a smile: “It is not necessary for lunch. It has been my rudeness that Xiao Ran hasn’t visited Qi’s house after being abducted. Now Wu Kai has been sentenced. , This matter has come to an end. “

He said, paying attention to Qi Yuexin’s expression, wondering if it was an illusion. Qi Yuexin seemed to be happy when he heard it.

Qi Lao quickly said that he was polite, and then said a lot of good words.

He Jian just waved his hand and said, “By the way, Mr. Qi forgot something with us, so I came here today and sent it here.”

“What?” Qi Yuexin wondered. He was taken aback and thought he had lost something important. After all, he was guilty of being a thief. However, if you think about it, it is unlikely.

Qi Yueran finally stood up at this time, walked in front of Qi Yuexin, and put the information in his hand in front of him.

Qi Yuexin said, “What did Xiao Ran give me?” He opened the briefcase as he said, and a bunch of photos fell out and scattered on the ground.

Qi Yuexin saw that the entire photo was stunned, his body stiffened for five or six seconds, and then he opened his eyes in surprise and said, “What are these? Why is there me? Where do you get it?” Arrived? Those gossip magazines again? “

“Brother …” Qi Yue was a little tired, and when he heard this, he felt only funny, and said, “Did you always hate me because of the car accident?”

Qi Yuexin trembled, and his eyes moved from the ground to him. The two looked at each other for a long time, and no one said a word.

Qi Lao was also stunned at first glance, and then quickly hit the round, saying, “You two have been like this since childhood, noisy and noisy for a few hours and reconciled, and not afraid of three young joke.”

Qi Yueran’s face did not ease at all, and said, “I was wrong in that traffic accident, and I shouldn’t let my elder brother take me out. I have been thinking about how to make up for it. I don’t want to hurt my elder brother anymore. I never thought that my elder brother would hate so I … It’s because of this that you gave Wu Kai an idea and asked him to kidnap me, right? “

“Xiao Ran!” Qi Lao sang and said, “How can you talk to your brother? How can you frame your doubts about your brother so much? Your brother’s legs have been disabled for so many years, and you haven’t even blame you, you … “

He Jian did not want to intervene, after all, it is no longer his own housework. He is now the three young masters of the He family and the Qi family has nothing to do. It was only when he heard Qi Lao’s eccentric remarks that his heart twitched inevitably, and Qi distressed even more so that he felt more upset in his life.

“Qi Lao,” He Jian suddenly interrupted him, saying, “Although Xiao Ran is not your biological child, but for more than 20 years, isn’t this relationship deep enough? You just blindly favor it, only let People are chilling. These things you do are forcing Xiaoran to have a different heart. “

Qi Lao stared at He Jian in shock, wherever he thought of an outsider, he knew the secret of Qi’s family. Even Qi Yuexin was shocked. He hadn’t put the matter out, thinking that others didn’t know it. He took a quick glance at Qi Ranran and found that he looked calm and didn’t look like he knew it.

“What the three young people said was confusing to everyone.” Qi Lao responded and laughed.

He Jian threw the printing paper of the report article to the table and said, “Qi Zi went to the airport to pick up a person yesterday afternoon. I think Qi Lao may not know that it is Wang Feng who used to work in Qi’s house. Do you have any impression? ? “

He said, turning his eyes to Qi Yuexin, his voice was chilly, and said, “Do you hate Xiaoran so much? Because of your legs? So after your legs are good, do you want to take revenge on him? Do you think Xiaoran is not What happens to the Qi family ’s children when they are taken out? Now I will tell you very clearly that there is only one Qi family in the whole village, and it is nothing. As long as Xiaoran is willing, this Qi family is his. “

The meaning in He Jian’s remarks was obvious. Qi Lao widened his eyes. He Jian did not mean that as soon as Qi became more happy, he immediately bought the Qi family and gave it to him.

Qi Lao had an angry expression on his face and said, “The Qi family has raised him for so many years, and it turned out that he really raised a wolf-eyed wolf, I know. Did I give him a bite to eat? Less to wear? Even if it was picked up, Did n’t starve him to death, and people called him little master, was he good enough for him? He broke my son ’s leg, and he was the most forgiving without killing him. I also taught him how to run a business The company, taught him to do business. But now, I’m cooperating with outsiders to bring down my family. It’s God’s eyes open. “

Qi Yueran’s brows frowned, his hands clenched into fists. He lowered his head halfway, feeling that his eyes were a little sore, and every sentence stabbed him like a needle. He was raised by the Qi family. He had thought that he was a Qi family child since he was a child. He never had a second idea. He could not choose whether he should accept the favor of the Qi family. The more he felt guilty, the harder he asked not to agree. For the Qi family’s company, he even agreed to He Jian’s marriage request. But for no reason became an ingratitude wolf …

If it were not for Qi Yuexin’s union with Wu Kai to kidnap him, perhaps Qi Yuexin would also be grateful to Dade for the support of the Qi family …

He Jian laughed even when Qi Jian heard what Qi Lao said. Recalling all the past life, he no longer feels guilty at home, and no longer lingers.

Qi Yuexin also laughed and stared fiercely at Qi Yueran. He was mild in the usual days and said, “Why don’t I hate you! Tell me? I’ve been in a wheelchair for five years and can’t do anything. You ca n’t do anything, and you are pointed behind your back. Then all the things I originally owned became yours. You tell me why? ”

Qi Yueran repressed and did not speak, Qi Yuexin continued to say, “I gave Wu Kai an idea and asked him to kidnap you. But you still haven’t got any injuries, have you? Why were you disabled for five years? Compared to pain. Everything you have now should be mine. “

“Mr. Qi is right,” He Jian said, “actually this is what I brought Xiaoran over.”

Qi Yuexin was stunned by him and didn’t understand how he suddenly spoke for himself. He Jian continued, “Xiao Ran is now a member of my He family. Since he and Qi’s family are no longer involved, I will take him to make a clarification, so that no one will climb back in the future, wouldn’t it be too much trouble? . In the future, Qi will have nothing to do with the whole family of Qi Family. As for the film and television base in the north of the city, I originally made it for Xiaoran, but now there is no need to cooperate with your family. “

He paused, and Qi Lao immediately became nervous. The Qi family invested a lot of money in the base, and if it was abandoned halfway, there would be no benefit to get it.

He Jian said: “In order not to be gossiped by others, and to give Xiao Ran the support for the Qi family, this base will be given to the Qi family. In this way, you can have a couple.”

“… He Jian!”

Not only were Qi Lao and Qi Yue stunned, even Qi Yue was startled. How much did it cost to build the base in the north of the city, and now it is on the right track, just let it out, Nahe Isn’t Jane losing money?

He Jian raised his hand and stopped Qi Yueran’s words, saying, “If Qi Lao agrees, sign a word.” He said to ask the bodyguard to get a contract, and handed a pen to the table.

Looking at Qi Lao, this was obviously well-prepared. He glanced at the contract, his eyes were alert, and he felt that He Jian was lying to them.

Qi Yueran was also a little surprised, but he did not expect that He Jian had planned for a long time. He felt very inappropriate in his heart. He had lost so much money for his own affairs. If the people in the He family knew it, he would definitely scold He Jian again according to He Lao’s temper.

He Jian said, “I haven’t arranged anything else in order to come to the Qi family today. So please rest assured that Qi can be viewed slowly, word by word, don’t be afraid to waste time, we can wait. If not If you have any questions, sign it. By the way, Mr. Qi Yuexin also sign a letter, lest you feel that you have been wronged or something. “

Qi Lao looked at the contract for a long time, and read it back and forth verbatim. It seemed to find out where the scam was, but the contract was indeed no problem. As long as the signature is signed, the Qibei base is owned by Qijia, and all shareholding rights are controlled by Qijia.

Qi Lao and Qi Yuexin signed the contract. He Jian seemed satisfied. He handed a contract to the bodyguard behind him and said, “Then I will leave with Xiaoran. I hope I won’t see you again.”

“Let’s go.” He Jian patted Qi Yueran’s shoulders and led people out.

After getting on the bus, Qi Qi said silently. “Did you think about it already? The contracts have been drawn up. Why don’t you discuss it with me. The base …”

He Jian heard his voice agitated, grabbed his hand and squeezed, and said, “Okay, calm down. If I tell you, you will definitely disagree, so let’s cut it first.”

Qi frowned, trying to speak without knowing what to say, it seemed to be annoyed by him.

He Jian said, “They’re right. Qi’s family has supported you for so many years. This has become your handle. If operated by the media, anything white will turn black, and it will be ingratitude. The base in the north of the city will be counted. It’s for debt repayment, and the price is reasonable. “

Qi Yueran said, “It’s not so long after working so hard for a long time. He Lao knows, and will definitely scold you.”

He Jian smiled and said, “It turns out that you are concerned about me. It’s not that there is nothing left, at least what is left is the experience. Xia Hang and I are going to set up a base together. This experience is of course very valuable. As for my dad, You can rest assured. I told him that my dad had bought the base and redeemed it for my daughter-in-law. My dad will definitely understand, do you mean it? “

Qi Yueran blushed white and red again. At this time, he couldn’t laugh at all when he was joking.

He Jian also said: “Don’t worry about it blindly. Even if the base is given to Qi family, it has been so long. The land is not managed by you and me. There is only a place, nothing can be done with nothing. I I’ll go to Boss Xia in a while and talk to him. “

Qi Yueran heard what he said, and he understood what he meant. He knows the Qi family, and has little depth in the entertainment industry. Although the base is very valuable, it needs network operations. Now Boss Xia gives face, and there is a crew of Huaying to film here because He Jian has won it. After He Jian left, he didn’t know how long the Qi family could survive.

“After I have talked with Boss Xia, I will be able to return to Beijing together in a few days.” He Jian said, “Let’s put it aside here first to see how capable Qi Qi and Qi Yuexin are to make the base. “

He smiled and looked at Qi Yueran and said, “Furthermore, what I said just now at the Qi family was not a joke. When I return to the whole city again, Qi family doesn’t know who it is.” There is a perseverance. In my last life, I worked so hard for Qi’s company for so many years, and ended up in bankruptcy. In this life, he wants to manage Qi family well, which is to make up for the shortcomings.

Qi Yueran was silent for a long time, then nodded slowly, and said, “I wanted to deal with this matter myself … As a result, you helped me settle it.”

“We don’t know each other, this is not bad, you can rely on me more.” He Jian smiled and reached out to touch his hair.

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