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CDCN Chapter 42.1


Chapter 42.1

At the entrance of the Great Witch Temple, the courtiers near their carriages and students one after another raised their heads and looked up with expectations.

Although the rules and regulations of ethics of the previous dynasty were greatly damaged, the etiquette was still passed down, especially the etiquette for the imperial family’s emperor. It had always been Emperor Yuan who boarded the imperial carriage first, and only after the emperor’s concubines leave would the courtiers be allowed to move.

The imperial carriage of the emperor was driven by six handsome black horses without a single hair all over the body. It was not as gaudy as other monarchs of other countries, or were decorated with various objects that symbolize majesty, on the contrary, it was simple and dignified. The central wooden box was carved with mysterious totem patterns, just like the patterns of the Great Yuan Palace, majestic and solemn .

“Then I’ll go ahead first.”

When he turned around, Zong Luo didn’t have much waves in his heart.

Yu Beizhou hadn’t returned to the Imperial Capital that long. Moreover, at this time, he and Pei Qianxue were still good friends, but in the future, it may not be necessarily the case.

The troublesome thing was that Pei Qianxue was too clever and meticulous.

Zong Luo could use this excuse of amnesia to deceive him for a while, but not for long.

Not to mention that Pei Qianxue was Emperor Yuan’s confidant, he also had access to many secrets. The time Zong Luo spoke with Emperor Yuan, but it was only to say to not restore the status of prince in the open for the time being. It’s precisely Pei Qianxue himself; it was estimated that he would soon detect clues from the attitudes of the eunuchs, palace servants and from Emperor Yuan. Therefore, what Zong Luo needed to do was to slowly restore his memory “in a clear and ordered pattern”.

Next, he had to prepare himself for the seizing of the throne and find out the truth of his previous life.

As for whether Pei Qianxue would find out, it was simply not within the scope of Zong Luo’s consideration.

However, whether he found out or not, in the end he would still go to Yu Beizhou, the protagonist, and repeat his betrayal like in the previous life.

As Zong Luo thought of this, he let Yuan Jia lift the heavy and simple curtain of the imperial carriage, lifted his feet and climbed up.

Everyone watched Emperor Yuan get into the carriage, and when Yuan Jia came to invite the Third Prince again. 

After experiencing multiple stimuli in succession today, the only thing that popped out of everyone’s hearts was “Sure enough”.

However, after Yuan Jia invited Zong Luo, they didn’t see any intention of inviting Zong Hongjiu together.

One must know that Zong Hongjiu was not yet old enough and did not have his own carriage. In the past, he used to ride with Emperor Yuan in the imperial carriage when going out of the palace. But now, let alone his father emperor, even the eunuchs and servants have forgotten him as the Ninth Prince.

Zong Hongjiu was not really stupid, he was arrogant and wilful, and he was simply arrogant and wilful to others. However, in reality, he was deeply afraid of his father emperor. At the moment, he didn’t dare to say another word in public, while having an expression that was extremely bad.

Ever since he was a child, since when did he suffer such injustice?

Not only was he beaten twice by the Third Imperial Brother, but his father emperor also didn’t stand up for him, he didn’t even want to give him one of the nine Fuze fruits that were shot down!

Just now at the Great Witch Temple, Zong Hongjiu heard the whispers of those people.

“Isn’t it said that the Ninth Prince is the most favored in the palace?”

“Who knows, deep in the imperial palace, we are not allowed to snoop at will, not to mention according to His Majesty’s personality…..It should only be that the Ninth Prince is treated better compared to the other princes.”

“There’s that too, His Majesty doesn’t value these things. In the beginning, before His Majesty ascended the throne………..No, he really doesn’t.”

They were talking to each other, and when they said this, they silently paused.

Zong Hongjiu knew what they meant.

He had also heard that before his father emperor proclaimed himself emperor, he slaughtered his siblings, because everyone in the imperial family supported the original crown prince, therefore Emperor Yuan did not leave any of them behind. It was precisely because of this that the infamy of a tyrant had been forged, and after so many years, he was still scolded and poked in the spine by the literati who followed the old rules and regulation ethics. (TL: poke the spine-exposing the scars of others behind their backs and talking about their shortcomings)

Blood related siblings were nothing more than that to Emperor Yuan, the princes were also just the same. But Zong Hongjiu always felt that he was different, he must be the one his father emperor loved the most.

Albeit because of the matter of designating a crown prince in recent years, he had secretly planned to seek refuge with several imperial brothers.

But in the final analysis, Zong Hongjiu was still thinking in his heart, for so many years, his father emperor had not designated a crown prince. Could it be that he wanted the other imperial brothers to fight until they ran out of strength, or was he actually waiting for him to grow up?

Thus Zong Hongjiu didn’t believe the conversation he heard in the Zhang Palace last time.

But now………he couldn’t help but believe the facts.

“Ninth younger brother, why don’t you join me?”

Zong Chengsi turned his eyes, caught a glimpse of Zong Hongjiu’s expression, and took the initiative to invite him to ride with him.

Although there was a distance between the Fourth Prince’s Mansion and the Imperial Palace, if he wanted to find out what Zong Hongjiu was hiding, it’s not a big deal to take a detour to see him off.


Zong Hongjiu clenched his fists tightly as he looked at the imperial carriage going away.


Zong Luo boarded the imperial carriage.

The heavy carriage curtain was lowered behind him, isolating the outside skylight.

Inside the spacious carriage, the most commonly used cold incense in the palace was still burning, which was pungent and assailed the nostrils.

Emperor Yuan sat upright on the main seat, like an unsheathed king’s sword.

After replacing Qingsi’s white robes and ghost face, the emperor changed back to his most commonly used attire.

The dark golden dragon robe was spread on the satin blanket, and the strings of beads hanging down from the crown jingled, softening the cold and stern pairs of eyes behind which were dark and without any trace of light.

“Father Emperor.” Zong Luo cupped his hands.

He knew that in the wing room of the Great Witch Temple just now, apart from those critical issues, there were still some unsaid things.

Earlier, perhaps it could be said that because of his sudden resurrection from death, that it caused Emperor Yuan to forget about it for a while. But after experiencing such a long period of Qingsi, even a fool could figure it out, let alone Emperor Yuan.

“Sit.” Joy and anger couldn’t be distinguished from the voice that came above. 

Zong Luo sat aside obediently.

He had always been like this in front of Emperor Yuan, silent, obedient, never taking the initiative to speak.

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