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CDCN Chapter 43.1


Chapter 43.1

The imperial carriage, which had not moved for a long time, finally drove away slowly, heading for the gate of the Great Witch Temple.

When everyone saw it, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The time when the big Buddha still hadn’t left yet, they didn’t even dare to talk, and the sound of breathing seemed to also be quieter.

Too many things happened at the Qingsi today, everyone was anxious to go back, the princes also needed to discuss with their Menkes. If the Third Prince really comes back, what should be the plan?

(t/n Menke-a hanger-on of an aristocrat)

Just now, when Emperor Yuan was still there, no one dared to speak out. Even Zong Yuanwu, after being scolded, only dared to look at Zong Luo from a distance, and did not dare to step forward to say a word.

Only after he left did these turbulent currents become more apparent, and they continued to surge under the Imperial City.

On the other side.

The prince in white sat on the carriage as stiff as a bamboo, his back was straight, yet his heart was numb.

Zong Luo thought, could it be that God knew that he had died unjustly in his previous life, so he gave him such hypocritical warmth in this life.

He worked so hard in his previous life, waited for so long, an affirmation that couldn’t be obtained through hard work, yet was actually uttered by Emperor Yuan in this life.

Truly ironic. In the end, this appearance of getting the best at the least expense is sufficient.

If he had known how to show weakness appropriately in his previous life, would it have resulted in a different outcome?

After Emperor Yuan said the sentence “Zhen has never been disappointed in you”, he remained silent afterwards. As such, silence was regained once again inside the carriage, as if the previous conversation had never existed.

This was what Zong Luo was familiar with, his appearance when interacting with Emperor Yuan. He was always mostly silent.

The guards of honor of the imperial carriage walked outside. Although the appearance was not obvious, the interior decoration of the carriage was undoubtedly in line with the identity of the lord of a country. It was mainly composed of solemn hues. Even when the carriage rolled on the green slabstone road, not many jolts were even felt and it was extremely comfortable.

(t/n guard of honors-Special troops responsible for performing ceremonial tasks when holding grand ceremonies and welcoming and seeing off foreign dignitaries)

Roughly after a while, the carriage stopped.

Yuan Jia saluted outside, “Your Majesty, we’ve arrived at the Third Prince’s Mansion.”

Zong Luo’s hands on his knees curled up slightly.

This was what he had agreed with Emperor Yuan before, to not restore his status, but to live back in the Third Prince’s Mansion and receive treatment with peace of mind.

“Go.” Emperor Yuan closed his eyes and didn’t say much.

Yuan Jia raised the curtain of the carriage, and Zong Luo came out while bending his back in response, and stepped on the ground.

In the distance, the sun was slanting to the west, the sky was approaching dusk, and it was like burning clouds in the air.

The Third Prince’s Mansion was built at the closest location to the Imperial Palace, and it was originally said to be the residence of Emperor Yuan when he was still a prince. Emperor Yuan was also the eldest prince, he was the first to go out of the palace to build a mansion, and accordingly, he chose an excellent location. Just a few steps to the west was the Imperial Palace, to the east was the Eastern Market, to the south was the Great Witch Temple, and to the north was Xuan Cavalry’s barracks outside the Xuanwu Gate, making travel very convenient.

Even if Zong Luo couldn’t see it now, he could still imagine the appearance of the prince’s mansion.

When he just came back from the State of Wei, he still lived in the palace for a year because he hadn’t reached the coming of age yet, and only after he obtained his military power and trained the army, was he allowed to leave the palace.

Training soldiers every day from morning until dusk, and missing the imperial curfew, it was always troublesome when entering the imperial palace again. So for the sake of convenience, Emperor Yuan awarded him the prince’s mansion together, telling him not to adhere anymore with the palace locked time.

Zong Luo, who obtained his father emperor’s original prince’s mansion, had not yet had his coming of age. Reasonably, Zong Luo, who couldn’t live outside the palace, was not particularly happy in his heart, and regarded this as a supreme affirmation.

Therefore, after the prince’s mansion was handed over to him, he did not renovate it extensively. It wasn’t much gorgeously adorned on the outside, but it still followed the style of Emperor Yuan, which was cold and solemn.

“Welcome home Your Highness!”

“Welcome home Your Highness!”

The old butler had already led the whole mansion’s entourage, and waited at the door with a lantern. 

The open door was brightly lit, and at first glance, they looked properly prepared. Approaching closer, seeing Zong Luo’s current appearance, the whole mansion quieted down that a needle falling could be heard, and only the kicking of the ceremonial guards and the horses of the imperial carriage could be heard outside.

Many of the old people in the mansion had served Emperor Yuan before, thus there was no need to say too much about their loyalty and dedication, many of the rest were also soldiers under his command, who were seriously injured on the battlefield and became disabled. They received pensions and were sent home, but they stayed here, vowing to work extremely hard for His Highness for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, some were orphans, with no father, mother and without a child, and were taken in by Zong Luo into the mansion.

Now, seeing the Third Prince with white silk around his eyes, with his expression that was still as elegant and easy-going as usual, even the smile on his face had not been reduced by half, it caused the eyes of the many servants to turn red.

Originally, last year, after receiving the news of the death of the Third Prince at Hangu Pass, the Third Prince’s Mansion should have also been disbanded. However, the Imperial Palace had not spoken for a long time, and even the monthly regulations had been issued. Therefore, for the past year, it had still stood in such an incoherent manner.

Who would have thought that a year later, the people in the mansion would wait for the news that the Third Prince had not died.

“Uncle Liao, it’s been a long time without coming back, the residence is lucky to have you.”

Zong Luo paused for a moment, not intending to deliberately pretend to have amnesia in front of the old steward.

Steward Liao had tears flowing down from his aged eyes, and his voice was choked, “Third Highness, where are the words, you are fighting outside for the Great Yuan. It is an honor for this old slave to look after the mansion for you. Now that you’ve returned……It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back.”

(t/n Where are the words- It is used to respond to other’s praise, or don’t mention it)

Yuan Jia also nodded with him on the side.

Yuan Jia and Lao Liao were both elderly people next to Emperor Yuan, and they have known each other for many years.

On the other side, a carriage that drove out of the palace happened to stop by at the roadside. An attendant brought some brocade boxes of medicinal herbs over, soon afterwards, boxes were unloaded filled with medicines, later, two elderly men carrying medicine boxes followed, judging by the style of their clothes, they were the imperial physicians in the palace.

Yuan Jia carefully advised, “These are the medicines and people ordered by His Majesty. They will decoct the herbs for His Highness. Acupuncture is also given once every three days. His Highness must remember to come to the palace every three days as well.”

Uncle Liao nodded, “This old slave will arrange it now.”

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