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CDCN Chapter 43.2


Chapter 43.2

Seeing the servants carrying these medicine boxes into the mansion, Yuan Jia bowed his head, “Since that’s the case, this old slave will now follow His Majesty back to the palace.”

“Third Highness.” The old servant with white beard and hair paused before leaving, and said softly, “Your Highness, please take good care of yourself. Although it is inappropriate for this slave to say this, if there is time…..when you come to the palace, you can also visit His Majesty more often. Since last year, His Majesty’s health has been deteriorating day by day, suppose with your company, perhaps it can be somewhat alleviated…….”

Just when Yuan Jia was halfway through speaking, he unexpectedly heard a cold snort from the imperial carriage not far away.

Yuan Jia immediately cupped his hands and smiled wryly, “It’s this old slave who has overstepped his authority.”

“Drive back to the palace!”

The majestic imperial carriage set sail again and slowly departed in front of the Third Prince’s Mansion.

When the sound of horse hooves disappeared in front of the mansion, Zong Luo turned around and said with a smile, “Why is everyone sad and making such a face? Today is the day I come back, you should be happy.”

“Yes.” Uncle Liao forcefully cheered up and raised his voice again, “This old slave will definitely supervise His Highness to drink medicine on time.”

Zong Luo: “……”

He really doesn’t like drinking medicine.

The medicinal bath made mainly of witchcraft medicine was still within the tolerable range. Once it was made into a drinkable medicine, it was simply a disaster, one mouthful would cause people to lose their five senses.

Thus when Zong Luo got sick these years, he’d childishly avoid drinking the medicine.

Fortunately, he had been practicing martial arts for many years and had good physical quality, he only got sick once in a while for several years.

Even through the layer of cloth, the old butler’s condemning gaze could be felt. He knew he was in the wrong. He didn’t stay at the door any longer, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, entered the mansion. 

Because of the imperial carriage, the entire street was cleared by the garrison, and almost no one could be seen. The Qingsi had just ended not long ago, and the news of the Third Prince’s resurrection from the dead had not yet spread, thus there was no appearance of onlookers either.

At the corner of the street, a young man in purple sat on a black horse, looking towards the direction of the Third Prince’s Mansion, with an unpredictable expression.

If the secret conversation that he overheard earlier still made Ye Linghan somewhat skeptical, then after seeing that Emperor Yuan not only rewarded medicine, but also dispatched a group of imperial physicians from the palace, his suspicions became reality.

He had always been complacent in knowing the true face of the Third Prince. Little did he know, it turned out that all of these, were actually all his preconceived ideas.

“Your Highness, let’s go back earlier. If it’s too late, we will be recorded again.”

Since the proton lived in Great Yuan, naturally, there were rules. He couldn’t come back too late at night, if there were too many times, he would be recorded. Of course, if those big shots just send someone to have a talk, the register would naturally turn a blind eye.

The servant persuaded in a low voice, “The Third Prince stabbed you with a sword last time, but you didn’t reveal his secret either, it’s simply considered as repayment of the kindness for taking care of you at the beginning. At present, you should continue to focus your full attention on returning to the Wei Country…….”

The most urgent task now, should be more about salvaging the erroneous impression left by Bai Taining’s words during the Qingsi. He should hurry to see the special envoy of the Wei Country and try his best to deal with it.

The servant couldn’t figure it out. His own family’s crown prince endured humiliation, was cruel to others, and was even more cruel to himself. But after the Qingsi was over, he still chased to this place and simply watched the Third Prince’s appearance from a distance, causing one to be unable to figure him out.

Ye Linghan muttered to himself, “That’s right, I’ve repaid my favor, so it really doesn’t matter.”

It’s just……..he had never tasted this kind of warmth before, thus he wanted to hold it tighter, just a little bit tighter. Even to the point of being almost paranoid. But in the end, he still screwed up everything.


When Yuan Jia returned to the imperial carriage, the six steeds started again and drove towards the Imperial Palace.

Oddly enough, obviously those words just now were so presumptuous that he could no longer be presumptuous, however Emperor Yuan, who had always been cruel and ruthless in the eyes of everyone, did not express anything, but merely said indifferently, “Go and receive the punishment yourself after returning to the palace.”

Compared to the cruel punishment and tyranny of the Great Yuan, there’s undoubtedly a lot more room for operation in receiving punishment yourself.

What’s more, Yuan Jia himself was the head of the internal affairs. Generally speaking, at most he would only be deducted with some monthly salary, which was simply a light punishment that couldn’t be any lighter.

Yuan Jia knew it in his heart, thus he hurriedly kowtowed, “Thank you Your Majesty, for the great kindness.”

There was no more sound beyond the carriage curtains.

Emperor Yuan closed his eyes again, with one hand hanging on the spacious square table, and resting his mind.

The guards of honor finally entered the palace in a formidable way. 

Because they took a detour to see off the Third Prince, and stayed in front of the mansion for a long time, when the imperial carriage stopped, night had already fallen.

The winter night always came earlier and longer.

An attendant carried a palace lantern, and its swaying warm yellow flame lit up the huge Imperial Palace. It dangled and pushed open a path, as if being adorned with stars.

Emperor Yuan got out of the carriage, seeing that it was still early, he planned to continue handling government affairs at the Zhang Palace.

After some memorials were approved in the Great Witch Temple, they were transported back on wooden carts, but due to some delays, there was still a lot left.

Just when he picked up the pen and frowned to reply to a nonsensical accusation, Yuan Jia came in and announced in a low voice.

“Your Majesty, the Ninth Prince is requesting for an audience.”

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