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CDCN Chapter 36.1


Chapter 36.1

The steaming mists and hot water vapor in the bath pool cumulated with the unique breath of the witchcraft medicine, which settled and drifted away, slowly covering the entire wing room, and breathing in would make one felt refreshed.

The general in red sat lazily by the side of the pool, stretched out his hand to lift up the long wet hair of the prince in white, and fondly wrapped it between his fingers to play with.

“I don’t see you in a day, it’s like three years have passed, do you miss me?”

Zong Luo: “……” 

Miss you head ghost. (TL: kind of swear)

He had just now been anxiously looking for a way on how to hide the truth from the Great Witch, and was still earnestly exploring, as a result, he didn’t even have to wait for the Great Witch to come, but to only anticipate for such a scourge like Yu Beizhou, with white tension scene.

He said lightly, “It turns out that you didn’t die, what a pity.”

Yu Beizhou pretended to be sad and said, “Senior brother actually doesn’t want to see me so much. Obviously I was wounded pretty badly, even then, I still rushed to see senior brother.”

“That last time down the cliff, that knee was really merciless, it made me lie down firmly for a long time, with several broken ribs. Senior brother, you are really cruel.”

It was no exaggeration to say that Zong Luo infused internal force to his knee, any ordinary person would definitely die on the spot.

It’s a pity that the soil under the cliff was too loose, moreover Yu Beizhou had the protagonist’s halo to protect his body. He was like an unbeatable Xiaoqiang. After a few days, he was able to jump down to the ground alive and kicking, and now, he still had the mood to provoke him.

(t/n Xiaoqiang is a kind of insect: a cockroach, because of its strong vitality, people call it Xiaoqiang. Unbeatable Xiaoqiang is used to describe a very tenacious and indomitable will.)

Zong Luo sneered, “Isn’t this the result you want to see?”

He had told Yu Beizhou on the cliff that they had no blood feud at the end of the day. Yu Beizhou gave him a new life, and Zong Luo was willing to take a step back. But the other party made it clear that he wanted to continue the entanglement with him, and Zong Luo also, who had already put away his sword, had his anger aroused, in that case, then let’s just accompany each other til the end.

Besides, for Yu Beizhou’s kind masochistic tendencies in general, he would be happier to bleed a little and to get hurt a little.

Zong Luo untimely recalled the opening paragraph of “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing”, a cannon fodder jumped out of nowhere and stabbed little Yu Beizhou who was ill at the time of the full moon. The original description said “Young Yu Beizhou didn’t even frown, but felt that the pain was nothing comparable to the pain he had experienced, instead, he hoped it would be more painful. In order to better taste this kind of joy with pain, he licked his lips and smiled, then brought the sword deeper.”

It was this description at the beginning that brought Zong Luo directly till to this day.

He really liked this type of war-damaged, beautiful and stubborn, strong, miserable, and sick protagonist, otherwise he wouldn’t have scrolled through the comment area for a long time. The more he looked, the more satisfied he became.

However there was a wall between fictional characters and reality.

For example, Yu Beizhou, after turning into a real person from being a fictional character, was eager for Zong Luo to simply strangle him directly.

“Yes, senior brother, you really understand me.”

Yu Beizhou smiled, then he lifted his hand and untied the hairband keeping the white prince’s inky hair together, letting those innumerable inky strands spread into his palm, and wrapping around his well-defined knuckles. 

Zong Luo’s hairband was the same color as his clothes, except for some tassel-like emerald green at the end.

Generally, when cutting clothes, the tailor would cut out leftovers to make hairbands. Zong Luo’s robe was the school uniform that Confucian disciples usually wear in the residence on ordinary days. There was nothing special about it, and the fabric was even more mediocre and underwhelming. It was incomparable with the top silk and satin that was sent as gifts in the Western Regions when he was a prince.

“I haven’t suffered such a serious injury for a long, long time, hmm…at least for ten years.”

Yu Beizhou’s indescribably beautiful face was shrouded in the mists of the medicine.

In the previous life, he had already ruled the nation, what was Yu Beizhou lacking?

He simply already had what he wanted.

From subordinates to followers, status and power, silk and treasures, territory and domain, congratulatory from all directions, and the land under the heavens paying tribute to the emperor……..Even when Yu Beizhou was looking for the immortal method for going back in time, he, at the same time, also had found a jade slip for cultivating immortality left by an immortal thousands of years ago.

Thousands of years ago, the Great Wilderness was still in the prehistoric period. At that time, the earth was full of spiritual energy, and treasures were everywhere. The Tianming Xuanniao descended from the sky, and the immortals above used the dynasties to play games on the earth, and carried out battles of the conferred gods in a formidable way.

(t/n Xuanniao comes from Shanhaijing. According to the records of Shanhaijing, Xuanniao is a four-winged bird with light yellow feathers. It likes to eat eagle meat and has a violent temperament. It lives in Pingdingshan. The image of the Xuanniao at the beginning was similar to that of a swallow, so the Xuanniao of Destiny (Tianming Xuanniao) was also interpreted as the “Emperor of Heaven ordered the god Yan Shengqi to establish the Shang nation and descend to the world”, from “The Book of Songs Shang Song Xuanniao”.)

At that time, martial arts was not called learning martial arts, but cultivating immortality. Ordinary people, as long as they obtain the immortal method, if they cultivate diligently and survive the catastrophes, they could also ascend in the daytime and become immortals.

However, after the battle of the conferred gods, everything suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The spiritual energy of the earth faded, and the immortals turned into complicated and obscured names in ancient books. As for the jade slips that record the immortal method in legends, they were only found in the tomb of the immortals. There were many mechanisms in the tomb, countless immortal methods, and white bones at the entrance that were piled higher than the mountains.

When Yu Beizhou insisted on going in, the whole court and even the whole world cheered, thinking that the tyrant had been sent away. Unexpectedly, he came back alive and even brought the jade slip with him.

It’s a pity that there was no senior brother, these were all boring and dull, not worth mentioning and not interesting at all.

Just like the jade slip that recorded the method of cultivating immortality, even if the things recorded in it could make people live forever and become immortals on the spot, for Yu Beizhou, it was still not interesting at all.

He suddenly sighed, “Senior brother, did you know, after your death in the previous life, I was so bored to the point of almost going crazy.”

If possible, Zong Luo didn’t want to talk nonsense with Yu Beizhou at all.

But now, not only was he undressed and sitting in the medicated bath, but had also the acupoints on his eyes sealed, he hadn’t had the time to undo the acupoints, thus he was quite passive.

Zong Luo was unwilling to expose any of his weaknesses in front of this two lifetime rival. As such, not letting him notice that he’s really in a passive situation right now.

Therefore he could only hold down his patience and continue to make false claims with Yu Beizhou.

“Don’t say that you’re going crazy, I think you’re quite sick now.” He retorted.

Yu Beizhou froze for a moment, his shoulders began to tremble again, and finally shook with laughter.

After laughing, he suddenly said, “Senior brother, do you know that there is one thing that I have always been curious about.”

Yu Beizhou raised his finger and brought a strand of hair to his lips, “When you got the imperial edict, you really didn’t have any thoughts of rebellion? Not at all?”

Zong Luo was stunned for a moment.

He never thought that someone would ask him this question.

Or, in other words, it never occurred to him that he would need to answer this question to that someone.

“You said you wanted to kill me last time, but now you’re asking so many questions, don’t you feel contradictory?”

Yu Beizhou said nonchalantly, “Since the senior brother is already prepared to die together, reciprocity is necessary. I will naturally arrange a perfect ending for the senior brother. Hmm…the arrangement in the previous life was pretty good, but it is a pity that the senior brother directly drew out his sword and killed himself in the end……”

Yu Beizhou continued chattering some words there, obviously was very close to him, but Zong Luo felt that his voice was getting farther and farther away.

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