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CDCN Chapter 42.2


Chapter 42.2

He could feel the sharp gaze that had lingered on his white silk for a long time.

“The Great Witch has already told Zhen that your eyes’ congestion is not yet resolved, but also not completely damaging the meridians. It’s just that a long time has passed, it needs a period of recovery time and careful recuperation, given some time, there is still a chance of recovery.”

If it was changed to another imperial physician, it’d probably be difficult to tell if his meridians were fine.

It could only be said of being worthy as the Great Witch. Fortunately, the Great Witch didn’t find out that he was actually using acupoint tapping to forcibly cause congestion and backflow in the meridians, otherwise it would be really difficult to end.

Zong Luo suspected that Yu Beizhou had said something to the Great Witch, but he had no evidence.

Furthermore, him, suspecting that his deadly enemy would show kindness to help him, would only be unless his brain was damaged, which was impossible to think about.

After regaining senses, Emperor Yuan’s voice came close in front of his eyes. “In the days to come, you will come to the palace once every three days, and let the imperial physician give you an acupuncture diagnosis. The witchcraft medicine, Zhen has already ordered for it to go down. Remember to take the decoction three times a day, at regular intervals.”

Emperor Yuan seemed to have rarely said such a long word to him all at once.

Zong Luo replied, “Yes.”

Silence was once again returned inside the huge carriage.

Everyone outside was still waiting.

The emperor’s carriage did not move, the other carriages couldn’t move either.

No one knew what Emperor Yuan and the recently returned Third Prince were saying inside, and why the imperial carriage was tardy in departing.

And Zong Luo, he was waiting, he’s waiting for Emperor Yuan to ask the question that still left some doubts.

That was the gap he deliberately left in order to prevent his father from becoming suspicious.

During that year in the Confucian Han Lu, Zong Luo simulated countless conversations with Emperor Yuan, with almost no possibility of omission.

Unexpectedly, Emperor Yuan once again avoided all questions.

He didn’t ask why he chose Confucianism, why the medical sage failed to come up with an effective treatment plan after losing his eyesight, or everything else that Zong Luo speculated about.

“Everyone said they dreamed of the scene before you committed suicide at Hangu Pass, but Zhen has never dreamed of it.”

“Therefore, Zhen still wants to ask you, did you choose not to return to the Imperial City just because you were afraid that your eyes would never be healed?”

The prince in white remained silent for a long time.

Of course not.

He didn’t return to the Imperial City because he knew that he would be rejected in the future. He knew that he would make great achievements in the battle of Hangu Pass, be exiled to the border and receive an edict to commit suicide under the city gate.

But how could he possibly say that?

Zong Luo could feel Emperor Yuan’s gaze lingering on him for a long time, perhaps in this gaze was the most common condescending scrutiny and consideration in his memory, or perhaps some hint of callousness, or other things in the eyes.

For a moment, Zong Luo was even grateful that he couldn’t see anything now.  It’s impossible for a person to fall twice on the same rock.

“This son dares not go back to the Great Yuan, this son is most afraid of……not being able to meet Father Emperor’s expectations.”

Yu Beizhou was quite right. In his previous life, he left without turning around. Directly going back to the border to integrate the army and to rebel, in the end, he still didn’t dare to. 

Zong Luo spoke calmly, as if he had no emotion, he analyzed why he decided to commit suicide under the city gate in his previous life, and used it to answer the question of Emperor Yuan in this life.

As long as he closed his eyes, the imperial edict thrown down from the Imperial City Gate that day could be vividly remembered. 

“This son is afraid that the Father Emperor will be disappointed with this son, and is afraid of seeing the Father Emperor’s………..disappointed gaze.”

Rebellion was of course easy.

Zong Luo had been stationed at the border for a few years, and leading Xuan Cavalry together, there was no sense of the aloof and dandy prince of the Imperial City, but instead only doing everything personally, treated people kindly, and soon won over the former generals stationed at the frontier with his integrity and compassion for his subordinates.

As long as he wanted to, even if he didn’t have half of the tiger talisman stored in Emperor Yuan’s place, he could still mobilize troops to rebel. He wasn’t afraid that no one would follow him, or no one responding to his call.

But what would the rebellion represent?

It was said that those who succeeded were called emperors and kings but those who failed were called bandits, but these two words still represented infamy.

Zong Luo was a modern person, he’s born empty-handed, thus he wouldn’t take a single thing with him in death. He was not at all afraid of how those historians would write about him.

The only thing he’s afraid of…..was Emperor Yuan’s disappointed gaze.

How funny is it to say that.

The Great Yuan’s God of War, the disciple of the Ghost Valley Master, the Third Prince who was famous in the Great Wilderness, never have been afraid of anything, yet was only afraid of an insignificant gaze.

If it weren’t for the downright hopelessness in his previous life, Zong Luo would only bury this answer in his heart and never say it. Because the Third Prince of Great Yuan did not need to be so weak and afraid. His father emperor, who personally killed his siblings, the father emperor who angered the former emperor to death, would not want to hear such a cowardly answer.

Nevertheless, Zong Luo still said it.

He didn’t know why he said it.

In the final analysis, there was still resentment in the bottom of his heart.

He resented Emperor Yuan for not informing him, resented the banishment and the imperial edict to commit suicide for no reason at all, he had too much resentment, therefore he spoke out unscrupulous words.

After speaking, the carriage fell into silence again.

It was a long time before Emperor Yuan opened his mouth.

“Although Zhen doesn’t know how to speak up, you really don’t have to be afraid of failing to meet Zhen’s expectations.”

The tyrant’s voice was full of exhaustion, an emotion that Zong Luo had never noticed in the two lifetimes of this wise, powerful, and dictatorial father emperor.

He said, “Because Zhen has never been disappointed in you, whether in the past or in the present, nor in the future.”

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