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CM Chapter 31


Qi Yueran saw this kind of scene, but did not think that Lu Zhuoyi had a good opinion of himself, thinking that he had deliberately ridiculed He Jian, and frowned, saying, “This matter is my problem … He Jian Also reminded me, I didn’t notice. “

Lu Zhuoyi was not happy anymore, thinking about what was good for He Jian, Qi Yueran still spoke for him, and he ran softly to himself all the way.

As a result, Master Lu Xiao was angry, and he was leaving indignantly.

Of course He Jian would not stop him, but Lu Zhuoyi ran here deliberately, and did not know if he had brought anyone, in case something happened, then the Lu family hadn’t troubled the He family, and said, “Gao Ping, you go Master Lu, please. “

After hearing a promise, Han Gaoping hurried to catch up and Zhuo Yi went out.

Qi Yueran was bred at home by He Jianhuan for three days because of an injury on his wrist before daring to let it go.

An An was not hurt there, but He Jian went to the door the next day to express his guilt. Xia Hang didn’t blame, but just said that An An had troubled them to take care of him. He was wayward or something.

When He Jian went out, Qi Yue was alone at home. He ran on both sides of his bedroom and studied for the past two days. He felt that he was growing mushrooms leisurely. He did n’t let him do anything. Be careful.

Qi Yueran was reading in the study, and suddenly he heard the phone ring. As soon as he looked at the electric display, the book in his hand could not help but close, it was Qi Yuexin’s phone call.

Wu Kai’s words have always made Qi Yue very uncomfortable. He and Qi Yuexin have been brothers for 20 years. Even two bloodless people will always have some feelings, right? He could not calmly accept this statement. In his eyes, Big Brother is a gentle person.

Qi hesitated, and finally picked up the phone. After all, Wu Kai is an outsider. If by comparison, he believes in a brother who has been together for 20 years.


Qi Yuexin heard him answer the phone and quickly said, “Xiao Ran, are you in San Shao’s villa? I’m just outside, but the servants inside won’t let me in.”

“Out there?” Qi Yue was stunned.

Qi Yuexin said, “Yeah, I come to see you. The police have always come to see me in the past two days, and I have no time to see you. I managed to come over today, and I didn’t want to see you, I’m fast Worried about death. “

Qi Yuexin took the mobile phone to the stairs, and Han Gaoping was on the first floor. Han Gaoping raised his eyes to see Qi Yueran, but only when he didn’t see it, he naturally looked away. San Shao specifically instructed not to let the Qi family come over, and he could not violate it.

Qi Yueran said, “Mr. Han, is my elder brother outside? Let him in.”

Han Gaoping hesitated for a second, then quickly said, “Good Qi Shao.”

Although He Jian had instructed him, Qi Yueran was also regarded as the owner of the villa, and he could not help but listen to it. He had to open the door and watched Qi Yuexin walk in, followed by Qi Yueran upstairs. Then he took a cell phone and made a report to He Jian.

Qi Yueran saw his elder brother walking step by step. Although there are still some difficult and slight difficulties, it is almost the same as normal people. He should have been happy. This was his wish for five years, but he looks a little cold now. Although he doesn’t want to believe what Wu Kai said, he has to say that what Wu Kai said has had a great impact on him. Big, let him be cold in his heart.

As soon as Qi Yuexin followed him upstairs, he suddenly held him, looked up and down for a long time, and was relieved, saying, “You are all right. I originally called to ask He Sanshao how are you, he rushed, I lost my temper, and I did n’t know what was going on. I thought you were badly injured, worried you would kill me, and would n’t let you in when you came over. ”

“I’m okay …” Qi Yueran listened to the other’s caring tone, and his heart was a little shaking.

Qi Yuexin said: “This time I was confused and I didn’t expect Wu Kai to have ulterior motives. I didn’t see you at the airport that day. He also told me that you were lost and that I couldn’t stand for too long. .I didn’t think too much, how could I think that he used me as bait and kidnapped you. “

Qi Yueran did not speak. Qi Yuexin also said: “In those days in Beijing, I just met Wu Kai. He was very good to me, and sometimes complained to me about the company. I heard that San Shao was forced to acquire his company. It’s unreasonable to do less, but Wu Kai actually took you away in order to retaliate and threaten the three young men. This is a hindsight and I found it after being used.

He said he was about to cry, thinking “It’s okay”.

“I’m okay, don’t worry.” Qi Yueran didn’t know if he changed to believe it or not now, just looking at the appearance of his elder brother, it seemed that he really didn’t know the same thing. Moreover, for more than 20 years, he always felt that he would not be so cool.

Qi Yuexin said: “I and He Sanshao explained it once. He didn’t believe that I had to help Wu Kai on purpose. You are my brother, how could I have harmed you to help him? Now Wu Kai is being held by the police. I got up and told me to ask questions once a day, and they did n’t believe that I did n’t know. I threatened me without talking. I had to say something. I was so embarrassed every day that I could n’t spare time to look at you. It’s not at all solid, it almost collapses. “

Qi Yue became a little loose. He saw his elder brother’s eyes red, and it was a bit inconvenient to stand for a long time. He trembled invisibly, he hurried over to help him sit down, and said, “brother your leg …”

“My legs are okay.” Qi Yuexin said: “The doctor said that my legs recovered very well, and I could walk but couldn’t run. I felt tired after walking a few steps, and still didn’t look like a normal person …” He said The look was a bit dull, and his eyes moved to his lap.

He Jian received the call and heard that Qi Yuexin had come to the villa to see Xiao Ran, and he could not help frowning. He is still in Xiajia Villa, and it is not easy to say that he is leaving, it seems too hurried, but he can not rest assured. He understands Qi Yueran, does not drop his blood, how can Xiaoran see what Qi Yuexin looks like? Even myself, do n’t I just understand now …

Xia Hang was absent-minded when he saw the phone call, and said, “Is there anything wrong at home? Then go back and see.”

He Jian sat down for another five minutes and left home. But when he went back to the villa, Qi Yuexin had already left. Qi Yuexin knew that Qi Yue was more talkative than He Jian. He Jian was an outsider and would always be more sane, so he avoided confrontation with him and left before he returned.

When Qi Jian entered the door, Qi Yue happened to be on the first floor. It seemed a little surprising that he came back so soon, and said, “He came back so fast. How’s An An?”

He Jian said, “An An is okay, don’t worry about it. Is your wrist better today?” He said, then gently pulled up Qi Yueran’s hand, and opened his sleeve to look at his wrist.

There is a circle of blue and purple on the wrist. Of course, it is impossible to retreat just a few days, but it is darker than the previous two days, and it is shocking to see. He Jian took a deep breath and frowned distressingly.

“It’s okay.” Qi Yueran drew his hand, he was a big man, and he didn’t even care about the injury, saying, “What did Boss Xia say? Base …”

He Jian patted his hair, said “don’t worry about it”, and then took him upstairs before he said, “Boss Xia didn’t mean to blame. The cooperation should not change. You have a good rest. To be honest, the day after tomorrow will let you visit the base. “

Qi Yueran felt a bit helpless, thinking that He Jian really treated himself as a child. Now he either sleeps or reads books every day, and as a result, he sleeps too much and can’t sleep at night.

And since he was kidnapped, the first day He Jian spent the day in his bedroom, without even closing his eyes, his eyes were bloodshot. Without returning to his bedroom the next day, he was afraid that Qi could disappear in the bedroom. Therefore, the two have become the mode of getting along with the He family in the capital. They sleep in the same bed and use only one bedroom.

Qi Yueran thought at first that He Jian didn’t care about himself, or played with his own. But after he was abducted, he felt a little different. If He Jian wasn’t good for him, he wouldn’t be so nervous. Qi Yue looked at his bloodshot eyes and tiredness, and felt very complicated in his heart.

He Sansan is actually a charismatic person, and Qi must acknowledge this all the more. A good family background and a good background, more than thirty years old, it is very young and promising in the business circle. He Jian is very clean and has a good temperament. Although he is smooth and sophisticated in the eyes of outsiders, the alignment is even more perfunctory and looks very special.

The more I get along with this, the more naturally Qi likes him. Maybe it’s not love at first sight, but feelings gradually accumulate as we get along.

He Jian waited for Qi Yueran to come out of the bath, put ointment on his wrist, and said, “Don’t touch it at night, wake up carefully.” Then he went to the bathroom.

Qi Yueran was lying on the bed, holding his hands to dry the ointment, and suddenly heard the sound of water in the bathroom, he wanted to be partial. He and He Jian have been engaged for several months, and the kiss was at the engagement banquet. The closest contact was when he was in traditional Chinese medicine a few days ago.

Qi Yue remembered dimly, as unreal as dreaming, but just thought that his face was a little hot. He had no experience of being close to others, he always vented himself, and now he feels a strange feeling.

He was lying on the bed alone, thinking, and slowly felt that there was some impulse, and the following was also impetuous. But unfortunately, at this time He Jian had finished washing and opened the bathroom door.

Qi Yueran froze all over, and didn’t dare to move when he heard the sound of opening the door. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. The half soft and hard under him didn’t want He Jian to notice at all.

He Jian thought that he was tired today, so he slept early and didn’t hesitate. Just when he was about to turn off the light, he saw that his face was a little red, and thought he had a fever, so he used to put his forehead against the back of his hand, and then turned off the light with confidence.

Qi Yueran felt that one side of the mattress was sunken, and he seemed to be leaning to the side. He Jian lay beside him. He was facing He Jian. Because he was too nervous, he didn’t dare to turn around just now, and now he feels more guilty.

Qi Yue wanted to turn over “naturally” so that He Jian wouldn’t find himself wrong. But as soon as he was about to move, he felt that He Jian suddenly touched his waist, letting out his breath. A slight touch felt a spine in the spine, as if it had been enlarged dozens of times, and there was no hum in the throat.

Qi Yueran heard the strange sound he made, which was very obvious in the quiet room, and his face turned redder.

He Jian was actually going to cover him, and touched him without notice. I heard him hum, thinking that he was dreaming or was uncomfortable.

Qi Yueran’s back stretched straight, feeling that He Jian seemed to be closer to himself, the temperature around him increased, and he could feel his temperature.

He Jian whispered, “What’s wrong, Ran?”

Qi Yueran felt his scalp numb without answering him.

He Jian thought he was a dreamer when he fell asleep, so he stopped disturbing him and lay down to sleep. He didn’t lie down very much. He just happened to let go and hit Qi Yueran’s semi-soft and semi-rigid lower body.

The two of them were very tacit understanding. He Jian was surprised, but Qi became ashamed. The room seemed to be still, no one spoke, and the sound of breathing was gone.

Qi Yueran felt very embarrassed. At this time, I don’t know if I should get out of bed and go to the bathroom. He had lived for twenty years, and it was his first encounter.

“… Xiao Ran?”

Just as he hesitated and panic, Qi Yue heard He Jian calling himself, the other party seemed to be a stunned **** for a moment, and soon he responded, and his voice returned to normal.

He couldn’t help biting his lips, feeling more embarrassed, but also angry and unwilling. Qi Yueran stiffened his head to comfort himself, and didn’t promise him that he would fall asleep, and he was also a man. It didn’t feel strange that he was engaged, it was even more strange. Although it is a commercial marriage …

“Xiao Ran …”

He Jian called him again, but his voice was not so calm and complicated.

Qi Yueran heard him calling himself again, just like a funny cat, and the anger came up once or twice.

As soon as He Jian was about to speak, he suddenly felt the people around him sitting up and startled him. Before he knew what was happening, Qi Yueran turned over and pressed on him. The softness and wetness of his lips shocked He Jian’s whole body, and her brain seemed empty.

Qi Yueran felt that He Jian was laughing at himself, a little bit annoyed, and turned up and sat up as soon as his head became hot, kissed his lips fiercely, opened his mouth and took a bite at the corner of his mouth.

The two people were close together, Qi Qi felt the same as electricity. There was a sense of pleasure that rushed into his brain, making him tremble, closed his eyes tightly, and opened his tongue with his tongue. Jane’s teeth reached out quickly.

He Jian froze for a few seconds, where did he think Xiao Ran would kiss himself suddenly. And he knew exactly what was on the lower body.

The last time he helped Qi to vent his breath, there was no further action. He Jianjue felt that he remained calm. After holding it for a few seconds, he reached out and wanted to remove Qi Yueran from his body. Qi Yue was a lot thinner and shorter than him, obviously not as strong as him. It was just that Qi Yueran screamed and pressed his shoulders hard, and he was unwilling to compromise.

He Jian didn’t want to continue this kiss anymore, but his lips were pressed together, and he put his tongue out to the top. Qi Yue immediately felt scalp tingling, and groaned in his throat, and the whole person was soft and swollen Gasping.

The tongues of the two people were entangled, and He Jian felt some excitement, plus Qi Yue, who was close to her ears,

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