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CWITB | Chapter 14: Who are you?


“Rosalie! Devi!”

Sonia appeared in front of them with a cheerful voice. Her elegant blue dress suited her well, and she playfully pouted when she saw Rosalie and Derivis.

“So, you went to find Rosalie first? I’m hurt.”

Sonia said jokingly, but she tried not to show the disappointment she felt.

Derivis was not very close to the other nobles. So when a ball was held, he naturally went to his friend Sonia first and often danced with her.

“Well, that’s what happened.”

As Derivis replied, a slow classical music began to play in the ballroom. Sonia thought that Derivis, as usual, would dance the first dance with her.

“Duchess, do you remember yesterday’s bet? I’m thinking of using my wish now.”

Rosalie glanced at Derivis in disbelief, but he was only smiling mischievously.  Beside him, she could see Sonia, her expression a little stiffer than usual.

Perhaps sensing Derivis’s intentions, Sonia’s expression did not look good. Rosalie saw the look on her face and blurted out.

“Can we do something other than dancing?”

“Is that a request, too?”

When Derivis asked with a smile, Rosalie almost cursed out loud, but she managed to hold her tongue and nod.

“Alright, then, I’ll save the dance request for another time.”

“Thank you. I have someone to meet, so I’ll go now.”

“Is it your lover?”

Rosalie, unable to understand the intention of the sudden question, shook her head slowly.


“I see.”

After bowing slightly, Rosalie turned around and started walking away. This time, Derivis didn’t stop her. 

Sonia spoke with a trembling voice.

“So the rumor that you two were in the capital yesterday was true?”

“It seems that it has already been rumored.”

Sonia’s hands began to clutch her dress tightly at his nonchalant attitude.

“Then is it also true that Devi went to Rosalie’s mansion?”

“The rumors really spread fast.”

Sonia’s fists that were clutching her dress shook as she listened to Derivis’s positive response. Somehow, his desire to dance faded, and he went to get some champagne. Sonia’s expression hardened at Derivis’s behavior.

⊱⊱⊱────── {.⋅ ✧✧✧ ⋅.} ──────⊰⊰⊰

Rosalie looked around and walked leisurely. A woman with lightly tanned skin and pale pink hair, holding a goblet full of red wine, stepped in front of her.

“Hello, Duchess of Judeheart.”

Rosalie immediately recognized the woman with unusual pink hair. It was Bianca Bright, the villainess who had fallen for Derivis and tormented Sonia in the original story.

However, even though she was a villain, she had a simple and bulldozer-like personality. She was not cunning enough, and she was a villain who committed sloppy crimes.

“Hello, Young Lady of the Marquis of Bright.” 

“Nice to meet you. You seemed very close to His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Bianca smiled sweetly. Her passionate pursuit of Derivis was well-known even among the children of the capital.

“We’re not close.”

Wanting to avoid unnecessary friction, Rosalie briefly replied and passed by Bianca. Momentarily angered by Rosalie’s act of ignoring her, Bianca intentionally let go of the wine glass she was holding.

The wine left Bianca’s hand and headed straight for the hem of Rosalie’s dress, but Rosalie quickly caught the falling glass with a swift action.


A small sigh of admiration escaped from the nobles who were watching them. Rosalie grasped the wine glass and firmly handed it back to Bianca.

“You need to train your grip, Young Lady.”

Her face turning red, Bianca heard the small laughter of the surrounding nobles and fled the scene.

‘I remember.’

The look on Bianca’s face reminded Rosalie of a chapter in the novel that she had forgotten. Tonight, Bianca, blinded by jealousy, hires a band of mercenaries to kidnap Sonia as she leaves the ballroom.

And Derivis uses the character “Nathan” to find and rescue Sonia, who was kidnapped, like a Prince Charming.

‘I’m sure the Crown Prince will take care of it.’

Since Derivis would rescue Sonia without any harm, Rosalie decided not to worry about it.

As Rosalie headed towards a corner, a middle-aged woman with light wheat-colored hair appeared in front of her. Her long bangs covered the right side of her face.

“You’re an interesting person.” 

Rosalie greeted the middle-aged woman politely.

“Good evening, Countess Moiron Seth.”

“Oh, my, that reaction means that you knew I was coming. Did you come to this secluded place on purpose?”

Rosalie noticed Moiron’s gaze on her since she entered the ballroom. Knowing that Moiron did not like to attract attention, Rosalie deliberately headed towards the corner of the ballroom, making it easier for Moiron to approach her.

“It’s just because I’m good at observing my surroundings.”

At Rosalie’s nonchalant reply, Moiron laughed, covering the corners of her mouth with her fan. Her left eye, the one not obscured by her hair, was observing Rosalie, even as she smiled.

Moiron’s mouth moved, covered by her fan.

“Is there something you want to purchase from me?”

“I want to purchase something secretly.”

“Hmm, secretly…” 

“Please visit the Duke of Judeheart’s mansion in the capital.”

Moiron folded the fan and tapped the end of it against her lips. It was a habit of hers when she was thinking.

“I’m sure you will never make an underhanded deal.”

“Oh, I’m just a merchant. If you want something, you can ask the lower ranks to purchase it for you…”

“I am personally interested in the Countess’ business.”

At Rosalie’s words, Moiron smiled. She became curious about what the young Duchess was thinking and what she would buy.

“When would you like to see me?”

“The sooner, the better. The doors of the mansion will be open for the Countess even tomorrow.”

“That’s very flattering. For merchants, the sooner the deal, the better.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Rosalie said goodbye and left. Then, over the next few glasses of champagne, she watched Bella, unnoticed, and started moving.

Having achieved her goal, Rosalie walked to the door of the ballroom without any hesitation.

“Hello, Your Grace! I am…”

“Let’s dance at least one song together!”

The male nobles tried to stop her, but she paid no attention. Derivis approached her when he saw Rosalie leaving the party leisurely.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yes, I think I enjoyed it enough.”

“I’ll see you off.”

Rosalie shook her head slowly, grateful for Derivis’s kindness. It was unnecessary, as her carriage was right in front of the ballroom, and she intended to take a short stroll through the gardens to sober up. Sonia, standing next to Derivis, spoke up with a regretful tone.

“What a pity, this is the most enjoyable time, and Rosalie is so beautiful today.”

“Have fun.”

Despite Sonia’s persuasion, Rosalie’s mind didn’t change. Sonia approached Rosalie and whispered, putting her arms around her.

“If you become close to Lady Rondell, it will help the Duchy. Since it might be difficult for you to approach her, I’ll play the middleman.”

‘Lady Rondell has a good reputation at the moment, but she’s someone who would lose her fortune to gambling in the future. There’s no need to become close to her.’

Sonia was a friend who gave Rosalie advice, and the old Rosalie would have obediently followed, but the new Rosalie was different.

“I appreciate the thought, but it’s okay. I’ll choose who helps the Duchy.”

Sonia’s face hardened at her soft but firm refusal. Rosalie remained silent and inclined her head toward Derivis.

“Well then, I will take my leave.”

Derivis nodded his head, unable to force a tired-looking person to stay. Meanwhile, Sonia watched with a stiff face as Rosalie walked away.

The garden outside was deserted, as the ballroom was in full swing. Rosalie walked deliberately slowly, loving the cool breeze that blew through the stillness. 

As she stood in front of the fountain, she heard the tiny snap of a branch.

Although Rosalie pretended not to notice and tried to go back to the ballroom, masked figures hiding behind the trees appeared and blocked her way.

“Who are you?”

Rosalie examined the masked figures. There were eight of them, and while Rosalie was unarmed, each of the assailants wore a sword at their waist.

“I guess your mouths are only for decoration.”

Even after Rosalie’s words, the masked men did not respond. Rosalie clenched her fists and began slowly removing her shoes. The masked men made eye contact and lunged at Rosalie.

Rosalie kicked one of the men who was charging towards her.


The man who took a shoe to the center of his face staggered, and Rosalie took advantage of the opening to punch him under the chin.

‘Is he unconscious?’

Despite hitting him in a vulnerable spot, the man was still standing because of Rosalie’s weak strength. Rosalie gritted her teeth and struck his abdomen before drawing the long sword at his waist.

‘It would have been better if it were a dagger.’

The masked individuals began to attack again. As Rosalie swung the sword, she felt her arm getting more and more tired. It was difficult for her to handle the weight of a long sword with her current body, and she had never learned proper swordsmanship, which made it even more difficult for her to wield it.

“Who the hell are you?”

One of the masked individuals shouted as he looked at his three fallen comrades.

“That’s what I want to ask you.”

Rosalie gasped for breath. She swung her sword again, but her trembling arm caused her to miss, and a handkerchief soaked with medicine covered her face.

‘D*mn it…’

Amidst her fading consciousness, Rosalie pushed her elbow back and hit the man’s abdomen, freeing herself from his grip. However, due to the large amount of medicine she had inhaled, she stumbled and fell to the ground without being able to take more than a few steps. 

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