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CDCN Chapter 35.2


Chapter 35.2


Zong Luo thought to himself mockingly.

In his previous life, he was Great Yuan’s hero. When he came back from the battle of Hangu Pass, it could be said that he was in an extremely high spirits for achieving something, and ten miles of orchids were lined on the road to see him off. The literati wrote poems and lyrics, and the warriors clapped their hands. Even a three-year-old child said he wanted to be a general like him when practicing martial arts.

But what about the hero, it doesn’t mean that to be disliked is to be disliked, to kill yourself is to kill yourself.

The aged servant took him to the depths of the Great Witch Temple.

The wing rooms in the depths of the witch temple were graceful and dignified, with an indescribable tranquility. On normal days, only the emperors of the Yuan Dynasty were eligible to change clothes during the Qing Si, and even Zong Luo in his previous life had never been here before.

Yuan Jia stopped at the door, put down the lantern, and opened the door for him, saying, “His Excellency the Great Witch is on his way from the Star Observatory, you must cooperate with the treatment, and everything will be fine.”

Zong Luo forced a smile, and suddenly said, “……… I can do it myself, no need for servants. “

Yuan Jia opened his mouth.

He remembered the conversation between His Highness and His Majesty just now, he would rather not restore his identity but maintain his final dignity and pride, and the words of his admonition on his lips stopped immediately. In the end, it turned into a sigh.

“Third Highness, the medicinal hot bath has been placed inside, this old slave will be guarding outside, if you need anything, just give a soft call, it’s enough.”

“Okay, then I’ll be troubling you, Eunuch Yuan.”

Accompanied by the sound of the door being closed behind him, Zong Luo slowly took off his shoes and socks, stepped barefoot on the creaking dark wooden floor, and walked inside the wing room.

There was a fresh and strange smell of witchcraft medicine in the air, and together with the steaming mist, it condensed into rolling beads of water on the clothes.

A large circular pool hole was dug in the center of the wing room, and its bottom was connected to the geothermal heat, which diverted water and naturally formed a hot spring hole. The side of the pool was full of medicinal residues, which were found and prepared by the witch forty-nine days ago, refined in the medicine furnace, and finally condensed into a medicinal liquid, the condensed essence was then poured in bucket by bucket. 

This pool of witchcraft medicine was difficult to find, one needed to look for the medicinal materials all year round, and it was only prepared once a year. After bathing, it would have the effect of strengthening the body, clearing the heart and improving eyesight. Only emperors were eligible to enjoy this.

Following the sound of water, Zong Luo slowly approached the pool, raised his hand and untied the clothes on his chest.

After such a gamble, his palms and back were covered with sweat, and a layer of wetness hung on his body. When he was blown by the cold wind, the stickiness felt extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, he was right to gamble.

In his previous life, if he dared to contradict Emperor Yuan like this, it was estimated that the decree of suicide would have to come earlier.

But now, not only had he received a reward, but he also restored his identity. After the end of Qing Si ceremonyand after he returned to the Prince’s Mansion, he could also take Xiao Ba out logically. 

Compared with the previous life, this life was completely different.

Taking retreat as a way to advance, taking the lead in showing weakness and expressing one’s attitude, on the contrary, one will unexpectedly get such a result.

Zong Luo really didn’t know that just escaping from death once and pretending to be blind once could bring him so many surprises.

Should it be said that he was unable to see the overall situation in his previous life, or it’s just that this life was too ridiculous. It made his death in the previous life look like a joke. 


The spotless clothes meandered and fell to the ground, revealing pale, long legs.

Zong Luo picked up the inner garment hanging on the side screen and put it on, walked into the medicine pool step by step, letting the light green hot water cover his ankles, calves, thighs, lower abdomen, and finally stopped at his chest.

He sat quietly in the medicinal pool, feeling the pervading breath of the witchcraft medicine.

The change of plan had also led to unexpected results.

For example, Emperor Yuan did not ask the imperial physician to diagnose him, but instead invited the Great Witch.

Zong Luo was a bit nervous.

This acupressure technique was created by his master, Guiguzi, and it was specially used on disciples to practice listening to sounds and identifying positions. Therefore, it couldn’ be solved by ordinary acupoint-relieving techniques, and could only be solved in the way of the Ghost Valley, which belonged to the techniques that weren’t allowed to be passed on.

(TL: Guiguzi is just the same as Ghost Valley Master. Anyhow it mentioned in the previous chapters that it was not a name, and that whoever inherits his mantle will also inherit this name and forget one’s original name.)

The Great Witch was different from the imperial physician, the imperial physician practiced medical skills, even if he used acupuncture to diagnose, he could only diagnose the congestion around the acupuncture points of his eyes, which in turn led to blindness.

However, the Great Witch followed the way of gods and ghosts.

In the previous dynasty, there was a Taishi who was responsible for observing the celestial and astrological phenomenon, and a Taibu who was ordered to perform divination. The Great Witch of Great Yuan was a combination of these two, weather prediction, good or ill luck state affairs, all was in his divination.

(t/n Taishi- court historian, Taibu-in charge of divination)

Zong Luo was originally a staunch materialist, but he became less firm after he transmigrated inside the book. What’s more, he had personally witnessed the Great Witch’s divination calculating the nine stars that linked in a row, he had also predicted the natural disasters in the north, the blizzard in the western regions, and even the earthquake.

………This is a technology that did not exist before he transmigrated inside!

Not to mention, in his last life, it was after the Witch Sacrificial Ceremony that Emperor Yuan suddenly detested him.

Zong Luo thought-even if it wasn’t Yu Beizhou who was playing tricks, it was still necessary to meet the Great Witch.


Just as he was meditating, the door creaked open.

Zong Luo withdrew his thoughts and put his hands on the edge of the pool.

In the next second, he instinctively felt that something was wrong, and was about to turn his head, however, he felt his long wet hair being lifted up, was intimately entangled between someone’s five fingers, and was fondly played with.

A familiar and sweet voice sounded behind his ears.

“Not seeing you a day, it’s like three years have passed. Senior brother, do you miss me?”

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