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CDCN Chapter 24.1


Chapter 24.1

Hearing Zong Luo’s words, Ye Linghan became stunned for a moment.

He immediately raised his eyes and looked fixedly at the forest covered by the lush leaves.

Behind the verdant greenery, a young man in red was leaning on a tree branch. His black hair cascading down like a waterfall, and his phoenix eyes looked at them at a condescending angle. Supporting his head with one hand, he firmly grasped the broken feather arrow with the other hand, and looked over with a full smile.

“Senior martial brother, what you said is not right.” 

Yu Beizhou twirled the white feather at the end of the arrow in his hand, and laughed in a low voice, “I’ve been here all this time, if Senior brother hadn’t disturbed me, I might have already be drinking and playing chess with the Duke of Zhou now, swimming in the butterfly sea.”

Zong Luo merely sneered, not saying a word to Yu Beizhou’s nonsense.

As early as when he accepted Gongsun You’s token, Zong Luo felt a strong sense of being spied on. It’s just that he couldn’t determine Yu Beizhou’s location at that time, and he also wanted to let Yu Beizhou see how his little servant from the previous life defected to him, thus he kept silent.

In Gongsun You’s case, it could still be explained in a sentence–studying knowledge and skills in a hermit’s family before, but when entering Great Yuan, before he could even meet Yu Beizhou, he was intercepted by Zong Luo halfway, who came out inadvertently, and was accidentally killed.

But Ye Linghan was different.

Aside from the fact that Ye Linghan and Yu Beizhou were cousins, they also belonged to the same camp by nature.

Most importantly, their attributes were too appropriate. One was a crazy masochistic pervert, while the other was mentally ill.

In his previous life, Zong Luo always saw Ye Linghan running behind Yu Beizhou more than once, nothing more than the word ‘cousin’ in his mouth. His face full of obsessive adoration, his expression was fanatical and distorted, and he worshiped him like a god.

Not to mention that Ye Linghan’s own excellent professional ability made great contributions to Yu Beizhou’s capture of Great Yuan’s foundation in the later period.

If one said that Ye Linghan had no contact with Yu Beizhou, who was he lying to?

Sure enough, Ye Linghan knelt down on the ground, covered his wound with one hand, and said in a daze, “Cousin!”

He hadn’t seen Yu Beizhou for a long time.

Obviously, the Proton Mansion was not far from the Beining Mansion. Every time Ye Linghan passed by, he would stop and stare at it silently for a long time, but he dared not even knock on the door.

They were cousins, and Ye Linghan had a deep memory of this beautiful Yu family cousin when he attended a palace banquet when he was a child. Later, he only heard that the Yu family was destroyed. In order to avenge the Yu family, this cousin of his turned to Great Yuan. These years, he had never given up on the investigation of the Yu family’s annihilation.

Later, Ye Linghan was also forced to come to Great Yuan as a proton.

Sometimes, he would often stand at the gate of the Proton Mansion, and look over at the Beining Mansion not far away, feeling a little sad in his heart.

They were all from the Country of Wei. One acted for revenge, while the other became a proton, yet both of them were compelled to leave their own home.

He didn’t know if his cousin had hatred in his heart when he worked himself hard for the Great Yuan on the battlefield.

However, Yu Beizhou didn’t even look at Ye Linghan.

There was only one person in his eyes.

The cloak with white fur hung down on the general’s shoulders, as he perched lazily on a branch. He only gazed at Zong Luo, who put away his bow and arrow with a sneer, grabbed Qixing Longyuan, leaped on his horse, and left without looking back.

Ye Linghan felt uneasy. He got injured again, his head was dizzy, and he didn’t notice Yu Beizhou’s abnormality at all. “Thank you, cousin—” 

But before he could even finish his sentence, as he looked up again, he only found that the person perched on the branch was gone.


After teaching the two people a lesson just now, Zong Luo was in a better mood, and his expression was not as gloomy as before.

He had already endured Ye Linghan for a long time now.

In his previous life, because he was far away at the border, he couldn’t avenge Xiao Ba, but in this life he would surely do it.

A while back, Zong Luo stabbed him directly with the sword. Unless a famous physician took action, otherwise, his right arm might just be discarded if he was not careful. Of course, even if it was cured, it would take at least a year or so for the injury to recover. In a few words, during this period of time, Ye Linghan shouldn’t be able to come out and cause trouble.

Ye Linghan should be thankful that Zong Ruichen was fine, otherwise today would not have ended so simply.

The sound of horses’ hooves clattered in the deep dense forest and rustled while stepping on the dead and broken branches.

Here, in this pleasing silence, a noisy voice broke erratically from above.

The fiery red hem of the clothes was intertwined with the white fox fur, accompanied by the sound of the shuffling of the leaves, as the person passed by silently like a ghost. 

On the ground, Zong Luo rode a horse as it galloped away, while Yu Beizhou chased him from above calmly. He also made teasing remarks from time to time, for fear of not igniting any fire.

“It’s been so long since I saw you, Senior brother, don’t you want to catch up with your old friend from the previous life and talk about the past?”

Zong Luo turned a deaf ear, his eyes were calm and composed and only continued to ride forward.

After teasing for a while, seeing that Zong Luo didn’t respond, Yu Beizhou felt quite bored.

He flew in the air for a long time with his lightness skill, yet he suddenly swooped down and ran quickly. In an instant he snatched a horse from a garrison guard stationed nearby.

“Who………Royal Highness?!”

The guard’s eyes were dazzled, and before he had time to react, he was stunned.

After he came back to his senses, Yu Beizhou had already rode away on his military horse, and only a glimpse of his leaving fiery red back was seen.

After a while of not hearing Yu Beizhou’s annoying voice, Zong Luo thought that the other person finally felt bored and left, thus he slowed down.

“Senior Brother, why are you running so fast?”

Unexpectedly, in an instant, a rapid sound of horses’ hooves caught up with him, closing in from behind.

Zong Luo’s face darkened immediately, and he slapped his sword’s scabbard on the horse’s back.

Seeing him galloping fast, the horse behind started chasing him, not to be outdone.

From a distance, two figures, one red and one white, seemed to overlap. One would gain the upper hand for a while, and the other would catch up afterwards, as if their competition should just be like this.

While riding the horse with ease, Yu Beizhou lazily said, “Fortunately, Senior brother isn’t riding Zhao Yebai this time, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to catch up at all.”

Zong Luo:”……”

I really want to kill this person who doesn’t speak human words and only knows how to be a disgusting liar every day.

He said coldly, “Why don’t you learn from your childhood? Even if you don’t speak, no one will think you are dumb.”

Yu Beizhou was still cute when he was a child.

At that time, as Yu Beizhou was still a fledgling, his scheming was not as deep as it would be in the future. He couldn’t get on the stage, as well as not being able to play Zong Luo, an adult who transmigrated inside the book. He didn’t know how many times he was forced to suffer losses in silence during that period.

The best part was that Yu Beizhou had to hold back his tongue whenever he was forced to suffer in silence. He couldn’t say a word when he was mad, and he had to pinch his nose in front of the Master and sweetly call him senior brother, pretending to be cute.

“It turns out that Senior brother likes the young me better.”

Yu Beizhou suddenly realized, “But I like Senior brother now…… No, I like Senior brother at any time. But it’s a pity that Senior brother is still too cold to me.”

Fault. Always showing off.

(t/n Fault- máobìng, refers to a person’s shortcomings or bad habits.)

The sound of the horses’ hooves was getting closer. Zong Luo immediately made up his mind, turned his horse’s head and headed towards a dangerous road.

The Ghost Valley Master mainly teaches martial arts to his disciples, supplemented by the Six Arts of a Gentleman, riding was naturally one of them.

(t/n Six arts of a gentleman- refer to ritual , music, archery , imperialism, calligraphy , and mathematics.)

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