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CDCN Chapter 23.2


Chapter 23.2

The kind of barbed whip that was obviously not used to drive horses, but only used for beating people up.

When he thought that Zong Hongjiu was holding this whip and driving Zong Ruichen ahead of him like a cow, the fire in Zong Luo’s heart burned up.

He got back on his horse coldly, and looked back at Gongsun You.

Gongsun You nodded very politely, and almost slapped his chest and said ’the Lord can leave this trivial matter to me’.

Zong Luo didn’t speak any more, and drove away directly.

Clip-clop clip-clop

Even if he got angry again, to the point of wanting to strike Zong Hongjiu with a sword……In the final analysis, the latter was still the Ninth Prince of Great Yuan.

Zong Luo beating him was already the limit, if he really wanted to cut off his arm……He’s afraid that the suicide edict would have to be sent to him in advance.

Zong Hongjiu can’t be bullied, but Ye Linghan, the chief culprit, can.

So what if he is the Crown Prince of Wei? When he is in the Great Yuan, he has to abide by the rules of the Great Yuan.

Now, there were only two countries left, the Yu and Wei, before the Great Yuan unified the whole Central Plains. Even if Zong Luo chopped off Ye Linghan, the deposed Crown Prince, Wei Country would still dare let this trifling matter go. 

When Zong Luo found Ye Linghan, Ye Linghan was crouching on his horse, pulling the bow string and focusing on a snow-white hare.

Behind him, a hunted prey had been woven into a string and hung on the horse’s back. It seemed that his hunt had been fruitful.

Zong Luo didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and sent his sword forward directly.


Ye Linghan only had time to barely avoid the vital point, and the bow in his hand fell to the ground instantly. In the next second, severe pain hit, and he knelt down on the ground clutching his hands, crying out in pain.

Zong Luo lightly withdrew his sword, and without saying anything, turned around and was about to leave.


Ye Linghan supported his one shoulder and got up from the ground, his face full of shock and anger.

His right arm was pierced by Qixing Longyuan, and a tear-like wound was bleeding, and it dripped blood to the ground. Although his own martial arts skills were not bad, he still didn’t have much actual combat experience, making it impossible to deal with a Ghost Valley disciple.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to play sneak attacks from behind.”

The moment he saw Zong Luo, Ye Linghan knew he was exposed. But he never expected to be found out so soon.

Zong Luo sneered. “Isn’t it that this gentleman snitched and told on others? To deal with a villain, it is natural to use the method of a villain.”

“I didn’t!” 

Ye Linghan clenched his fists, with mixed feelings in his heart.

This person didn’t even ask a question, and he was sure that he did it.

Just yesterday, he didn’t know who was so garrulous and leaked the news. Obviously, Ye Linghan specially chose the last day of the banquet to participate, but it was still seen by others, and finally reached Zong Hongjiu’s ears.

The Proton of Wei Country whom this Ninth Prince had been bullying had secretly participated in the hunting category?

Zong Hongjiu became furious. As he was already angry at being punished by his father, he led a large group of people and kicked open the door of the Proton Mansion, intending to catch Ye Linghan and beat him.

This was not the first time that such a thing had happened. The servants following Zong Hongjiu also had great masters, making Ye Linghan unable to resist at all.

“Hit him! Beat him until he can’t get out of bed. Let’s see how he can participate in tomorrow’s competition.”

A string in Ye Linghan’s mind snapped.

Tomorrow’s hunting art was his only hope of returning to Wei Country.

Absolutely, absolutely, can not not go.

“Snitching behind the scenes, what other reasons do you have?”

Zong Luo sheathed his sword behind his back, and said with extreme ridicule, “Did someone forced you to snitch, forced you to say it?”

Ye Linghan opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything.

After a long time, he gasped heavily, gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t understand anything at all!”

Ye Linghan’s eyes turned red, and rambled on indiscriminately, “Actually, I have seen everything, that day with you and Zhao Yebai. You are deliberately pretending to be amnesiac and blind. I knew you were not like the “gentle breeze and the bright moon” as you appear on the surface, but since I didn’t tell others your secret, why are you accusing me here—” 

Suddenly, the scabbard touched his throat again before he could even finish speaking.

Zong Luo said word by word. “Zong Ruichen is my younger brother.”

Xiao Ba was the only relative he missed in this third life. He died because of him in the previous life, and if he died because of him again in this life, Zong Luo didn’t even dare to think about it.

“If you still dare to touch him again, next time it won’t be as simple as a sword.”

Zong Luo tied the whip to his waist, took down the bow on his back, pulled it out like a full moon, and shot an arrow straight behind him without looking at it. Among the lush and verdant forests, a corner of a red cloth loomed and a low laughter sounded accompanied with the snap of the feathered arrow.

“I’m not interested in disciplining your subordinates for you.”

Zong Luo said coldly. “Yu Beizhou, take care of your dog.”

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