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CDCN Chapter 34.1


Chapter 34.1

Seeing Zong Hongjiu coming, Ye Linghan felt terrible.

The matter of Zong Ruichen last time, after all, it was a mess in the end.

Even if the culprit was Zong Luo, but based on Ye Linghan’s understanding of Zong Hongjiu, as long as he appeared in front of him now, Zong Hongjiu would not care who beat him, but would only vent his anger on Ye Linghan first.

He was not a fool, he had been used as a human skin sandbag for a long time, and he always knew whether he’d be unlucky or not.

Thus when he saw Zong Hongjiu, Ye Linghan immediately turned his back and shrank into the crowd without a trace. Fortunately, there were many courtiers and many sons and daughters of the aristocratic families attending the Qing Si today. Apart from his outstanding appearance, he didn’t have much for others to be attracted to, thus he did not attract too much attention for a while.

After waiting for a period of time, Ye Linghan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Zong Hongjiu leaving angrily after chatting with the young masters of the aristocratic family.

He just wanted to change places and turned around to find his goal today, but he didn’t expect to be stopped.

“Ah, isn’t this Prince Ye from the State of Wei?”

A deliberately prolonged voice came from behind.

Ye Linghan turned around. “…Young Master Bai.”

Surrounding him, there was a young man in fine clothes, along with a group of people.

All of these young masters were dressed in silk and satin, with a dazzling array of accessories, which were expensive, and with ugly expressions on their faces.

While Ye Linghan was at a loss, he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

The leader was the legitimate son of the Ting Wei family, who was also one of the top two rich young masters in the Imperial City. On weekdays, he’d mingle with Zong Chengsi and hang out with his dubious friends.

(t/n Ting Wei-ancient Chinese official name. It was set up at the beginning of Qin Dynasty. In charge of prison. Ting Wei is one of the nine ministers of the Sangong Jiuqing.)

It was naturally impossible for Ye Linghan to have a friendly relation with this person, nevertheless, Bai Taining was not happy to see him.

In order to get more benefits, he acted meek and subservient, and hooked up with many court officials. Ting Wei was ranked Jiuqing, and had real power, which was naturally Ye Linghan’s target to flatter.

(t/n Jiuqing-the general term for the chief executive of the ancient central government.)

Several times, Bai Taining saw Ye Linghan toasting his father with an ice cold and humiliated expression, as if someone had forced him. However, recently male homosexuality was prevalent, and his father really liked this kind of thing. He invited him several times overtly and secretly, and gave him a lot of benefits in private.

Bai Taining sneered at this, thinking that the proton from the Wei Country was really a “Youdang Youli”. After coming to the Great Yuan as a hostage, he did not know how to restrain himself, was extremely dissolute, and did not abide by male virtue. 

(t/n Youdang Youli is an abbreviated form of ” you want to be a bitch and set up a memorial arch “. It originally used to describe a woman who became a bitch and wanted to show her loyalty through the chastity archway. Now it is generally used to describe someone secretly pretending to be a good person after doing bad things. It is a derogatory term. It can also be used to describe the kind of person who has done bad, embarrassing things, but does not want to be ridiculed and insulted by others.)

He was a son of a dignified family, thus it was naturally impossible for him to go to the Proton Mansion in broad daylight and beat someone up, therefore he could only keep silent.

Since we met today, there is absolutely no reason to let it go easily.

“Prince Ye is in high spirits that he actually has time to come here today to offer worship in the Qi Si.”

Bai Taining waved his folding fan, and said meaningfully, “Obviously, I just heard from Attendant Liao, from Huinan Pavilion a few days ago, that the Prince has been injured these days, he can’t get out of bed, and even placed down a plate.”

The Qing Si was an annual gathering of courtiers and the participation of all the royal family. 

Ordinary people would offer worship in the quartet witch temple, and those who could enter the Great Witch Temple were big figures.

Let alone the students that were coming in one after another, Bai Taining didn’t intend to lower his voice, but deliberately raised it.

Therefore these words fell into everyone’s ears, and the eyes that looked at Ye Linghan suddenly changed, revealing undisguised contempt.

Huinan Pavilion was the largest brothel in Great Yuan’s Imperial City, under the signboard of making a living as a performer but not selling one’s body. Sometimes the houses of high-ranking officials needed dancers to accompany the music, and they would always send their servants to take their plates and go back to the Huinan Pavillion to invite them. As long as the money was in place and both parties were willing, there was nothing wrong with going further.

Bai Taining deliberately pointed out Huinan Pavilion, and said that he couldn’t get out of bed, the deep meaning was self-evident.

“Wei State’s proton would do such a thing? It’s really unexpected.”

They whispered to each other. “Earlier, when I heard the servants in the mansion who often went to Hualiu Street to buy goods, chatting, I thought it was a joke, but I didn’t expect it to be serious. It’s simply reckless.”

“This country of Wei is really getting worse day by day. I heard that they planned to change the crown prince a few days ago. I think it’s better to change it as soon as possible, so as not to become the laughing stock of the world.”

However one put it, although this Ye Linghan was a proton, he was still a real crown prince. 

A prince of a country that would unexpectedly even hang up a plate in the brothel, even if the servants saw it, they would only think it was absurd.

Among them, the envoys of the State of Wei who were invited to come had the biggest reaction, their complexions turned green and white.

Facing these contemptuous and mocking gazes, Ye Linghan was shocked and angry, and his whole body trembled.

He had spent money in private to ask the attendants in the Huinan Pavilion to help recommend himself. But the matter of putting up a plate was nothing but fabricated lies!

“Young Master Bai, be careful with your words, I will never do what you said.”

With anger on his face, he replied in a calm tone as much as possible, “Furthermore, I have never had any friendship with Young Master Bai, and this is only the first time we meet, Young Master Bai can also actually know about my injury. It seems on weekdays you pay attention to me no less. It’s a great honor.”

This time, Bai Taining’s face turned dark.

He pays attention to Ye Linghan? What a joke!

This kind of flirtatious behavior, a kind of goods that thousands of people step on and ride, without needing to look in the mirror, would still be unworthy.

Thus Bai Taining rolled his eyes, and said again, “Indeed, everyone has a love for beauty. Prince Ye was born with such a beautiful face, even this Young Master can’t control himself. One has to queue for a long time in the Huinan Pavilion, just thinking about when to be favored by a beautiful woman.”

“Since we met here, it’s better to settle this matter, and might as well let Prince Ye accompany us as soon as possible.”

Ye Linghan couldn’t bear it any longer, and clenched his fists in embarrassment.

Even the imperial guards keeping watch were watching his joke.

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