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  • Ancient Land Convenience Store

    Ancient Land Convenience Store

    An accident sent him to the prehistoric era and Luo Feng opened a convenience store that led him to adventure in the Ancient Land. Friend, I have some laundry powder here, it can help you wash away the karmic fire on your treasure! Friend, I have an electric rice cooker here, you can use it to cook pills without any effort! Fairy-sister, I have a magic waistband, not only will it increase your beauty, but also… wait, let’s talk it out, why are you pulling out your sword?

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  • Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Don’t believe in beautiful women. The more beautiful women are, the more deceitful they are. Tong Ling, an interstellar SSS-class wanted criminal who treats lying as her food, cheats and fools others all the time. In an accident, she was bound to a female cannon fodder acting system numbered M577 and was sent to various small worlds to become a female cannon fodder who was about to be abused. However, there seems to be something wrong with the abused script—— 1.She is obviously a stand-in, but becomes the white moonlight who is even more authentic than the real white moonlight. 2. A rich second-generation boyfriend who pretends to be poor, meets a poor girlfriend who pretends to be rich. 3. The fragile dodder flower that was dismissed in Survival in the wilderness collapsed the entire team. 4. After the male protagonist had the ability to read his mind, he was heavenly deceived. 5. After the Gu girl who was called to kill was killed, dogs were everywhere in the rivers and lakes. 6. The cannon fodder in the Infinite dungeon eventually became a heartthrob big Boss. …………………………….. Seeing that the plots of the small worlds collapsed, the hand of the M577 holding the cigarette lighter, who could not replace the host, trembled: Big…big boss, when can you stop? ? Tong Ling quietly breathed out a smoke ring: What should we stop? I just help those who have dreams realize their dreams. People who were deceived:…..

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  • Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit

    “Are you eating in this situation?” “Of course! I’ll have to keep savoring the taste until I die. Do you want one?” She was reincarnated in a novel as Luana, the abandoned princess. And her death was already decided. She just wanted to let people know about her cooking talent, but she was misunderstood as a witch because of her cheese jerkies! The general of the conquering army, Duke Legion, who had lost his sense of taste, took her to the empire for her extraordinary jerkies and to break the curse that had come down from generation to generation. “It is delicious, isn’t it?” “Prepare the same for the dinner.” She was happy to be able to cook and eat as much as delicious food as she wanted…… But now, she also wanted to look after Legion. ‘Eat three meals a day, and make sure to make dessert. I’m sure he will be able to gain some weight….!’ The Duke took the jerky from the princess. On the surface, it was no different from any beef jerky. But when he took a bite of it, it felt like a new world had opened up. The jerky, made by the princess, felt more tender than the others as he gently crushed it with his teeth. The taste of condensed meat smudged his tongue as he chewed on. It was just as she said. He could feel the savory taste of the spicy meat, and at the end of the day, he wanted to have more. The desire that he had, faded for a while. “I didn’t really want anything, but now I think I do.”

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  • Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step-Sister

    Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step-Sister

    Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead’s house. Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then— Who, aren’t you a good brother to the male protagonist?  Why are you sticking to me? What?  You like me? What?  You want to marry me? Damn it!  You stole my household registration book! ! !

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  • Everyone Was Obsessed With Me After I Became the Youngest Princess Favorite

    Everyone Was Obsessed With Me After I Became the Youngest Princess Favorite

    While performing my duty as a top agent of the Information Guild, a sword pierced through my chest. I definitely thought at that time I died without a hitch… What? 8 years old?! Back to my hellish nursery days?!! “Hi, I’m Diana!” Just then, Diana, the youngest princess of the Duke of Elrad, appeared before me. In order not to repeat the bitter regrets of my past life, I took care of Diana, and I was going to send this lovely daughter to the Duke of Elrad… but wasn’t she too nice to me? “Sister! You’re really pretty! My princess! I’ll protect you!” Then, Diana never wanted to leave me even just for a second, “Am I an adult that you can’t rely on?” “I’m sure I’ve warned you that men’s appearance isn’t everything!!” Of course, the Duke of Elrad and his second son, who were known as indifferent to everyone except their family. “I told you not to leave my side without my permission.” Even the first son of the Duke, who’s famous for being cold, was acting strange! I monopolized Diana’s affection, but why did everyone become obsessed with me?

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  • For your Failed Unrequited Love

    For your Failed Unrequited Love

    Celebrity of the Xenomium Academy. All female students like him. Felix Berg. Recently, there has been a person that annoys him. Lucy Keenan, just one year lower. The girl, who has a very unremarkable appearance and a calm personality, is the only one who can distinguish Felix from his identical twin Adrian like a ghost. Whenever she meets him, she only has an expressionless face. But when she meets Adrian, she smiles brightly. When he is with her, her lips are shut. And she only talks with Adrian. It is certain. Lucy Keenan has a crush on her twin brother Adrian. As her curiosity for Lucy Keenan grows, Felix begins to question her. He has the same face, the same height, and the same voice, so why is it Adrian and not him? It’s a bonus that I wanted to interrupt Lucy Keenan’s unrequited love for nothing.

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  • He Kisses The Moonlight

    He Kisses The Moonlight

    It is rumored that the prince of a group who is worth tens of billions of dollars, Gu Lin, had fallen in love with Bai Yueguang who has been missing for many years. Gu Lin refused to associate with any woman and was waiting for Bai Yueguang to return. One day in the rain, Gu Lin was driving by the side of the road, and the door of the car was suddenly opened, and a girl entered as she sat down in the passenger seat. The girl who sat in the passenger seat was dressed in white and looked ignorant. Her face was exactly the same as the photo of Bai Yueguang that Gu Lin put on his desk in his office. Fang Qiao, whose family was on the verge of bankruptcy, received a call from a stranger. The other party claimed to be a member of the Gu Group. In order to open up the prince’s heart, he sincerely invited her to play the role of the woman Gu Lin had set his eyes on, Bai Yueguang since Fang Qiao and Bai Yueguang have the same face. Fang Qiao and Crown Prince Gu Lin met under the rain, actively engaged in business, and finally stayed by his side. Gu Lin is gentle and considerate, with superb cooking skills, and his eyes are always filled with tenderness. Fang Qiao couldn’t bear to fool the affectionate prince so she told him truth. Fang Qiao: “Actually, I’m not her.” Gu Lin: “No matter who you are, I like it.” Fang Qiao felt that the prince was really obsessed with Bai Yueguang, so he would love whoever looked the same as her. Later on, she realized that the photo in Gu Lin’s office was photoshopped and that she was the white moonlight he had been thinking about for seven years. Little Theater: Gu Lin: She’s eccentric and cute. She likes sweets, reads novels, likes cats and dogs. I think the next time she sees me, she will like me.

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  • How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

    How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With Obsession?

    She possessed the evil witch in a fairy tale. She was living a lonely life hated by everyone, but one day she found a brother and sister who ate her candy house and raised them. “Witch Hazel should be executed for kidnapping!” “You’re going to be executed for kidnapping the younger siblings of the Archduke!” “If you execute Hazel, I will starve for the rest of my life!” ‌“Ahhh- Hazel cannot go.” Thanks to the children, it was good that I became the nanny of them, but my employer… “The Duke doesn’t marry a witch. Of course, not even a nanny.” It’s okay because I don’t want to marry either. Even more so with the Grand Duke! I’m just going to raise the kids and leave. ‌On the long-awaited retirement day. “What kind of potion did you use for me? No, I’d rather you use it because it’s a potion.” What I brought out is a letter of resignation, but why is the duke giving me a ring? Guys, calm down. “Hazel and brother, when is the baby coming?” “A nephew who resembles Hazel? Yes!” Are you repaying the kindness from when I raised you with obsession?

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