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CDCN Chapter 41.2


Chapter 41.2

In the next second, the goshawk who was squatting above the ten-thousand-year-old tree swooped down rapidly, with a bunch of yellow Fuze fruits in its claws, and placed them firmly on a plate held by an attendant, as if wanting to be praised.

Counting carefully, one, two, three……, no more, no less, exactly nine. 

Emperor Yuan smiled. “What a handsome goshawk. Zhen could tell why the Fuze fruits didn’t fall down. It was really indeed because of Yu Qing’s goshawk hiding in secret.”

Three arrows shot down nine fruits! 

All the students and courtiers hurriedly bowed cupping one hand in the other before their chests to Emperor Yuan to congratulate. “Congratulations, Your Majesty, God bless Great Yuan!”

For a moment, the voice of congratulation spread far away, and even the Great Witch who was singing stopped, and conversely held the bone staff high.

Shooting down nine Fuze fruits in one fell swoop had never happened in decades. One time, it was said that when Emperor Yuan was still a prince, he also laid the groundwork for this move, laying the foundation for the bloody seizing of the throne.

But in any case, no one expected that Emperor Yuan, who in just a few days, would know the mandate of heaven, could pull a heavy bow weighing four stones, and shoot down the Fuze fruits tens of meters high with ease. He didn’t even spend more time aiming midway, which was truly amazing. (TL: “knowing the destiny at fifty” or “knowing the mandate of heaven” means that after the age of fifty, one realizes the difficulty of realizing one’s ideals, so one no longer pursues results in doing things.)

“It’s this mischievous ugly goshawk, still hoping for His Majesty’s forgiveness.”

The black ugly goshawk landed firmly on Yu Beizhou’s shoulder. Sensing that it had made a mistake , it drooped its head, looking particularly small and pitiful.

As soon as Zong Luo heard it, he knew that the goshawk was playing pretend again.

At that time, when he plucked the feathers on this ugly goshawk’s buttocks, it also hung it’s head like this, with a look of sincere repentance, but in the end, it’s really a heartless thing that did not learn from its lessons, and turned around to harass Zhao Yebai again.

It’s just like its owner’s moral conduct.

Sure enough, Emperor Yuan graciously did not fuss about it, but instead asked with interest, “Is this goshawk from the time when Yu Qing suppressed the north, the one which has made great contributions?”

Yu Beizhou smiled and said, “Really not worthy of such compliments, it is just a little clever.”

“Since it has rendered great service, it should be rewarded.”

The goshawk, which also seemed to understand it, raised its head arrogantly, spread its wings, felt honored and with a proud appearance.

When other people saw this scene, they couldn’t help but sigh with emotion at the flourishing imperial favor of the King of Beining.

To be in this person’s position, perhaps one’s head would have already fallen off the neck long ago. Talking and laughing here, and even receiving rewards, nobody dared to think about it.

Zong Luo, standing aside, put down his bow, and was about to take two steps back when he heard Zong Hongjiu’s voice again.

“Father Emperor, these Fuze fruits are so beautiful.”

The ten-year-old prince suddenly pedaled and ran over, with a pure voice, as if ignorant of worldly affairs, ran to the servant’s tray, and reached out to grab the Fuze fruit that Emperor Yuan had just shot down with Zong Luo.

Emperor Yuan frowned. “This is your imperial brother’s stuff, what are you doing with it?”

Only mentioning imperial brother, but didn’t say which imperial brother it was, nor did it specify whether it was the Third Imperial Brother, therefore the people didn’t know what really his intention was.

Zong Hongjiu paused, and his heart slowly sank, falling into his stomach like a weight.

Not only him, but even some servants were surprised.

The courtiers who didn’t live in the palace on ordinary days only heard about the degree of favor of the Ninth Prince, but were not sure on what kind of situation this favor would be. Only these palace servants knew best how much His Majesty doted on the Ninth Prince.

Let alone such little playthings, even if Zong Hongjiu wanted something on ordinary days, they almost never heard His Majesty refused. Now, simply only wanting a Fuze fruit, yet His Majesty repudiated, which was really rare.

“Yuan Jia, put them away.”

Yuan Jia quickly responded, took and strung the nine fruits with excellent color and appearance together, put them inside a brocade box, and placed them in the hands of Zong Luo who was stunned on the side.

Fuze fruit was only allowed to be picked at this time of the year, and every shot was extremely valuable, moreover it was also a raw material for witchcraft medicine. Even if not making it into a medicine and to only eat it directly, it was said that it also had the miraculous effect of strengthening the body, clearing the heart and improving eyesight. Sometimes in order to showcase imperial favor, the courtiers were often allowed to take them back.

These Fuze fruits were undoubtedly the best.

Emperor Yuan withdrew his eyes, and appeared unwilling to say more.

On the contrary, Yuan Jia whispered carefully in front of Zong Luo, “Your Highness, remember to take these Fuze fruits back, wash them with pure snow water before eating, and be sure not to get them contaminated with meat and fish.”

Zong Luo raised his eyes subconsciously and looked towards Emperor Yuan. Too bad he couldn’t see anything now.


In this way, the Qingsi ended.

The courtiers walked to the door one after another, intending to leave in a carriage, and the students also went out together in twos and threes.

It could be expected that, even if Emperor Yuan didn’t say anything, after today, news about the Third Prince of Great Yuan surviving would spring up in the Imperial City like mushrooms after rain.

Pei Qianxue had just said a few words to him, when Yuan Jia came over and said in a low voice, “Third Highness, His Majesty invites you.”

Pei Qianxue thought about the importance that Emperor Yuan attached to Jin Yu, and understood the sincere heart of an old father who lost his beloved son. It made him feel relieved.

Just now, Pei Qianxue was asking about Zong Luo, but the Great Witch said that it was nothing serious, and it didn’t matter if he visited again tomorrow.

Thus he said goodbye to Zong Luo, and watched him board the imperial carriage pulled by six horses.

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