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CDCN Chapter 25.2


Chapter 25.2

“Look at what Prime Minister Pei is saying, you are from our side.”

Standing before the Golden Hall, Zong Chengsi laughed loudly, “So what if the name is not right? As long as this Emperor opens His mouth, the lands under the heaven are still His after all!”

(t/n Golden Hall- known as the Hall of Supreme Harmony and belongs to one of the three halls of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is the place where the emperor is enthroned and holds the grand ceremony.)


In the next second, the expression on his face froze.

The general in red that stood beside him, calmly drew his sword.

Only the tip of the sword was stained with scarlet blood, but Yu Beizhou immediately felt dirty even with just a glance, as it was inferior compared to that person’s fragrance.

“What the Fourth Highness said, since the name was not right, and the words are not right, then this king also wants to fight for the throne.”

When Zong Chengsi died, his face was distorted, full of disbelief.

“My Lord…you…”

Yu Beizhou knew that if he told Zong Chengsi directly, with the latter’s affection for him, he might just be able to give up the throne for him.

It’s just that he didn’t want to.

No one expected Yu Beizhou to be so presumptuous and daring, even Pei Qianxue was a little taken aback.

In the past, even if the King of Beining had a perverse personality, he was just a little more blatant and wanton. Which famous general through the ages didn’t have some strange hobbies? It was not surprising at all.

But now, he directly tore off his last layer of disguise.

It was not needed anymore.

It was really not necessary, as the person who could see through that layer of disguise was already dead.

Under iron and blood suppression, the change of dynasty had also become extremely simple. Not to mention that the Great Yuan was now unstoppable, the unification of the world had also become the general trend and everything was going on in an orderly manner.

In the first year of the new Great Yuan, Wei Country was destroyed, and a new monarch ascended the throne.

Everyone was like a marionette, repeating the boring process day after day.

Until now.

Yu Beizhou suddenly felt his mood waning and said, “The court is dismissed.”

After speaking, he immediately got up from the dragon chair and left.

“The ministers send His Majesty off respectfully!”

All the people in the hall were trembling in fear, had their heads bowed deeply, and dared not to stop him.

Yu Beizhou didn’t even have the slightest interest to take another look, and only walked back to his chamber with his hands clasped behind his back.

After he ascended the throne, almost half of the people in the palace were dismissed.

The new emperor hated being close to others, only did everything by himself, and allowed no one to set foot in his chamber.

The harem had been empty for an unknown number of years, and almost all the courtiers from the previous dynasty had become old courtiers, having the desire to just simply restore the old dynasty, and wishing Yu Beizhou to never have heirs. As for others such as Ye Linghan, Gongsun You and others, who more or less had admiration in their hearts, were more unlikely to remonstrate.

Over time, the palace became deserted.

An ice coffin was situated in the middle of the bedchamber.

Because of this ice coffin, ice was kept inside all year round, making it unspeakably cold.

The handsome young emperor slowly paced closer.

Time did not leave any traces on his face, that even the pair of phoenix eyes were still raised, sharp, wanton and arrogant. The dragon robe he was wearing was different from that of Great Yuan’s bright red dragon robe, which seemed to remind him and the world that the country had changed owners and that the old dynasty was replaced with a new one.

Yu Beizhou approached the ice coffin, he sat on the ground at will, propped his head and looked inside.

The person inside the ice coffin had already been groomed, changed into clean white clothes, and appeared very pleasant.

Ignoring the hideous stitches on his neck, the Third Prince of Great Yuan seemed to be just sleeping. 

Not waking up, dreaming for years, surrounded by white mist, almost wanting to really become an immortal.

“Senior brother seems to have been dead for nine years. Without you opposing me, the days are really unbearable.”

With just a little effort, the lid of the ice coffin was pushed open.

Yu Beizhou touched Zong Luo’s heart with emotion, as if it was still beating there.

But in fact, only his heart was beating, only his pulse was beating.

“Senior brother, you are so cold.”

The black-haired emperor in red lowered his eyes and climbed into the ice coffin very skillfully. The space in the coffin was not large, but it was more than enough for two people to lie side by side.

Yu Beizhou couldn’t remember how many moonlit nights he had spent here when he fell ill.

He sealed the bedchamber himself, and rolled madly on the ground, digging his five fingers until fresh blood dripped, but he couldn’t still alleviate the hot and thirst that came up from the depths of his soul.

However, the illusion would eventually pop like a bubble.

Only, that something that was missing still rang tirelessly.

Obviously he had everything and had become the master of the world, but he seemed to also have nothing, which was even worse than a beggar.

“After Senior brother died, everything seems to have become boring.”

Glory, wealth and honor, world hegemony, that will last for generations to come.

Without him to witness, what’s the point of all of that?

Something should be done to make things interesting. Yu Beizhou thought.

In the ninth year of his reign, the new emperor stepped into a big array.

And when he opened his eyes again, he returned to the frontier more than ten years ago.

The deputy general handed over a battle report, with words written that the Third Prince died in the Battle of Hangu Pass.


“In the battle at Hangu Pass that day, I had guessed that Senior brother had not died.”

Yu Beizhou smiled happily. “Looking at it again a year later, it was as predicted.”

“Unexpectedly, Senior brother still retains the memory of his previous life. What a pleasant surprise.”

Nine years in the past life, one year in this life.

Ten years was too long, too long.

It’s been so long that he almost couldn’t remember how he confronted Zong Luo in the beginning, and their tit for tat that seemed unending.

Maybe it’s just an obsession. Yu Beizhou thought so many times.

After all, during the countless days of their hostility, Yu Beizhou had never imagined the ending of Zong Luo’s death in his hands.

However, after being reborn, Yu Beizhou realized——

Even after meeting again in this life, he could still easily arouse his interest. 

Find him. Kill him.

For countless long nights, this killing desire haunted him.

In these grievances, fighting to death, and emotions intertwined with hatred.

“Senior brother, do you know?”

He seemed to heave a sigh, but sighed with great emotion, “The first time I saw you, I had a hunch–”

“—that we will continue to be entangled in this way, and we won’t stop until we die.”

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