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CDCN Chapter 24.2


Chapter 24.2

Before the original riding art was changed into hunting art, an extremely steep mountain road was usually chosen as the competition site. Coincidentally, there was only such a hunting ground in the outskirts of the Imperial City, which had endless mountains from behind. In previous years, such a route was chosen from here.

At the moment, Zong Luo chose the steepest track.

The dense trees gradually disappeared, revealing the light of the sky behind them.

The more one rushed forward, the more the soft black land gradually lost its greenness and turned into hard rocks. When the horseshoe pedaled up, it would feel uneven and bumpy.

On the other side, there were deep cliffs, which were overgrown with mosses. Looking down, one would be dazzled by a sight, comparable to that of the Shu Road.

(t/n Shu Road is the road from Chang’an to Shu in ancient times. The Shu Road passes through the Qinling Mountains and Daba Mountains. The mountains are high and the valleys are deep, and the roads are rugged and difficult to pass. )

Let alone riding a horse on such dangerous terrain, even if just by simply walking, with this violent gust of wind, a little carelessness would definitely end one’s life.

Before the abolition of the riding art, it was unknown how many students had died on this death road.

The entrance to the narrow and winding path was small enough to only allow one horse to pass through.

The two speeded up tacitly, wanting to pass through the entrance first.

At the critical moment, Yu Beizhou suddenly pulled out Tai’A with his backhand, and stabbed it into his own horse.

The garrison horse neighed in pain, roared and rushed forward suddenly, and it galloped fast towards Zong Luo.

The white-clothed swordsman’s pupils shrunk suddenly, and he quickly tightened his grip on the reins.

However, there was not enough time.

At this angle, a riled horse that went mad was enough, and the huge impact it would produce in an instant was also enough……to knock people and their horses off the cliff together—

—As on the other side of the cliff, was only the abyss.

In the blink of an eye, after Zong Luo muttered sorry silently in his heart, he flew off the horse at the last moment. With his toes barely borrowing momentum from the horse’s back, he flew to the opposite direction and left the horse to fall dangerously on the edge of the cliff.

Rumble rumble

The two war horses fell into the cliff in this way, trampling down a large piece of earth, stone and gravel, and went further and further down with the sound of neighing, until they eventually fell to the lowest point.

It’s hard to imagine that if Zong Luo hadn’t borrowed some strength in time, he might have fallen off the cliff right now, and he and both the horses would be the ones suffering a terrible death at the moment.

Even though he was used to such big scenes, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat still.

Zong Luo didn’t want to pay attention to Yu Beizhou at first, after all, he was now focusing on the other princes and the male supporting characters, thus there was no need to spend time with the “extremely captivating” protagonist with thousands of fans.

Moreover, after knowing that Yu Beizhou was also reborn, he had to race against the clock instead of wasting extra time and experience dealing with some old enemies from his previous life. Only when the time comes where he was sure to win the throne, only then would he have the strength to compete. 

Appreciating the unrestrained anger on the swordsman’s face, Yu Beizhou became very satisfied.

“Senior martial brother is finally willing to talk to me.”

And Zong Luo… Zong Luo was completely livid.

“You unreasonable lunatic!’

The swordsman in white didn’t even draw his sword, he directly turned around and greeted Yu Beizhou with a punch in the face.

His fist style was sharp, crisp, ruthless, merciless, and was even with internal force.

If this were to be hit accurately, it could directly fracture the bones which would then result in a facial paralysis.


Yu Beizhou tilted his head away without even the least sincerity, and confronted Zong Luo with his empty hands on the edge of the cliff.

He laughed as he struck, and the speed of his strikes was becoming faster and faster. It was so beautiful that there was even a magnificent smile on his face that was not like any ordinary people. His pair of phoenix eyes that were always a little lazy on ordinary days and could not lift his spirits were amazingly bright at the moment.

“Yes, yes, that’s it.”

He sighed morbidly and contentedly. “That’s right……Senior brother, after so many years, you still haven’t changed.”

For Zong Luo, it was just two years of guarding the border and one year after his escape.

However, for him, it was a real decade.

Ten years was too long, too long.

It was so long that when they met again, the blood in his whole body instantly boiled.

Thinking of this, Yu Beizhou suddenly asked him, “Senior brother, haven’t you thought about why you were reborn?”

Zong Luo suddenly paused, and an unbelievable absurdity rose in his heart. “It’s you?!”

“Naturally.” Yu Beizhou claimed it with a smile, “Isn’t it just going back in time, it’s recorded in the Ghost Valley forbidden scripts, Senior brother, haven’t you heard of this immortal technique?”

Right, of course it should be him.

What about the long-extinct immortal technique? Can’t the dignified son of heaven, the protagonist in the book, not know and use it?

At this moment, the astonishment and shock in Zong Luo’s heart couldn’t be described in words.

He had thought about many possibilities, but he hadn’t thought that it would be Yu Beizhou.

How can that be possible? 

“Why did you—” 

Zong Luo couldn’t understand why Yu Beizhou wanted him to be reborn with him.

If an old enemy of a normal person is dead, shouldn’t he applaud? What is this person really trying to catch up on?

However, Yu Beizhou only laughed out loud, his shoulders shook as if hearing some funny joke. His laughter reverberated in the valley, making the listener’s ears numb.

After laughing, he lowered his voice, his tone was intimate and ambiguous, and full of killing intent.

“Because…I really hate you, Senior brother.”

“I hated you until you died, thus I sewed up your body and put it in the ice coffin hall, keeping watch day and night. I hate you so much that I would rather go back in time and kill you with my own hands.”

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  1. Idk what to feel about yu beizhou. He’s cruel, and crazy not in a good way. And that’s exactly what the author wants to potray him as. But I’m very disturbed by his personality. Thanks for the translation tho!

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