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CDCN Chapter 32.1


Chapter 32.1

Pei Qianxue came with Yuan Jia, and the action of conversing with Zong Luo was not concealed too much. Many courtiers and princes were present, both the dignitaries and nobles saw this scene.

After Yuan Jia took the blind young man away, the place became lively again.

Except for that few people outside, only a meager number of people thought that he was the Third Prince. They all firmly believed that he was a person who was using tricks to gain fame. After all, the Third Prince was the dragon and phoenix among people, how could he end up looking blind.

(t/n dragon and phoenix among the people-means the best among the crowd and the hero among the people.)

However, since His Majesty had summoned him, whether he was a pheasant or a phoenix, the truth would be revealed soon, and there was really no need to ask for trouble on the cusp of this storm.

It could only be said that if he was really the Third Prince who survived the catastrophe……..then the current situation of fighting over the crown prince position in the Imperial City may have to go through another round of reshuffling.

Had just come back again, and also with such an appearance, the throne was doomed to be hopeless. It’s hard to say whether he could even protect himself in the seizing of the throne.

Even Imperial Censor Xue couldn’t help but sigh deeply after crying bitter old tears, with an appearance full of worry.

Zong Chengsi was standing aside, his pupils were full of deep thought.

Recently, he had put all his attention on Yu Beizhou who didn’t see him behind closed doors. When he wooed Zong Luo, he counted the Fifth and Sixth Imperial Brother, but missed Pei Qianxue due to negligence.

However, it’s not a big deal, even if Pei Qianxue was not missed, with Zong Chengsi’s current strength, it would be impossible for him to meddle with this powerful Prime Minister of Great Yuan.

Anyway, before this, he had already left his name to the Third Imperial Brother, next, all that was needed was for him to willingly take the bait.

Zong Chengsi comforted himself like this, then turned his head and pulled a servant to ask, “Where is the Ninth Prince now?”

“Answering to His Highness the Fourth Prince, His Highness the Ninth Prince should be on his way now.”

A few days ago, Zong Hongjiu made an appointment with the Sixth Imperial Brother to go to the hunting ground together, and he also took the Eighth Prince who had no sense of existence from the Cold Palace along with him. He didn’t know what happened afterwards. It was only said that he accidentally fell off the horse and suffered severe flesh injuries. When he returned, he wailed in pain and recuperated on the bed for a long time.

After Emperor Yuan saw that he was indeed injured, he didn’t bring him here yesterday, but only let him rest well.

But the Qing Si Festival was inevitable. This was an end of the year festival, and the royal family had to participate. Thus early this morning, Zong Hongjiu reluctantly sat atop a sedan chair, left the palace and came over whining all the way.

As soon as the sedan chair stopped, his face looked bad, and no discerning person dared to provoke him.

When Ye Linghan saw him from a distance, he backed away without a trace, hid himself in the crowd, and hoped not to be discovered by Zong Hongjiu.

Zong Hongjiu was originally in a bad mood, but he was even more upset when he heard people around discussing the topic that someone looked like the Third Prince.

A few days ago, he was beaten up by that counterfeit at the hunting ground. Zong Hongjiu had never been wronged like this since he was a child, he couldn’t wait to dig three feet to find that person and punished him with Ling Chi.

However, he didn’t expect to be met with resistance by Duan Junhao, the Commander of the garrison.

Just when he was about to lose his temper, his father suddenly showed up.

Zong Hongjiu dared not to say anything this time.

No matter how arrogant he was on the outside, he would always clamp his tail in front of Emperor Yuan, to act cute and be obedient, because, from the bottom of his heart, he was afraid of this tyrant father. Not to mention the fact that when he brought up the matter of the counterfeit last time, he was severely punished. Moreover, if Emperor Yuan knew that he secretly took Zong Ruichen out of the palace, he would absolutely not be pardoned.

On ordinary days, Emperor Yuan would appear to have forgotten Zong Ruichen, this born stupid eighth son, and only let him live in the Cold Palace. But in fact, except for some preferential treatment for Zong Hongjiu, he treated the other princes equally, neither hot nor cold.

However, that one year, he had no idea who mentioned it in front of him, but Emperor Yuan took it seriously, and asked Yuan Jia to go to the Cold Palace afterwards, and made proper arrangements, thus in those two years, Zong Ruichen lived a pretty good life. It’s just that later, Zong Hongjiu also had grown big, and became the demon king in the palace. He didn’t like this stupid Eighth Imperial Brother, thus he bullied him once in private, and when he found that this fool was really stupid, and didn’t even file a complaint, only then did he became bolder and bolder.

In the final analysis, Zong Ruichen was also a prince. If Zong Hongjiu wanted to sue, the first step was to explain clearly why he was there, since it was unavoidable to be discovered.

The father emperor simply forgot about the Eight Imperial Brother. If he poked it up, it would instead only hurt himself, then the gain would outweigh the loss.

After weighing the pros and cons, Zong Hongjiu reluctantly kept his mouth shut. Even when Emperor Yuan came to visit him, he only said that he insisted on following Zong Yongliu to go watch the hunting competition, but as a result, he accidentally fell off a horse which ended him with a bruised nose and a swollen face.

Thinking of this, Zong Hongjiu became very angry.

“What are you talking about?” 

He pushed away the servant standing in front of him, and asked a question with a sullen face.

Several children of aristocratic families were stunned for a moment, if it weren’t that the other party was wearing a prince’s clothes, they would have not recognized this child with a bruised nose and a swollen face as His Highness the Ninth Prince at the moment.

“We’re talking about that student just now……”

“What student, he is a fake!”

After Zong Hongjiu heard something, he became furious, “Father Emperor actually summoned him?”

When he thought that he was beaten into a miserable state a few days ago, the grievance in his heart couldn’t stop surging up, and without saying anything, he walked towards the quiet room where Emperor Yuan stayed.

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