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CDCN Chapter 33.2


Chapter 33.2

Amnesia was the first card that Zong Luo discarded.

Although he couldn’t figure out Emperor Yuan’s thoughts, it would be more credible to blend truths and falsehoods. If it was simply blindness or amnesia, he’s afraid that the end would be like today, Emperor Yuan would see through it after meeting face-to-face.

Thus he disguised it to be an accidental blindness, had suffered a major blow, gave up on himself and thought to oneself as a useless person, therefore he didn’t dare to return to the country, and even if he returned to the country, he had to pretend to be a prince who had lost his memory.

Be it emotionally or logically, according to Zong Luo’s previous behavior and performance, it explained everything.

The emperor’s heart was very unpredictable.

Zong Luo had done the best he could do, and then, he could only resign himself to fate.


It was quiet outside, so quiet that only the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves could be heard.

There was some early snow last night, and didn’t fall again this morning, however the sun hadn’t come out yet, and the wind that blew was still chilly.

These wind sounds fell into Zong Luo’s ears, and finally were mixed with footsteps.

Emperor Yuan stared at the eldest son at present. Just now, he was so angry that he vomited blood;  blood, a thick blood that seemed to have been brewing in his throat.

As a father, it was impossible for him not to know his son.

What’s more…Zong Luo was actually the prince he cared about the most.

–Not one of them.

Zong Luo’s biggest wish every time he went on an expedition, as he put on fine black armor, set off from the prince’s mansion to the palace to ask permission to leave. At that time, he would want to listen to Emperor Yuan say, “Zhen just so happened to be unoccupied and had nothing to do today, going down to court again, might as well send you off”.

Even if he didn’t send him out of the City Cate, but simply accompanied him to the front of the mansion as he gathered his men for roll call, for such a short distance, Zong Luo could still be as happy as a child who received a compliment.

However, Emperor Yuan never said that, not even once.

Zong Luo led the group of the Xuan Cavalry and rode away from the City Gate. He always held his head high in front of the common people, with a faint smile on his face, and waved to them.

In this not-so-long journey, if he turned around on a sudden whim and covered his eyes with his internal force, perhaps he could spot it. Every time he led troops out to battle, on the highest tower in the corner of the city, there was a monarch wearing a black gold dragon robe waiting, his face softened imperceptibly, as he stared at his leaving back from afar.

However Zong Luo didn’t look back, not even once.

“Raise your head.”

Zong Luo did as he said.

Without that inch of white silk, the pupils of the prince in white just opened his eyes blankly, black and white were distinct, lifeless, and couldn’t find a single point to focus on.

Emperor Yuan almost used all his strength to swallow the blood back.

He had seen countless times when Zong Luo led his troops away, he was full of vigor and high spirits.

He remembered the appearance of Zong Luo drawing his sword and brandishing it on his birthday, as he looked left and right with piercing eyes and liveliness.

But he had never seen Zong Luo so lifeless, neither sorrow nor joy, only indifference and without emotion.

He is–a good son.

He is–a good son who is filial, loyal, and caring for his siblings. Even if he is punished, he will only be a good son with filial piety–always is.

The emperor’s voice was no longer as angry as before, “Get up…you get up.”

Zong Luo only felt his heart go numb, and the back of his palms was already drenched in sweat.

Things have come to this, predicting the other and predicting his own prediction, the layout of the two sides has been completed and has finally come to an end.

Right, he gambled.

He deceived his father completely.

He had tricked this tyrant who had despised and rejected him for no reason in his previous life, sent him to the frontier without saying a word, and finally gave him a decree to commit suicide.

It was so easy and simple that even he couldn’t believe it.

I can’t believe that from the bottom of my heart, I am unexpectedly not happy at all.

Zong Luo didn’t get up.

He knelt on the ground and slowly stretched out a hand.

Emperor Yuan watched him spread his palms.

In the palm of his hand laid a piece of the Tiger Talisman.

This was the Xuan Cavalry’s Tiger Talisman that disappeared together with the Third Prince who died in the battle after the Battle of Hangu Pass.

Zong Luo’s voice was hoarse, “The Third Prince has long since died in the Battle of Hangu Pass, and he can no longer be filial to his Father Emperor. Hoping the Father Emperor to help fulfill this son’s wishes, to simply…….achieve a good reputation.”

“Nonsense! Your eyes are not incurable!”

Emperor Yuan furiously interrupted his words, “Zhen is the True Dragon Emperor, and the world belongs to Zhen. If medicine can’t cure it, there is witchcraft, and if witchcraft can’t cure it, then there’s the immortal method. After a single imperial decree descends, there will be famous physicians in the world that will come to diagnose and treat you one by one, and if cured, they will be awarded kings and be conferred a title, if they’re unable to cure it, Zhen will make them lose their heads!”

The prince in white stiffened his back, he raised his head in disbelief, and his face looked stunned.

Facing this scene, Zong Luo envisioned many possibilities.

Emperor Yuan was suspicious by nature, most likely he was only half-believing his words, and he might ask the imperial physician to come in and confirm it on the spot before believing him.

Or according to Emperor Yuan’s consistent performance, a son whom he didn’t pay much attention to could only be regarded as an inconspicuous one among the many princes under his knee. Now after amnesia, it could only be said that he’d be even more inconspicuous, and it was no big deal to recognize him when he came back.

Or went with the flow and accepted the military power, picked it up high, and put it down gently. Just like what Zong Luo reflected on in his previous life, the emperor appeared to be calm on the surface, but in fact he was disturbed about the military power. His prestige in the battle of Hangu Pass was too high, and if he wanted to restore his status as a prince, he had to consciously hand over his military power first to show his attitude.

(t/n Pick it up high, and put it down gently-It is a metaphor for dealing with a problem with a serious attitude at the beginning, and being cautious about it; but after the disposal, the result of the disposal is only a little better than the situation before the disposal, and it is even the same if it has been dealt with or has not been dealt with.)

Zong Luo racked his brains, tried his best to calculate the possible reactions of his father emperor, and rehearsed countless times of different coping plans and results in his mind.

But he never thought that Emperor Yuan would say such a thing to him.

Zong Luo’s voice sounded as if he was in a difficult position, “Nevertheless at present, this son is nothing but a useless person……”

A fierce and sharp palm wind rose again.

The wind was the same as before, stained with bits and pieces of rust.

Just when Zong Luo thought he would not be able to escape a slap this time, the wind suddenly stopped in front of his forehead.

Immediately afterwards, a rough and broad hand was gently placed on his head.

“Zhen won’t die for a day, you will always be the Third Prince of Great Yuan.”

The emperor moved his hand lightly, his movements seemed clumsy because of the unfamiliarity.

It was unknown how many weapons his pair of hands had held, and how much his hands were stained with the blood of the enemy soldiers, but at this moment it was cautious, not daring to move an inch, for fear of staining the hair of the prince in white with the blood he accidentally spilled.

“And Zhen will do the things Zhen wants to do, even if stepping through the mountains and seas, and piercing the sky, Zhen will do it.”

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