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CDCN Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3.2

The young man in white had a calm face, yet his thin lips were tightly pursed, and the white silk covering his eyes made him look weak. His expression was neither sad nor happy. Just how clear and transparent this person was.

Yu Beizhou stared at him for a while, his crow feather-like eyelashes blinked twice, his mind uncertain.

Seeing Duan Junhao’s expression on the side, he suddenly said casually, “Don’t you suspect that this is His Royal Highness the Third Prince? Don’t you want to come and take a look.” 

It turned out that he simply struck the person suddenly, just to see if he really was the one?

Duan Junhao was sweating buckets.

He was the garrison commander who temporarily took over after his father. Although he had previously commanded a few minor battles, he was still a long way from the generals like Yu Beizhou who were in charge of a large army and expanding the territory of the Great Yuan. He’ll only be overwhelmed if they stand side by side.

Moreover, what is the identity of the Third Prince? 

It’s fine if he guessed it right, but if it was the opposite, he will end up being charged with falsely testifying a person as a member of the royal family.

“This… humble minister is stupid and he can’t see it.”

Looking at Yu Beizhou, he was already used to his usual appearance. Duan Junhao only dared to bow his head on one side while silently deepening the impression of the cruel and twisted character of the King of Beining in his heart.

“Stupid.” Yu Beizhou lazily spit out a word. 

“Forget it, after all, you are not this King. How can someone know better than this King on what this King’s good senior brother looked like?”

He deliberately emphasized the pronunciation of the word “good”, and his tone was particularly malicious.

Duan Junhao looked at the white-clothed gentleman who was still standing in the same place, with his chin lifted up by Yu Beizhou’s Tai’ A sword, and felt a little numb for a while. “Then this…”

If the person was really the Third prince with amnesia, the King of Beining was tantamount to committing a crime, and of course no one would dare to accuse him of anything. Then, if the person wasn’t, the act of the King of Beining fighting him just now, and his expression of great delight, really confused people.

“They’re quite similar.”

Yu Beizhou smiled and said. “This King leads troops all the year round, and this King hasn’t seen his senior brother for a long time. Not to mention that there were even no bones left after the battle of His Royal Highness the Third Prince in Hangu Pass. This King hadn’t even seen his face for the last time, it was really a pity. Now, looking back, this King doesn’t really remember what he looked like clearly. But seeing this Young Master now, there’s a bit of a glimpse.” 

This is clearly reversing black and white and slandering the innocent- all he’s saying were nonsense!

Across the layer of cloth, Zong Luo felt his blood surged up and his temples jumped.

Can Yu Beizhou really not remember the face of his long-time enemy?

Besides, this fellow was acting intimate, referring to him as senior brother one after another. Zong Luo can’t even remember a time when he and Yu Beizhou had become acquainted with each other to the point where they could call each other martial brothers. He’s afraid it can only happen inside a dream.

Sure enough, as soon as Yu Beizhou’s shit-stirring stick comes out, the outcome would be bad. 

 (t/n shit-stirring stick- calling someone who loves to gossip, likes to stir up trouble, stir up trouble everywhere, mix good things into bad things, and get tangled up.)

He just had implemented the first part of his plan, yet it unexpectedly died immediately afterwards.

Originally, Zong Luo thought of approaching the inexperienced commander Duan Junhao at the gate of the city who just took office recently and let him report his suspicious identity. Afterwards, he would naturally and logically start the layout of his plan from there. Where would he have the time to deal with Yu Beizhou?

Yet still saying it now to his own face after what happened, was like being slapped by his own words. If he wants to return back, he has to make another plan. 

Zong Luo was a postgraduate tutor before he transmigrated into the book. On usual days, students brought by his subordinates would be too pissed at him for something. Yet he would just still talk about anything while holding and taking a sip of wolfberry wine steadily and calmly. After crossing into the book, he did not act arrogant nor impetuous in his affairs, and even the old officials in the court had to praise him for his indifference, unmoved by either gain or loss.

Only in front of Yu Beizhou, was it difficult for him to maintain this steadiness.

The great commander said embarrassingly. “So it’s like that. This humble servant was abrupt on his decision. The Third Prince’s celestial appearance, could it be something that can be guessed at will?” 

Since the King of Beining only said “like”, it was unlikely that this person was the Third Prince.

Indeed, on second thought, as long as the white cloth was not taken off, no one would dare to jump to conclusions.

The doubts in Duan Junhao’s heart were completely extinguished, and he saluted towards Zong Luo apologetically. “It’s really that I’m too irritable and thoughtless.  I had thought about it for a while and I had really offended this gentleman.”

Zong Luo was annoyed in his heart, and returned the salute with a vacuous expression on his face. “The great commander controls the garrison army, and he manages all kinds of problems all day, so naturally this common man won’t mind.” 

Seeing the two’s exchange, Yu Beizhou reluctantly took back his sword and got on his horse again.

He condescendingly swept over Zong Luo’s bony hands, he suddenly seemed to remember something, and laughed to himself.

Zong Luo listened to the laughter and felt that if this person were placed in the modern time, he would definitely be sent to a mental hospital.

When Yu Beizhou saw him, he just stayed where he was and laughed for a few minutes without panting. After laughing, he made a killing move, which was fatal, and incidentally ruined his plans.

With a smile, Yu Beizhou said again. “It’s a coincidence that this King has recently acquired several Confucian and Taoist classics, which seem to be written by Wen Zi.”

“Since the senior martial brother’s passing, this King had been in  pain and missed him very much. Presumably in the future, this King will stay in Great Yuan for a long time. Looking at this gentleman’s good face, since you came to the Great Yuan with these Confucianists, if you have time in your spare time, you might as well come to Beining Palace to give a lecture or two to this King.”

Yu Beizhou took off the jade pendant tied on his waist and threw it, but secretly used a little more force than normal.

Zong Luo raised his hand and caught the jade pendant accurately. His tiger’s mouth became numb, and he was speechless for a moment by such a childish trick.

(t/n tiger’s mouth-the web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand)

“When this gentleman comes, just show the jade pendant directly at the gate of the palace, and this King will definitely be there…..”

He lowered his voice and said meaningfully, “This King will definitely sweep the couch to greet you.”

(t/n sweep the couch to greet the you- welcome the guest (you)

After speaking, Yu Beizhou blew a whistle and didn’t give the rest of the unrelated people a look. The horse’s hooves kicked up dust as it galloped away.

The pitch-black goshawk extended its wings and followed him.

After the group of troops disappeared, Gu Ziyuan, who was standing beside Zong Luo, came back to his senses, with an excited expression, exclaimed, “Brother Luo…!”

Wen Zi was a Confucian teacher who had died hundreds of years before. Wen Zi enjoyed traveling over the world, studying, preaching and leaving many classics in numerous nations whilst he was still alive. However, the Confucian Han Lu was left out with nothing of his classics left behind.

Nevertheless, most of Wen Zi’s classics fell in the hands of princes and nobles and it’s difficult to associate these people with common identities on ordinary days.

Gu Ziyuan had long heard that when the King of Beining conquered the capitals of many countries, he not only did not destroy the ancient inscriptions, but he also ordered his men to load these wooden slips into carts and take them to Great Yuan’s capital. Although what he’s doing was a robber’s act, in all respect, besides defeating the enemy, he also didn’t let some old classics be lost, which was very fortunate.

He sighed, “I didn’t expect the King of Beining to be so handsome and young, instead of the green-faced fangs from some folklore.” 

(t/n green- faced fang-terrifying in appearance)

Now that the King of Beining had left his jade pendant with him.

It was not only a request for “Gu Luo” to show up on his doors, but also an acknowledgment for the Confucianists  who were about to enter the Great Yuan that had no foundation. Given the King of Beining’s pivotal position in the capital, it’s almost the polar opposite of Confucianism’s unfavorable status inside the big country. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a step to the sky for the Confucianists, and it simply raised Gu Ziyuan’s favor towards the King of Beining.

Gu Ziyuan, who was still feeling exuberant, added. “Even if you don’t agree, I’ll still say it. Although the King of Beining acted violently, it was also a blessing in disguise… Brother Luo, what do you think?” 

Zong Luo didn’t say a word.

He had grown accustomed to everybody in the book treating Yu Beizhou with favor. Even if one had a negative initial opinion of him, yet just after a few interactions with him, they would unexpectedly adore him.

After all, the charm of the protagonist was not nonsense either.

Only a Confucian scholar like Gu Ziyuan, who knew nothing about martial arts, could not recognize that while Yu Beizhou was talking about learning on the surface, he was actually intent on aiming for his life. 

If he had been a bit more negligent, he would have sprayed blood on the spot, and even if he survived, he would be already halfway to death’s door.

“Come on, don’t delay any longer. Enter the city early, and when you arrive at the station, you have to verify your identity and take the time to sort out your luggage.” 

Zong Luo flicked his sleeves and returned to his usual calmness. After nodding towards Duan Junhao, he boarded the carriage again.

They haven’t seen each other for two years, but Yu Beizhou’s ability to reverse black and white had improved a lot.

Zong Lou will definitely write this down. As a transmigrator, he holds the secrets of Yu Beizhou in his hands, and he can take revenge at any time.

Dressed as cannon fodder in the book, the best way to ensure his own life was of course to hug the protagonist’s thigh tightly.

But Zong Luo didn’t. He had a stubborn temper like a cow, and it was absolutely impossible for him to submit to just anyone.

Letting him hug Yu Beizhou’s thigh? He’d rather be killed instead.

If a time would come in the future where the white cloth covering his eyes would be untied, he would without doubt have to directly clash with Yu Beizhou again.

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