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CM Chapter 29


Although there are many bodyguards outside the villa, He Jian also brings a lot of people. Wu Kai only knew that Qi Yueran had a locator on his belt buckle. He took it for granted that there was no second one. He never thought that Qi Yueran also had the engagement ring in his left hand. But even this matter is even unknown to Qi.

Wu Kai brought the camera closer to Qi Yueran’s close-ups and said with a smile, “The pants haven’t been cut off yet. What are you doing on the lower body? You don’t have to pat Master Qi’s face.”

After he finished speaking, a bodyguard came in in a hurry and said, “Master, Wu Hui came with a lot of people, all at the door.”

“What?” Wu Kai laughed arrogantly, and stiffened after hearing this.

He paused for a few seconds, then let the man keep the room, and took a few people out to see the situation.

Qi Yueran let out a sigh of relief, and immediately felt a sweat in his wrist. He didn’t know what medicine Wu Kai injected him, and he was frightened and terrified. Even if Wu Kai had left the house, he couldn’t stop shaking.

Qi Yueran’s throat knot rolled up and down, looking forward to He Jian coming. At this moment, the first thing he thought of was He Jian.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down, but seconds were as long as tens of minutes. Qi the more he could hear the sound of his heart beating, and the more he wanted to calm down, the faster he jumped, uncontrolled, his heartbeat was uncomfortable, and his breathing was not smooth.

After that, as if inhaling the sweet smell, there was cocoa in my head. Qi Yueran opened his mouth wide and breathed. It seemed that even the exhaled breath had a hot temperature, not even a high fever. Not just the heart, even every inch of skin beating.

The abduction of Qi Yueran and An Ying soon shocked the He family in Beijing. Mrs. He cried in fright, and He was furious. The He family and the Xia family had some exchanges. Of such a big incident, of course, they couldn’t hide the Xia family. He called Xia Yichen himself to plead guilty.

He Lao does not look like He Jian and Xia Hang. He walks in the business circle. He has been on the official road all his life. He gave up the phone call to Xia Yichen and said that he had his family bound. .

There are still some people in the official network, although he retired for a few years, this face still has to be given.

Wu Kai didn’t expect that this incident would alarm the people above him. Generally, this kind of small place doesn’t care much about the snake, and usually opens one eye and closes the other, but this time is different.

It was difficult for Wu Kai, the person brought by He Jian, not to mention a lot of police cars.

Wu Kai was surrounded by the gate, and upstairs did not know what had happened. Someone had turned the second floor from the back to rescue people. It is impossible for Wu Kai to take hostages.

The matter was handled smoothly, after all, Wu Kai was too undervalued, only when He Jian was a useless second ancestor.

He Jian was anxious to find Qi Yueran. Han Gaoping told him that Master Qi was in a room on the second floor, but it seemed that the situation was not good, and a doctor might be needed. Han Gaoping didn’t dare to call a doctor on his own initiative, and Qi Yue looked at him as if he had been prescribed medicine, which was related to the face of the Qi and He families.

He Jianxin mentioned his throat and rushed to the second floor to find someone. As soon as he entered the room, his eyes became red.

Qi Yueran was tied to a big bed, his shirt was hung on his arm, and the exposed skin was exposed with abnormal red, and his breathing was heavy and audible. He looked very embarrassed.

He Jian felt that she was going crazy, and that camera was not far away. He walked over in two steps, kicking the camera with one kick, and used to release Qi from the restraint trapped on his wrist. The person in his arms had almost no consciousness. He was in a semi-coma and awake state, his skin was hot, and his forehead was sweaty.

Qi Yueran was struggling subconsciously, and he heard “He Jian” in his mouth.

He Jian’s heart was severely twisted, and the whole person was choking. He held the person in his arms and said, “I’m here, I’m here, don’t be afraid, I’m here.” There was hatred in his eyes. Distress is also tender.

Han Gaoping stood at the door and did not dare to come in, but he was glad that nothing had happened, waiting for He Jian to tell him something.

He Jian called Han Gaoping and said, “Go and call the private doctor of the He family, don’t leak the news.”

He knows Qi Yue is a stubborn person, and he cares more about face. If there is news in the media, it must be negative news, which is bad for him.

The doctor came quickly, but fortunately, Wu Kai injected Qi Yueran with no other ingredients.

The doctor didn’t dare to say more. He was afraid to say something wrong. He could only ask for the meaning of He Jian, and asked him if he would give another shot to Master Qi, to calm down and calm down, but it was temporary.

Compared with Qi, it is better for An An. He had been injected with anaesthetic before, and when he took it to the villa, he couldn’t support it, and fell asleep. When Xia Hang found him, he was unconscious.

All of He Jian’s thoughts are on Qi Yueran, and he has no energy to care about the others. Because of Lao He’s appearance, Wu Kai’s behavior was also elevated to a high level and temporarily taken away by the police.

He Jian slipped his suit on Qi Yueran, took the person downstairs, and then got back to the villa.

Qi Yueran was just half-conscious, because the doctor’s medicine felt better. But as soon as I arrived at the door, I became uncomfortable again.

He Jian looked at Qi Yueran breathing heavily and hugged him distressed, and said, “I’ll take you back to the bedroom.”

Qi Yue was confused. He thought he had dreamed of He Jian in the past, but now he can really believe that He Jian really came. He was completely relieved, perhaps because his body was too uncomfortable and frightened, and he felt aggrieved in his heart, and tightly held He Jian’s sleeve.

He Jian put him on the bed, but Qi Yue didn’t let go of him, instead he climbed on his body. The lower body seemed to be rubbing, and his mouth kept whispering He Jian’s name.

He Jian has a stiff spine and knows Qi Qi needs to vent one, but letting him and Qi do such things is really awkward.

He stiffened for a few seconds before leaning over, but his voice was mild but helpless, and said, “You lie down, obediently, I will take your clothes off for you. It will be more uncomfortable if you mess up like this.”

Qi Yueran seemed to be unable to notice what he said, but he still tried to rub on him.

He Jian had no choice but to reach out and press him on the bed, take off his jacket, and then take off his pants again.

Qi Yueran’s body was reddish, and there was a thin layer of sweat on her skin. It was especially eye-catching when she lay on the dark sheets. It’s the first time for He Jian to look at Qi Yueran’s body at such a close distance. This is still a teenager with a youthful body, wide shoulders and narrow hips, and straight long legs below, which actually made him have a little head hair. stupid.

Qi Yueran is a younger self. He Jian has always thought so, but he has been in contact with him for a long time. This kind of thinking is also changing subtly. With He Jian’s protection and help, Qi Yuecan not be able to go down the old road, and the change is a little bit.

He Jian remembered the hazy back view in the bathroom while he was still in his house. He suddenly felt the blood rushing over his head, palms against his thighs, and then holding Qi Yueran under him.

“Hmm …” Qi Yue was touched by him, and a deep moan was heard in his throat. The whole body shook a bit, and his waist was slightly lifted up immediately, as if to cater to the action of He Jian. No With the forbearance and apparent calmness on weekdays, he took the initiative.


This sound was like hitting Jian He’s heart, his hands clenched consciously, but they moved very slowly.

Qi Yue’s uncomfortable irritated by drugs, where to endure such unhurried movements, this is more tormenting than doing nothing. Can’t help but reach for the bed sheet quilt under the body 1 tightly, and said in a vague manner, “Well, hurry up, hurry … He Jian …”

He Jian looked at his waist, and the protrusions on both sides of his chest were particularly noticeable. The other hand reached out and twisted slightly on the small protrusion. Qi Yue suddenly exclaimed with excitement, and his neck was raised, but the sound was not like pain and discomfort, but it made He Jian feel an impulse to continue.

He Jian listened to Qi Yueran groaning without any restraint, and his body was uncontrollable. He was sitting next to the bed, but his body was getting lower and lower, and in the end he was almost on Qi Yueran.

Qi Yueran clenched his sleeves tightly in his hands, as if he felt He Jian would disappear. He squinted his eyes, only having a sense of pleasure in his mind, and had no other thought at all.

He Jian stared at his open and closed gasping lips, suddenly there was a thought of wanting to bite slightly. They had kissed at the engagement banquet, but it was just a touch.

He Jian still had concerns, and reasonedly told him that he should not do so. But who thought, in the next second, Qi Yue suddenly raised his neck and his lips touched him.

Qi Yue is completely subconscious, and his lips are itchy, so he sticks out his tongue to lick his lips. He Jian felt if the wet and slippery tongue touched his lower lip. This provocative excitement is far greater than the kiss of water at the engagement party.

He Jian felt that her head had been stunned, but she opened her mouth and covered Qi Yueran’s tongue. Qi Yue snorted and shrank back as much as he wanted to escape, but felt very comfortable again.

“Well, ah! …”

He Jian could feel that his body was trembling slightly, and his movements could not help speeding up. Qi Yueran’s last moan was also blocked by his lips. He only heard vague A few mono.

Qi Yue bleed once, lying flat on the bed with overstretched strength, straight legs apart at an ambiguous angle. The hand that grabbed He Jian’s sleeves also loosened and slid to the bed. His eyes were tightly closed, and his body was not relieved by too much pleasure and some minor spasms.

He Jian felt the fluid on the tip of her finger, and knew that he had vented it, and her brain calmed down. The breathing of the person under him slowly became calm, but his own breathing became heavy instead, and there was a clear reaction underneath him.

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