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CDCN Chapter 7.2


Chapter 7.2

After the demise of the Yu family, Ye Linghan lost his greatest support. Coincidentally, they encountered another spring tide. The courtiers in Wei who had ulterior motives and stood behind different princes jointly wrote a letter and sent Ye Linghan, who was the Crown Prince, to Great Yuan as a pledge.

After so many years in Great Yuan, Wei Kingdom seemed to have no plans of taking Ye Linghan back. One reason was that they dare not compete with today’s Great Yuan, and the other was that Ye Linghan had long been far away from the power center of Wei Kingdom and had become an abandoned son. In recent years, news came that they would even re-established a new Crown Prince.

From being a Crown Prince to a humiliated prisoner, no one could calmly accept the gap.

Ye Linghan hates the treachery of the Kingdom of Wei, hated the cruelty and inhumanity of Great Yuan’s tiger and wolf division, and even more hated Great Yuan for coercing his cousin Yu Beizhou to do things. Although he was in the enemy’s camp, he was like a poisonous snake lying on the ground temporarily, silently accumulating venom for that one strike to defeat the enemy. Then suddenly rising up to launch a deadly attack.

Among the people in Great Yuan, Ye Linghan hated the Third Prince and the Ninth prince the most.

If it wasn’t for the Third Prince being a hostage in the Kingdom of Wei for many years, Great Yuan would not have asked Wei Kingdom to send the Crown Prince by name. In addition, the collapse of the Yu family was clearly designed by someone, and when it comes to the culprit, it was inevitable that it had something to do with Zong Luo who was in Wei at the time. Under such circumstances, it was difficult for Ye Linghan to give Zong Luo a good look.

After the Third Prince died in the battle last year, Ye Linghan was thrown to the ground by Zong Hongjiu like a dog in the palace, and he was shocked when he heard the palace servant laughing at him that he would be like a lost dog without the protection of the Third Prince.

It turned out that the person whom he hated had been silently watching over him from behind.

At the beginning, Zong Luo saw Ye Linghan to be very pitiful. He also had the same experience as him of being a hostage in another country. Although he didn’t say it on the surface, he privately ordered the servants in the palace to take care of him more.

When the news of the death of the Third Prince came back, seeing that Wei Kingdom’s proton had lost its protection, the palace guards who were driven to act according to opportunity, turned against each other, wishing that they could trample Ye Linghan into the soil.

Because of this, Ye Linghan’s feelings for Zong Luo were extremely complicated at the moment.

On the one hand, the hatred in his heart was hard to pacify; on the other hand, Zong Luo was the only person who had been kind to him in silence since he was a child, without asking for anything in return.

Even his cousin Yu beizhou, who led the army all the year round when he was in the Great Yuan, never took care of him in private when he met him to avoid suspicion. The most important thing was that Ye Linghan always thought that Zong Luo’s “literary and military skills, clear wind and bright moon, and gentleman’s demeanor” were all pretended to win over the position of crown prince.

It was also true that he really loved all sentient beings. Unexpectedly, he died at the battle in Hangu Pass.

However, right now, Zong Luo didn’t give him a look.

In other words, he didn’t give anyone a look because he was blindfolded in a white silk. Instead, he bent down to help Zong Ruichen up, who was sitting in the same place and giggling. He turned around and left, and no one dared to step forward to stop him as the people around him still knelt down tremblingly.

“Wait… Your Royal Highness!”

A palace servant who was kneeling on the ground fought his courage to look up and suddenly realized that something was wrong, and repeatedly reminded the Ninth Prince beside him.

Zong Hongjiu was so frightened that he didn’t dare to look at it when he was still in shock. After a while, he looked up, the white robed young man had disappeared. In his mind, he could only remember a glimpse of his figure.

Zong Hongjiou fought two battles in his head, and looked terrified. “Xiao Fuzi, you tell me, it’s not really a ghost, is it…”

“Your Highness, you have good fortune, how can you provoke ghosts?”

The servant also wiped his cold sweat. “This servant was also frightened just now, but thinking about it now is wrong.”

“What do you think, if His Highness the Third Prince is not dead, how could he not return to the palace all this time?”

He lowered his voice and said, “Besides, if it really is His Highness the Third Prince, why do you have to cover your eyes? Who knows whether it is a person or a ghost, a black chicken can even be called a phoenix, we don’t know for sure who that person really is.”

Zong Hongjiu was not afraid of anything. He had never officially seen the Third Prince since he was a child. If it weren’t for the grand state funeral last year, he would not even remember that he had such a brother.

Zong Hongjiu had never heard his father mention this Third Imperial brother. The other Imperial brothers would only say more or less a few words. Emperor Yuan only hardly talked about it publicly only when it came to the Third Prince.

He had heard people say that the grand state funeral was not necessarily due to how much Emperor Yuan loved the Third Prince, but it’s because the Third Prince died for the country, therefore he must show his attitude.

Also, which emperor would put his most valued and favorite prince on the battlefield? Isn’t this self-inflicted?

After listening to the reminder from the palace servant, Zong Hongjiu also came back to his senses. Although the man in white just now had the same face and temperament as the late Third Prince of Great Yuan, his eyes were wrapped in cloth, therefore it’s hard to say whether it’s the same person.

Besides, if the Third Prince really was still alive, it would be impossible to wait until now to appear.

Thinking of this, Zong Hongjiu suddenly became hard-hearted and became furious.

“Good! Not only did he ruin this prince’s good deeds, but is also a fake.”

He stomped his feet on the ground, couldn’t stand the feeling of being wronged and angrily led the servants towards the direction of the Zhang Palace. Judging from his fierce momentum, he should be planning to go and complain to Emperor Yuan, who was handling government affairs in the Zhang Palace.

Ye Linghan, the forgotten proton of Wei Kingdom, was left on the spot.

The servant watched Zong Hongjiu swaggering departure, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

If it weren’t for the coincidence of today’s incident, his master might have been tossed by Zong Hongjiu.

As long as the Ninth Prince came, Ye Linghan would not be able to escape the pain of flesh and blood. Occasionally, if the Ninth Prince was in a good mood, he would only try his best to humiliate him.

However, for the once arrogant Crown Prince of Wei, humiliation was far more difficult than the suffering of pain of flesh and blood.

Ye Linghan didn’t say a word.

Zong Hongjiu didn’t even notice that the palace servant made up a self-deceiving statement, however, he was very clear.

Looking at people was not just about appearance or temperament. Just like a sword out of its scabbard. There was no lack of sword intent like that of a spring breeze. However, to a person, there was only one in the world who could be like a spring breeze.

But why was he blindfolded in a white silk? The proton stood on the spot with a blank expression, glanced at the Cold Palace in front of him with a complicated expression, then left without saying a word.

Zong Ruichen squatted in the hidden place on the top of the palace to watch the whole process, and couldn’t help but marvel. “Third brother, it’s really the same as what you said!”

Just now, when Zong Hongjiu came knocking on the door, Zong Luo thought about his next move. As his plan using Duan Junhao failed, a Ninth Prince was instead sent to his door. He can completely use the Ninth Prince to make his existence known to Emperor Yuan..

Emperor Yuan was suspicious by nature, if Zong Luo appeared directly, his father would definitely be suspicious.

On the contrary, appearing as an unexpected person or as a “fake” in the mouths of others can increase the credibility of Zong Luo’s accidental amnesia and blindness who survived by chance on the battlefield a year ago.

Zong Luo took his eyes back and said coldly, “By the way, from now on, remember to stay away from Ye Linghan.” Then, he added: “Ye Linghan is a man with profound knowledge. He does things by unscrupulous means and is not suitable for deep friendship.”

Hearing this, Zong Ruichen had doubts in his eyes.

The relationship between him and Ye Linghan, the proton of Wei Kingdom can only be regarded as ordinary, but after years of being bullied together by Zong Hongjiu and his subordinates, they developed some revolutionary friendship and could regard each other as friends.

For example… Ye Linghan actually knew in his heart that Zong Ruichen was not as stupid as he appeared on the surface. On the other hand, Zong Ruichen also knew that Ye Linghan had not given up on returning to Wei Kingdom during the past few years, and had privately flatter many officials of the continent and nobles of aristocratic families, some of which were even done in a filthy and unseemly means.

They knew each other’s details and knew that it was not easy to survive in this man-eating palace, so they kept silent. They each had their own plans and tried not to interfere with each other, yet they would still help each other occasionally. However, what they had was not a deep friendship. Just like today’s situation where they were unable to protect themselves, it’s certain that he won’t say a word and defend him.

However, doubts were still doubts. Zong Ruichen naturally believed in his brother’s words. He didn’t ask any more questions, and nodded directly. “Okay, I understand. I won’t communicate with him again in the future.”

“Xiao Ba is really good.” Zong Luo smiled and rubbed Zong Ruichen’s head, looking at Ye Linghan’s back with a long gaze.

Ye Linghan was the cousin of Yu Beizhou, the protagonist of “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing” and had the same brain disease as the latter. It’s just that Yu Beizhou’s hidden disease was that he can’t control self-mutilation on a night of a full moon, Ye Linghan, on the other hand, was that he kept  constantly mentally abusing himself.

When he saw the comments about this person in the comment area, it was said that his methods were extremely vicious, but he always maintained a yearning for a light in his heart. It may be that he experienced too much misery from childhood to adulthood, which caused him to have an almost paranoid preference for all beautiful people and things, just like a person in a quagmire.

Just like the routine of all the fans, the male supporting character Ye Linghan would regard the male protagonist Yu Beizhou as his savior. After completely losing hope and blackening, he worshiped Yu Beizhou like a god, and followed him to seize the foundation of the Great Yuan. Almost all the dirty things he did in the struggle for power were done by him alone, which he also found to be self-satisfying.

Of course, Yu Beizhou used him more.

Ye Linghan may or may not know, and even if he knows, he doesn’t care. On the contrary, he was ecstatic to be of use to Yu Beizhou.

One was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer. The combination of these two diseases constituted the popular orthopedic CP and set the article on fire, which attracted many readers to cry out proudly.

Zong Ruichen didn’t know, but Zong Luo was very clear about it. In the previous life, the culprit at the palace banquet that led to the tragic death of Xiao Ba was this Wei Kingdom’s Proton, who was a whistleblower behind his back.

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