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CDCN Chapter 25.1


Chapter 25.1

Yu Beizhou hadn’t seen Zong Luo for a long, long time.

No, that’s not right.

In fact, they saw each other day and night.

Only a few people knew that there was an ice coffin made of thousands of years of cold ice inside the new emperor’s palace.

And inside that ice coffin lies the Third Prince of Yuan Dynasty who drew a sword and committed suicide under the Imperial City Gate of Great Yuan ten years ago.

Yu Beizhou sat upright on the high platform, wearing a red and gold dragon robe, resting his face on one hand, looking boredly at the trembling faces of the civil and military officials of all ranks below.

Who would have thought, who would have known, this new emperor who stole the country ten years ago had the most violent temper, let alone Emperor Yuan, he was even more cruel than Di Xin and Jie of Xia.

(t/n The final monarch in the Shang lineage in Shang Dynasty, King Di Xin, was considered a cruel leader who enjoyed torturing people)

(t/n Jie of Xia was the 17th and last ruler of the Xia dynasty of China. He is traditionally regarded as a tyrant and oppressor who brought about the collapse of a dynasty.)

When Emperor Yuan was in power back then, no matter in what way, he would level the mountains and seas, making only one country able to rule the world. 

Although the masters of other countries merely shook their heads and sigh when they mentioned the Great Yuan’s violent administration, the martyrs in the world couldn’t wait to lift up an uprising, urging everyone to seize its power and replace them. But in the end, the citizens of Great Yuan were loyal to Great Yuan, and the continuous expansion had eased domestic conflicts, therefore it had calmed down a lot.

However, after Emperor Yuan died of a sudden illness, everything changed.

The King of Beining, Yu Beizhou, publicly stood in line with the Fourth Prince and formally joined the battle for the throne.

Although it was a surprise that the Fourth Prince, who had been very low-key and inconspicuous, was unexpectedly buried so deep. However, the throne of the Great Yuan family had already undergone bloody changes over the years, therefore it could only be regarded as continuing its old tradition and practices.

Anyhow, the Zong family didn’t care what kind of image they would have in the history. Not even a few good things were said in the history compiled by the previous dynasty, would it then be possible for the future generations to do the opposite?

The Fifth and Sixth Princes were both shocked and angry, never expecting that this usually a playboy Fourth Prince not only hid and built up his strength, but even got the help of the King of Beining.

Under the command of the King of Beining, there was the Tianji Army, and capable advisors who came forth in great numbers.

If one wanted talents, you would be given talents, if one needed military power, you would be given military power, glory and favors. With his help, it was already equivalent to winning even at the starting line.

It seemed that at that time, the Fourth Prince would be the final winner. Everyone in the court sighed one after another, preparing to take care of Emperor Yuan’s funeral.

‘It is obvious that His Royal Highness the Third Prince is more suitable for that position. ‘

More than one person thought so, but unfortunately no one dared to say so.

Just like the important ministers in the court, not one of them understood, why Emperor Yuan had to pass down such an imperial edict, giving him a sword and ordering him to kill himself on the night when he suddenly fell ill.

At that time, half of the civil and military officials were greatly frightened. After repeated verification, they finally confirmed that the imperial decree was indeed written by Emperor Yuan himself, and it was stamped with the imperial seal of Great Yuan.

Even Yu Beizhou didn’t understand.

Obviously, Zong Luo could just drive away, return to the border, regroup and come back to rebel.

But he didn’t.

He chose to draw the sword and commit suicide under the city wall.

When he heard the news, Yu Beizhou only felt that it was ridiculous and absurd.

His senior brother had always looked calm and steady on the surface. Just like a real lofty immortal, coldly overlooking everything, seemingly humble, but actually rebellious, and more arrogant than anyone else.

Shouldn’t such a person lead troops to rush into the Imperial City, force himself to Emperor Yuan’s sickbed, and ask him why he was rejected after the Shaman Sacrificial Ceremony, why he was transferred to the frontier, and why he had to write down a suicide edict for himself.

How could he just die like this?

No one understood. Yu Beizhou didn’t understand either.

When he went to collect the corpse, he still couldn’t figure it out.

During the seizing of the Crown Prince position, the Imperial City was under martial law, and the people were not allowed to go out at will. Every family knew that the Third Prince committed suicide under the city gate, thus they put orchids at their doors, pasted white papers, silently expressing their condolences with actions.

Three thousand Xuan cavalries died in battle at the foot of the city. Looking ahead, there were heavy dark clouds, rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning.

The ground was scorched black, and red blood meandered in the puddles after the heavy rain, blurring out the shockingly bright colors.

Among the swords and halberds, a white-clothed swordsman was kneeling down on the ground, with his black hair loose and bloodstains on his neck.

His eyes were tightly closed, and his face showed the blue-gray hue after being dead for a long time. However, he still used Qixing Longyuan to support his body, he would rather die than fall down, like the only king on this battlefield.

For a whole day in the city, no one dared to set foot here. The soldiers only dared to watch silently on the city wall, watching this silent and solemn funeral.

Yu Beizhou sighed, and gently picked up the cold corpse.

He looked down at the person in his arms, rarely getting interested, he brushed away the blood-stained hair with his hands, and stared at the tightly closed eyes.

When he was still alive, no matter which time they met, the atmosphere would turn dangerous because of the palpable killing intent.

Only after death could the person be approached and be so obedient.

He sneered, “Senior martial brother is really pitiful, in the end you actually asked your most hated old enemy to collect your body.”

The strange thing was that, obviously his life-long enemy was dead, therefore he should be overjoyed.

But Yu Beizhou didn’t feel any joy in his heart at all. Instead, he felt empty, like a piece was missing.

What is missing?

Afterwards, with his support, the Fourth Prince, who had been dormant and patient for many years, could finally feel proud and elated. Zong Yongliu and his people were surrounded by the Tianji army in his mansion, his favorable situation had been lost and was rendered powerless. Zong Yuanwu was forced to the cliff, besieged on all sides, and having no choice but to jump, eventually died a horrible death.

On the night when the overall situation was decided, Prime Minister Pei Qianxue suddenly said that he had a secret decree entrusted by Emperor Yuan before his death. Then he accused the Fourth Prince of not being the heir apparent that Emperor Yuan wanted, and that his enthronement, the name was not right, the words are not right, and should have not been done.

(t/n the name was not right, and the words are not right- idiom, if the words are used improperly in terms of names or titles, the words spoken will not have a smooth reason; if the words are not smooth or reasonable, things will not be done.)

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