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CM Chapter 28


Xia Hang did not know the entanglement between He Jian and the Wu family, so when he heard the news that Qi Yueran and An Ying were kidnapped, the first reaction was that Ren Ye was a ghost. This kind of thing is done. He hurried to He Jian’s villa, and then let people directly contact Ren’s head.

Han Gaoping checked the location and showed it in a factory on the outskirts of the city. This factory is Wu’s family, but after the Wu family began to split, the factory was taken away by Wu Kai’s sister Wu Hui.

He Jian looked at the map on the computer, and his expression immediately cooled down. If Ren Jiu kidnapped Qi Yueran, it would not be possible to bring it to Wu Hui’s territory. Changing to a kidnapping for money is unlikely to offend He Jian and the Wu family.

Wu Kai deliberately brought people to Wu Hui’s place to deliberately get married. He only served as He Jian or the second-generation ancestor who knew nothing about eating, drinking, and having fun. Qi Yueran had a locator on his body. Wu Kai had expected it, so he deliberately bought money from the factory and arranged this good show, but the trick of getting into trouble was too crude.

He Jian clenched his fists with both hands, thinking for two seconds, and said, “Call Wu Hui to ask someone. Position it without breaking, keep checking. Gaoping, you take someone to the factory with me.”

“Three young people,” Han Gaoping, who is also a deliberate person, said, “IMHO, if three young people suspected that this was planned by Wu Kai, I think Master Qi could not be locked up in that factory. Wu Kaihe Wu Hui’s relationship is very bad … maybe … “

He Jian raised his hand to stop his words, and said, “Let’s go first. If Xiaoran is still there, it may not be missed at all.”

Han Gaoping immediately hesitated, and immediately agreed. He understood He Jian’s words, and it seemed that San Shao’s alignment was really in love.

As soon as He Jian took the man out of the villa, Xia Hang happened to park his car outside. Xia Hang now has no time to question or find the responsibility of anyone, and asked directly: “Did anyone find it? Has the kidnapper called?”

He Jian didn’t explain to him in detail, and hurriedly got into the car, and Xia Hang followed.

They were out of the city, and Han Gaoping said suddenly, “Three young people, the signal from the factory is broken.”

As soon as Xia Hang heard this, he immediately got up and looked nervous. He said, “The signal is broken?”

He Jian said, “What about the other one?”

Han Gaoping said, “After leaving the factory, it looks like I’m going into the city.”


Qi Yueran saw the shards splashing out, all the cold sweat came out. That shard is nothing else, or a small locator. He wanted to delay for a while, maybe he could wait for He Jian to save people. But unexpectedly, it was discovered by Wu Kai.

With a click, Wu Kai stepped on the locator with one foot. With the crisp sound, Qi felt that he raised his throat and eyes with a heart, and became even more nervous.

Wu Kai laughed: “Come with me now.” He said, walking back again, pulling Qi Yueran half-embraced and walking towards the door.

As soon as the door opened, there were many people standing outside, Wu Kai said, “Bring the Xia family boy, please be careful.” Those people agreed, and came in two to pull up An An, and then they were together. Go out.

There are also sounds of machines in the factory, and someone was watching on the way. Seeing Wu Kai finally came out, he said, “You can come out, you will be discovered in a long time.”

“Okay, I’ll take it away. What should you say, shouldn’t you say anything, don’t you need to teach me?” Wu Kai said.

“How can I teach Master?”

Wu Kai laughed, and then took Qi Yueran out. There was a commercial car parked behind the factory, which looked quite upscale.

Wu Kai took the person directly into the car, and this time he did not block Qi Yueran’s eyes, and said, “Xiao Ran is so calm that it is unexpected to me. It seems reasonable for the surname He to be fascinated by you.”

Qi Yueran has cold sweat in his hands, but his face has no expression, saying: “You have to deal with He Jian. If you really do to me, you don’t have to offend the Qi family. The current situation of the Wu family Isn’t it suitable to suffer from the back? “

Wu Kai seemed to smile happily and said, “Yeah, I didn’t intend to hurt you, so you shouldn’t be afraid. I now find that you are much smarter than your brother. But too smart is not good. Instead it hurts itself. “

“Where is my brother?” Qi Yueran heard his mention of Qi Yuexin, and his heart raised again. He couldn’t believe that his brother and an outsider had conspired to kidnap him.

“I didn’t lie to you before, he’s gone home.” Wu Kai said with a smile: “You believe it or not, but the fact is so cruel, your brother is not as close as an outsider, I’m just right. He said something nice. “

Qi Yueran felt that his heart was choked fiercely, and his whole body was so agitated. He bit his lip and stopped answering.

Wu Kai said: “You and your brother are not so good at coaxing. If you work together, Qi Yuexin is better at mastering, but when it comes to joint marriage, the first person is really you, or you get home. If you have a soft heart and a soft ear, you will not lose everything. “

Qi grew silent. Wu Kai also said: “He Jian ’s kind of person just has a good father and mother. Who in the circle does n’t know his notoriety, why are you engaged with such a person? Without waiting to get married, he may be tired of it. How much money can you get from the He family at that time? It’s better to cooperate with me and monopolise the whole advent. The ground snake can also suppress the strong dragon, which is not much worse than in the capital. “

Qi Yueran didn’t raise his eyes when he heard this, but just said, “I advise Mr. Wu not to waste any effort. It is still the same thing for the Wu family to be away from you in the future, and we should wait until the time for cooperation.”

Wu Kai haha ​​laughed and said, “Your mouth is quite poisonous, but it doesn’t matter.”

The car was driving in the urban area. Wu Kai thought he had cheated He Jian, and returned to his villa with a big swing. After all, it is his place, and the influence is relatively large, and I feel safe.

He Jian made a phone call to Wu Hui and asked her why she took Qi Yueran and An An away. Wu Hui was stunned at once, and it was shocking enough that Qi was tied up. As a result, she took a little boy from Xia family. She hurriedly said that she was wronged, and she didn’t need to think that it must have been Wu Kai’s, and she was going to marry her.

He Jian just said she didn’t believe it, saying that Qi Yueran had a position on her body, which was in her factory.

There was no one in Wu Hui’s factory long and empty, but it was okay to say that she had hidden people again. Wu Hui was so anxious that he would take He Jian to Wu Kai to face him.

Qi Yueran was brought back to Wu’s villa by Wu Kai. He had been here once before and felt bad. There were so many bodyguards here that he couldn’t go out alone. There was An An, and I didn’t know where they were taken by those two people.

There are a group of Wu Kai’s men in the villa. Wu Kai said to a few people behind him: “Master Qi has a bad temper. I can say that it is not okay to say anything, so I have to be firm. You take him to the second floor and enter the room inside.”

Qi Yueran couldn’t help it, and was pushed by several men to the second floor, opened the door directly, and pushed him in again.

Qi Yueran had no time to glance at the furnishings in the room and was pushed down by a man, but fortunately he fell on a soft bed, but it also made his head shake.

Wu Kai walked in after a while and said, “Master Qi is now a mixed film and television industry guy, are your equipment ready? Can’t get a shot, don’t be laughed at.”

The next few men laughed and heard something weird.

Qi Yueran lay sideways on the bed, tilted his head and saw a man carrying a large camera coming in, followed by a person who took the shelf, his heart suddenly burst, his head was even more buzzing, his body could not help but beat Shivered.

Qi Yueran was only in his early twenties before he came out of the school, saying that he hadn’t let go of his childishness, and where he had encountered such things, he was also afraid. He barely kept his voice from shaking, and said, “What are you doing, Wu Kai?”

Wu Kai laughed and said, “This is all good equipment. Leave a video for He Sanshao to see. Is n’t He He who is holding you? I want to see how he is so good? How much is he? “

He went to the bed and said, pulling on Qi Qioran’s chest, he said, “I don’t know if He Sanshao will marry a junk? There will be big news tomorrow.”

Qi Yueran’s chest fluctuated violently, his face flushed with anger, and said, “Wu Kai, you better know the consequences of doing this, and I’m not a woman.”

Wu Kai smiled and nodded, but said, “You come and tie him on the bed, and your hands are tied behind you. How do you play?”

Qi Yueran’s hands were tied for too long, almost unconscious, being held by several men while one person held hands, and someone came to hold his shoulders. He was completely unable to resist.

Qi Yueran saw someone come in with an injection needle, his face turned pale, and his frightened body couldn’t stop shaking. Wu Kai smiled and sat next to the bed. He said, “I don’t think you’re scared at all. It’s better to be soft, otherwise it will be more embarrassing to cry.”

He said as he unbuttoned the buttons on the shirt, and the camera was moved slightly back and forth to shoot.

Wu Kai’s hands were impatient and he touched his collarbone in an ambiguous way and said in his ear: “The face is not as good as your brother, but the body is still worth seeing. I don’t know if the following Kung Fu is better than you Hello? “

Qi Yueran felt an anger rushed to his head, and his wrist was struggling fiercely to draw a lot of blood. I felt a sting in the next second, and the needle penetrated into the skin …

Wu Hui is cautious in doing things, and she is too brave to dare to provoke the He and Xia families. Hurry and took He Jian and Xia Hang to Wu Kai’s villa.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw a lot of bodyguards standing outside, looking very tight.

The outermost bodyguard saw Wu Hui and immediately let people in to tell Wu Kai. It is well known that Wu Kai and Wu Hui did not agree. Several other bodyguards came to block them.

Xia Hang heard He Jian from the car and said some ideas. Even if this matter had nothing to do with Wu Kai at this time, this Wu family was determined. He would rather accidentally injure and repay his crimes, and he didn’t want to feel aggrieved.

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